Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman making excuses and not giving Ishita’s saree to Niddhi. Appa looks on. Niddhi says I can’t wait, we will marry in these clothes itself, come. Appa says why did Raman lie and not give Ishita’s saree to Niddhi. Niddhi and Raman sit in mandap. Raman waits for Ishita and exchanges garlands with Niddhi. Pandit asks Simmi to do ghatbandhan. Appa says Mr. Bhalla, I could not talk to Raman. Mr. Bhalla says I know my son, I can’t see this marriage, we will go and find Vandu. Appa says no, I want to see how Raman forgot Ishita so soon. Pandit asks them to take rounds. Raman says I have cramps and makes excuse. Niddhi asks him to sit for a while and asks her friend to call doctor. Appa feels Raman does not want to do this marriage. Raman says I m fine and starts taking

rounds with her. Raman looks at the door and wishes Ishita stops the door. He thinks just Ishita will be my wife. Ruhi looks on and cries.

Raman recalls his marriage with Ishita. Ashok enters there with Ishita. Ruhi calls out Ishi Maa and smiles. Everyone get shocked. Ishita thinks to control her emotions seeing her family. Raman breaks ghatbandhan and goes to Ishita. Raman asks Ishita is she alive, and holds her hand. Ishita starts acting as Shanaya and asks Raichand to manage. Raichand says she is Shanaya, my daughter. Ishita says we have come to ask about Ashok, not tell about myself, even his friend to mad to leave his marriage and call me Ishita. Ruhi says I love you Ishi Maa, I knew you will come back, I missed you. Ishita gets teary eyed and says you are so cute, I m sorry to break your heart, are you her daughter, I m not that, I m not annoyed with you, you are lovely, there is some confusion.

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She says I m Shanaya Raichand, its nice meeting you. Appa says you are my daughter Ishu. She says sorry, I m not that, you have to accept this, there are many such lookalikes in world, I m sorry. Niddhi says really, then what are you doing here. Ishita recalls Raman’s words. Ishita says sorry to stop your function, I came to know about this weirdo, my dad wanted me to marry this man, and he complaint about me to Ishita, he troubled me, I had to give all tests at police station, I will not marry him, you Indians stare so much, I think all of you have to work on your manners. She asks Raman where is washroom. Raman sends her with Neelu. Pandit says Raman, its last round now, then marriage will get completed. Raman says now this marriage can’t happen.

Niddhi asks what, she said she is not Ishita. Raman says I have to think about other things too, rather than my happiness. Niddhi says you are leaving me alone in mandap. Raman says no, once we are sure she is Shanaya, not Ishita, it would be fine, if she is Ishita, then our marriage won’t matter, you are lawyer and know this, her tests results will come. Ishita hears them. She cries recalling Ruhi. She says I m doing this for my family, I have to do this role well to get back my family, they are imp to me. Aansoo ka rishta…………….plays………….. She wipes her tears and does some touchup. She says Niddhi, this house bahu has come back and you can’t win now. I love my family and kids, no wrong person will win against our love. She goes out.

Suraj is on the way and says Ashok is idiot, maybe he got in fight with Raman, I bail him out everytime. He stops the car seeing Vandu sitting on the road and drinking. He says how is she here and goes to her. He asks Vandita what are you doing here. He asks the man since when is she drinking here. The man says she is drinking since night, she is not saying her name, do you know her. Suraj says yes. He asks Vandu to come with her. Vandu says I won’t go, I killed Ishu and student. The man says take her, I was going to call police. Suraj takes Vandu along with him.

Ishita sees the family. Simmi tells her about Ishita. The house broke after Ishita left, my mumma fell ill since then, but after you came, we got a hope, I don’t know who you are, but you look exactly like Ishita. Niddhi thinks if she is Ishita, she will break down by this emotional drama.

Suraj drops Vandu home. Ishita gets shocked seeing Vandu’s state. Suraj holds Vandu and asks are you fine. He gets shocked seeing Ishita alive.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Tnx for d update ritushree. Hope Ki koi leap na hog want to see ishRa love magic

    1. your welcome.even I hope leap does not happen in yhm.

  2. hey guys good afternoon.

  3. agar niddhi ishitha ki saadi apni bag mein dekh legi toh usse zaroor raman pe shak hoga aur shayad woh ishitha/shanaya ki sacchayi jaan le .aur agar iss se leap hua toh .

  4. I think first the makers have to confirm whether suraj is good or bad or a bad turned good .they are showing him as a mixture of bad and good . and nobody knows who he is bad or good.

  5. kuch bhi ho jaaye
    lekin uss acp ne toh ek bhi case
    solve nahi kiye .sirf naam ka acp
    hai woh.

  6. mujhe lagtha hai baad
    mein shayad ruhi aur amma bhi
    ishitha ko pehchaan lenge aur
    ishitha ke saath uske plan mein
    shaamil ho sakthe hai.

  7. jab ishitha/shanaya
    bhalla house mein aathi hai toh
    ruhi ke saath adi ko bhi hona
    chahiye . aur ab adi show se
    gaayab hai .itnee interesting
    episode pe adi mihir mihika sab
    gayab hai .

  8. uss ashok ko show mein bewakoof dekhke accha lag raha hai . woh toh pagalon ki tarah sherwani pehenkar hass raha tha aur ab bewakoof ban raha hai . lekin woh shayad sarika se aur naaye plans kar bhi saktha hai bhalla family ke against.

  9. Well…I must say that I loved to see Ishita with her long hair and I enjoyed it.But now it’s gone.Go to hell you makers for that deed.I wonder who’s loving to see her in this new look and she is extremely ugly with her short hair.We have missed our charming,modest lady who has done a great job make this drama enjoyable.I was shocked to see her without her long hair at first.I accept that Divyanka is a very talented actress,but a sacrifice like this! I couldn’t imagine why she did it as women loves to grow hair.Makers could have produced this in another way without cutting her lovely hair.
    And I will give up watching YHM until her hair grows back and this Shanaya drama ends.
    Totally missed her hair and our old YHM.
    Please comment here with your opinion about Ishita’s hair and new look…

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