Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun crying and defending herself. Shagun says Anil died writing this, how shall I prove I m right, I gave birth to your daughter and raised Pihu, why will I do this, someone does not want to see me happy. Ishita asks who will do this. Shagun says Ashok has done this, he always has to take revenge and spoil my life, he tried to influence me, I refused to him and he planned this, I love everyone. Ishita says I can see the truth clearly, sorry Mani, I ruined your life. Mani says maybe Shagun is saying truth. Raman says Ishita, you can’t blame Shagun. Ishita says I can clearly see she is lying and making stories, Anil wrote this letter before dying. Romi says Shagun is saying right, this is Ashok’s handwriting. Abhishek says we will call Ashok.

They all go to

police station. Ashok comes there and asks why did they call him. Abhishek says we have proof that you are behind Ishita’s kidnapping. Ashok says what rubbish. Abhishek shows the letter and says you wrote this, check your handwriting. Ashok checks.

Shagun holds his collar and asks why do you want to blame me for Ishita’s kidnapping, tell them truth, else my marriage will break, everything will get spoiled. She signs him to lie. Ashok understands and says enough, yes I wrote this letter. Ishita gets shocked. Ashok says I did not wish you get married to Mani, I wrote this letter. Ishita says Ashok is lying, he changed his statement after Shagun spoke to him, he is trying to save Shagun. Shagun asks what, why do you want to prove that I did your kidnapping.

Ishita says we all know Ashok, he supported everyone who were against Raman, he knows you are against Raman and so he is with you. Shagun says you mean I m Raman’s enemy. Ishita says you got Priyanka and blackmailed Anil about Priyanka, why did you go and meet them alone. Shagun cries and says I know I was bad wrong, I have changed, everyone thinks I m wrong, I took care of Pihu, its because of you, you taught me to become good, I was repenting, but I feel this is not my repentance, tell me how to prove I changed, I did not do this, trust me, why will I do this.

She says sorry Mani, we can’t take this relation ahead, your best friend thinks I m bad, I ruined many lives. Mani stops her. Ishita says you feel Shagun is right. Mani says I can see she is right. Ishita says she is acting. He says enough, she is my wife, I promised her, I will protect her. Ishita asks how could you. She asks Raman can’t he see truth. Raman says I trust you, but I know Ashok is a creep. She says he is lying. Raman says Anil would have told us truth, instead writing letter, you are breaking Shagun’s heart on marriage day. She says I m sure that Shagun is wrong. He says enough of your drama, you don’t have right to break Shagun’s heart. He apologizes to Abhishek and says my wife had misunderstanding. Ashok smiles and thinks great job Shagun, her tears have melted Mani.

Raman says we should now go to do rituals. Shagun says I know I should go to Mani’s house, but I want to meet Pihu once, she did not come in marriage, can I come home. Raman says you don’t need to ask us, we all trust you. They all leave. Ishita thinks why did Shagun do this, why did Shagun play with Pihu’s heart. She cries.

Romi gets a call and asks Mrs. Bhalla to go home, he will come later. Mihika looks on and thinks I m sure its that girl’s call. Abhishek asks Ishita is she fine. Ishita says no, Shagun cheated us, I can see she is lying, my family is not able to see, I know Ashok did not do this, Shagun did this. He says I will help you. She says its my war, I m sad that I ruined Mani’s life, I can’t forgive myself, I won’t let Shagun win like this.

Everyone come home. Ruhi asks Mrs. Bhalla to check everything in aarti plate. Mrs. Bhalla says its all fine, and blesses her. Mrs. Bhalla does Shagun and Mani’s aarti. Mani asks why all this. Mrs. bhalla says she is my daughter and going to your house, its her right. Shagun says I want to meet Pihu.

Mrs. Bhalla asks her to go. Ishita says I know whats Shagun acting. Shagun looks for Pihu and smiles saying Pihu has gone there. She says real drama will start now, well done Pihu, I should have tension expressions and look convincing. She goes out and asks Neelu did Pihu go out, call her, I have to leave. Neelu says no, I gave her milkshake. Shagun says she did not touch milkshake, just go and find her, she does not go anywhere like this. Ishita worriedly rushes to see Pihu. She checks her room and calls out Pihu. She thinks where did Pihu go, Shagun… how many tricks will she play.

