Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman getting ready. Ishita sees him and thinks did he plan something for dad’s birthday. He thinks see her ego, she wants to talk and is not, I will also not talk. She thinks he just fights and talks less. He thinks stand there. She thinks he will not lose, what to do. She takes her purse and gets an idea. She writes chit asking him about his plan for evening. He reads it and writes a chit to reply. He writes what happens daily. She asks about dad’s birthday. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………. He writes so? She asks does he not want to plan. He asks her to plan as she is their fav. The talk continues via chat. He writes he won’t plan, and she writes don’t fight atleast today. He writes when do I fight.

He asks did you see Maine Pyaar Kiya, why this chits.

She says she wants to plan for Papa ji’s 69th birthday. She says we can try to call their friends, and buy good gift which he can use, and when he comes back from walk, we will shout surprise. He says breath else you will pass away. They argue and he holds her hand. She asks what will you do. He asks her to think what he can do. She runs and he holds her. She says leave me, I don’t want to know. She falls on him, yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays………..He gets a call and says always wrong time. He says she agreed, fine. He tells Ishita to plan grand party, he will gift something very good. He leaves.

Shagun meets Raman and says I signed on it, I spoke to my lawyer, I hate you, you snatched my son away. He says no, you sold your son to me, its good I got my son, you fell a lot in my eyes. He asks Abhishek to check and he signs on the papers. He gives her the papers and says Adi should be with me in 24 hours. She leaves. He thinks Adi will be with his family.

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The Bhallas arrange a party. Ishita shows the shirt and Mrs. Bhalla likes it. Simmi says she got dad’s fav perfume. Amma says nice decorations, I got this shirt for him. Mrs. Bhalla says he will come now, he is with his friends for lunch party. She says we did not remember this, Adi called to wish him, and he kept this surprise party, why did you not get Appa. Amma says its surprise for him too. Rnki and Mihir come and hug them. Mr. Bhalla and Appa come and they all wish happy birthday to him,

Appa says you did not tell me. Mr. Bhalla says kids celebrate, what will I do. Ruhi gives best grand dad coffee mug to him, and Shravan also brings a gift. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita to call Raman. Raman comes and asks Ishita why did she want to meet him alone. She asks about special gift. He says its there where it should be. He teases her and says he will get it.

They all clap and sing birthday song. Mr. Bhalla cuts the cake. Raman says he has to tell something, he said he will give the best gift, Shagun has given me Adi’s custody, now he will be with us forever. They all smile. They bless Raman and hug him. Ishita looks at Raman. He asks how did she like this surprise. She asks Shagun said yes easily? She would have asked something. Raman says she realized I can feel security to Adi. Ishita says she can’t agree, are you sure she is not playing any game. He asks her not to be negative and leaves. Ishita hopes this is not Shagun’s game.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Pammi to come for Holi on time. Mr. Bhalla says he will go and see arrangements. Raman says he called Mihir and Rinki. He says Shagun will send him tomorrow. Mrs. Bhalla is glad. Raman asks about Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she is doing arrangements. Ruhi talks to Ishita as she arranges a room for him. Ruhi says it will be fun. Raman comes there and Ruhi says Ishita made new room for Adi. She leaves. Raman says wow, you changed the room. She says you think I m not interested in him. She argues as he did not tell him before. He asks her not to fight again, and leaves. She says I feel Raman is hiding something, I m very sorry, but I feel something wrong I going to happen, I have to make this call.

She calls Abhishek and his assistant talks to her. She asks about Raman’s paperwork for Adi. He says sorry, we can’t say anything and ends call. She says don’t know what is Raman hiding.

A man asks Raman about his flats rents pending. Raman says he will pay by his personal account and wishes Happy Holi. He asks Nakul about his loan approval and Ishita hears him. Ishita says mum is calling you for puja. They all dance around Holika Dahen and Raman wants to do Tika and she goes being busy.

