Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vandu trying to make Bala jealous. Bala does not get jealous by seeing Vandu with her colleagues. Her plan fails. He asks Vandu to come with her, he did shopping for her and he is sure she will love it. He goes. Aaliya tells Vandu that plan did not work. Aaliya thanks the men and they leave. Aaliya asks Vandu is Bala normal, he did not get jealous seeing you with others, we have to plan something new, just take care of my instructions.

Mr. Bhalla asks Mrs. Bhalla to have medicines. Amma asks her to rest. Adi asks them to go, all the work is done. Ruhi says we have to start early tomorrow morning, so that all orders end soon and get delivered. Romi agrees and thanks everyone.

Raman has backache. Ishita asks shall I apply balm. He says no, its okay, I felt

glad seeing Ruhi manage everything. She says yes, it was a good sight. He says Ruhi tied everyone together. She says but will she change her decision, will she stay with her family. Mrs. Bhalla is much tired. Mr. Bhalla gives her some pain killers. Ruhi comes there and gives oil for leg massage, its very effective, I used to do this. Mrs. Bhalla hugs her and gets happy. She says you love me so much and asks Mr. Bhalla to see this. Ruhi applies oil to Mrs. Bhalla’s legs. Mrs. Bhalla smiles and says thanks a lot, go and sleep now. Ruhi goes. Mrs. Bhalla says if Ruhi comes to us, I m ready to bear any pain. Mr. Bhalla says I also feel she will stay here now.

Raman asks Ishita what do you feel, Ruhi will stay with us. She says I m scared. He says I m not, I m confident, I m thinking to get Ruhi admitted in school now. She says lets hope so.

Mihika talks to Romi and says if Ruhi stays and everything get fine, we will also stay here, Raman and you had a peaceful compromise, we will give our house on rent, I always wanted to stay with family, I thought this won’t be possible, thanks to Ruhi, this can be possible now, did you see, the family helped us in fulfilling consignment, all the family came close, we will stay here. He says but we have to know if Ruhi wants to stay here or not. She says she will stay here. He says after delivery ends tomorrow, I will talk to Ruhi and ask her whats in her heart.

Its morning, everyone help Romi and pack the boxes to complete consignment. Ishita gives paratha to Ruhi and asks her to ahev it. Adi goes there and sits asking Ishita to love him too and feed him. Ishita feeds paratha roll to him and Ruhi. Raman smiles seeing the children arguing for Ishita’s love. yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………. Ishita laughs and goes to get more food.

Romi asks them to hurry. Mrs. Bhalla sees Amma and thinks to tease Amma. She tells about Ruhi doing good massage to her legs at night, all her pain is gone. Amma asks did she apply this oil, Ruhi came to me at night and said I will rub this to your hands and legs, but I work a lot and I m fit, I refused to Ruhi and kept this bottle, else Ruhi would have felt bad. Mrs. Bhalla says what do you mean…. She sees Ruhi and talks sweet to Amma. Amma says Ruhi takes care of us a lot.

Aaliya asks about Amma. Bala tells her about helping Romi and Adi, and he goes home to leave for his classes soon. He thinks to go for shower. Aaliya goes to help Adi. Adi asks her to come. Aaliya asks Vandu what is she doing here. Vandu says I m helping here. Aaliya asks her to go home, Bala is alone at home. Vandu says I m feeling nervous. Aaliya says he is your husband, go. A lady asks Vandu for help. Vandu goes with that lady. Aaliya gives tea to everyone. Aaliya goes to look for Vandu at her home and asks Vandu is she taking bath, if you are home, don’t wear anything boring, wear something s*xy and make this time special, I m going now, all the best. Aaliya goes. Bala hears all this and says what did Aaliya say, whats going on in Vandu’s life, it means Aaliya is Vandu’s love guru, okay…………

Raman asks Adi to check all cartons. Romi gets some call and gets shocked. He asks why did you not tell me before, how will I manage. Raman asks what happened. Romi says its tempo’s strike, how will we manage now, we worked hard. Appa tries to arrange tempos. Appa tells them that he arranged tempo but drivers are not available. Adi and Raman come forward to help. Bhallas and Iyers give credit to Ruhi for doing all this. Niddhi comes there and claps. She says Ruhi is here for few days now, make her have sweets aunty ji, I warned you all not to do this, Ruhi will come back to me, I have booked Ruhi and my tickets for Australia, we are going back forever, Ruhi bear them for some more time, is everything fine Ruhi, I hope you took your decision. Everyone get worried.

Raman cries and says Ruhi will go today, you will go tomorrow, I will be all alone. He sits crying and says I was alone since seven years, I can’t stay alone now. Ishita cries and hugs him. Shagun looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. shivani

    Pihu (Ruhanika Dhawan) allows Raman (Karan Patel) getting married with Ishita (Diyanka Tripathi) in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ruhi accuses Raman and Ishita for pretending of being together.

