Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi and Shagun talking on phone. He asks about Nani. She says she is fine now. Adi gives all updates to Shagun. Ishita cries and Raman comes to her. He sees her crying and asks what happened, did Adi say anything. She says no. He says why are you crying, if you went to say a story to him. She says no, stories have vamps, stepmums and every stepmum is bad. Whatever I do, I will always be stepmum. He says you are a doctor and regarding your steomum by these stories, mum calls you Yashoda Maiyya, she was more than real mum, you are Ruhi’s Ishi maa, who got her real mum from road for the children’s sake, who gave Ruhi more love than her real mum, stop reading the nonsense stories, you will become Adi’s Ishi Maa and he will also love you like Ruhi, he will be

afraid of you as his dad is afraid of you. She smiles.

He asks her to stop crying and come. Shagun gives Adi more tips to be smart and act normal, else she will use him. Adi says yes, I will act sweet. She says just remember, that house is yours and she is evil queen which we have to throw out. Adi says yes, I know, and I promise till you come back, I will make her leave this house. She says good, I love you.

Its morning, Raman says extra work and extra cleaning, she does not get peace. Adi comes and greets Raman and Ishita. She says your hot choc is ready, have it. He thanks her. Raman asks did he sleep well. Adi says yes, Ruhi is right, Ishita says good stories. He asks Ishita to make dosa, he likes it. She gets puzzled and says I will say when its ready. Raman says Rinki Bua is coming today, she was your fav. Adi leaves. Raman says Adi is behaving normal, then why is Ishita’s mood upset. Raman says I m thinking to have omelet in breakfast, after default dosa. He says I will make it, as you won’t touch eggs.

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Raman talks to Pammi and asks her to send Ruhi, as her Ishi Maa is getting mad, make her talk. He holds the phone and Ishita talks to Ruhi. Ishita asks her to come soon. Raman says I was very afraid and taunts her about yesterday night, and calls her witch type. She runs to beat him. They bump into Mrs. Bhalla. She says did you not get any place to romance, give me notice so that I stay in my room. Raman says what romance, she was beating me. Mrs. Bhalla says good. Raman says its too much, dad and I will case on you both. He taunts them and Ishita says he called you witch mummy ji. Mrs. Bhalla goes to scold Raman.

Everyone wait for Rinki. Simmi says you used to be with Rinki all the time when you were small. They have breakfast. Shagun calls and Simmi gives the phone to Adi. Adi says I m fine, I will take allergy medicines, Ishita will give me. He asks Ishita to give throat infection medicine at night. Mr. Bhalla goes to check Mrs. Bhalla’s BP medicines. Adi looks on. Rinki comes home with Romi and greets everyone. They get glad and hug her. Rinki asks why did they call her so soon, but I will be going back. Raman says take mum along. Ishita says I find out, you can join same course here. Raman asks her to meet Adi.

Rinki says she got gifts and asks Romi to get it. She is glad meeting Adi. They all have a good family time and laugh. Rinki gifts everyone. Rinki says I missed home food. Rinki says she missed thee party, as Simmi and Romi sent pics and made me jealous. Raman says I will keep welcome party for you. Rinki says I love you all. She hugs Mrs. Bhalla. Ruhi comes home, and says she is going to meet Rinki Bua. She says she did not get time to miss Ishi Maa. Ishita asks did you not miss me, anytime. Ruhi says I enjoyed with Pammi aunty. Mrs. Bhalla talks to Pammi and says Adi is getting set, its because of Ishita. Pammi says yes, Ishita came in our life when she took Ruhi to hospital when she had cough syrup. Simmi says yes, and tells about that girl who made Ruhi had that syrup, and they have misunderstood Ishita.

