Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Ishita’s plan fails

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Parmeet making excuse and leaving. Simmi thinks what happened to him. Ashok and Ishita tell the plan to Preeti. Ashok says don’t worry, we will be with you, Parmeet has one weakness, women, you have to seduce Parmeet, we will record him and blackmail to get Aaliya’s video. Ishita says I would have not agreed for this if Raman was in his senses and Aaliya was not in this problem. Preeti says I m ready. Simmi calls pandit. She says I have to fix marriage date. Raman asks what’s this kundli match. Mr. Bhalla says its fine to match kundlis, I don’t want any issues. Raman says we will marry in 2-3 days. Mihika says he is right, we will keep simple marriage. Raman says yes, just family will attend it. Pihu hears them and runs. Simmi says my brother’s marriage will

be grand, don’t worry, Aaliya will help me. She asks Mihika not to take Raman’s side. Raman goes. Simmi thinks everything is going so well, I don’t have any obstacle in my way now.

Ashok puts phone on silent. Ishita asks Preeti not to be nervous. Parmeet comes to the hotel room. Preeti gets cosy. She makes a story about the company scheme. He asks her what’s the scheme. She says its a good scheme. She gets a drink for him. She signs Ishita. Preeti flirts with Parmeet. Parmeet says your hand is quite relaxing. She asks him to have the drink. He says I need ice, I will go and get it. He pulls off the curtains and sees Ashok and Ishita. He takes the phone and crushing by his feet. He says I m so sorry, I broke it, it had the video in it. He asks Preeti to have the drink. He says do you want I m a big fool, I was sure that something is wrong, but hiding behind the curtain, its an old pathetic idea, I really like this about Ishita, she never gives up. He asks why are you doing all this, to save Aaliya, you want that murder video, sorry, till Raman and Mihika’s marriage happens, I won’t let you get it. She says I have signed the divorce papers, why are you troubling Aaliya. He says you and Aaliya are in my control, let Raman and Mihika’s marriage get over. He greets Preeti and goes.

Aaliya looks for Ishita. She asks Kiran. Kiran says Ishita went out. Aaliya asks when will she come back. Kiran says I have no idea. Aaliya goes. Preeti apologizes to Ashok. He says its okay, you can go. Preeti leaves. Ishita says Parmeet will be more proud to roam around now. She gets Aaliya’s call. Aaliya says I have to talk something imp. Raman asks Pihu to listen to him. She asks why are you marrying. He says so that you get a mummy, she will always be with you. Mihika says I have made Pihu’s fav pasta. She asks Pihu what happened, we are good friends before, I love you a lot, we will go on outings, I will help you out in studies, I will drop you to your friend’s house, your dad will be busy, I will always be with you, I promise. Pihu pushes her and says I don’t like you, I had given you the card when you were my aunt, you can never become my mum. Raman says listen to me…. Mihika asks him not to shout on Pihu. Raman warns Pihu. He says if you behave like this, I will send you to boarding. She runs away. Mihika says she will become more rebellious, don’t do this, she will never accept me, trust me, I will handle it.

Ishita asks Mihika and Raman’s marriage is happening in next two days. Aaliya says yes, its my fault, don’t know why I do such mistakes. Ishita cries. Ashok says enough, I can’t see you like this, you dedicated your life to Raman and his children. She says they are my children too. He says yes, its your relation, why do you suffer alone, its time to tell truth to Raman, this marriage drama will end. Ashok shouts and goes in Bhalla house. Raman asks what’s happening. Ashok says you can’t marry Mihika, I m your major investor, if you still marry, I will take back my investments, your company will be stuck in a big mess. Simmi says no, you can’t do this, maybe you didn’t read contract papers well, it clearly states, if our company generates profit, you can withdraw investment, check the balance sheets, our company has earned much profit in last quarter. Raman asks Ashok to get out. Ishita says I told you, there is no point talking here. They leave.

Pihu refuses to have milk and throws it. Simmi says how dare you and goes to slap. Mihika stops Simmi. She says let me handle her. She asks Pihu what does she want. Pihu asks Mihika to go. Mihika says fine, will you have food then, if you finish food, I promise I will do what you say. Pihu says I will have it if Ishita feeds me. Mihika says fine, she will come here. She asks Neelu to call Ishita. Simmi asks what’s wrong with you. Mihika says its okay. Neelu asks Ishita to come and feed Pihu, Mihika has sent her to call. Amma says I think its her plan, she always does this, I don’t trust her. Ishita says I m doing this for Pihu.

Amma says you do so much for that family. Ishita says I m doing this for my daughter, you would have done the same, let me go, I will be back. She goes. Pihu hugs her and cries. Ishita says you should have food. She feeds the food. Teri bechaini ka….plays…. Amma looks on. Ishita talks to Pihu and feeds her. She asks Neelu to take Pihu to clean her face. She sends Pihu. She thanks Mihika for calling her to meet her children. Raman comes and asks what is she doing here. Mihika says I called her, Pihu was refusing to have food. A man gets jewelry parcel. Mihika stops Ishita. She shows the rings. She says we will get married in few days, I thought of having an engagement ceremony at home. Romi gets angry. Adi stops him. Ishita sees Raman…..

Mihika and Raman exchange rings. Ishita cries. Raman says Ashok is your business partner, why don’t you marry him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am.not going to watch this serial.anymore.. really disgusting.

  2. Raman will ask ishita to marry ashok, does he thing marriage is a joke, raman think ishita ashok are bad, so they should marry, what are you then m.r raman kumar bhalla ,. a selfish man who is marrying his own brother romi’s wife mihika.

