Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Niddhi asking Ruhi to have food, is she missing her family. Ruhi says no, I don’t want to have food. Niddhi says I ordered enough food, we have to leave for Australia. Door bell rings. Niddhi says it maybe Ashok. Pihu comes there and tells Ruhi that she missed her. Mani walks in. Pihu asks why are you staying here in hotel, I will miss you a lot. Ruhi says even I will miss you, come will you have anything. Pihu says no, I came to take you, Ishita is unwell and missing you, come with me. Ruhi refuses.

Mani says Ishu is very unwell, her bp is low, she is taking your name in this state, Ruhi come with us please. Ruhi says sorry, I don’t have time. Pihu says that’s bad manners, aunty miss you a lot, you were her roommate, doctor came there, come with me to see

that aunty, this is very bad, I will take you. Niddhi asks Pihu to stop it and scolds her. Pihu calls her a vamp. Niddhi asks her to shut up. Ruhi says she is my manager. Pihu says my Papa’s manager is very sweet, not like this aunty. She asks Ruhi to come and says Mani uncle will drop her. Mani stops Niddhi and says I respect women, don’t let me say anything, I will drop Ruhi after she meets Ishu.

Doctor says medicines are not working, call Ruhi, maybe she will get fine. Adi says we can’t call Ruhi, just make Ishi Maa fine, call your seniors. Raman says that won’t help. Pihu asks them to see who came. They all get surprised seeing Ruhi. Raman smiles and asks Ishita to open eyes and see who came, its Ruhi. Pihu says I got her, and asks Ishita to see her roommate. Mani asks Pihu to come with him, let them talk. He tells Pihu that she did great work, now Ishita will get fine, go home, I will drop Ruhi home. She says fine, I will hug Ruhi and say bye to her. She goes.

Amma, Shagun and everyone cry. Amma asks Ruhi to say something. Ruhi says I wil leave. Raman asks Ruhi to call Ishita, maybe she will get conscious by hearing your voice. They all request. Ruhi says Ishita…… She says nothing happened. Raman asks her to call Ishita as before. They all ask Ruhi to say. Ruhi says Ishi Maa….. . dil se dil ka rishta jo hai…………….plays……….. Ishita reacts. They all smile. Ishita asks her not to leave her and holds her hand. Ruhi goes. Tere dil ka mere dil se…………plays………… Ruhi sits outside and cries. She is relieved that Ishita is fine now. Pihu comes there and thanks Ruhi. She asks is she getting ache. Ruhi says yes, in my heart.

Pihu kisses and hugs her. Ruhi says I will miss you, when you come Australia, meet me. They hug. Shagun asks Ruhi to come. Ruhi says no, I have to leave. Pihu says Ruhi is leaving by tomorrow’s flight, her manager told me. Mani says I will drop Ruhi. Bala says Mani stay here, I will drop Ruhi. Ruhi leaves. Doctor says Ishita is better now, she needs rest. Amma is glad and goes. Raman thinks what is this relation of you and Ruhi, I could not understand it. He recalls Ruhi and Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays……………..

Raman tells Mani that I can’t forget your favor, you got Ruhi and saved Ishita’s life, you always took care of Ishita, I m very thankful, I always misunderstood you. Mani says that’s okay, I understand, by the way Pihu got Ruhi, I was thinking we should focus on Ruhi, I have seen how Niddhi was controlling her, you have just tonight’s time, do anything and stop Ruhi. Raman realizes something and rushes.

Raman calls the lawyer and asks him to meet him, its urgent. Its morning, Raman goes to see Ishita. Ishita wakes up saying Ruhi. He asks her to calm down. She looks for Ruhi. Shagun comes there to give juice for Ishita. Ishita says I have seen her here. Raman says you broke our relation, we got away, we both are responsible for it, but we did one thing right, we loved our children a lot, we tried to become world’s best parents, have some patience, we will manage everything, I promise we will get Ruhi back. She says but how is Ruhi behaving, I know her heart is in pain too, we have to get her back. He asks her not to break down, I spoke to lawyer, we have to fight united. Ishita says I will get Ruhi back. He asks her to rest, if we do any mistake, Ruhi will go to Niddhi forever. Shagun hears them and says Raman and Ishita are doing this to get Ruhi back, they are right, they are doing this for my Ruhi.