Mrs. Bhalla says end should be good. Ruhi says I will just come and leaves. Ishita gets sad and says Ruhi did not miss me, I missed her a lot. Ishita gets Ruhi’s book, and reads Ruhi writing she missed her a lot. She smiles and says Ruhi missed me so much, and hugs the book. She says I missed you too. Ruhi comes and asks is she reading her dairy. Ishita says sorry, whats this Nautanki, you did not miss me. Ishita says I missed you so much. Ishita hugs her and says I missed you too. She kisses her and they smile. Everyone enjoy in Rinki’s welcome party. Rinki hugs Amma. Raman wants to talk to Ishita and she is busy with everyone.

Rinki sees Mihir and shows Simmi. She says it was very sad what happened with him, after what Mihika did. Simmi says yes, his heart is broken, but he is living. She says Jiju did wrong with you. Simmi says don’t talk about him. They have a light talk about Raman and he became Santa Claus on Christmas, Ishita and Raman are romancing these days. They laugh. Raman talks to Ishita and she says she is annoyed, and will not talk. He thinks to do something.

Raman sings intehe hogay intezaar ki………… Adi takes Mrs. Bhalla’s medicines. Ishita dances for Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ruhi

    I don’t understand onething. Spoilers ki wajah se sab stories pehle hi pata chal jata hain. O excitement nahi rahegi. Story should not be revealed.

    • ruhi

      There is nothing to dislike n this comment. We should have feeling li aage kya hoga. Not that we already know.

  2. Asma

    IshRa scene is superb…..cute cute ….achcha laga IshRa ko aaise nok jok aur. .masti karte hoe….♡♡♡

  3. Asma

    Ishita aur Ruh tum dono ne ek dusre ko miss kiya. ..par hum sab ne. ..tum he bahut miss kiya Ruh. ..♡♡…..
    aur IshRuh cute cute scene ko miss kiya. …aaj bahut din bad. ..ishimaaRu. ..moment dekh ne ko mila. …….Love you IshRuh. …♡♡♡

  4. yhm

    Ishita aur raman kitne ache lag rahe hai kash yeh real life mein bhi isi tarah hu lekin itna drama nahi chahiye luv ishraru

  5. wow ruhi doll is back not only u and ur miss each but even we miss u lot ruhi beta.welcome back baby.only u and ur papa can bring smile and happy in ur ishimaa.and about adi i have an doubt weather adi child aur devil.child should be like ruhi.adi cheeko kuch tumara choti behan yaar.arey yaar bohothu hogaya bus koi kuch tho karo naa usi adi ko.make the character good naa.becoz of raman ka stupid beta raman request that pagal ashok.atleast after that we really hope ki adi jaldi se jal become good child.

  6. p

    Guys Jaipur raj joshiley lost their match against pune anmol ratn ………..they lost match with 95 runs and this was the semi final match………now jaipur raj joshiley cannot qualify for finale …….So sad……..

  7. Asma

    Kya bat ka rahi ho. ..p..
    JRJ hargai. k liye qualify. .nahin hogi. ..sooo sad. ..itna achcha khel rahe the. .kyun har gaye. …

  8. and about raman aur ishu they always rocks the show.and their nok-jok thn mast that.superb.rinky looks cool and beautiful too.and precap dance of ishra was mindblowing that.aaj kal their romance is too good.and feeling sad too that whenever ishra becomes romantic someones is disturbing them a lot.and this time also becoz of adi their dance may stop.hope we can get good scene to watch.

  9. p

    Wow ishita and ruhi scenes are awesome …. …….Raman ne Jo ishita ko chada …….wow woh scene bhi mast tha………….ishraru rocks…….

  10. p

    Asma. Pune ne 201 runs ka target diya tha…….Jaipur ko …….aur pune bahut acha kheli hai…….kahna padhega ki pune deserve karti hai final me Jana….

  11. p

    JRJ bahut bura kheli hai……aur karan kamaya me fight bhi hogai….match ke bech me…..jaise JRJ ne khela toh woh sahi me deserve nahi karte hai ………Final me Jana.. .