Ishita goes to change saree and a file falls. She sees the legal docs of Adi’s custody. Raman comes and takes it, before she could read. He says its my work papers. She says I was picking it, its Adi’s papers. He asks her not to be spy, he will say if there is anything imp. She leaves annoyed. He says if she knows I have to give 4lakhs pm to Shagun for Adi’s custody, don’t know what she will do.

Shagun shows the papers and asks Raman to complete the deal. Ishita reads it and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Aaj apshaguni Shagun ko jyada nahi dikhaya …..iisi liye achcha ep tha……bas ab Ishita se aur kuch mat chhupap Raman…….

  2. Episode ki start IshRa ki cute nok jok se hoi. …….superb scene. ..kya idea nikala hai. IshRa ne chit ke sath ..baat karne ka. …………ye scene bahut bahut cuteeee tha. …….perfect couple. ….

  3. Mai kal padh lar thoda boar ho gai thi to ek os padha ….uss me same aise hi IshRa bat kar rahe the……..paper se….. how cute……phir to khud Raman ne hi baat karna shuru kar diya……..agar har fight ka end iss tarah hoga to hum chahenge ki week me ek bar to IshRa ki fight ho……..

  4. Aaise hi har episode mein IshRa k cute scenes hoto. ….kitna achcha hoga. ..One week k bad IshRa ka itna achcha scene dekhne ko mila. .laga hi nahin k. …IshRa ko koi pareshani hai. ……..

  5. kya baath hai superb start by bhi chit wala idea tho kamal hogaya.i didnt except this scene.really it was an awesome scene by ishra.per again wrong timing ka phone call and romance stoped.phir bhi they r superb.

  6. Bahot sari stories kanaam batana hai Mizun…….sab ke naam exams ke baad bataungi…list taiyar hai tuumhe gift karne ke liye………wese uss story ka naam tha…Divorce – Novel of Love……

  7. Ruhi was looking very very cute today…. She is such a sweet girl… She is shaguns daughter biologically but she has all genes and charecters of ishita… She loves everyone and wants everyone to be happy…. So sweet…. Sabko Tumhari jaisi beti mile….

  8. Haan prayosha. …..kal hi khule Stiches. …………Dr. ne medicine di hai. …..hope exams se pehle kam hojaye. ………..

  9. Shagun to lose the battle in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein!

    In the upcoming episodes, Shagun will fall badly over her own plans as Aditya will be shocked to know when Shagun will trade her own son for Ruhi. This is how Shagun will get revealed in front of Aditya and she will lose him forever. Shagun who thinks she is going to get successful in snatching Ruhi from Ishita but she will fail here once again as after a lot of drama, Ruhi will stay with her parents, Raman and Ishita only.

    Shagun will have no support after she loses the battle as Aditya will also hate her now. Will Shagun finally give up now?

  10. hi aliya.iam fine aap kaise hoo.and mizun ur right.even i wish it happens and ruhi always stay with her parents raman and ishu.per this baar with her badi bhai adi k saath.

  11. Jaise jaise exams najdik aa rahi hai….mere IshRa dream interesting hote jaa rahe hai……last week maine dream dekha tha ki Bhalla & Iyer family sab mini bus me ja rahe hai….Aadi bhi saath hai…….sab bus se utarte hai……..sirf IshRa reh jate hai……Ishita apne stpmoch par haath rakha tha …..uska stomoch par baby bump tha…matalab Ishita pregnant thi……& Aadi& Raman use niche utarne me help karte hai……..phir kya nind udd gai…dream finish……..

    Phir aaj subah dream dekha…….Raman Ishita se door jaa raha hai…..Ishita bhi usske saath jati hai……& Ishita ke saath chotu baby bhi hai…..& guess what IshRa kaha aaye…Baroda…..( yaar dream me Gujarat aaye to aaye Barodakyo aaye Ahmedabad kyo nahi)… phir dono jab Station par pahochte hai….tab sab pata nahi kyo sab Ishita ko baanj kehte hai…& uss se chotu baby le lete hai…….phir Raman unn sab se baby le leta hai.. & roti hui Ishita ko hug karne wala tha par mummy ne utha diya……….& dream end…….