Niddhi asks Ruhi to hurry up, what happened, are you getting emotional after meeting your family. Inspector comes and asks Niddhi to show her passport. She asks why now. He asks her to just show it. He checks her passport and arrests her, saying there are many cases against her, you are lawyer and know laws, it will be good if you come with us. Niddhi asks Ruhi to stay here, and goes with them. Ruhi says what did this happen….

Niddhi was beating Ruhi. Ishita comes there and stops Niddhi. Raman holds Ruhi. Ishita says how dare you beat my daughter, and beats Niddhi angrily.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Anju

    Today episode is too good
    Raman realized what he did & Shagun also thought good today
    Today every one is soo good except that blo*dy niddhi
    Tomorrow episode was awesome. Ijust love it & awaiting for the episode…
    I hope ishra clears all their misunderstandings
    And unites wil their children & pihu shd know her real mom…

  2. Ammu

    Ruhi came that means she still love her ishimaa but she is not able to tell openly due to misunderstanding but hope CVS don’t drag this reunion plz make ishra family complete ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  3. Ananthika

    Wow! and finally ruhi calls ishimaa…. i am happy. but i was angry with that vamp nidhi, pihu is very smart, even she is scolding nidhi! ruhi shld always be in ishitas side 4ever….. dont believe in spoilers. i think it is a rumour. Shagun cant be negative, and mani too. they support ishu and raman and the two families. that sick creature nidhi will be learning a lesson from ishu…. precap was interesting…waiting for tomorrow episode.

  4. DEVI (devil )

    Oooo hoooo Raman Kumar bhalla I love the way you manage things because everyone blamed him but you did not lost hope……… you are amazing….love you karannnnnnnnn

  5. shivani

    Shagun tries to insult Ishita by giving herself important in Bhalla house in Yeh Hai Mohabbtien

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita started to stay at Bhalla house which makes Shagun jealous.

    Shgaun was ruling at Bhalla house since 7 years and now Ishita’s reentry makes her insecure about her place in Bhalla house.

    Shagun and Ishita work in kitchen where Shagun does not find chocolate powder and asks Neelu about it.

    Ishita tells Shagun about powder can be there and Shagun tautly tells Ishita that now everything has changed in Bhalla house.

    Raman falls in love with Ishita

    Ishita finds the chocolate powder at same place which makes Shagun tensed.

    Ishita realizes Shagun’s jealous feelings for her.

    Shagun falls in love with Raman again while Raman’s inclination towards Ishita gets increased.

  6. pari miss

    i knew shagun would somehow turn negative otherwise it was a good epi but do u guys think mani will try to separate ishra.

  7. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Siddhi and everyone else of YHM followers. Today’s episode is nice. Raman realized himself that he always misunderstands Mani so it is very nice he apologized. His anger is softening. I am sad that the spoilers say that he and ishita will live together because it is for Ruhi as Ruhi has entered Bhalla’s house. So what happens to the true love of Raman and Ishita. Why it has to be for Ruhi that they unite? Why can’t it be without Ruhi Ishra still unites? Isn’t it sad that the writers ended up creating this love story in such a way that only if Ruhi is there then Raman and Ishita joins if not they are separated.

  8. Kimberly

    How dare Ishita beat Niddhi ? Ruhi should give a tight slap to Ishita for beating her manager . Ruhi told Ishita that she hates her then why isnt she just leave her alone ?

    • lisa

      It was so rude..You r new to this site and then so u r saying bad to ishita…u made ur image bad at starting only

    • Khyati

      I guess u are not watching yhm from the beginning. There are many misunderstandings which need to be cleared. U should read the story till now. Then maybe ur opinion might change. And plz don’t rite such remarks

  9. Sindhu

    Hi Kimberly, I wonder whether you have watched all those episodes before the leap. Niddhi has been an evil vamp all along and she has toutured Ruhi so it is now Niddhi’s payback time and what Ishita is right. How Niddhi beat a grown up teenager. She is of age and no mothers will beat their daughter or son once they are 13 years and above. Ruhi still loves her Ishimaa but she just have unjustified anger in her accumulated over 7 years.