Ruhi comes and says Pihu is not at Iyer house. Shagun acts to faint and cry. Mani and everyone care for her. Ishita looks on. Adi, Ruhi and Mihika look for Pihu. Ishita asks Raman to come with her to room, she has to talk.

Raman asks Ishita what are you saying. Ishita says I m sure Shagun kidnapped Pihu, she did my kidnapping too. He asks have you lost it, Shagun managed me and family for seven years, why will she do this. Ishita asks him to check letter. He throws it and says shut up, enough, don’t forget you left us and she kept us united, she was consoling me when you were kidnapped, I have to find my daughter, enough of this nonsense. She goes.

Mihika comes and says I checked everywhere, she is nowhere. Ruhi and Adi come and say they also could not find Pihu. Shagun cries and Pihu is angry with me, where did she go. Mani says we will find her, don’t worry. Mani and Raman leave. Guard stops Raman and says listen to me, I need to tell about Pihu. Raman asks what, where is she. Guard says I saw her leaving in taxi. Raman asks why did you not tell this before, find out about taxi. He asks Mani to call cab offices and find out.

Aaliya tells Mani that Pihu has come to his house. Mani tells this to everyone. Shagun says thank God she is fine. Ishita says did anyone send her, else how can she go there by cab alone.

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  1. Manju

    Very Sad episode. My only console is I am sharing the sorrow of bad YMB with all my friends here.

    • Parichary

      Shagun doesn’t love Pihu. She only want Raman. Like she use Adi to get Raman. Raman always get weakest when it come to children. He need strength but he know that Ishita is his strength. Ruhi is also Ishita strength. Ruhi loves Ishita alot and understand what is happening in 7 years ago and slowly to accepted that it is not Ishita fault. Ruhi realize that Nidhi had planned to separated them and Nidhi knew that Ruhi becomes weak without Ishita. Raman should not leave Ishita and Ruhi behind when they need him. Nidhi is such dangerous woman. Shagun is the only one responsible that she called Raman when (Raman is with Nidhi) that they bury Ishita in the baggage and threw in the forest. Shagun tell Raman that baby is born and bring Ishita along. Nidhi came to know that Shanya is Ishita. Raman tell Nidhi that Ishita is dead and maybe she was saying about Shanya.

      When Abhishek is at Bhalla house waiting. Raman and Nidhi arrive home and stunning to see Abhishek there. Abhishek showed the bullet that is real that shot Ishita. The man who help Raman and Ishita who played as Shanya father found Ishita and check on her pulse then inform Raman that Ishita had been shot and taken to the hospital immediately. Raman get shocked and tell Abhishek that Nidhi is behind Shanya shooting. Raman tells Abhishek to get the chips from Nidhi. Abhishek should accompany Nidhi to collect the chip and send her to jail. Nidhi goes free and send nurse to kidnapped the baby. Nidhi demand Raman and Ishita to give Ruhi to exchanged of Pihu.

      Ishita refused to give Nidhi her Ruhi. Raman plead with Ishita to bring Pihu safe and will bring both daughters home. Sharika tells Ruhi that Ishita doesn’t love her and Ishita only love her baby. Nidhi and Sharika plant the posion in Ruhi mind. Ishita get worry and to how to have both and scared of Nidhi might kill her without protection. Nidhi was about to throw Pihu and Ishita caught Pihu in her hand to save Pihu then Ruhi thinks that Ishita doesn’t love her. Nidhi then pull Ruhi and push her in the car while Ruhi shouting for Ishita and Ishita tried to stop Nidhi to get Ruhi. Police stopped Nidhi and Nidhi was about to knock police down then Police move away from the car and too late to pull Ruhi out and Nidhi fled with Ruhi. Then Ishita tell Abhishek that there is dead end cliff and please drive fast to stop before too late. Nidhi and Ruhi get shocked and screamed while the car plough off the dead end cliff and explosion. Nidhi and Ruhi is alive and feld to other country and changed the identified.