    Yeh to achcha hai iss bar IshRa saath hai to itne achche dream aate hai…warna last time 10 th ki exam me kya horrible dreams aate the…paper chhut gaya….pen ghar par reh gai…….SS me less marks aaye….but aaj to koi tension nahi hai…all thanks to IshRa……..

  12. thanks for asking mizun.mera bhai ka exams r going well.bus maths,chemistry,physics and computer sciene r balance.wt ab ur exams mizun.dates aagaya kya.

  13. just imagine guys.when adi finds out that his so called mom sold him just for 4lakhs.then wt will he do and wt will be his reaction towards his one thing is clear ki it will hurt him more.and only ishu can control.

  14. haan mizun.kal match this time also i cant see.i have office.kam bhi hai.agar if i take leave then my stupid boss will asually only u can give me score.hai naa.

  15. samaira

    Ya but I read the spoilers nd show video 2 how ishita was holding shaguns feet to give ruhi back to her nd raman was also to shocked

  16. Yes..mizun…blockbaster paper tha..
    Kya kahu itna acha gaya…mai bahut kush hu..acha gaya paper bas ab check karne wala acha ho…koi kahdus na ho..ache marks de De..

  17. Hey ek bat bolu…….sab se pehle dekho humne suna tha Divyanka Romantic sequence nahi karegi………
    Uss se baad Maharana Pratap me Sharad la romantic scene aaya ..baad me Divyanka Sarad ke break up ki news…….& ab Inn sqb ke baad shayad Divyanka bhi apni profational life par focous karna chahti hai tab ho to hum sab fans ki request par holi par IshRa .ka super romantic Scene aayega…….

  18. Today episode- Superb®©®……………
    ishita is always rocksssss… yhm screen….
    Anand raaz n all ishra fan’s r impressed by ishra n ruhi

  19. bhagi

    yah pehli ishra scence dhek ke tho dhil kush huva………par lekin badh me undonoom ko jagadthe huve dhek kar phir se dhuki huyi hu………..

  20. Arey yeh Bangladesh ne england ko haara diyya..aur quarter final me pahuch gaya..arey ho kya raha. Hai..Bangladesh jaisi. Lalu team bhi ab jit rahi hai. ..

  21. Haan palak main bhi shock hogayi k. ..Bangladesh jitgaya. … k liye qualify ho gaya …..may be Q . final mein. ..ind vs Bangladesh ka match no sakta hai. …

  22. Heyb ek baat bolu……..aaj Ruhi ne apne daadu ko gift diya na Mug……to meri friends bhi B’day par gift nahi lai thi par jab Holi par aai to muje bhi ek Mug diya…..Diwali & Meri didi ki saadi ke pics wala……..

  23. bhagi

    hiiii mizun and prayosha maine abhi abhi dheka…..bahuth acha tha par baadme ishu us apshagun ka paav pakdega na usse dhek kar bahuth dhuk ho raha hai par agar adi ne kuch karega tho kamaal ho ga……… i really hope ki iss holi par ishra ka full romance dhek ne ko melega………

  24. ok guys sab ko good nt.and have a ishra holi wala scene.and kal milthi hoo.and all the best for kal ka match.bye.arey yaar mujshe tho wait nayi horaga hai for ishra holi..

  25. Hey ek bat bolu…….sab se pehle dekho humne suna tha Divyanka Romantic sequence nahi karegi………
    Uss se baad Maharana Pratap me Sharad la romantic scene aaya ..baad me Divyanka Sarad ke break up ki news…….& ab Inn sqb ke baad shayad Divyanka bhi apni profational life par focous karna chahti hai tab ho to hum sab fans ki request par holi par IshRa .ka super romantic Scene aayega…….

  26. Are waah IshRa scene phir se dekhi. scene toh. .bar bar dekho hazar bar dekho. ..wala scene hai. …..aaise scene har episode mein hone chahiye. ….

  27. Yhm mein saare couple mein ex rahte hai..
    7.Shagun-Ashok n Raman

  28. S

    Anyone else? Do u find ishita annoying with her attitude if always being right and meddling?? I used want Raman and ishita together but when she was normal. Now she is always the perfect daughter in law. Poking her nose in everyone’s business. Anyone else get annoyd by her holier than thou act???