    It is nice to see Pihu unknowingly saving her mum. Infact Ruhi also saved her mum. It is such a nice scene Ishita, Adi, Ruhi and Pihu. All her children and husband are with her. Pihu’s acting was so cute and she had the wonderful laughing mannerisms.

    Shivani thanks for your update. It will be interesting to watch how the writers make Raman and Ishita to fall in love all over again. I hope this time Ishra will sincerely fall in love and it would not be for Ruhi or for someone else. As usual Shagun turns negative and no surprises. I don’t think Mani will turn negative. He may be a bit jealous but he will wish for the good welfare for Ishita so he will definitely support Ishita’s decision as a friend. He responded to Raman in a very positive way.

    • Kimberly

      I know that Niddhi is a vamp but she made Ruhi a superstar , a sensation . Ishita has no right of beating Niddhi when she herself gave her Ruhi .Ruhi doesnt loves Ishita , she hates her and should go back to Australia .

  10. Wont ishita come to save her ruhi from that beast nidhi…and guys its just acting not real life so u dont need to over react about it. kimerly…ur new and saying bad things about ishita, i bet u dont knw anything about her because she is the best actress there is so dont say anything about her…it should actually be yhe oposite, ruhi should give a tight slap to nidhi for beating her

    • Kimberly

      Yes I know that Divyanka is a great actress . Infact among all the shows I watch I think she is the best actress among the leads according to me . But I just dont like her character Ishita, always trying to be mahaan . I think Ruhi is doing right . She should’nt go back to Ishita and Raman who tried to exchange her two times .

      • vp

        Kimberly you have mistaken ..,one of the best character role is Ishitha …fair in everything …. its not personel hatred … to anyone … Being nice always is not bad … her role is highly matured , loving , caring , understanding plus so many things ..,Her role delivers very good message to viewers …Ruhi is full of love for Ishima … matter of time …

  11. carolina

    I love the precap. Yeh hai mohabbetein is the best serial i have ever seen before.
    I like this serial.

  12. Leanna

    Just to give you guys an understanding on abused children, they start believing the Abuser and are unable to cut ties with them. They also believe it’s their fault and they deserve this kind of treatment.
    They have no self worth.
    It will take quite some time for Ruhi to believe let alone trust her.

  13. Nileshi

    Please reunite Ishra with all their 3 children and make Romi , Mihika,Abishek and Ballas and lyers live together. Let Aliya and Mani be happy together even Shagun. But don’t let Mani and Shagun to seperate Ishra. Let Mani and Shagun marry.

  14. Khyati

    todays epi was awesome. The way pihu talked to nidhi. I just couldnot control my laughter seeing nidhi’s expressions. Eagerly waiting for tom epi

  15. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Very nice episode. Yes niddhi deserves every hiding by ishita. Can anyone tell me do any of u know how pihu finds out ishita her mom.

  16. snaakht

    nice episide….pihu is really fantastic. n why ishita will come to bhalla house..she can done his work by staying in her own house…..

  17. Prisha

    Niddhi and Shagun are both vamps I can’t believe that Ruhi sided with her! Can’t she predict how her future will be like and aaliya was her only friend. I hope IshRa get together after