    Ruhi tells that she knows as they are doing all the drama getting her back but she will not melt down for them and will not come back to home.

    Apart from this, Pihu tells Raman to get married with Ishita bringing Ruhi back to house.

    Pihu tells Raman that Ruhi is her elder sister and she wants to stay with her forever.

    Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) realizes as she brought Raman and Ishita together

    Raman then informs to family that he is ready to get married with Ishita.

    Ruhi is shocked by Raman’s decision and is surprised believing that she is uniting Raman and Ishita indirectly.

  2. mp

    I think ruhi will change her mind and stay with bhallas…. Precap is good… Raman don’t want to lost ishita again…

  3. Rehana

    Hii guys
    why this ruhi don’t understand love of ishu and raman
    i would hv melted thrice if i was at the place of ruhi ☺

  4. Sj

    Precap was very emotional I feel very bad for Raman when he used to tear infront of ishita why shagun and ishita hug each other I don’t understand that

  5. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Precap looked better.shaggy turning as usual.but as they say yhm got too many twists en turns.lets see what happens next.hope all u guys having a lovely time.mwah.

  6. Sindhu

    Episode was nice and precap is even better. Raman realizes if no Ishita, no Raman as well. It is nice to see that angry Raman is slowly disappearing, It is also good to know from all your updates that Ruhi will slowly change and accept the Bhalla family. When ishita gets shot and she is in ICU, we will be able to see desperate Raman and Ruhi. They both will come to the realization that Ishita is so important in their lives. I just wanted to comment on Pihu. The cvs are waiting for DT to come back so they can have a separate track of Ishita and Pihu. Ishita will come back to Raman and ruhi will accept her. They all will be happy but Pihu will not, She will not be able to accept Ishita as her mother. The separate track will be Ishita winning PIhu’s heart. Meanwhile, our chameleon Shagun will brainwash Pihu against Ishita. Before the leap Shagun hated Ishita because she always thought that Ishita brainwashed Ruhi and took her away from Shagun so now Shagun is going to do the same. Separate Pihu from Ishita. That is when Shagun will enlist Ashok and NIddhi’s help. NIddhi needs Shagun’s help to get back Ruhi and Shagun wants to enter the Bhalla house to get Raman so she will use Pihu. Before leap little Ruhi loved Ishita and now after leap little Pihu hates Ishita. Raman will be torn in between Pihu and Ishita helpless.

    That is why I think Shagun is the Mahabharata character Shaguni who is very nice and demure infront of everyone but he schemes very subtly that no one realizes it. In Shagun’s case, Adi is the only one who is sharp and instantly knows his mum’s evil intentions.

    • vp

      Yes Sindhu I too feel the same as you have commented … Raman cant live without Ishitha … but Ishitha is strong and practical …She always makes her surrounding happy … and suffer silently … Precap Ramans break down was brilliant …Shaghun will brain wash Pihu … now use her for her benefits …Pihu is too innocent unlike Ruhi at her age … blindly say what she feels … thats why telling her papa to marry Ishitha …. where was Shaghun when the whole family is working … I dont know I cant tolerate her good ness too … Alia vandu too boring … unnecessary .. rubbish I will say …

  7. shivani

    Hi everyone…. Rithu vp mino sindhu jaz aditya Az monique d shreya supergirl and all other fans of YHM…

    Episode was good..but precap is emotional…first time i felt sad for raman after the leap….he’s indirectly saying to ishita not to leave him…such a passionate hug of ishra after a long time…

  8. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino. Shona, Jaz, Az, Raisa, Sarita, Aditya and Monique and all YHM fans. Hope everyone has a good week ahead.


    A BIG Hi to YHM fans.
    SHIVANI Thank for The Information of COMING EPISODES.
    Today I Didn’t See The EPISODE
    It is NICE while Reading.
    Precap Was HEART Touching (even it is CHOOTIYA RAMAN, it is Hurting Viewers EMOTIONALLY.
    Nice One.

  10. Swara

    Episode was an kk one emotional precap felt a little sad for Raman but he deserves it I just know dat cv is unfair to ishu all her daughters have a problem with her being in their lives I just hope after the kidnapping ruhi get some sense and acknowledge her ishimas importance I just hope Shagun does not join hands with Ashok and nidhi

  11. Az

    Hi Sindhu shivani aditya jaz mino n all yhm fans….I missed today’s episode as well. Though written update looks better than previous episodes.
    Hope Ruhi turns positive soon.

  12. nelka

    Ishu will not get shot.she will get kidnapped.i saw it an on location scene via you tube.u guys also check it under ishra scenes.i am a die heart fan of ishra.and guys these days i am watching ishqbaaz is also good.the reson for ishu hugs shagun is shagun accepts ishra’s unbreakable love for eachother and she lets th be together .

  13. jaz

    Hello everyone Adu monique rithu naaz AZ sindhu siddhi shivani mino anjali vp rehena bhagya shona bhgi saritha swara fathi fefe and all yhm fans members gd evening Guys to all

  14. shreya shetty

    stupid ruhi even after all the pains and efforts taken step by step by raman and ishita this idiotic brat isn’t ready to get back to the bhalla family at stubborn this moron ruhi can be.i am very much irritated by her over crossing attitude of insulting ishu and raman!!!!!this nidhi too needs her own face to be slapped hard by raman.who the hell in the world ever told her to interfere in the families hardship of retrieving ruhi back huh??????how dare she did that by forcibly sending ruhi back to Australia and not willing to long is her revenge over her fathers death would continue,i just wish that this horrific drama will end soon when that annoying ruhi comes back to her senses till the time ishita gets shot by the goon that will naturally melt ruhis heart leaving her shocked!!sooo does raman,anyways since ishita has returned back to the family shes the only person to control ramans anger by managing him well.

  15. anjali

    Precap is very emotional. Raman has been hiding all his pain from seven years. He always loved ishita. I think he used to taunt ishita when ever they meet just because to show her how he felt after loosing her as he know only ishita can understand him. Good to see ishra back.

    • vp

      Anjali … Ishitha knows him well and understands him … thats the only reason she moved to Bhallas ..

  16. shreya shetty

    meeee tooo guys even I too missed the opportunity to watch todays upcoming episode but we are all glad that in place of rithushree,shivani has been giving the further updates for next day to day episodes of this show.thank u sooo much shivani!!!!!can u please tell us when this scene where ishita would get shot that will melt ruhis heart naturally be shown????I am sooo eagerly desperate in watching that scene and so do other yhm fans too

  17. shreya shetty

    but by the way where has rithushree off to???its been such a long time since I ve been noticing her absence in the group these days

  18. jaz

    Episode was just time pass but precap was heart touching raman ku rotha howa dekh kar muje b rona aagaya but he deserve isne ishu ku kitna rolaya hain aur shagun ka thu kya kehena usse thu sharam naam ki koyi chees nahi besharam kahi ki humesha ishra ke beech aajathi hain dayan chudell shameless women in the world I hate her lot lot lot ye show chod kar chali kyu nahi jaathi.pls ekta ye shagun ko show se nikkal daalu PLS pls jeene do ishra ko akele

  19. Amrita


    |Registered Member

    Whatever be the situation/condition in this serial, But I want Adi-Aliya(Adya) to be together forever. This is my first and foremost / primary wish from this serial and from the CVs too.

  20. meera

    Oh! Precap is great!! Bcz its good as Raman feels that he can’t live without ishita.great he expressed his ideas

  21. Parvati

    I remember a track where mrs.bhalla was telling the story of devaki mayya yasodha mayya and krishnja ji.. i wish ruhi or adi or someone just tried to tell all the truth using that story to pihu. i think she will understand, even if it takes time.. waiting for ishra reunion and when will raman realize that ishita actually tried to commit suicide 7 yrs back.. really hoping to see that track soon…


    Hi JAZ!
    Ekta Kapoor Tumhari Maang ZAROOR POORI karegi.
    Shagun ISHITHA-RAMAN Ke Beech Se Hatjaathi.

  23. Mino

    Hi VP, Shivani, Sindhu, Rithu, Jaz, Monique. & All The Die Hard Fans OF YHM. By the way as Shreya Shetty mentioned what happened to Rithu… Miss her up dates. Thx Dear Shivani for for giving us up dates.
    So Now We Get Back To Our Famous Show.. I have no idea why all the Bhalla family & Ishu are going Ga Ga over Ruhi. If she was Pihu’s Age it is a different Ma’tter. But being in Auz she is Matured for her age. & She Can’t be emotionally Blackmailing This family & Breaking their hearts.. How much can they take , So much abuse & Insults From A little 16yr old brat.
    I hope they will not make Shagun negative & Influence Pihu’s mind. I Am Sick OF Ashok , Niddhi & Shagun’s Wickedness.. High time the CV’s Give some happy times to this family who has gone through so much Trauma. why can’t they make it a pleasant to watch show like the beginning. How much they can do like Ardi falling in Love. Mehika getting pregnant by Romi & show that Sarika fixed his medical files just to take revenge from Romi so many things are there to make a story But all this Violence in family life is impossible to stomach.. what do guys think. are u all want Shagun being nasty & creating problems for IShu & Raman.. I don’t think so as i know all hate her. Why can’t they show Ashok getting caught for some fraud & getting put in jail. & Reforming him once he comes back & get Shagun back to him. After All Shagun was in love with him & wanted him & Ran Away from Raman Leaving a baby. Now IShu never left the baby If not For Raman’s insults saying she is bad luck since he married her. etc. Anyway so sad what we want we won’t get other than Violence & Bad Vibes in Married & Family Lives.. So Good Luck Guys. Hope i didn’t hurt anyone.. Sorry if i did.. Luv To All


    TODAY One Thing Was Very Very Special.
    Ahliya’s Tips to Bala(in Bathroom) Thinking That As He Was Vandhu Chitti.