  12. Asma

    Mujhe yakhin nahin horaha hai ki JRJ .haar gaye. ..divyanka na karan. .dono bhi final mai nahin hai

  13. xyz..

    The show is good but the attitude of aditiya is unnaturally and he is not suppose to be child ,and ishita raman should stand for eachother especially raman bcz ishita always stand and raman should…we hope that the addi and shagun get out of raman nd ishu life nd they live happy with their lovely Ruhi…<3

  14. p

    Yes…. ..karan deserves far better than kamaya…… Karan and kamaya don’t look good together…..

  15. Abhiudit

    Saara blame ishita pe daalega adi and then fir ladaiyan hongi and ishita ko nikal denge phir wapas le aayenge . The makers are just impossible .

  16. Asma

    Yes. .jab bhi mai. .karan. .kamya ko ek sath dekhti hoon. .mera first word yahi hota hai …HOW. ……
    Kahan milgai kamya. ….karan ko. …achche nahin lagte ek sath. ..

  17. Shital

    Wo artical me likh he karan apne parents ki pasand ki hui girl se marrige karega….i wish k humre gujju ko koi acchi gujju girl mile.

  18. Oh Karan ladki dekhane ke bahane se hi kabhi to Gujarat aao …humare Ahmedabad aao…….
    In Big B style…….Kuch din to gujaro Gujarat me……..

  19. Asma

    Read this Guess what? Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Divyanka Tripathi is just like her character Ishita in real life!

    And why do we say that? Read on to find out!
    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Divyanka Tripathi aka Ishita is known to be Miss Goody-two-shoes in the show. Well we often hear about characters being their opposite selves off-screen but the case is different with Divyanka. The beauty is as nice in real life as she is in the series! Her sweet gesture for her hair dresser, Babita, is enough evidence to support the same.

    The actress celebrated her hair dresser’s birthday on the sets of the show. She gathered the entire cast and crew and arranged for a cake for Babita! We hear that Babita was overwhelmed by Divyanka’s sweet gesture and was grateful to her for the same.

    Ah well isn’t this something Ishita would do as well? The south Indian beauty is currently seen being the ‘adarsh maa’ and sacrificing a whole lot for Aditya’s sake. Ishita has been doing the same for the rest of her family members in the past too; be it Raman, Mihika or Ruhi.

    We guess if one plays a character like this for long, they become it! Or is it the other way round in Divyanka’s case? *wink wink*

  20. Asma

    Ooho. .prayosha. ..agar karan gujarat..aaya toh tumhari toh balle balle de shawa shawa …hogi. ..

  21. Kya Asma!! Karan Gujrat aayega to mere ghar thodi aayega……wo to bas aise hi kaha ki wo Gujarat aaye to aisa to lage ki wo jaha hai….wo kahi aas paas hi hai…..

  22. Anupama

    Throw this adi and shagun out of this serial . They are just pathetic . They aren’t needed . Why can’t the makers show positive things. Everytime ishra are romancing somebody disturbs them.

  23. Atal

    This serial doesn’t make sense at all . I used to like it but the makers always separate ishra . NOW I JUST HATE YEH HAI MOHABBATEIN !!

  24. episode was good.ruhi aagayi aur ab agar woh adi ka baccha ishitha ko wrong proove karne ki koshish karega toh ruhi ishitha ko sahi proove karegi.kaise aurath hai shagun.apne aap ko ek maa kehthi hai aur apne bacche ko bura sikha rahi hai aur shahbashi bhi de rahi hai uupar se adi ku jaan par aayi hai toh bhi usse uski dirty games padi hai. stone hearted greedy rubbish blo*dy kameeni awari pagal choodail shagun,tumhara bhala kabhi nahi hoga.raman should support ishitha. warna woh shagun poori bhalla family ko hadap legi. aur baad mein ishra ko pacch tana padega.

  25. Yeh Raman ne Ishita ko chudail kaha baad me to Ishita Raman se baat kar rahi thi to ab party me kyo ignor kar rahi hai…….par achchha hi hai Raman ko apne pichhe pichhe ghuma rahi hai…..

