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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihir and Mihika trying to cheer up Romi. Ashok comes there and they see him. Romi asks how did Ashok get free, he was in jail. Mihika says we will leave, ignore him. Romi drinks. Mihir waits for them outside. Mihika asks Romi to come. Romi goes to Ashok and says I want to talk to you. Ashok ignores him. Romi gets angry and they both get into argument. Romi says you ruined my life. Mihir comes and stops Romi. Ashok asks manager to see Romi. Manager scolds Romi and says I will call police. Mihir says no, don’t call police, he has problems in his life. Mihika sees Romi taking a bottle to hit Ashok. She rushes to stop him, and comes in between. Mihika gets hit by the bottle on her head and bleeds. Mihir, Romi and Ashok get shocked. Mihir holds her. Romi worries. Ashok


Romi comes home crying and drunk. Ishita runs to him as he falls. She asks are you fine. He says I m so sorry, forgive me. She says we will talk about Rohit later. Raman comes and holds him. Romi says I have hurt Mihika, its my mistake. She asks what happened to Mihika and rushes to Iyer house. Raman takes Romi to room. Mihir gets Mihika after her wound gets treated. Ishita asks what happened. Mihika says I m fine, how is Romi, is he alone. Ishita says he is okay, Raman is with him. Mihir says I will tell everything.

Romi cries taking Rohit’s name. He says my son Rohit is getting away from me, all because of Sarika. He asks Raman why did Sarika did this with me. Raman says no one will make Rohit away from you, sleep. Ishita comes back. Raman says I will see Mihika. She says Mihika is sleeping, don’t go. He asks what happened to her. She says Mihika and Mihir took Romi to cheer him, Romi saw Ashok there, he got angry and fought with him, he mistakenly hit Mihika, everyone is worried. He says Romi is murmuring in sleep, how much he misses Rohit, he is confused, we should bring Romi on track and find Rohit’s parents. She says yes, we have to find his mother so that we can adopt him legally, so much wrong happened with us, we can’t trust anyone like that, after all this sorts out, I m sure mummy ji and Romi will accept Rohit and love him.

Its morning, Ishita talks to some ladies to hire a Nanny for Rohit. Raman, Romi and Mrs. Bhalla look on. Every lady has some terms and demands. She asks Romi whom he feels will be good. Romi asks her to do what she wants and goes. Ishita asks Mrs. Bhalla. Mrs. Bhalla also says same and goes. Ishita thinks her plan will work, and calls Jamuna.

Romi tells Raman that he does not care for Rohit. Raman says I know you love Rohit, he is your son, relations are kept by love, I will adopt him, I will raise him. Romi hugs him. Raman says I know Mihika got hurt by mistake, but you go and apologize to her.

Raman comes to Bala and asks where are your students. Bala says which parents will send their children to me, police case is filed on me. Raman says I did not know you are weak, when your family is strong. Shravan met me and said he wants to help you. Bala says I troubled Vandu and everyone. Raman asks him not to give up, family is strength, Shravan knows this, we all are with you, good and bad time pass, take this cheque, clear the dues, shit that training centre and make a new start. Bala returns it and says I can’t take this favor. Raman says no, think it’s a new business venture, I trust you, you can make your coaching classes big, you are Shravan’s hero, don’t ruin his hope. Bala thanks him.

Romi meets Mihika and apologizes to her. He says i m very sorry, what to do that you forgive me, you break this vase on my head, you hurt me, it will be equal. She says fine, get ready. He closes eyes and Amma worries. Mihika smiles. She says I know what pain you are going through, is wine the medicine for that pain, if you want me to forgive you, promise me you won’t drink and think rational, share your pain with me. He says fine, sure and they hold hands. Amma looks on.

Ishita leaves from the orphanage. A lady tells the manager that Ishita left, he can come out. He calls someone and says Ishita came again today, she wants to know who is Rohit’s mum, your baby whom we gave to Sarika, I did not meet her, don’t do anything. He ends call and says if Ishita knows the baby’s mother, it will be big problem.

Someone breaks Ishita’s car window. She gets shocked and gets a note. Someone asks her not to come back in this orphanage and stop finding Rohit’s mother.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. episode was ok.precap was filled woth suspense.