      Raman gave bad and harshed word on Ishita in front of families. Ishita did slapped Raman and blamed him for forcing her to send Ruhi to Nidhi. Ishita accepted Raman accused then went off alone without anyone to find her. But she didn’t know that Mani is following her then Ishita does sucide then Mani jumped lake in to save Ishita then Ishita get shocked that she is saved then get angry and order Mani to leave and don’t want to live anymore because she lost Ruhi then she goes on the road toward the oncoming truck and about to collusion on her but Mani save Ishita again and broke his hip. Ashok and Suraj witness Ishita jumped off the cliff then informed the police. Abhishek findout that Ishita had commited sucide. Raman beat Romi for irresponsible. Mihika stopped Raman and shout at Raman. Abhishek comes to Bhalla house to give bad news about Ishita sucide. Whole family get shattered and Raman get heartbroken and blaming him for Ishita and Ruhi death. Ishita took Mani to Australia to take care of Mani sister children Vivaan and Aylia and Mani children love Ishita and calle her Amma and Mani as Appa.

      Shagun use Sindoor and marriage chain and Pihu believe that Raman and Shagun are married and are her parent. Raman didn’t want to marry Shagun because he becomes lifeless and he need Ishita. Raman get drunk and goes to get water and broke the glass. Adi witness this. Raman get hand cut and try to clean the wound. Adi went to help to clean the wound and then scold him. Adi take Raman to Raman room and put him in his bed. Adi hear Raman muttered Ishita name many time everyday. Ishita is about to give Mani soup and feel that Raman is calling her and get confused who is calling and why she is feeling uneasy when it comes to Raman. Ishita see business news and heard reporter say Raman name and she turn and see television to see Raman and stunning to see Raman annoyed face and she paused on Raman face and try to touch Raman face and Mani witness it and understand that why Ishita rejected his posposal because Ishita still love Raman. Raman also rejected Shagun marriage and he still love Ishita.

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    mani how can you support shagun!!ishu is your chilhood u can’t trust her? disgusting writers thankgod i missed the episode today

  3. Swara

    Ishita jagga jasoos is back didn’t like today’s episode but I just feels it’s the pathway for good ones to come lets just hope they don’t drag it forever

    • VP

      yes Swara Ishitha is back to her JKR mode . I wish Mani is just acting … he can never disbelieve Ishu . From Ramans and others point of view … they are true in suppoting Shaghun … but one can easily make out Shaghun is acting … I feel Mani and Romi understood ..Pihu should be asked , the child should tell the truth … how a seven year old girl can go in a taxi ? Andd MP is accepting he wrote that letter … he should be hanged first .. cvs are really spoiling .. what is Ramans look ? Ishitha acted well and felt nice for her

  4. Im With Shagun

    what can we expect Shagun to do then rather than turning negative?
    Leave pihu with Ishra and disappear into darkness..
    Shagun carried Pihu for 9 months in womb. For 7 years when Ishitha was away, Shagun left Manoj sacrificed her life and raised Pihu.. Her love was unconditional. she completely changed into good woman just coz of Pihu. Now she has to leave Bhalla house and Pihu just coz Ishitha is back.. Iam not againt union of Ishra.. I cant see them seprated too.. But pihu tho Shagun ke paas hona chahiye.. I feel very very sorry or Shagun.. she is helpless.. she cant be away from Pihu that is y she is playing with her emotions. I feel she is helpless.. i agree thats insane thing to corrupt a child’s mind but what else can she do every one wants to seperate ShaHu. please dont seperate Shagun and Pihu. A mother can do anything if someone is trying to seperate from her child including animals. Logically Shagun is Pihu’s mother. Ruhi is Ishita’s child. Ruhi is a 15 year old girl and y does she want to interfere in elder’s matter.. she talked rudely with Shagun saying “Pihu is not your daughter.. she is like your daughter”. If Ishita loved her whole heartedly and can b her mother y cant Shagun be Pihu’s mother? everyone will have a past.. even Shagun has.. bt that doesnt mean u can seperate her from pihu. Bechara Shagun bhi tho insaan hain.. usse bhi haame consider karna chahiye.. As we all agree Ishra can never be seperated sameway ShaHu should never be seperated..

    • aruna

      I am too with shagun. When shagun left Ruhi at a small age and went to Ashok Ishita took her place marrying Raman. When shagun turned positive did Ruhi return to shagun leaving her ishimaa. It didn’t happen then why all are making Pihu and shagun separate I hope this is the only reason shagun is feeling jealous of Ishita. Ruhi crap or what she always gets interfered in the issues saying I am her elder sister I know how to handle her. If she is that matured why did she try to choose Nidhi over Ishita that too the two incomparable ladies of yhm. I am feeling very bad for Pihu all are playing with her I want ishra to get united but not the separation of Pihu and shagun….