  26. I stopped watching this serial after this stupid Adi kid and his evil mom stepped in at Raman’s house. . Nothing makes sense to me at all, is not bad to live your kid but u need to set a limits for this stupid, he made soo many mistakes and get away with it and that just encourages more to act more stupid

  27. Asma

    I hope k. …IshRa ke dance scene ke beech mai. ..Adi medicine khane wala scene na batade. ..jaisa promo mai bataya. ……..
    IshRa scene. .10 -15 minutes ka hona chahiye. ….

  28. Wo to hoga hi Asma…..shayad Ishita jab change karne jayegi tab Aadiwala scene dikhaye…….and maine shayad kahi padha tha ki family membrs ki entry hone par unka romantic scene funny scene ban jayega…..

  29. ha maine dekha lekin abhi tak confirm nahi hua hai aur ekta maam’s serial matlab twists ke saath hame aaye din shocks bhi milthe hai jaise kitnaa accha ho raha tha ishra ke beech aur ab yeh adi ka naya bhakeda shuru hua jo phir se ishitha pe attack hoga.

  30. Asma

    …..Raman watched ishita as she packed his bag , the sadness in her eyes spoke louder than the fake smile she had on her angelic face …. He was also disappointed for not being with the family on new years but work was important he had to go …. Ishita could feel raman gaze on her , with all her will power she refuse to look at him because she knew she would burst into tears if she looked at him …. She walked out to the family room as everyone came to say their goodbyes to raman…. As raman walked to leave Mr Bhalla said

    Mr Bhalla: Raman wait I will leave you at the airport.

    Raman: No papa , Ishita will see me off ….

    Ishita look at Raman who was pleading to her through his eyes

    Ishita: Ji papa I am going to drop Raman and then go to the clinic.

    Mrs Bhalla: Oye raman so late ishita must drive alone , let romi come with yourl !

    Raman: Ma my driver is here , Ishita is safe.

    Mr Bhalla: Ok raman … Try to come back before new year.

    Raman: ji papa

    Raman and Ishita sat quietly as the driver drove …. Their hands were on the seat , unexpectedly their fingers touched both looked at their fingers then at each other. Eyes lock was so intense they forgot where they were , slowly their face came nearer , lips were breath away from touching…. Car honk brought them back to reality … Raman quickly looked around to see what is happening as he held ishita hand …. After checking the time and said to the driver

    Raman: Prakash pull over and take a walk I will phone when to come back …..

    Prakash: Okay sir!!!

    As Prakash closed the door Ishita ask raman curiously

    Ishita: Raman , you will miss your flight ! Why did you send him away ?

    Raman smiled as he relaxed and pulled ishita in his arms , he whispered in her ear

    Raman: My flight is at 12 not 11 pm and it is only 10. So Ishu we won’t miss my flight …

    Ishita gasped in shock as she looked at raman who had a smirk on his face..

    Ishita: How could you lie ? I mean why did you lie ?

    Raman: I never lie , I just never tell the correct time …

    Ishita: Why ?

    Raman: just!!!

    Ishita: Raman why ?

    Raman: are we going to argue or enjoy our last moments together

    Ishita eyes full with tears as she softly spoke with fear

    Ishita: You not going to divorce me again ?

    Raman pulled ishita in his embrace, gently caresses her as he spoke

    Raman: I will never leave you , you are too important to me , I can’t live without Madrasen !!

    Ishita held raman tighter and rest her head on his chest , raman realize ishita isn’t over the divorce incident as yet , he cursed himself for being so stupid to think she would be happier without him when they both would have being miserable … Holding ishita close to him making him savour the moment knowing it would be 3days without her …. Ishita whispered softly as she moved from raman arms

    Ishita: Pammi aunty having a party on new year eve right throughout the night.

    Raman: that is nice , have you decided what you going to wear ?