  29. Are yaar bechare Abhishek ki koi galgi hi nahi……sagun ne purse me se 2 paperes nikale…Raman ko & Abhishek ko dusra diya…….matalab Abhishek ne check kiya tabhi Raman ne sign kiya….but abhishek ke paas original & Raman ke paas dusre paper honge tab hi itni badi galti ho gai……

  30. Bangladesh jeete to india ke liye aacha hai kyuki quarter final me india ko bagla milegi harane ke liye phir india ka semi final tak ka rasta fix hogaya

  31. Shagun to be murdered in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein?
    Warning: The below content is just a piece of satire news. Just for humor purpose!
    The most stylish and evil character, Shagun is going to get brutally murdered by a mysterious character in the most famous but dragged drama, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Yes, we know you wouldn’t believe this piece of news about the death of the lead character of the show but don’t worry this is going happen for real in the show.
    Well this Shagun getting murdered isn’t a surprise for us as we all know what a selfish and a evil character she was. The murderer must be one the man with whom she had a extra plus extra martial affair, maybe she was doubling cross both Raman and Ashok back in old days? And now that man came to avenge his broken heart by killing off this filthy Shagun. Who knows, what’s more hidden and buried in her past.
    Most probably for the first time, the viewers are going to celebrate a murder of a character and maybe some will throw a grand partner? Well, her murder scene is surely going to blow your mind as she is going to get murdered twice.. The killing off a death is going to be done by the Bhalla’s house obedient servant, Neelu. Isn’t it shocking?
    When we contacted the actress playing Neelu, she had this to say “I can’t reveal much about the upcoming track but I’m so happy that I am going to get so popular after this act. *giggles* It’s know to everyone that how much Shagun is hated among the viewers. Infact my co-stars were fighting for this scene, everyone wanted to be the lucky one but finally I got selected. I thank Ekta for giving this opportunity to me.”
    Indeed, she is definitely going to get a lot of fame after this. She even told us that she is already preparing herself for upcoming scenes in the show as makers are planning to get married to Romi as she is also pregnant with his kid. The back story of this track will be revealed later in the show when Mrs.Bhalla will come to know about Sarika carrying a girl child and Neelu telling everyone about her and Romi’s lovestory.
    Wow, so much is to happen in the show but unfortunately the sad news is that the most waited scene of Raman and Ishita’s consummation is only going to happen when Ruhi gives birth to their grandchild. That also on insisting of their grandchild or else they were planning their consummation on their death bed when she was just about to breathe their last.

    I think this is just imagination….

    Aur kuch ho na ho hume koi fark nahi padta par ab iss bar IshRa ke romance me koi disturbance nahi hona chahiye……..

  32. bhagi

    yeh kya story hai muje tho lagtha hai yeh story writers tho asli yhm ki writers se bhi jyaada khadoos hai………..

  33. bhagi

    hey guys kya aap logom ne pada vo news ki mr.iyer shayad karan ka real life f.i.l ban rahe hai unki beti ankita bhargava and karan in love & may the couple get married in 2may……….i saw it on twitter

  34. Karan Patel, who made a comeback on the small screen with prime time daily soap ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’, is all set to mark a new chapter in his life.
    The heartthrob of television is due to tie the knot with television actor Ankita Bhargava. The duo met through their families and before they knew, cupid struck these two celebrities.
    Currently marriage is on the cards for Karan and Ankita. In a candid chat with DC, he put an end to the rumours doing rounds by confirming the news. “Yes, Ankita and I are getting married and this is a new chapter in my life. I am looking forward to it without a doubt, can’t wait, she is a beautiful girl, a friend more than that my ‘would be’ wife,” he share

    I think yehwo hi hai jo Holi ke har pic me Karan ke saath hai……

  35. Karan Patel aka Raman of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is rumoured to have left his lady love Kamya Punjabi to marry Ankita Bhargava in May. Ankita is none other than the daughter of Abhay Bhargava (Mr. Iyer in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein).
    There was a lot of talk about Karan Patel and Kamya Punjabi’s relationship even though they had maintained the “just friends” answer for all questions. They are separated now, reports say.