  2. Sarika is now going to
    create a big mess in
    Bhalla Family’s life in
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.
    Sarika comes to Raman
    and Ishita’s room seeing
    Rohit there.
    Sarika tells them that if
    Rohit’s all stuff are there
    then she will stay in this
    room and not with Romi.
    Raman and Ishita leave
    the room silently and
    Sarika smiles seeing
    Raman and Ishita leaving
    On the other hand, Sarika
    demands Raman to give
    share in the property as
    Romi cannot take care of
    her and her son Rohit.
    Sarika taunts Romi being
    a useless person and
    Romi raises hands on her
    but Ishita stops him.
    Sarika takes photo where
    Romi was raising hand on
    her and tells Romi that
    now she will file a case
    against Romi.
    ACP Abhishek comes
    there and refuses to take
    any action against Bhalla
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

  3. Feeling sympathy on romi…poor romi left rohit n sarika in his life…..n precap z thrilling..who might b tht person who hits ishita’s car windw?????i hope itz suraj orelse ashok…….
    hey rithu.janvi.faya.sara.ude.vp.dia.diya.diya.priyol.ramchin.nivedha.neha.riya n all YHM FANS.hw u all guyz?
    couldnt come to thz site for 2 days bcz had some prjcts….

  4. hey guys diya ( both the diyas) jhanvi darshika vp sabrin parvathi nivedha naaz zaara siddhi misty faya fathi priya riya naina ude riya ramchin nimrit bhagi anakha and all yhm friends.

    1. Hello rithu….

  5. Itz rely an intrstng film…i watched it…no words to tell itz rely wonderful..

  6. yeh sarika itnii giri hui insaan hai ki woh aise karthoothon par uthar aayi aur patha nahi woh pagal kameeni jail se kaise chooti.

  7. Episode is cool. But who is the real parents of rohith.????

  8. I think rinky is rohits mother maybe she did a fake death like shagun but I think so

  9. Thanks amena. 😀

  10. patha nahi rohit ka baccha kaun hai .aur woh manager itnaa kyu darr raha hai .promo mein dikhaaya tha ki ishitha ko message milthi hai ki agar usse uski jaan pyaari hai toh woh rohit ke maa ke baare mein naa khojhe . really suspence se bhara .very curious to know it.

  11. Hi rithu fathi riya ramchin nivedha naina sara jhanvi and all the YHM fans. 😛

  12. can i make room here

    1. Ya of course u can. Ur warmly welcomed sukanya

    2. you are welcome here sukanya.

  13. Hii am new to here,
    I think rohit is romi’s son only, in episode 152, when romi accused of ishita’s mom’s accident, romi was talking to ishita abt a girl, she is minister’s daughter, doubting she is pregnant,
    This track may hav link with dat, only doubt

    1. you are welcomed in this site.

    2. Even I thought the same .

  14. Boring track, plz make some interesting like romantic…

  15. hi rithu and all yhm goodnight sweet dreams

    1. hi all yhm fans good night and sweet dreams

  16. Hai rithu and all yhm friends..please reveal rohit’s original parents it may be another twist and i think they are pairing romi opposite mihika

  17. ishra leaving room ??? sarika asking for property??? hahahah , non-sense… frankly speaking im feeling irritated to see/hear abt sarika… romi its better to end up ur relation with her.. sarika filing case on romi for raising his hand on her.. ACP abhishek slap ur sister as hard as u hit a criminal. romi, u too slap her & make her to sign on the papers that u both are not capable to raise rohith.. then ishra can adopt rohit legally… ur son can be infront of your eyes dear… dont bother about that b**ch…

  18. may be next week websites par ya atleast sbb sbs ya sbas mein rohit ke asli parents ke baare mein reveal ho jaaye.

  19. ashok ne romi ko mihika par vaar karthe dekha .aur ashok jail se chootne ke baad raman ke against plot bhi nahi kar raha hai .lagtha hai woh romi ke iss incident ka phaayda uthaayega.

  20. mujhe lagtha hai rohit ki maa jo bhi hai achaanak aake sabko shock deke bhalla house aur romi ki zindagi mein badaa dhamaaka karegi aur ek ke baad ek shayad romi ke past ki kartoothon ka bomb phootega .