    Ishita: I am not going !

    Raman: Why not ?

    Ishita: How can you expect me to go to a party when I know you will be alone.

    Raman: Ishu I have no choice , work is important but I don’t want you to be lonely on new year. So go for the party. Ruhi is at Vandu house so she is fine.

    Ishita looked at raman with sad puppy eyes and immediately he pulled her into his embrace. Held her tight.

    Ishita: it is our first new year , I had so much planned …. But I know work come first….

    Raman: I am sorry … If I could stay back I would but I can’t …..

    Ishita: I understand raman … There will be others!!!

    Raman: Of course !!! I think we should leave now ….

    Raman phoned the driver and within minutes they were off to the airport …… As they both looked out through the window lost in thought , held each other hand giving strength for the moment when they going to part ways for 3 days …… The car stop at the drop off area … The driver got off and open ishita door as raman got off the other side and walked towards ishita who had a fake smile on her face , he ordered the driver to take out the suitcase …. Looking at raman face as he spoke to the driver ishita started to cry , she turned around to wipe her tears , raman turn ishita to face him , he felt like a thousand of knifes stab his heart at once when he saw her tears. He pulled her into his embrace and he whispered softly as he held her tightly

    Raman: Ishu !!! Please don’t cry !!! It hard for me to leave and it will be harder for me to focus on my work and presentation when I know I left you while you were crying!!!

    Ishita wipes her tears , smiled sweetly as she said

    Ishita: I am fine !!! See I am smiling …. So Mr Raman Kumar Bhalla go and give your best presentation ever because I know you will get the account !!!

    Raman: Hmm so you have a lot of confidence in your Ravaan Kumar !

    Ishita: Yes I do !! I know for the fact my husband is the best and does the best to his ability at everything he does.

    Raman: Oh really ?

    Ishita: Yes really

    Raman check it watch and looked at ishita as he say

    Raman: Time for me to go….. Take care of yourself and don’t over work.

    Ishita hug him and softly say come home soon …. She give him the softest kiss , for a moment he was stunned. She quickly open the car and sat inside as the driver drove off leaving raman stunned by her actions …. Raman smiled he went inside the airport while ishita was on her way home …. In the plane raman made a vow to be back before New Year and have the proper kiss from his wife.

    2 days later~ New year eve ~10pm

    Ishita locked door as everyone left for the party …. She entered her room took out her earphone from draw sat on the recliner , connected the earphone to her ipod and relaxed back while she listen to music ….. At 11:00 pm Mihir picked up Raman at the Airport with Raman instructions not to tell anyone he is coming home and keep the family away from leaving Ishita alone at home….. 11: 45pm Mihir stopped at Raman building , as raman jumped Mihir called him

    Mihir: Bhai

    Raman: Hmmm !!!

    Mihir: The things that wanted are in the packet and the White roses.

    Raman: Thanks …. Send a message when mummy and papa leave the party.

    Mihir: Don’t worry Bhai I won’t make them leave so early !!! Bye and Enjoy !!!

    Raman: Bye.

    Raman entered the house as quietly as he could….. He placed the suitcase near the sofa and went up stairs. He open the bedroom door to find ishita softly snoring … He quietly took out fresh set clothes and went to freshen up….. He come out of the bath , hurry down stairs to bring his suitcase and the packet , he goes back down and bring 1 plate spoon and knife plus matches. He quietly move the small table near the bed , take scatter cushion and place them on the floor , after placing lit candles around the room he take 3 roses and scatter the petals all over then he place the food and cake on the table. He checked the time it 5 minutes for the New year. He dim the lights , goes by ishita and gently pull out the ear phones from her ear and take a rose place it on ishita and tickle her…. Raman was enjoying the cute expression on ishita face but he had to stop coz he was running out of time. He woke ishita by calling her name as he shook her…… Ishita open her to find Raman smiling at her, she stood up and hugged Raman, as she say excitedly

    Ishita: You came home !!!!