    “Karan and Kamya were smitten in love, but Karan’s parents apparently were not happy with the idea of their son marrying a divorcée with a kid. And the parents’ boy, Karan found it easy to move on and do what his parents wanted him to,” Tellychakkar quoted a source close to the actors.
    It was Karan’s good friend from his show, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Aly Goni, who played cupid in Karan and Ankita’s love story. Karan and Aly bond like brothers off-screen and Aly took it upon himself to choose a bride for Karan. He was the one who was instrumental in making Karan meet up with Ankita for the first time. And things soon fell in place for the duo, and now they are on the threshold of getting married,” the same website quoted recently.
    Though there have not been any official statements given by the parties involved, the buzz is that Karan and Kamya are currently over.

  36. bhagi

    vo ladkhi ankita bhargav koi aur nahi vo abhay bhargav(mr.iyer) ka beti hai……… shayad aab karan ka reel life father in law is going to become his real life f.i.l

  37. Are yaar ye kaise hosakta hai. …karannnnnnn
    ye Ankita toh. ….Mr. iyer ki daughter hai ….holi party mein sath thi. ….

  38. Ya… Hosakta Hain… Shayad isiliye logo ne news banayi ho. I don’t belive this… I ding like this…Girl.. Kamya se bhi battar hain.. M really very upset

  39. bhagi

    yah mizun karan ke saath vo ankhita achi nahi lag rahe hai…………patha nahi par karan ke saath vo set nahi ho raha hai

  40. Ammy

    Mizun bhai kyy family nw facng sm problem……all of our frnds r being disturbed by dat stupid ? nd gio…..we r fed up…..isi liye aap bhi samhal ke rehne……hum log sab usually emails pe hi baatein karte hain due to this prob……….god do hlp us

  41. vaishu was a girl who used to be there in the earlier pages of kyy
    these jerks”?” have got her photo frm somewhere and now they r talking shamelessly about vaishu didi

  42. mizun share ur mail id with us if u hav one??
    please don’t talk to them specially “?” and listen they sometimes also use other people surname and comment with help of that
    few days back they also commentd bad things about me u knw the things whish hurt people

  43. Sahi kaha prayosha mera dil bhi nahin maan raha hai ki ye Sach hai. .aur ye shadi nahin hogi …..kal tak toh sab thik tha. .achanak. … kaise. .??kab hoa ye??….

  44. Are yaar jab SBS me Hot Newsme Karan ki shaadi ka aa raha tha tab meri to heartbeats itni badh gai thi…….but abhi bhi isabare me kisi ka interview nahi aaya hai to iss par jyada belive na kare to hi achcha hoga humare liye…….

    • Haan. .maine aaj sbs sbb miss kar diya. …….yes kisi ka bhi interview nahin aaya hai. ….par fb par. hai. .Ankita k dad (Mr. iyer ) ne kaha hai ki unn ki betiki shadi kp se hone wali hai

  45. Koi nai…..chhodo…..yeh unki personal life hai….& we should respect their decesions as true fans & wish them Happy Married life………..yeh dimaag kehta hai……

    Par Dil to abhi bhi wo hi kehta hai……pray karo pray karne mr kya jata hai……..DivAn ke nasibe ek hona & Humare nasib me unhe ek dekhna likha hoga to aisahokar hi rahega usse koi nahi rok sakta

    & iss Shadi ke baad DivAn ki friendship & IshRa ki chemistry par koi effect nahi hona chahiye………..
    Am I right ????
    We will pray to God till last moment………

  46. Dil hai ki manta nahin k ye news Sach hai. .par dimag kehta hai ki. .iss mein karan ki khushi hai toh. .hume bhi khush hona chahiye…….

  47. Agar ye Sach me hone wala hai aur….karan happy hai iss relationship se toh ……hum bhi khush hai karan k liye. ……….wish karan hamesha khush rahe. ……….

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