Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with caretaker getting Pihu. Ishita hugs her. Pihu cries. Ishita and Ruhi ask what happened. The lady says I heard her crying and got her out, someone locked her. They ask who locked her. Pihu sees Riya and gets worried. She shows Riya. Ruhi gets angry and scolds Riya. She asks how can you lock Pihu in storeroom. Ishita calms down Ruhi. She asks Riya why did she lock Pihu, does she not like her. She holds Riya and checks her fever. She asks do you have fever. Riya says yes, so what, leave me. Ruhi says such an ill mannered girl. Ishita gets thinking.

Aaliya comes and says sorry I got late. She sees the decorations. Aye dil hai mushkil….plays….. She smiles and sees Adi. Adi holds her and says you made me wait a lot, I got more impatient. She says not now. He

says we are on honeymoon, no but, only love. They get close. Nikhil comes and says Aaliya, our college group is live on friendbook. He asks the friends to see Aaliya’s romantic husband. Adi runs. Aaliya asks Nikhil to stop it.

Ishita asks Neelu to remember, tell Mrs. Bhalla that none should talk anything bad in front of Pihu, I have some work. She says Raavan Kumar is praising Kiran, I will not leave him, he is enjoying coffee date, I will see. She takes a belan and goes. Neelu says I think she is going to play someone’s band today. Ishita goes to Kiran and shows belan. She enters the house and looks for Raman. Raman asks you here. Ishita asks is the coffee really good here. She runs to beat him. He asks her to sit and talk. She says you have no time to talk to me, you don’t deserve even my beating, I m not jealous, I m angry. He asks why. She says I want to tell you about Pihu. He asks what happened. She says I m with her, she is fine, you have to spend time with your multi talented friend, you sleep here, I will go.

Kiran says there is nothing between us, I like Bala. Ishita asks Bala. Kiran says Vandu and I were good friends, I did not know about her death, she told me about Bala, I know he got alone after her death, I m also divorced, I fell in love with Bala, I spoke to Bala about marriage, he refused, Raman is trying to help me, you please help me. Raman says I did not tell you as I wanted to know what is in Bala’s heart, Ishita is like his sister, if she talks to him, he will agree. He asks Ishita will she help.

Kiran asks her will she talk to Bala. Raman says yes, she will talk. Ishita says no, I can’t help you in this, none can take Vandu’s place, I m sorry. Raman and Ishita come home. He asks why did you refuse to Kiran, we all loved Vandu, but Bala is alone now, what’s wrong if she cares for Bala. She says fine, what about kids, is she ready to accept them, is she ready to give them mother’s love, love changes when children are of someone else, she does not know all this, when Vandu went, children got alone, Bala gave them mum and dad’s love, can a strange woman take care of them, I agree she wants to marry Bala, is she ready to become children’s mum, its not easy, we married for Ruhi, our relation started with a child, but Kiran is not thinking of children, if she wants to become wife, she has to be ready to become mum first.

Aaliya asks Nikhil will Adi agree if I do this. Adi comes and looks on. Nikhil says don’t ask me about your husband. She sees Adi. She tries to romance. She says Nikhil, he is not even seeing me. Nikhil asks her to add some attitude, charm and oomph. She says right, I will try again. Adi asks Aaliya to stop it, you became a kid when you got a college friend, did I come on honeymoon to hear this stories, when he made fun of me, you were laughing, can’t you see he is entering our personal space, you are my wife. He asks her to remember, he won’t dance for her. He leaves.

Ishita gets tea. Raman says sorry, you were right, I was just thinking for Bala. She says yes, you concentrate on launch, we have an imp work, talk to Pihu. He says I should have spoke to her before she left for school. She says Ruhi is with her, talk to her. Pihu gets scared. Ruhi asks what happened, you are very strong, where did my Pihu go, I m with you, don’t take tension, we will not leave Riya, cheer up. Ishita calls her. Raman talks to Pihu and encourages her. He asks Ruhi to be with Pihu. Ishita says I spoke to teacher, she said she will talk to Riya’s mum, Ruhi will keep us updated, get ready for launch. Ruhi asks teacher when are Riya’s parents coming, can I meet them. Teacher says Riya did not come, servant called and informed, her parents are not coming, they are so irresponsible. Ruhi says how can anyone do this, Riya had fever yesterday, I think I should go to her house and talk to her parents. Aaliya cries and tells Nikhil that Adi is angry. Adi comes back and sees Aaliya complaining to Nikhil. He says well done, complain to your friend, carry on.

Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla to get ready for launch and give award to Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla refuses. She says I hate Shagun.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Omg riya is so rude to elders. Thank God pihu is back… Ruhi has become a mother now. Has aliaa gone mad? Whatever adhi is saying is right in his place. Honeymoon is meant for married couple not for friends. I want adhi to ignore aliaa more so she will realise what she’s doing. I hate this nikhil character, who always interferes in Adhiliaa’s life. What is the need to introduce another stupid love triangle? Damn CVS…
    And for kiran, she can marry bala but his children will take time to accept another woman in their lives. Who told ishta to opt shagun for the presentation compering?

  2. Dia

    Wt mrs bhalla…..she is the one who creates most of the probs offending shagun and then she blames her…….

    Adi is right….nikhil is a jerkie….aaliya should also understand…..

    I dnt understand Riya prob

    Nd SOMEONE out there did not reply ti me about the fire incindent…..

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Why don’t you talk about the fire incident. If you feel that that is the best way to praise ishita then talk about it. If you feel that this is good enough reason to give away children then by all means talk about it.

      1. Not only fire incident… There are many such incidents that proves wat ishu is…. Ishu never uses children for her benefits… But Shagun used children to prove her point….

      2. Dia

        It is……thats why shagun herself thought she is a bad mother and said ishita deserves to be adi ruhi’s mom……

      3. azuka nkwonta

        If you feel that your points are good then write about them let everybody know that ishita is a good woman.

  3. Azuka
    I do not think you understand the story line of this serial
    Yhm translated in English is THIS IS LOVE.
    Please read my comment on the 7th July and maybe I will get a response.

    This comment is edited. Please watch your language.

    1. azuka nkwonta

      Please don’t call me a retard, it looks like you like to insult me and I know the story line. Check the comment guidelines before you make comments again so that you don’t start problem.

    2. azuka nkwonta

      I have tried to be like ishita on this site, trying not to insult people or use abusive words on them but it’s not working because people kept insulting me. I will not be miss goody goody again, I will be like shagun.

  4. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita married Raman and became ruhi’s mom and adi was added later but now she does not think that Kiran can marry Bala and becomes the kids mom. The truth is that ishita will do something and praise herself but when it comes to somebody else she will consider it bad. She did not even ask Kiran if she will like to be a mom and love those kids like they were hers she has already jumped into conclusions. Maybe if Bala gets married they will be able to show the daughter more and that family needs to be developed.
    When shagun was raising pihu it was all praise for her and Mrs bhalla told shagun on the day she was getting married to mani that she considers her like her daughter and today she hates her, how they can easily change in that house.

    1. When bhallas praise d Shagun, they thought Shagun has changed and become good… They didn’t know that it was Shagun who kidnapped ishu and planned to kill her… And Shagun was acting as if she cares for ishu… Later when Shagun started to show her true colours they understood that Shagun never changed…

      1. you understand the storyline those days when Shagun kidnapped ishitha, shagun was worng I agree this,but ishitha , Raman,Ruhi , mrs bhalla and others also worng.
        Shagun gives seven years to Bhalla family and Pihu, she sacrifice her love with Manoj ,but bhalla family don’t give the value of her sacrifice.
        mrs Bhalla told Shagun ,Pihu is her daughter but when ishitha is come dack, Ruhi and mrs Bhalla told ishitha Pihu is her daughter, because ishitha is Pihu’s methological mother

    2. Dia

      I completely agree to this point of yours……

      And i missed this kiran scene cz i thought i saw the full epi but i did not…..

  5. May be riya is kiran’s daughter….. Der is a chance guy’s. Riya =ruhi with nidhi……

    1. In one of episode,. Kiran told to Raman that she has no kids… May be Riya is that Taneja s daughter..

      1. Hi HP possible Tanejas daughter . I too feel the same .

  6. Siddharth

    nice episode so kiran is in love with bala hope cvs wont do kiran negative character . I love Ruhi and Pihu’s bonding Ruhi is fulfilling elder sisters duty .
    I think bcoz of nikhil there wl be misunderstanding btw aliya and adi and adi wl get attract to roshni

  7. Hi friends… Good episode… Jhansi ki back…. Finally this Kiran’s mystery cleared… But ishu is against her intentions and also convinced Raman… Let’s see how Kiran takes it… Also I think pihus problem is also solved… I think Riya s parents are irresponsible and neglecting Riya, hence such behaviour… ADI aliyas romance.. waoh they were romancing without closing door… This is immature… Stupid CVS has not yet shown ishra s honeymoon… Even after 10 – 11 years of their marriage…. Poor ishu trying to mend there relationship with Shagun ,, but mrs Bhalla is right , Shagun doesn’t deserve it….

    1. you don’t say that Shagun not deserves it ,she told does not want this award and ishitha is convinced Shagun ,thus because she agree

      1. very true Praveena . This award is forced on to Shaghun by Ishitha . This is the worst thing … knowing Shaghun spoils everything … and Raman and Mrs Bhalla did not want that … Simply to give space to Anitha Cvs are doing this .All melodrama only .