    Raman: yes I did !

    As raman broke the hug clock struck 12 and they could hear people screaming and shouting as the fireworks burst the sky. Raman sweetly say to Ishita

    Raman: Happy New year Sweetheart

    Ishita: Happy New Year my Ravaan Kumar.

    Raman: Come on let sit I am hungry !!!

    Ishita: I will make you something to eat quickly.

    Ishita turned to go when she saw the room was decorated with candles and rose petals … Raman held ishita hand pulled her towards the scattered cushions. They both sat on the floor with their backs against the bed and they was facing the table…. After dishing the food raman fed ishita and she did the same while they spoke…. Raman brought the chocolate cake and held ishita hand with the knife as he cut the cake. He softly say

    Raman: I hope it was everything you hoped for , for our first new year.

    Ishita: Everything and plus more.

    Raman stood up goes up to the place where he hid ishita gift and bring it …. Raman place the box in ishita hand and say

    Raman: This is for you…….. Hope you like it.

    Ishita open the box to find a simple gold chain with a Heart pendant with the Letters “ R & I ” inside the heart….. Tears form in her eyes as smiled at. Raman take the chain and put it on for ishita. She hugs him and softly say Thank You , I love it.

    Raman goes and blow off the candles as ishita take the remainder of the cake and food to the kitchen. She enter the bedroom to find Raman standing in the balcony , she goes up to him and stand there as they watch the fireworks. Slowly raman turn Ishita to face him , pull her close and he kiss her , after a moment raman carry ishita inside and place her on the bed and Deepen the kiss taking their relationship into New beginnings , New level ……


    ***HAPPY NEW YEAR***

    IshRa ka new year plan toh flop hogaya. ..lekin agar hota toh kuch aaisa hi hota. …..

  31. Asma

    Prayosha … kaise aaye gi. .door toh bandh tha. ..sachi main romantic scene funny scene bane ga. .

  32. I don’t know Asma…but door bandh tha? Raman ne to kiya tha but jab Ishita aai tab kya usne door lock kiya tha?? I think nahi kiya tha…….and pehle bhi IshRa ka wo budhdha mil gaya dance romantic tha but Mr&Mrs Bhalla ke aane se funny ho gaya tha shayad iss bar bhi aisa ho…….I am not sure…….but muje lagta hai ki maine aisa kahi padha tha……I think spoiler me pada tha……r

  33. wow yaar asma the story is really amazing.hope it becomes true.oh ho writer of the show make the serial like this.iam impressed by the story asma.i love it.

  34. Yeh Aadi ne Ishita ko ehsaas dila hi diya ki wo kuch bhi kare par kehlayegi to step mother hi…..hume pata hai ki Ruhi aisq nahi sochati par Ranan Ishita ka khud ka baby kab hoga…jiski Ishita step mom nahi hogi……..we are waiting for that day…….just imagine jab Ishita pregnant hogi to Raman uski kitni care karega…….because uski pegnancy me complications to hogi hi……

  35. Hey Guys read this…..just like the show …show me aisa bhi ho sakta tha….

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    IshRa OS: New Year Confession

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    Posted: 07 January 2015 at 1:43pm | IP Logged Report Quote
    Hi 🙂

    Agian i’m not able to fall asleep, wrote another OS on IshRa…this one is quite cheesy i know. Not proofread since i’m writing/uploading it from my phone.  

    IshRa OS:  New year Confession

    It was new years eve, and his wife pretty much got on his last nerves. She has forced him to  celebrate his old anniversary with his ex vamp, dance with her, gift her and pose for family picture stating that its all in the best interest for Adi, as he yarns to see both his parents together and happy.

    He loved his son no doubt and would even try to bring the moon down for him , but that doesn’t mean he can hurt his wife, his Ishita. As much as she was doing everything with a smile and purity at heart, he knew no one can tolerate such crap. He cursed the cruelty of fate. Why did she have to make such a late entry in his life. Why did Shagun had to be the mother of his two children. Why did Shagun even have to exist period… Why did everything happened out of the social norm in his life only …not all divorced people had to go through problems like him.