    • Mansa

      Exactly.. shagun is helpless. There is only one person who supports her and that is pihu. All others love ishita. So she can only use pihu.. Of course it’s wrong to poison a child’s mind she’s is helpless.. and if ruhi and adi can be ishita’s children then why can’t pihu be shagun’s daughter. Last episode ruhi was shouting pihu is ishita’s real daughter and so she should stay with ishita. So now if the same principle is applied on ruhi and adi then they should also leave ishimaa and come to shagun. 😒

  5. disha

    shagun always shows her fake tears and raman not trust on ishita so bad ishita alone fight against shagun

  6. Nandu

    This crap bhalla family doesn’t deserve ishita….n I m grt fan of KP acting but …I jst hate Raman character 4m the tym he called ishita infertile…..n I c here many supporting Raman n calling ishita jagathmata…I too used to feel the same way as u ppl…but when I analysed the story 4m the beginning…..??????

    Bhallas-the crap shit who jst knows to shout n blame others fr their faults
    Raman-the egoistic head strong person who always wants n thinks nly about himself..he jst want ppl to listen to him..with crap past.
    Romi- the most cunning person who jst deals with his life n who depends on others with ego..
    Simmi-dumb character of the
    Mrs bhalla-all problems in the srl r bcz of this old lady😏
    Mr bhalla-who jst watches the things like a movie.

    The well educated family who were happy till bhallas enters their lyf😡they had nly a prblm dat is ishita is infertile.otherwise they r happy family.
    Mr appa- most self respected n decent person
    Amma-i really like her the way she brought up vandu n ishita.
    Ishita -the goody n poor soul who always has to take blames.
    Vandu- smart
    Bala- a good Fnd
    Shagun-i dn wanna describe her
    Ashok- useless
    So called Raman bhalla who calls himself a grt lvr n says I cannot live without u …is ready to marry shagun fr pihus sake…doesn’t he has one stance in lyf…ye lo marriage Karlo…n here ppl may scold me…but it was the way character has shaped ..uffff…I jst hate bhallas…bcz once in a lyf tym atleast they should believe ishita.

    I m nt saying ishita is perfect but she z crct in her view…but Raman nt at all crct..bcz he knows ishita always cares fr family.
    N ppl may ask me if she cares y she left y she didn’t left think in mothers point of view hw would she feel wen she looses her soul ruhi..n her blo*dy husband who had planned to trap nidhi…made his own family get trapped with his useless plans n put all blame on ishita who tried to save her daughter .n even after cng her after 7yrs still he doesn’t realize his mistake n jst knows to shout on ishita…it’s just my point..dats it…

    Shagun whom Raman has been saying she was the one who kept us she didn’t kept them united she jst needs a shelter n so way pichi z too small dat’s the reason she stayed..
    If she really wanted to unite bhalla in these 7yrs y didn’t she unite brothers,y can’t she clear misunderstanding btw iyyers n bhallas,..
    Even after 7yrs y does adi remember n say ishita is his mom..
    Not personal jst wanna keep my point…

    • Khushi

      Well said nandu… I agreed to each nd evry word u said.
      Ishitha nd her family wer a nirmal happy family until they had alliance with bhallas. She had to go thru many difficult phases nd giv many agnipatikshas nd sacrifices. Aftr all her sacrifices she is the one who is blames for evry pblm in bhalla family nd nobody supports her. Raman evn dnt hav time to evn listen to her. Such an idiotic person full of false ego nd superiority complex. He luvs only himself. He remembers 7 yrs of sacrifies by shgun bt forgot ishithas. She evn went to jail for them stake her life several times fir his family. Evn aftr ruhi is bck he is still taunting her for leaving them for 7!yrs. which women will want to live with such an arrogant husband who always insults her. Ishitha left only bcose if his harsh words nd he still dnt say sorry to her nd instead showing his blo*dy ego nd attitude. If cvs r going in this way evn the die hard fans of kp will start hating him. Feels lyk somehow this ramans character cum to an end nd let kp reenter in the show as a lovable jovial nice person

