Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman waking up and seeing Ishita talking to the lawyer asking her to get Shagun punished in Amma’s accident case. She says till she lands in jail. I won’t get peace.Ramna says excuse me, and Ishita asks the maid to give him lemon water. Ishita says they are rich people and think they can do anything, this can happen with anyone else too. Mrs. Kaur, the lawyer says they are smart to destroy the CCTC footage so we have to think big as we don’t have any proof. Ishita says yes, we have to find witness, we are true and truth comes out one day. Mrs. Kaur says I will see that no one creates a problem for us, we will talk on phone now. She leaves greeting everyone. Raman hears everything. Pathak comes and says he spoke to Shagun, she told me everything, but why did Mrs.

Kaur come here.

Raman says she is fighting the case from Ishita’s case. Pathak says what are you saying. Raman says I know my family will take this case ahead, so I have to stand by Shagun. It’s a big problem now but we have to save Shagun, its important. Mrs. Bhalla asks Pathak to leave as its not allowed to take Shagun’s name in her house. Pathak says I m sorry aunty ji and leaves. Mrs. Bhalla stops Raman. Amma is angry on Appa for not telling her at night. Appa says Ishita will handle everything, if she needs us, she will come to us, don’t worry, we have to go to doctor. Amma says my daughter is alone there, they don’t behave well with her, I won’t go to doctor and go to see Ishita.

They come and see Mrs. Bhalla slapping Raman. Raman and everyone are shocked. Mrs. Bhalla says I supported you being your mum, but you misused my love, the woman you left and went after after Shagun, she is Madhavi’s daughter whom Shagun wanted to kill. She says Shagun has hit her and left her to die on the road and my son went to save her, what do you think you will save her, we thought you changed, but no, you danced on her fingers and even today she is making you dance, and this woman, our bahu, she managed Ruhi, house, you, and supported you, but you did wrong with her.

Amma and Appa are happy seeing them supporting Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says this family is because of Ishita, so we will support her. She says you go after Shagun, but we will fight the case against you. We will get justice for Madhavi, this is my decision. You decide you support us or that Shagun. She says I was proud that you are my son, my pride, but now I will say my Ishita, my daughter, she is not my bahu but my daughter, my respect, she is like Simmi, and if she cries because of you, I will not leave you. Raman goes to his room. Mrs. Bhalla hugs Ishita.

Amma tells Appa lets go. Appa says you wanted to meet Ishita. Amma turns. Mrs. Bhalla says sorry I did not see you. Amma says I heard everything and felt glad that my daughter is not alone here. Mrs. Bhalla says you underestimated me, she is my bahu first then your daughter. She jokes. Amma says I will also fight when I get well. Mrs. Bhalla says go and get fit, I will be ready to fight with you. They happily hug and Ishita smiles seeing them.

Appa and Amma leave from Bhalla house. Simmi thinks Ishita has made Raman away from his family, but I will die but not support her, I will support Raman and Shagun. Romi’s bike breaks down and says I will be gone today, as Raman’s mood is already bad. Sarika comes there and says hello ji, do you want lift. Romi says thanks, my bike got bad. She says come. He asks shall I ride this. He asks why, are you shy to sit behind a girl. He says no, balance will be out. She says sit and see. She takes him. Shagun talks to Pathak and asks did he talk to Raman, tell me what he says. She gets an envelope and sees it. She is shocked.

She says FIR against me for Iyer’s hit and run case. She says Raman pick my phone, Ishita might have done this. She panics and asks the driver to take the car out. Mrs. Bhalla talks to the maid. Ishita comes to her and asks is Raman at home. Mrs. Bhalla says no, he went office and said he will have food there. She says I want Raman’s sign on Ruhi’s school form. Mrs. Bhalla says he does not see anyone except Shagun. Ishita says I will go to his office and see. Mrs. Bhalla gets headache and asks the maid Neela to bring the balm.

Raman is angry on the staff. Shagun comes to meet him in the conference hall and says I want to talk to you urgently and asks everyone to leave. Mihir says but…. Raman asks him to leave. He asks Shagun why did he come here. She says you said you will manage, and there won’t be any problem, they called me in court, the hearing is in two days, Adi was not at home, if he would have been there, think what would he feel. Raman shouts don’t take Adi’s name, go to Ashok and asks him to help. She says if you don’t help me, what would I do.

She says I love Adi a lot and he loves me, if you love him, don’t leave us in this problem. He holds her hand and says you have used my son to manipulate me, you and I know very well, Adi, my 12 year old son did this accident, not you. Shagun is shocked.

Raman looks at her angrily and says what do you think, after knowing this, did I get any peace, I thought Parmeet did accident, then Ashok lied, then sold the car, then you lied that you did accident, its good Adi came there and told me the truth. He thinks about Adi’s words. Adi confessed that he did the accident. He says think how did a 12 year boy do an accident. He told me everything how he drove the car and the did the accident, whole the driver was stopping him. Raman says you lied to everyone that you did the accident, I can understand you are mum and took the blame, I m glad you love Adi, the fact is my son did the accident.

Raman says I m wrong, I m fighting with myself, Ishita, my family, they are angry and against me as they think I m saving you, how to tell them that I m saving my son, I m bearing the punishment for your mistakes, you gave him the car, I m lying to Ishita and she won’t forgive me. Shagun asks don’t you care for Adi and me. She says I told Adi that Papa will protect you. He says I m lying to myself too for my son, I told you I will manage everything. She asks how, your wife is going case against me, will you fight with her. He says yes, I will fight with the world for my son, even if my family goes against me, I will save my son, nothing will happen to Adi till I m alive.

Shagun and Ishita meet in the lift. Shagun says I got court notice but Raman promised me he will manage. Ishita says it can be avoided if you want.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  4. Shagun played this fool’ Adi did not caused the accident, the culprit is Mihir with his shot self….

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