    2. Lol. I was also thinking the same. Aliya came home. Adi full on romantic mood but then he left the door open. How do you keep your door open in a hotel. CVs really making Aliya acting stupid now. How can she ask Nikhils help on this subject that too in front of Adi. Stupid.

  8. o azuka tum sirf ishu ko bash karna janti hoo tumne serial dhyaan se nahi dekha mam ishu aur ruhi ki bonding pehle se thi aur teri kiran bala ke bacho ke liye ajnabi

    Comment edited.

  9. you don’t say that Shagun not deserves it ,she told does not want this award and ishitha is convinced Shagun ,thus because she agree

    1. azuka nkwonta

      If I were shagun I will reject that award. The bhallas knows how to insult her all over and all over again, ever since she divorced Raman they have not really loved her again , they are just pretending including ishita. If the bhallas really love shagun then why did they not want Raman to marry her for the second time when pihu requested for it. By the way I like pihu and shagun, not pihu and Ishita.

  10. azuka nkwonta

    Do not insult me on this site, I am warning you pat Naidoo and the rest of them that insults me on this site. Do not think that I will keep quiet next time. You can write an epistle on ishita or you can even write a bible on her.

    1. Dia

      Like you are trying to prove your point, we all here are also proving….you can insul our country but no one can point a finger to you……u r acting like ishita here ???

      1. azuka nkwonta

        If it’s insult that we are going to enjoy on this site then let it be.

  11. Who left Pihu for 7 years? Was Shagun?

    1. No it was ishita who left pihu ,well shagun took care of her 4 7yrs.

    2. It was ishita who left pihu and shagun took care of her 4 7yrs

  12. people it is just a show calm down geez

  13. Maybe riya’s parents never give good attention to her that’s why she become such a rude girl…
    Adi is right in his side. Aliya have to understand the situation they are in their honeymoon & she is spending more time with her friend…

  14. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  15. DNT fight guys ishta said no to Kiran coz she exprienced life with married man and kids she told that before becoming wife she should bond with balla kids first she is concerned coz that’s are her sister kids also I think in that nothing wrong even balla also don’t want marry with kiren

  16. azuka nkwonta

    If I am to rate this serial today I will not rate it up to 50%. Everything they do in the serial is now copy and paste, repetition, useless tracks and entries. Why must father and son have similar experiences in life. Raman fought with his father when he married shagun and adi fought with Raman after marring aaliyah. Mani came into Raman and ishita’s marriage at it’s early stage now we have Nikhil between adi and aaliyah’s marriage. What is the essence of the bully , is that the best they can show about pihu. Ever since pihu came back to the bhallas house ruhi has become her mother.

    When aaliyah was attacked with an acid shagun did not support adi according to some logical people. Just like Raman did not support him shagun was like the same. Adi was accused his father was thinking could adi possibly do this and shagun was also thinking could adi possibly do this. These two parents knew their son from when he was born. Raman and shagun knew adi’s anger very well especially shagun but none of them could trust that adi did not do it or that adi did it. Only ishita that jumped into conclusions that adi cannot do it. Both shagun and Raman remembered adi’s childhood and Raman said to ishita , if adi did this I will hand him over to the police and shagun thought could adi possibly do this I know his anger before she went to verify from her friends whether they are the ones that attacked aaliyah. If you have a son that steal in the house and you know, sometimes you scold him sometimes you hit him and one day somebody came and told you that he stole money from somebody’s shop will you say that my child cannot do no because as a human being that you are you will have a guilty conscience based on what you already knew about that child. The truth is that in your heart you will say that he could possibly do it or he could not have done it. Adi burnt his hand in his childhood just to get ishita arrested so why will I blame anyone who doubted adi. I will not use this thing to call shagun a bad mother. Ishita’s character has been too over stretched, her character sometimes looks like an angel that fell down from heaven not like a real human being. Even some of you the character you show on this page looks like that of shagun because that is the character that is close to this earth. Ishita’s character is not real, it is too fake to be true. I cannot blame shagun for doubting adi on the acid attack on aaliyah and I will not call her a bad mother for doubting her son.

    1. Dia


  17. Hi everyone I’m new to this site please accept me I’m a silent reader of this site I m great fan of yhm specially DT KP seeing ur comments I too felt like commenting I like VP mam’s comments

  18. Good episode stupid aliya she herself spoiling her honeymoon
    I didn’t like nikhil entering anybodys room all of a sudden

  19. Miss Azuka I too felt the same after watching this serial.i don’t like that manipulator.iam just reading your comments from few are just commenting what Iam thinking.if they want to praise that ishu they can,but they show ishu as Mahaan by defaming Shagun.

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