  7. Liyana

    Disgusting! Mani doesn’t even believe his BEST friend. Raman and the bhallas were bound to believe shagun. The demon manipulated pihu and says that ishita FORCED her to. The writers have used this twist to drag the show to entertain but it’s the opposite! Thank you ekta kapoor for ruining another show that we all love😡😞

    • Im With Shagun

      Please dont call Shagun demon.. She is not.. Dont judge her that.. She loves Pihu a lot and she is helpless.. Will Ishra agree if Shagun wants to stay with Pihu forever.. they wont right.. Please Shagun se pihu ko alag math karo

    • Liyana

      I respect your opinion but if she really loved pihu she wouldn’t play its her emotions. Yes I know that she raised pihu for seven years and left everything behind but that was her choice! If it was a few weeks back the. I would agree with u but after seeing her true colours I can’t support her. A true mother doesn’t use her kids for personal gain. I’m sorry if I hurt anyone and I won’t call shagun a demon.

      • Mino

        Hi All Don’t forget who shagun was In the beginning. ok people change but this one has not .. Why is she blaming Ishu saying she took her husband & kids from her.. Come on guys.. She never realised Raman will get successful in his life. including the way he dressed & his looks when he was married to her. that is why she left Raman & her new born baby for Ashok. HE was a user & was jealous of Raman so he used Raman’s kids against him using Shagun.. the beginning was so horrible Shagun with Ashok made Raman & his family’s life hell.. Ashok was only using her actually she should take revenge from Ashok who dumped her after using her not Raman or IShu. If not for IShu with all the scoldings from both families including Raman she was very sorry for her cos of the kids mum. I don’t doubt that Shagun doesn’t love Pihu. but then again she is using her like how she used Ardi when he was small. remember how many times they got Ardi to insult Raman & Family in public etc. i have no sympathy for Shagun. when u watch the past episodes u just think she deserves everything she gets.
        i have not watched the recent episodes judging by ur comments i watch the old ones. Raman if he is feeling so sorry for Shagun has got Amnesia or a memory problem. I don’t think MAni is against Ishu . For all i know he would have sacrificed himself to give IShu a break from Shagun. Even Romi must be with Anil’s sis to get the truth. Anyway who knows this show is very far gone from before the leap. Hope they won’t separate ISRa As the spoilers say. then might as well end this show in a good note. Raman might be terrible but they are the main leads we don’t want any other. Sorry guys if i have ur hurt feelings.. i am mad the way it is going from the updates & ur comments. it says the show is terrible. take care luv to all God bless.

  8. pradishma

    Same Story. Raman will never and ever trust Ishita, What love is there in this…Oh ishita ,please leave to australia and continue working there…Neither Raman nor his family deserves you.
    First of all he throwed you out of his house and when you came back, he shouted she left pihu and went away , even then you didnt talk a word against him..
    Have some self respect ishita

  9. shreya shetty

    this ekta maam is totally a real idiot.shes just dragging the show more bigger so that she could earn a lot of profit from all the fans and yhm lovers.truly even this over goody man mani has kept ishu closed like that.seriously I curse the bhallas and as well as the iyers for not supporting poor ishu.CURSE THE BHALLAS AND IYERS LIKE HELL,HOW DARE THEY DISBELIVER ISHITA ON HEARING THE TRUTH AND SO DOES THAT RAMAN.I MEAN RAMAN SHOULD DIE IMMEDIATELY AND GO TO HELL HELL HELL!!!!!!!!THATS THE PLACE WHICH HE DESERVES FOR BEHAIVNG LIKE A RULER OF THIS WORLD OR SOMETHING SHAGUN HAS TO BE WHIPPED HARD RIGHT ON HER BACK FOR POISONING THE MIND OF HER OWN SURROGATE DAUGHTER WHOS ALSO ISHUS DAUGHTER PIHU!!!!!!POOR INNOCENT ANGEL.i suppose even ekta maam and as well as these stupid spoilers should jump into the well of MADNESS!!!!!!this is getting too much.i just want to see raman suffering without ishita and ruhi once again so that he comes back to his normal senses and mani to break his another leg.SERIOUSLY I AM EXTREMELY FED UP ON WATCHING THIS HOLY CRAP SHOW,TURNING OUT TO BE LIKE A BULLSHIT