  18. reshma

    Ishita stops Niddhi from beating Ruhi. She snatches hunter from Niddhi’s hand and starts beating her. Ruhi sees Ishita in durga maa avatar who has saved Ruhi. Ishita couldn’t see her daughter being beaten by Niddhi and gets angry. She asks how dare you touch my daughter. Niddhi screams. Ishita says I will break your hands. Ruhi tells Ishita that Niddhi have brought her up since 7 years and says she is my mum. She says who are you to come between us. Ishita leaves from there after asking Ruhi to take care.
    Raman and Ishita’s Mohabbatein is starting again. Raman goes to talk to Ishita about Ruhi. Raman suddenly gets back ache and tries to hide his pain. Ishita understands Raman’s pain without the need of his expressing. Ishita gives him a back massage. His pain gets away by Ishita’s touch. Raman and Ishita share their feelings. Shagun comes there and gets upset seeing Raman and Ishita spending time. Mani also sees them and gets jealous. Shagun will turn against Ishita. Shagun wants to support Ishita, but she is confused. She feels everything belongs to her and Ishita is snatching her family. Shagun will be leaving for a holiday. Ishita asks Shagun not to worry for Bhalla family, as she will take care of them, but everything will remain Shagun’s. Ishita assures Shagun that she won’t claim any right on Raman, children and family.

  19. Prisha

    Oh and I use to be a daily reader here and I always listened to the great comments by you guys and I thought I will also comment along with you guys! And I mostly enjoy Sindhu and Pari comments!

  20. Hi VP, Sindhu , Shivani , Rithu & All The YHM Fans. First of all please calm down don’t get personal etc. Leanna is right it will take a while for Ruhi to come round. she loves Raman & Ishu But She Can’t forget or erase the very first sight of Ishu Preferring Pihu. She did not understand in her small immature innocent mind the gravity of Pihu’s Condition. For Ruhi Ishu was her World more than Shagun or Raman. Added to that evil Sarika & Niddhi poisoned her by saying evil things against her parents.
    But That Niddi should be punished.for all the dirty work she did from that lawyers murder case etc. for kidnapping everything. i was not very happy to see the parents getting scolded & being Rude by the kids. so i did not have anything to write. it is not very good for the teens who are watching. they will take the upper hand. Anyway now Raman has realised the true bond between Ishu & Ruhi. All this time he thought IShu was playing up that is why he scolded her so badly. when ishu said she is barren & Useless it hit Raman badly. serves him right for all the bad things that came out of his mouth. if Ishu did not go this would have been solved well. Anyway i don’t think Shagun will be negative. she was hurt & Naturally insecure & Jealous. hope they won’t make her one.
    waiting to see 2ows one . Ardi Really loves Ishu. & Pihu has IShu’s Practical ways. acts just like her mum Ishu. Hope they will unite soon. & Ruhi forgives her parents. she does not know the truth. So someone has to put her right & Hope Bala does it.
    Have a great night Everyone Luv to all.

  21. Monique

    For once Ishita stood up against Nidhi .Things are looking up for the most loved Jodi .I do understand where Shagun is coming from 7 years have past and she has gotten use to the fact that she has her family …the same family she left back and her relationship with Raman was more than cordial.But she forgot that it lacked the most important part…love.Ishita changed his life by giving him importance in her life.Caring for his daughter and restoring his trust in women.Although their relationship took time to evolve….
    Cant wait for the next episode….what will Ruhi do next and how is Raman going to juggle Shagun and Ishita under one roof.

  22. Vani Ravisurya

    Love u Pihu! U saved ishima. Please ishitha dnt leave ur kids n ur sweethear raman. Let shagun die on her holiday journey. Let simmi n mani marry.

      • Yh then simmi could have hapiness in her life, now we have found out that mani is a nice guy cuz he has kept ishita safe and took care of her and saved her when she jumped in the lake……plus where did ananya sure she was
        supposed to come in the begining or something???

  23. KDS

    Nice episode… btw where is sarika? What happened to romi and sarika…
    I just hope ishra unites and Shaun should go back to either ashoka or his dr boyfriend..

  24. vp

    Hi all … Episode was nice … Pihu unknowingly saved her mother … the way she took Ruhi to save Ishitha was great …Mani is very decent and gentleman please destroy that character … he knows Ishitha doesnt love him and there is no room for him in her heart … His and Ramans talk was too good … I feel now onwards Ramanwill not be a angered man … The way how he consoled Ishitha was good but could not feel that love bond they used to have . Without Ishitha he cant bring back Ruhi … back again their union is going to be Ruhi ke liye . I am sure Pihu will also love Ishitha …Very sorry to say … cvs are trying to show Shaghun as good but the truth is that she looks totally fake … very poor acting too . Today DT was not that awesome like last two days … we are seeing her in the same sari for a week …Good the precap was … Nidhi should get it ..tomorrow onwards its going to be for getting Ruhi …Hi to all ..