  21. That sarika again go in jail

  22. Hi All,

    Oh the Kannas are getting too cocky. they think that they are winners. What have the Ballaa’s done to them to have so much anger? Other that they are jealous of Raman’s Business .They did all the damage to this family Ashok started it by getting Shagun But Raman has got on with his life but they are all out to destroy IsRa.
    As MAha Says this child Rohit is Romi’s i also agree. he was friendly with the ministers daughter & he was worried about it.that was before Sariks & he didn’t want to commit himself as he was a playboy wanted freedom. but the Kannas are pains when are we getting rid of both. one is Raman Crazy the other is Vanditha Crazy & both are innocent as the culprits are the Kannas themselves. hope Romi & Mehika get together. Now it is getting very exciting . i am waiting for the down fall of Kannas. They think they can get away with anything.
    So have a lovely Sunday friends of YHM Luv

  23. Yr…..srsly rithu in ur spoiker sarika is horrible……

    Nd plZz no rohika only abhika

  24. hey al … rithu , jhanvi , diya , zara , mino , parvathi , reshma , mah and all yhmianz ..

    today’s episode was good . thank god nothing happend to mihika. but after watching today’s episode it is cleared taht romi loves rohit and doesnt want him to go away fro m him . but he is going through an emotional turmoil , i just pray that he overcomes that .with time nd accpt rohit . ishra talk is always pleasant to ears . nd nowdaty they r showing RKB as a relly sensible man . its good . ny way .. i dnt thnk that rohit’s actual mothr has ny connection with shagun , sarika or ashok . i thnk some new charecter is going to enter the serial soon . nd new twists will b soon . really nice track . njoyong

  25. Actually ye sarika track bahoot hogaya
    Don’t know what’s wrong with her

  26. Please end this track
    Now I think rohith track
    No moderation please

  27. What about Shagun?? Where is she?

    1. shagun is in mumbai with manoj.

  28. hey guys good morning .

  29. yeh jo bhi hai rohit ki maa .kyu ishitha ko dhamki de rahi hai .kyunki ek na ek din toh usko saamne aana hi hai aur jab saamne aake dhamaka karna hi hai toh bewakoofon ki tarah dhamki de rahi hai .

  30. shayad ashok ko maloom ho ki rohit ki maa koun hai .lekin woh pagal kuch bhi nahi kar raha hai .mujhe lagtha hai sarika ko ussi ne hi jail se chudvaaaya tha warna bhalla family se koi bhi nahi chudhaatha .

  31. arey yaar jhanvi darshika naaz and another diya sab kaha ho .and why very less comments?

  32. ek ashok kameene ne poora ka poora kameenon ka faug hi bana dala .pehle suraj param sarika, shagun thi lekin ab woh positive hai aur show mein acchi lag rahi hai.

  33. kuch bhi ho acp toh bhallas ke khilaaf nahi jaayega aur sarika toh pehle se hi dhokebaaz ghatia aur pagal hai.

  34. hi diya,thanx for mentioning my name….

    Let it be a new character or someone else. it doesnt matter. but this sarika is so disgusting.. i think ashok has bailed sarika from jail. no one can else do this.. i feel telling the truth about rohit(he is nt romi’s child) is also part of their plan…

    as rithu said some bomb will blast abt rohit’s truth, expecting the same. but not sure rohit kiska beta hai… bechara rohit..

    to my confusion whats the need to warn ishitha for finding details of rohit??

    shagun has worked for ngo, she came to this place to find some details regarding false surrogacy cases.. is this related to that??? Is masha gonna help ishra for finding the roots of rohit????

    i saw recent promo someone(lady) calling on ishitha’s phone and warning her not to find the roots of rohit….. 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. Yeah Reshma ji.. I agree with you

  35. It’s like some treasury hunt…I feel that kiddo s romi’s son only but not sarika’s someone else’s.. a new character s going to be introduced..gear up ISHRA!!!!

  36. mujhe lagtha hai aage jo bhi track hoga woh romi aur rohit ki suspense ka khulne ka hoga .aur romi le track ke baad shagun aur surrogacy ka grack hoga .tab shayad ruhi adi bhi zyaada show mein dikhay denge.

  37. hey guys good afternoon.

  38. good episode

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