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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok threatening Ishita on phone. He says he will tell her family about her lies. She asks him to expose her and she will see whom her family supports. She calls him a loser and asks him to prove himself. He says just 4 days and you will be out of your home. She challenges him and ends call. Ashok says this is Ishita’s biggest mistake, her family will kick her out knowing the big deceive, Raman will hate her, Ishita is finished.

Ishita thinks of Ashok’s threatening words. Raman works on his laptop. Ishita asks him to take rest. He says work is important, you sleep. She goes to him and asks him whats so important, shall we go out. He says some work is left, then we will go. She says you are not even seeing me, are you annoyed. He says no, what are you saying.

She holds him. He says you don’t see time and become naughty, I m doing Adi’s project work. She smiles and says do it, its important. She hugs him and says you are best father, best husband, actually best person of the world. He says I m, shall I work now? She says yes and looks at him. He asks her to stop staring, and finish packing, they have to leave. She thinks of Ashok’s words. She asks Raman does he trust her. He asks what is she asking, he trusts her the most, even I can’t do what you do for me and kids. She says if anyone tells bad about me, then… He says whatever, my trust and love won’t get less. He hugs her. She prays Raman’s trust does not break, and Ashok fails.

Ashok is on the way. He calls his informer and says he challenged Ishita, if you don’t support me, I will expose your truth, this time I will fail Ishita, reach Delhi and mail the copies of the pics I sent you, I should get that pics tomorrow morning. He is angry and says its first day of challenge tomorrow Ishita, I will get you kicked out.

Mihika scolds Patel and asks him not to do mistakes. Mihir comes and asks whats the problem. He sends Patel. Patel apologizes and goes. Mihir asks Mihika to meet him in his cabin. He asks her whats her problem to shout on Patel infront of everyone, whats the matter, I can help you. She says you can’t help me, no one can help, so no use to tell you. He asks can’t I help, do you made me stranger that you can’t share your problem. She says nothing is right in my life, till Ashok gives me divorce, nothing will be fine. She goes. Mihir says Mihika and Ashok did not get divorced till now. He calls Vandu. He asks about Mihika and Ashok’s divorce not finalized till now. Vandu says yes, Ashok is not signing, I m trying. He says let me know if you need my help, I want to help her, she married Ashok for my sake, I want to see her happy. She says I also want her to be happy and asks him not to worry. She ends call and angers on Ashok for troubling Mihika, Ishita and Raman.

Ishita and Raman come home. She asks him not to tell family anything. He asks her to smile. Simmi opens door and asks did you both come back. Raman asks are you not happy seeing me. Ishita signs Simmi. Ishita and Raman look happy. The family stares at them. Raman and Ishita ask what happened, say something. Ashok says you did not leave anything to say. Ishita gets shocked seeing Ashok.

Raman asks what are you doing here. Ashok says Ishita knew this truth and still hidden it. Raman says you are so stubborn, I feel bad to beat you every time. Ashok asks Ishita to say truth. Raman asks him to leave else he will call Abhishek. Ashok says listen to me first, your wife is fooling you, Shagun is alive, I have seen her. Raman asks him to get treatment, Shagun is dead. Ashok says she is not dead, I know you don’t believe me, see these pics. He shows Shagun’s pics. Raman gets shocked. Ashok says my men are taking her pics since few days by keeping an eye on her.

Raman looks at Ishita. Ashok says your wife lied to me. Raman says whats proof these pics are recent. Ashok asks Ishita to say. Ishita says wait, and sees pics. Ishita calls Ashok mad and tells Raman that that day Ashok wanted me to live with him as Shagun, when I refused him, he threatened me that he will make my family kick me out, these photos can’t prove anything, its easy to morph photo. Simmi says yes, Ishita is right. Ishita scolds Ashok and says my family will not believe Ashok, as they know Ashok and also her, Ashok is a liar. Ashok says I m not liar, you are misusing their trust, Raman.. Shagun is alive. Raman asks him to get lost. Ashok says fine, you don’t trust me, come with me, I will make you all meet Shagun, she is hiding at ACP’s house, don’t inform ACP and come. Ishita gets tensed.

Raman says you got mad Ashok, stop playing games. Ashok says I m saying the truth, this woman is fooling you, come with me. Mr. Bhalla says we trust Ishita, this is only way to prove Ashok wrong. Raman says it means we will go to ACP’s house. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, end this matter here. Ashok takes Ishita’s phone and says I know she will call ACP, I will return phone after proving. Ishita says Ashok has gone mad. Raman says let him prove it, this is last chance for Ashok. Ashok says lets go. Mrs. Bhalla says we all will come and see. Ashok looks at Ishita and thinks now Ishita will see how I win on first day itself.

Ashok comes to Abhishek’s house and looks for Shagun. Abhishek asks whats happening, get out. Ashok asks for Shagun. Abhishek says this is my home, I can arrest you. Bhalla family looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    She recently shot a “risky” sequence for the popular
    show “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”.
    The last few episodes of the show featured Ashok
    (Sangram Singh) trying to kill Raman (Karan Patel),
    while Ishita was seen saving her husband. The
    sequence was shot in a real location in Mumbai near
    mountain areas and both Karan and Divyanka decided to
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    “I feel blessed to keep my adventurous passion at peak
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    adventure,” she added.
    “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein”, which airs on Star Plus, also
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  2. Uffff kitna kichoge episode….i m jst fed of wid dis..jldi dikhaoo kaun h voh informr…

  3. yaa darshika.. i cldnt send u frnd request but mssgd u frm my accnt to the accnt of urs u suggested. if u hv already got it.plz inform me .

    guys this is UTTER MOST DISGUSTING!!!!!!
    how can raman doubt on ishu ??that is trying to kill ruhi …
    just becz he has got the mangalsutra.he will doubt on ishu .
    this is stupid . there r more valid reasons to doubt on ishita than this …..
    how can evn thnk of doubtng on ishu fr killng ruhi???
    he knows ishita’s childrrn r her life .
    thn also .
    am damn sure its ashok chaal bng performed by the informer .
    nd i hate it .
    it is upsetting , irritating, henious nd total shit …
    ashok khanna hv crossd evry level now.
    nd this sudden change in raman is also not good .
    nd ishu is also at fault in this case a little
    why isnt she telling raman nythng?
    if she can tell simmi, bala’s mom
    then y not raman?????
    sonali jaffar plz let me take ur place fr some days so that i cn finsh this track in a good away …
    cz u nd miss ekta kapoor is making it a total mess day by day ..
    want our old yhm back :'(

  4. Wht ishita z tryng 2 kill ruhi…..z dat true raman z doubting on ishita for killing ruhi..

  5. Curious abt 2dyz show

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