  3. Raman is shit

  4. This is my limit. I am not going to watch anymore. I was really hoping Ishitha and Ashok would trap param today. It is not ok to let evil win every single time. I cant believe Mr. Bhalla saying YES SIMMI IS RIGHT. The atrocities of Mihika is going out of control. I will watch when they finally decide to show Raman regaining his memory and Ishitha winning against the foul people IF THEY SHOW THESE SOMEDAY.

  5. Disgusting yuck….

  6. Varshini

    pihu is supposed to be a ten year old child according to the show . and in the name of pihu raman is marrying mihika , so funny . raman will ask ishita to marry ashok . he will marry mihika , marriage , children are all joke for these people . ishita married raman to take care of ruhi , she was with her for three to four years , then she was not with ruhi and adi at all . ok then ishita did not even think of phiu , she was never with her too . i stopped watching the show long ago . thought i could just come and read these update . but this episode is just so irritating

  7. Varshini

    now future story is predictable . raman will ask her to marry ashok . ishita will take it as a challenge and get ready to marry ashok . at the end moment , either mihika will turn good or brideswap drama will happen or else raman himself will regain his memory .

    1. Yes, that’s exactly will happen.. as per the spoilers!!!! Looks like u read the spoilers..

      1. Varshini

        no i dont watch the show at all nowadays . i just saw the ads and now read the update . day by day the show is becoming so predictable and boring , thats how could guess it .

  8. Makers pls… Stop this nonsense

  9. I never thought i will say this but how many people agree that both ashok and param are real classy villains, whereas raman can never be classy: he is a helpless, stupid example of a husband who never, ever supported his wife even when his memory was intact.
    He was a drunkard and always verbally abused & insulted ishita all the time, kicking her out of the house at the first chance he got. First of all, why shud ishita be sent out of her house, in real life any wife wud have left her husband long, long time ago if he was so hurting and abusive.
    Coming to aliya: such a stupid, helpless, needy girl. Always crying out for amma, amma, amma……!?! Can’t believe she is a married woman, she is so childish and insecure, needs to be babied all the time by her ishima.
    Pihu: if she can argue with a grown old woman in their apartment building, why the hell can’t she come out loud and say ishita is her mother in front of raman.
    The useless, selfish, nautanki, dramebaaz bhalla family: and here, i will add iyyer family: why the heck can’t they show old internet articles/ marriage album, blah, blah blah to prove that ishita is raman’s wife.
    And last but not the least WHY ARE WE STILL watching this stupid crap?!?!?

  10. I think ishita and mihika are together, fake fight, shanno drama, marriage, Amma arrest. Repeating past so that Raman regains his memory

  11. Seetha Ramjeeth

    HI all, my name is Seetha, I’m from South Africa. I like reading the comments on all soapies. I don’t think the actors should be blamed for how the story is going, they r just doing there job. Blame the writers, they r writing the story. The actors are just acting their part that’s written for them so y blame them. Don’t mean to offend any one. Sorry if I have

    1. Did any one say divyanka or karan patel or shereen or any other actor name. So calm down and understand, by blaming the characters in the serial example: mihika, raman, pihu, param, simmi etc etc people are commenting on the characters of the show. If you need more clarity, people are indirectly blaming the cvs/ writers for their stupidity. Looks like you have arrived now to comment, but our regular faithful watchers/ commenters have known long, long before you that none of the actors are to be blamed.


    You guys are making me laughing.
    Raman had lost his memory. but will regain his memory and does his drama to save his wife Ishita and daughter. And he is doing the investigation on Ananya death. Raman remember few things. Bhalla family made the drama for giving Iyers family the shagun and insult. Ishita get disheart and leave. Raman can feel Ishita pain but doesn’t understand. Ananya will be alive and Ishita will find Ananya whereabout and will exposed Param. Mihika get soft heart when she see Romi drunkard and feel guilty and will backout from the marriage. Mihika and Ishita will discuss how to exchange the bride to marry Raman. Raman will marry a girl who is covered in veil that he did not know that it is Ishita and he thought that he had married to Mihika. Ishita will enter in Bhalla house in Grandpravesh. Raman will be seen sad by marry Mihika as he doesn’t love Mihika. Ishita will remove the veil to show who Raman married to and Bhalla family will be shocked. Raman get happy that he married to Ishita but get confused at same time. Children and Romi get happy that Ishita is now bahu in Bhalla house. Mihika will tell Raman and family about faked divorce paper which was signed by Raman and Ishita and blackmailing them. Mihika will exposed Simmi and Param. Raman will slapped Simmi.

    1. Hi Parichay ! Nice seeing you back after a long period . Whatever it is … this track is the height of negativity … no logic .. no sense .. plan or no plan … ml or no ml … the show is rubbish now .
      Ishra is dead now ! Cvs are answerable for this damage ! Divan is the impact of this serial .., we all hated surrogacy track … Raman stealing Ishithas egg and giving to ex wife shaghuns womb ! And Ishitha accepted that ! Bhooth track another failure ! Sohail and Ruhi … and that was Ishithas failure ! Both Ishra are in equal fraction for this damage caused by Cvs

  13. I agree with you Seetha Ramjeeth ,and no one is offended with you that’s your opinion and you are entitled to it but sometimes we do vent our frustration on the actors/actresses because they are taking so lame roles and we cannot get to the writers so…..I am from Guyana and welcome to the forum

  14. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Story is going well… Raman will come to his senses during marriage rituals and run out on Mihika… this happened in the ZeeTV serial Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani… please enjoy the show as we all know what will eventually happen ??

    1. Sometimes even if the actors don’t like the script or their roles they have to stick to it becos there is such a thing as commitment and professionalism. They have usually signed a contract that they can’t get out till the period of contract is over. Anyways we still can’t blame actors for crappy script. The cvs don’t have brains, they r not thinking.

  15. yes guys i’m also agry with all of u.

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