  25. summi

    Pihu is Ishita’s angel she helped in Ishita’s recovery plz make Ishita Ishimaa again. Mothers always have spl bond with their first child n Ruhi is Ishita’s first child, Mani is too good to bring Ruhi with Pihu’s help . I think Ruhi is not completely wrong in her behavior because she trust n love her Ishimaa more than anything in this world n she got betrayed by her Ishimaa, as a child she can’t understand circumstances , so her behavior is justified. Mani so positive he suggested Raman to take quick action against Nidhi n stop them from going to Australia n bring back Ruhi as she suffering a lot with Nidhi. Only Ish Ra union can bring Ruhi to Bhalla house. In todays episode Shagun is also positive. Plz let Pihu know Ishita is her real mother. Writers its a request to let Shagun be positive n live in Bhalla house as Raman’s second wfe as she has given her Seven years to pihu so she deserves a respectful life at the same time Ishita is Raman’s love n his children’s Ishimaa so no one can claim her position n Raman’s life, in last few episodes his love for her madrasan is coming out as anger a person gets angry with whom he loves. I don’t know can a person have 2 wives same time.

  26. Saba

    Hi, evry one,i think shagun need go back to dr.Manoj.she loves Pihu a lot,she cant separete esaly.

  27. Best Actor – Karan Patel (Yeh Hai
    Best Actor in Negative – Male –
    Sangram Singh (Yeh Hai
    Best Debut Male – Rohan Mehra (Yeh
    Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai)
    Best Debut Female – Ridhima Pandit
    (Bahu Humari Rajni_Kant)
    Best Negative Role -Female – Adaa
    Khan (Naagin)
    Most Fit Fenale – Karishma Tanna

  28. Hema

    Why still no one wants to say anything about ruhi or ishita to pihu still? Does shagun wants to have ruhi back still keep ishita away from Raman?


    Hi Super GIRL!
    PIHU Gets to know The TRUTH By Others.
    For instance
    People of Her Family(70%)

  30. reshma

    Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is gearing up for a lot of Drama which will hook the viewers to the screen.
    In the coming episodes, Raman and Ishita are going to file a case on Nidhi that she kidnapped Ruhi. They make sure nidhi will not get escaped from the country.
    On the day of Court proceedings, Raman,Ishita ,Simmi ,Vandu,Bala and Appa will be present. Everyone expect to win the case. But Ruhi comes and changes everything in the court.She requests the judge to let her ask some questions to ishita. Ishita comes in the witness box and Ruhi starts her Questions.
    Question No. 1 – Ruhi asks ishita that Nidhi kidnapped Pihu and not her. To save Pihu you exchanged me with Nidhi.
    Ishita says Yes and tries to give explanation but she will not listen.
    Question No .2 – Who took me to cliff? You or Nidhi. As she was in home and no one kidnapped her.
    Ishita says she took her to cliff.
    Ruhi says That was all she wants to hear. She draws a conclusion before judge that Nidhi didnot kidnapped her instead her mother gave her to Nidhi to save her daughter pihu.
    She supports Nidhi saying that She took care of her all these years and made her a teen sensation.
    She questions Raman that they loved Pihu a lot and forgot her and did not made an attempt to find her in these 7 years.Ruhi leavs from the court that she wants to live with Nidhi but not with those who don’t love her and left her.
    Ishita and Raman will be left in a emotional state.Ishita also says that Nidhi used to beat her a lot.

  31. Divya

    Pihu usually calls ishita as harwalli aunty.what does this harwalli mean? I don’t know Hindi. If anyone knows this, please reply.


    Reshma Then Coming EPISODES Are Very BAD in ISHITHA’s Perspective.
    Ruhi Shouldn’t Have Done This Shit.
    So Nidhi Will Again COME On Track.

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