  10. Sam

    Ishita is so selfish! She thinks she can come into the family whenever she wants and claim her right? Poor Shagun! She is actually pihu’s mom- Ishita has no right to call herself pihu’s mom… If she really was pihu’s mom, she would have atleast bothered to know about her daughter in those 7 years…. And also if she’s pihu’s mom, then Shagun is rightfully Ruhi and adi’s mom. I am not saying what Shagun did is right- kidnapping Ishita and using Pihu is not right. But she definitely could have fought for her rights over Pihu- demanded her rights

    • shreya shetty

      get lost sam.if u really support that wretched witch shagun whos been plotting against ishita fearing that she might snatch away pihu!!!!!seriously think about poor ishu whos now suffering dismay and hatred from the bhalla family all because of that annoying idiot shagun.

    • Parichary

      oh my god Shreya! How can you say that to Sam.

      Sam!!!! Can’t you see what is happening when Raman and Shagun were still married and have 2 kids (Adi who is 8 years old and Ruhi who is 6 months old). When Ruhi is 6 month old Shagun dumped Raman and elope with Ashok (who was Raman boss). Raman warn Ashok to stay away from his family several times and Ashok refused to listen. Shagun left Raman and Bhalla house and live with Ashok. Ruhi was 6 years old and live with only father and Bhalla family. Ruhi had grew up without mother. Raman supposed to show his love towards his daughter Ruhi but it didn’t happen because Raman see Ruhi mote which remained as Shagun. Ishita saw puppy left in the middle of the road and tried to rescue the puppy and stopped by and shocked to see Ruhi crossing the road without checking and pickup the puppy. Ishita saw the car who is moving and the driver did not payattention. Ishita ran to Ruhi and blocked her with shout “no” then the driver noticed then stopped immediately in front of Ishita’s back. All people gather together if Ishita and Ruhi are safe and sound. Ishita see Ruhi and realised that Ruhi is the only one who had enter her life. Ruhi start to fall in love with Ishita. Raman had returned home during prayer festival. Raman and Ishita gloated each other alot but Ruhi didn’t mind about neighbour eminty. Mr Bhalla and Mr Iyer (Raman and Ishita father) i\are the one who bring them closer and plead with them to get married for Ruhi. Ruhi want Ishita as her mother. Raman agreed to marry Ishita for Ruhi. Raman almost hurt and scared Ruhi but Ishita get possessive and protect Ruhi and scold and warn Raman to stay away from Ruhi. Raman life changed since Ishita mother accident and start to fall in love with Ishita. When the Navathri prayer start and Raman get jealous of Ishita and Mani close and realise that Mani and Ishita are childhood friend. Ishita fainted and Raman get concerned and cried that he is to balmed for Ishita condition. Raman had realised how much he need Ishita. Ishita had fast for Kawra Curth (pray for husband’s life) Raman does not want Ishita to fast or she will end up to the hospital again. Raman challenge Ishita by feeding her the snack. Raman fell in love with Ishita. Shagun lied to Raman that Ishita will dumped him for Mani. Ishita can’t cheated on Raman with Mani. Raman had never know that Ishita is in love with him not Mani. Raman get Head of Asia Business and findout that Mani had chose Raman. Raman get annoyed with Ishita and Mani. When the award are over and Raman insulted Ishita and Ishita get hurt. Simmi get to know from Sharika about Ashok plans then told Raman. Raman feel guilty for not trusting Ishita. It was Diwali day Mrs Iyer and Bhalla want to unit Raman and Ishita but Raman and Ishita end up fighting. Mrs Iyer and Bhalla make false kidnapped drama with police on Raman and Ishita which send them to jail. Raman and Ishita still quarrel in Jail in front of Constable (lol). Ishita had to apply oil on Raman with annoyed and Raman silent. Iyer family called on skype and chat and watch Raman and Ishita on videochat. Raman grab Ishita hand and ask for forgiven. Ishita refused and Raman forced again to hurt Ishita hand. Then Ishita agreed and Raman smile happily. Mani came with sweet and give Ishita favourite old sweet but Ishita tell Mani that she is no longer taking this sweet so she like Ladoo which confused Raman and Mani. