Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya settlin Ruhi and Pihu at her home. Ruhi asks her to relax, we are comfortable. Aaliya goes. Ruhi finds Pihu upset. She says your fav show is going to come. Pihu says I just like watching that show with Mrs. Bhalla. Ishita hears this and gets sad. She says Shagun is going to have a baby, are you ready to have responsibility, Pihu will be elder sister and manage baby. Pihu says like Ruhi, I will also become Didi. Ishita says you will get promotion, you have to manage baby. Pihu gets glad. Ruhi says it looks good to hear, Pihu Didi. Ishita says its not easy work, you have to take care of baby and mumma, baby is with Shagun, first take care of Shagun, baby will be healthy when Shagun is healthy. Pihu says I understood, I will take care of mumma. She goes. Ishita

smiles and leaves. Ruhi says I know Ishita does not show, but she misses Raman.

Romi and Raman have a talk. Romi asks Raman not to worry, Mani will get Ishita. Raman says you manage work now. He sees the flyer and says I m going, you manage the meeting. Mani worries and thinks of Niddhi’s words. He says maybe she is making stories to threat me. He calls Aaliya’s Dadi. A lady answers. He asks who are you, where is Amma. She says I m her caretaker, you can tell her if you have any message, there is no problem here, we are going Mahabalipuram for a month. Mani recalls Niddhi’s words and says no need to go there, send Amma to Delhi. The lady says no, she is stubborn, I don’t think she will cancel the plan. He says tell her to talk to me. The lady says no need Mr. Abhimanyu, till you do Niddhi’s work, Amma will be safe else…. Niddhi has sent me here for this work, to care for Amma. Mani gets shocked.

Neelu tells Mihika that everyone does not want to come for dinner. Mihika says its because Ishita is not here, leave it. She gets Ishita’s video call and calls out elders. Ruhi and Pihu talk to Mihika, Mrs. Bhalla and Mr. Bhalla. They get glad seeing the girls. Pihu asks them to talk one at a time. She says I m going to become elder sister, I have to be responsible, I took care of Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla says who will take care of me, I got old. Mihika says Mrs. Bhalla is missing you, come back soon. Pihu asks them to take care. She asks Ishita did she tell this to say them, did I miss anything. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Ishita takes phone call and says why did you say this Pihu. Raman hears them. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita went home, but she cares for us so much. Raman says Ishita left because of me, I will get her back.

Parmeet comes to Gaurav’s office to meet him. Gaurav asks what do you want. Parmeet asks what does this mean. Gaurav says Karnal ticket, none likes you, its of your use. Parmeet asks him why did he bribe clerk. Gaurav says don’t come between me and Simmi. Parmeet argues and reminds he is minister’s PA, he can do anything. Gaurav smiles and says Bhallas dislike you, don’t do anything now, think I can easily spoil your name, choice is yours, save your leftout respect and leave, I m not a bad man, I just want to marry Simmi, you left her, be sensible, don’t come in my room. Parmeet gets angry. Gaurav says don’t do this mistake again, get out. Parmeet goes.

Adi and Aaliya are on the way. His car breaks down. Aaliya says this sudden rain and your car broke down, try to start car, what’s the surprise, if the place is close, we will walk, come. He says its heavy rain, wait. She takes an umbrella and gets down the car. The umbrella does not open. Adi smiles seeing her. Zara zara……plays………

He holds her and they have an eyelock. The umbrella opens. She laughs. They get under the umbrella and hold hands. Dil kya kare…..plays………. He gets close. The umbrella flies away. They laugh. She takes him along. They reach the new flat. She asks whose house is this. He says ours.

She asks what do you mean. He says our house, this is the flat which I have shown you, if you like this, I will pay token today, I want this house to be ours, I m working hard and saving money for our house, Mr. Bhalla and Raman made Fds for me, that will be useful, I can take small loan too, don’t you think we should have a house before marriage, say yes, I want to spend all the time with you. She smiles. He says I want to cook together, decorate this house, play games, do everything together, I want to make a new world here with you, I love you a lot Aaliya. Dil kya kare jab kisi se………….plays………….. He gets close to kiss her. She gets away and smiles. Adi holds her. They romance. Adi hugs Aaliya.

Watchman comes and knocks. He says I m calling you since long, you did not write entry in register. Adi goes. Adi and Aaliya come to Mani’s house. Ishita opens the door and says you both are so drenched, come inside. Adi says no, I will go home. Ishita sees lipstick mark on his shirt and sees Aaliya. Aaliya goes to her room. Ishita says Adi, I will make kada. He says no, its fine, I shall leave. Adi leaves.

Ishita says so many roses Raman, thanks, its very sweet, where are you. He says outside your clinic. She asks what. He says I m in office. She hears car horn and asks him. He sits inside his car and says her ears are so sharp.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    after so many days i like today’s episode.such a lovely cute adi and aliya.the scenes between adi and aliya are awesome.pls pls mani don’t turn negative

  2. Guys dont get so much happy by seeing this episode because this is indicating that soon there wiil be break up between them because now mani will be turning negative so when adi or raman get to know that mani has helped niddi in her criminal activities he will break adi and aliya alliance so get see another speration track but this te it will be adi and aliya we should not expect anything good in ekta kapoor shows because she is queen of negativity her show always focus on neagtive thigs thank god they didnt show that adi and aliya consumate their relationship and after breakup aliya getting pregnant

    1. You are right..mani will break the cute couple and spoil his future…as you said, we cant expect anything good and genuine in ekta madam’s serials… she loads negative things. And this reason for breakup will be due to that shatir nidhi only… she wins again. And the one you said, after breakup aliya gets pregnant…hahaha they may even show.that… cvs have stooped down… god!

    2. Very true Abhishek … dont know there is a limit for anything and everything … Ektaas negativity is too much … All actors are in her finger tune … def Adi Alia will seoerate …Ishitha … whatever said and done her love care selflessness all thru was shown beautifully … moving towards her appas house also understandable … but if Shaghun was not there angry Ishitha going to Mani her friends house also .. bearable … but to take care of Shaghun .. really very sad to say … like a maid and pushing Ruhi Pihu for the same .. its not imagineable . when she brought drunk Shaghun home … I thought concern on a woman … when she brought shaghun from the dustbin … for Adi she did .. all these ok … today star utsav … Shaghun cheating on exchanging Adi to Ruhi .. like that .. kidnapping her , trying to kill her .. something really wrong with Sandip Ektaa sickening .. giving big space to AH .. yhis pregnancy can be fake or .. can be a miscarriage or Shaghun will leave the baby nd Mani and go .. .. Ishitha will take care of the baby .. Pihu is didi … what a complicated life .. we all wanted to Ishra with her kids .. having some time together ..

  3. How much Raman love ishita.He is so sweet.

  4. Hi all yhm fans.been so busy but was reading updates. Nothing really to comment on just hope ishra get together and niddhi and all the villains get vaporised and have a happy ending.

  5. Dat is so sweet of Raman n I hope shagun don’t become rude to Ishita wen the baby comes

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  8. Yesterday in and they showed trp
    1)yhm and sns

    1. In SBS.

  9. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will showcase that Param (Anurag Sharma) has returned in Raman’s (Karan Patel) life.

    Param is Raman’s sister Simmi’s ex-husband, Simmi has separated from Param over his evilness.

    Param has now returned back and pretends to be good and helping to Raman, Param is the person who helped Raman when Ruhi was in jail.

    Param is leaving no opportunity to help Raman and entering his good books, Simmi doubt’s his intentions and warns Raman.
    Raman gets into Param’s trap

    Raman is busy in his life and difficulties, ignores Simmi’s warning against Param and thinks Param may have turned good now.

    While Param is planning a huge trick, Param is doing all this under his hidden intentions and evil tricks.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  10. Rahul96

    Thank you so much VP mam for your words to my pov on tellyupdates of 8th February . So VP mam it means you believe that this love stories are true !!!
    Because for me love stories are like fairy tales !!!

  11. Feel so sad that Mani get too late to save Aylia’s nani but Niddi send someone to watch Mani’s Aunty and give every information to Niddhi about Aunty health and knowing that Mani will be helpless. Mani will be angry on Shagun for disrespect Aunty in the previous and blame Shagun that aunty life is in danger because of Niddi send someone to harm his aunty to make him separate Ishra. Shagun will be shocked to get information from Mani. Shagun want to apologised to Mani but Mani tell Shagun not to tell Ishu. Raman will get to know about Mani cheated on Ishu and Raman will be fumed on Mani for bailing Nidhi. Ishu will become Devi mata and warn Mani. Aylia get sad of Bhalla and Raghav are now emity because Aylia and Adi did not know that Nidhi is behind this and did not know about their nani’s life dangerous.
    Adi and Aylia become Raman and Ishita oh god!!!
    Nice romance between Adi and Aylia.
    Raman girls talking to Mihika and his parent.
    Pihu chat with them was great but to their shocking that Ishu is there to listen while Pihu talk to her.
    Ishu cut the video call and tell Pihu why she tell Ishu in front of them.
    I think that Adi will mend his relationship with Aylia like his dad Raman want to mend his relationship with Ishu.
    Adi get wet and feel cold. Ishu want to dry Adi but Adi don’t want to enter Mani’s house because of Shagun. Ishu feel hurt by Adi suddenly leaving.

    Can’t wait to watch later episode. Raman send all patients the red rose to give Ishu. Ishu collect Ishu and knowing that whole roses are send by Raman. Ishu phone Raman and had talk but Ishu know that Raman is there. Ishu have sharp ears as Raman say because she hear car horn but Raman was too slow then he jump in his car to avoid Ishu hearing more. Ishu can hear the horn where Raman is standing and near her clinic.

  12. we like such kind of episodes.YHM fans need such romance among Ishitha and Ramani.Don’t make much more crashes.Ishitha and Ramana should be favourite international judi forever.Ishtha should be favo.mam,wife,daughter,dougter in law,sister,…

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