  25. Simzain

    Congrats divek n wish u both a v Happy Married Life….divi is luking stunning in all her pics rght frm mehendi to her wedding….such a beautiful n gorgeous bride MASHALLAH….all d best…
    Precap was so emotional…


    Rithu Where Are You?
    Please Come Back.
    We ALL Are Missing You.



    Hi Anjali!
    What VP said is 100%True.
    In fact ALL The Problems which BHALLAS Are Facing is ALL because of RAMAN.
    On The DAY When These PEOPLE WENT for Exchange, That Was Only A Part of Their PLAN Which Policeman Didn’t EXECUTE WELL.


    HI AMY!


    Rithu No Matter Am NEW to This YHM GROUP.
    But I Will Say Bravely
    You Believe it OR Not
    This is TRUE.


    Hi Sindhu!
    I Hope You too Had A Very NICE TIME.
    But Sindhu One SCENE I liked A Lot In TODAY’s Episode
    Ahliya’s ADVICE to Bala when He Was Taking BATH.
    SCENE of The DAY.
    Another Scene Was
    ISHITHA feeding RUHI And HER Brother.


  30. Johnny

    Ritu went to attend divyanka and vivek marriage ceremony. She is too busy… For the time being please don’t bother her…

    • shreya shetty

      ohhhhh I didn’t know anything about this and so did other fans too yaar.we re sorry by any chance we bothered her.even I too was doubted where did rithushree been off to for such a long time???

    • shreya shetty

      hey johnny stop creating ur own issue of rithushree huh????got the point or what.u must be thinking that rithushree is a producer of the show

  31. rithushree

    Hey guys a very good morning to all.
    Episode was OK. Actually I had exams and even I missed this site very much .I was actually commenting but it was not getting posted due some internet problems .I think after two days I may be able to comment properly .
    Hey guys darshika VP jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diya ) riya rithika reshma mains summi Sindhi bhagi sheets Monique d shivani aditya jaz Sowmya unique angel Sarita naaz meghana and all the friends. And I think I may comment properly after two days .

  32. nidha(molu)

    ? good episode..kya kahuu…ruhi beta apni matha pitha ke saath gush raho hamesha ✋ …pihu beta ab tum koyi nayi museebath nahi laana ishra ke beech …sabkuch sahi salaamath ho aur shaanti banaai rahe bhalla and iyyer parvaar me ..thabi tho hum viewers ko bhi shaanti milegi? ..ek aur baath nidhi aur Ashok jese negative products ko baahar fekho please…

  33. Avanthi

    Hi guys, episode was ok. But precap is good, At least raman is developing feelings for his family and his love for ishita and his children. Maybe ruhi would stay in the bhalla house.
    And btw i want adi-aliya jodi but not aliya-mihir. Adi and aliya, such a cute pair.

  34. nish singh

    Hi guys, just want to know if you guys have noticed that Shagun dress style has changed again she is wearing very revealing sari blouses.
    Post leap she was certainly conservative.

    • vp

      yes noticed Ninsh … its changed … may be we were commenting on her sarees and hairstyle …..


    Hi YHM fans
    Good Afternoon to ALL of You(JAZ Rithu VP Shona Az Naz Shreyadiya Ramchin Lisa Megha Mino Super GIRL Fathi n The Rest).

    Rithushree Focus On Your EXAMS
    After EXAMS COME Back.
    ALL The BEST Rithu for Your EXAMS.

  36. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will end kidnapping drama of Ishita where Ishita will return back to Bhalla family.
    Ishita reaches to a muslim family ue to sack exchange but again gets trapped.
    However, Raman and Ruhi trap Nidhi, Nidhi fnally exposed Ishita’s kidnapping infront of judge.
    Nidhi is tensed and reveals to all that she was trying to kidnap Ruhi and mistakenly kidnapped Ishita.
    Ishita returns home and Raman-Ishita get Ruhu’s custody.
    Judge finds Nidhi is a criminal and gives Ruhi’s custody to Raman forever which makes Ishita family happy.
    Bhalla family is happy getting Ruhi back but they sad for Ishita as they faile dto find her.
    Apart from this, Ishita manages to come out from Muslim family house wearing burka avatar getting escaped from goons.
    Ishita’s returns to Bhalla house and is happy seeing Ruhi also melt down for her.brings all happiness.
    Bhalla family decide to celebrate teh moments of reunion of Raman-Isihta and Ruhi’s return.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

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