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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi telling Rinki about Bunty’s money and sends her out. Its morning, Ishita shows a saree for Rinki. Mrs. Bhalla talks about her marriage. Ishita says I got this for baby shower function. Romi comes down with his bag. They all ask him to take them along as Bunty is his childhood friend. Romi asks them not to come, and he will go alone. Simmi gives the gift and he leaves. Ishita doubts and thinks to find out after Vandu’s baby shower function. Ishita gets ready and safety pin falls. Raman gets it and their nok jhok starts.

He says I m your husband, I m asking you not to go, Vandu’s mum in law will taunt you, you will feel bad and I will also feel bad. She says Ruhi took her class and no one can tell me anything till you and Ruhi are with me. He says he

will come and see this. He asks her to turn and he will fix the pin. He fixes the pin to her saree pallu. She smiles and says you need a reason. Raman says shall I tell you something, if this pin hurts you, you will shout. She asks do you have to say just this. He asks what she wants to hear. She says which you are unable to say till now. Ruhi comes and asks her to make her wear necklace.

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Raman gets a call from office and asks him to get petty cash drawer keys from Appa. Ishita asks him to come and leaves. Raman smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein……plays…………… Shravan talks to his Dadi. Bala’s mum says she got some things for Vandu. A peon comes and asks Appa for locker keys as Raman told her. Appa goes to bring. Bala’s mum taunts Appa for still working in this age. Amma says he is helping Raman in his office work. Amma taunts her well and says our daughters and son in laws are ours. Appa asks the peon to give keys to Neeraj and gives a sweet box to him. Shagun sees this and thinks she is sorry to do this, and Raman will be exposing his father in law’s deeds and mistake he did not do.

Bala’s mum taunts Ishita and gets an answer. Pammi comes and hugs Mrs. Bhalla. She says Nimmi’s marriage is fixed. Rinki and Simmi come and greet her. Pammi asks Mrs. Bhalla about Rinki’s marriage. Mrs. Bhalla says she does not listen to us, Romi is not doing work, and Simmi is here leaving her husband, I worry for my children.

Pammi says I m worried about Rinki more, and tells an incident of some London relative who married a guy who was 15 years older than her. Mrs. Bhalla says I will ask Ishita to talk to Rinki. Romi meets the doctor and Puri says we can go for operation tomorrow. Romi asks recovery process and Puri shows its very simple. Romi prays that everything gets fine. Bhallas and Pammi greet the Iyers. Ishita brings Vandu and Simmi sounds upset missing her happiness. Mrs. Bhalla says be happy, you have little Ananya.

Bala’s mum sees Shagun. Raman talks to Bala about managing kids. Raman says my Madrasan manages everything. Bala says even I have Madrasan, but I have to do all the work. Bala’s mum talks to Shagun asking about her stay. Raman and Ishita see them. Ishita asks him no to take tension of aunty, as they have come for Vandu, and aunty is like bee on rotten items. He says you spoke sensible for the first time. Vandu waits for Mihika. Mihika’s entry upsets everyone.

Vandu smiles and asks Amma to start function now. A meeting goes on about all tenders going to Ashok’s company. The boss asks his staff member to call Raman and ask him. Raman tells Bala about some projects under his control and his boss will need some work done as he and Mihir are on off. The boss gets angry knowing about Subbu’s transfer and Mr. Iyer managing accounts now. The boss asks him to call Iyer as he needs to talk to him right away. Appa gives money to Bala and keeps his bag in cupboard. Bala’s mum sees this and says Iyer has spent much money in this function.

Puri takes the money and gives updates to Shagun. Shagun asks him to disappear and not call her, be careful and she will call him. She turns and is shocked seeing Ishita.

The boss gets angry as 5 lakhs are missing and comes to know Iyer manages it. He comes to meet Raman at Iyer house. Raman says he will find out about money and put it from his account. His boss says its theft in our office, its not about 5 lakhs amount, but we have to find who did this,

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Are waah prayosha. ..
    raman ka boss maan gaya. …raman ko smile karte dekh kar achcha laga. …………..bas ye drama jald se jald khatam hojae

  3. Hey yeh videodekha??? Uss me MD Raman se maafi mang raha tha……muje lagta hai Raman ne pehle khud resign kar diya….phir baad me MD uss se kehta hai…..maan ja sensible bhalla ab kya mujse haath judvayega….tab Raman kehta hai…mai abaapse guidance me hi kaam karunga aur galti hui to maafi maangunga…….& wo 5 laakh Rs. ke maamlemai teh tak jaaunga……….In short MD Raman se naaraj nahi hai…& uss ki job bhi safe hai….

  4. raman’s boss is apologising for wat happened..Raman accepts apology but says he can’t come back to that job..boss convinced him telling they can talk and sort out the problems..ishita and toshiji also convincing him..Raman accepts but tells the boss that hereafter if there is anything wrong with his working method talk to him directly and he also tells he will find out who took the 5lakhs..

  5. Yeh IshRuh & Raman MD wala scene aaj hi aa jayega…..chalo sab dhire dhire sort out hota najar aa raha hai……..aur Subbu ka to koi naam o nishan bhi nahi hai…….achcha hai………agar aaage aur drama kiya to yeh makers ki khair nahi……

  6. ruhi will be doing baby shower of ishita and it brings tears in ishita and raman’s eyes.

    Raman will be overwhelmed with both ishita and ruhi’s love.Simmi says that she wants to capture the moment and takes a photograph of the trio.Everything goes as normal.

    On the other hand,Raman’s boss will discover that theft of 5 lakhs happened in Raman’s office.He will investigate about who is the incharge in Raman’s office.He will send police to Appa’s house as he discovers appa as incharge.

    Appa will be shocked to see police and raman defends appa that he willnot do anything wrong.But they will not listen to Raman and search iyer’s house.They find a bag with money and blame that he stealed it from office.

    Without any option Appa reveals the truth that he got that money by selling his wife jewellery for his house renewal.Everyone will be shocked on knowing the truth.Appa will show the receipt to the police.

    Police will see that and say sorry for doubting on him and leave the place saying that they will soon find out the thief.Later Raman’s boss comes to his office and shouts on him that on whose permission he changed the accountant and blames him for the theft happened in the office.

    Raman breaks down into tears with the allegations of his boss.Ishita comes and supports raman.She assures him that everything will fine and hugs him.Raman will regain his strength with ishita’s support and tells her that he will make find out the truth in two days.

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