    These were his thoughts as he sat at the bar twirling the glass of liquor in his had.He watched his wife talking to her parents, comforting them, taking care of his parents, Adi-Shagun, telling Bala and Romi not to leave Mihir alone. What a women, she was literally looking out for everyone and here he was only looking at her with amusement.

    ” How do you do it? much much care..from where did you get all this Ishita…you just fascinate me…you kill people with your kindness madrasan, but why do you want to hurt your self. I know this is  not easy for you…then why…why care for people who wouldn’t even turn to look for you.”

    Raman laughed at the irony of his statement. The world has became so selfish that an act of kindness was looked upon as being unreal and often abused. True kindness is helping those who could do nothing for you in return, he once read somewhere. Here is Ishita defining just that.

    He had vowed to make the NewYear special for her, Their first new year as man and wife and so far nothing was going as planned. There was 20 mins till the new year…he put down his glass , which he barely drank from as he was so engrossed in her odd behaviors. He walked to the stage and took the mike.

    ” Ladies and Gentlemen..
    May I get you attention please…” he said.

    The crowd slowly went quiet all turning toward Raman. His family were surprised, everyone wondered what he was upto. 

    ” Thank you..” he took a deep breath.. You see I don’t really don’t have a speech ready  he said with a small chuckle. 
    Most of you here are probably  waiting for the New Year..for a new beginning , wanting to leave 2014 behind… and I’m here to celebrate 2014… Yes ,The year has not been a easy one, I tell you but it’s definitely the most memorable one, most special one and probably the most important one in my life. As it’s in 2014 I had come across the most beautiful person god has ever created, and I was fortunate enough to be married to her…He paused..You all probably heard the saying behind every successful man is a woman…I want to just take a moment to define a successful man, according to me at least. A successful man  is not the one who is the CEO of year,  or the biggest businessman with a big bank balance  nor is he the one who owned  the biggest house and drove the most expensive car. He was not the man who had hundreds of people working under him, or is he ,who has people lined up waiting for his appointment and interviews. 

    A successful man is none other then the man who has a wife who would love him when he had none of these, a wife who held his family together for him , a man who can leave his home worry free..not wondering if his relations are happy…if his kids are happy…a man who at the end of the day can come home knowing everything is under control. A man who had someone to share his sadness… to  dream his future , someone to guide him through time of confusion and someone to knock him some sense when he was losing it. A man who had someone who could always see the best in him even when he proved otherwise… a successful man was simply.. a happy man… Raman again paused, as he became blotted  with emotions that ran inside him… Now Only Now I can proudly say that I too am a successful man, very successful man all because of one women…Dr.Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla… my wife”

    There was  a pin drop silence in the room, everyone one was moved hearing the great RKB…Ishita was beaming with tears, she was trying to hold back, Shagun was also caught up in Raman’s speech, listening keenly.

    Raman slowly walked toward Ishita, she stood up upon his approach …He looked into her eyes as he continued..the spot light was now on them and every eyes were glued to them, only them.

    “…Ishita… we married out of compromise and convenience, a deal because of our love for Ruhi… I want to admit before you came in my life… I was a broken man…incapable of emotions..incapable of love, living in the sadness of my past unable to see the future… But today I want to thank my past as I feel everything in my life has led me to you, My choices, my heartbreak, my regrets. Everything. As when we are together my past seems worth it, because if I had done one thing differently, I might never have met you… Raman said wityh tears building up, his was  voice became weak and soft
    …You know there is something I been wanting to tell you for a long time ……but today  I want to say it not just to you … but to everyone in the room…to the world… that I Raman Kumar Bhalla is deeply and madly in love with you! …I am who I am because of you. Your my every reason, every hope and every dream I ever had. And no matter what happens to us in the future, everyday we are together , Is the greatest day of my life. I will always be yours and even death shouldn’t do us apart… Raman left a  long pause, letting his emotions catch upto him before he said the magical words…I love You Ishita, I LOVE YOU”

