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The Episode starts with Romi finding the goons and wandering on the roads. He gets the men and asks them to return the money, he has earned it by hardword. They ask him to leave. Romi takes money from them, and they beat him a lot. Romi does not leave the money, and they stand on his hand. Sarika comes there and sees Romi getting beaten up. She gets worried. She cries and shouts, seeing Romi bleeding. She runs to him, while the goons leave wounding him. He says y son, his money. Sarika says nothing will happen to you and asks for help. People help her.

Abhishek meets Mihika in the café, and he says he was going Chandigarh, and did not do today. She says he can tell him why is he going. He says I m from Haryana, and I wanted to become police officer since childhood. She asks him about

his family. He says I don’t talk usually about it, my parents are simple, self respect is big thing for my dad. She says its intense, strong beliefs. He says strong friendship, deep revenge and passionate love. He says he is tensed for his sister and unable to think about himself, and she has a good friend, and lets see where this friendship takes them. She asks him to have food and smiles.

Raman and Ishita come to police station, asking for Shagun Arora. Ishita says Shagun is not an escort. The inspector says no girl’s name is Shagun. She asks about inspector Shinde. The man says he is busy, go now. The constable tells something to him. The man stops him and asks his name. Raman says Raman Bhalla. He gives Raman a letter by Shagun. Raman says did she tell anything. The constable says no, her driver gave this. Raman reads it and gets angry. Shagun writes don’t try to find me, I m not doing anything wrong, I m fine where I m, and he asks Ishita to see her attitude. She says I think she came to talk and went from hotel seeing me. He says she is bad luck for us. She says we don’t know whats wrong, relax.

He apologizes to her and asks why did she come here. She says she came to give surprise. He asks whats the surprise. She smiles and says I was forced by mummy ji, and got that dress as gift for me. He asks her to learn this from his mum, why is she passing time. She says we will go to hotel. They leave. Mihika thanks Abhishek for dinner. He says you did not see Maine Pyaar kiya, no sorry and thanks in friendship. He says he is filmi. She says bye and goes. He smiles.

He starts leaving in his car and Sarika comes there with Romi. She sees Abhishek and gets stunned. The man checks the car. Abhishek gets down the car to remove the boulder and leaves. Sarika turns and does not get in his sight. Ruhi asks Sarika how did Romi get hurt. Sarika says he is fine, he fell from bike. Romi says yes Ruhi, I m fine. Ruhi says Romi is acting to be safe, he used to make a scene when he gets fever. Sarika does first aid. Sarika goes to room. Romi asks Ruhi why is she telling Sarika about him, she knows everything about me, she is your Chachi. Ruhi says I will call your wife Chachi, not her. Romi says she is your real Chachi. Sarika hears this and smiles. Ruhi says she has to ask Ishita first and goes.

Romi apologizes to Sarika. He asks will she become Ruhi’s chachi. She smiles. He thanks her and feels ache. She hugs him. He says he feels better now. Vandu wakes up as Bala massages her feet. She says I m so lucky that you are my husband, I m reading a book, its written that husbands lose interest in wives after second child, as she gets occupied by kids. He says what rubbish, she has been more close to him now, its amazing as she manages, he has fallen in love with her once again.

She hugs him and says she is lucky, he is understanding, caring, and sweet. He says yes, you are lucky. She says even Ishita is lucky to get Raman, and Mihika should get someone like Raman. He asks why does she bring them in between, he is jealous of Raman, atleast tell Mihika should get someone like Bala. She says you are the best one, he smiles. She says I really wish Ishita and Raman have love like us, they would get some time in Mumbai.

Ruhi calls Ishita asking is Sarika his wife. Ishita and Raman get happy and answer her, maybe Romi said as he wanted to. Ruhi says everyone went to meet them. Raman and Ishita see Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla with Mihir and Rinki, and get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Raman and asks him to apologize to Ishita. Mr. Bhalla takes Raman’s side and they argue. Mihir says mummy ji wanted to come, I came to congratulate for Bansal’s deal. Rinki says I came to do shopping here. Ishita says our fight has solved. Mr. Bhalla says I told you its fine, they will solve. Mrs. Bhalla says we will go back. Ishita asks them to rest. Mihir says he will book room. Ishita says stay here, I found out there is no room. Raman gets upset again. He asks them to sleep here, he will get extra bed, he and Mihir will sleep in balcony. He asks is society coming along. Mrs. Bhalla says he got angry and laughs. Raman makes the extra bed request and them to occupy. Mrs. Bhalla says sorry Ishita, and asks her not to worry about kids. Raman looks at Ishita. Yeh hai mohabbatein……..plays……… He signs her and she signs what can I do, and they sleep far away.

Raman signs her to come out, and she sees everyone sleeping. He goes out and she gets up to go after him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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