    Saying that He took her in for a passionate hug as the clock striked 12. A smile of satisification crept on his face, he felt like he ruled the world as he held her in his  arm, she was his world afterall.
    It took Ishita some time to let what just happen sink in,without further due she too said it
    ” I love you too Raman…I love you too” Ishita was overwhelmed with tears of joy and hugged him  with equal passion. Finally he has told her what she wanted to hear for the longest time, in the most unexpected and special way .
    Everyone in the audience stood up to clap and cheer the couple…yes even Shagun as she too  was taken back by  Raman’s love confession, that she forgot who she was and what her motives for that split second.
    Adi, after looking at him mom also clapped for his dad, realizing maybe there was something more to his parents seperation other then Raman’s lack of love for his mom…cause today he noticed the pain in his dad’s words when he mentioned his past, and the love in is eyes when he  was looking at Ishita…his dad definitely doesn’t look like that man who lacked love…in fact  it seems that he values it over everything else.

    After some time the couple broke the hug.
    ” Happy New year” Raman said cupping Ishita’s face in in his palms.
    ” Happy New Year” she while holding his hand.
    That’s how the couple welcomed the new year, smiling and declaring their love to each other and the world.

  36. Oh God Shagun ke dream sequence me IshRa ka jo Maine khud ko par romance dikhaya tha aisa real romance hume dekhana hai …..wo dream sequence ka video dekh dekh kar ab thak gaye hai ab dream se bahar nikal aisa real romance hume dikhao …we are egarly waiting for that day …..I hope ke wo din jald hi aayega………

  37. Asma

    Thank god. ..kisi ne ishita ko blame nahin kiya. ………..mujhe lagta hai ki. ..raman is ka pata lagaye ga

  38. Asma

    Haan prayosha kisi ne ishita kuch bhi nahin kaha. ……ashok hospital main natak karrahi ki. …mere bete ka khayal nahin rakh sakte the. .ishita kehti hai. .usse galti ho gai. …ashok kehta hai. …tum toh uss ki sauteli maa ho. ….raman ishita ka support karta hai aur kehta hai. ..ishita kehrahi na k usse galti ho gai. ..aur ashok ko gussa karta hai. …

  39. p

    asma and prayosha superb stories thi….And yeh ashok ko kya problem hai raman ishita se har baar unhe necha dehkane ki koshish kyu karta hai…….Aur yeh hospital me faltu drama kyu kar raha hai…..

  40. Asma

    Haan. ..suraj bhi ashok ko yahi kehta hai ki. .itna drama mat kar nahin toh. ..maa. .bete. .phir se tere ghar mai aajainge. …..

  41. jab woh ashok iyer house aayatha tab bahar ashok ne adi se kaha koun tera papa aur tere jaise bete ki papa main nahi hoon?toh hospital mein kya faltoo backwaaz kar raha hai woh ashok. clearly dikhtha hai ki woh naatak kar raha hai.

  42. Rithushree muje bhi samw yahi khayal aaya….qnd tab Ishita ne bhi suna tha ki Ashok ne Aadi se kaise baat ki thi to usne bhi nahi kaha ki Ashok apna yeh jutha natak bandh karo….

  43. Asma

    Prayosha. .tumne notice kiya. ..kal jab sbs &yhm cutting chai. .segment aaya tha. ..karan wahin peeche khada tha. …lekin woh nahin aaya. ..pata nahin woh interviews kyun nahin deta. …hafte main. .bar toh IshRa ka interview hona hi chahiye. …

  44. Mizun

    ..prayosha mere liye 25min
    aur maine apna naam change kiya hai. ..pehle. .name se comments post nahin hora tha. ..

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.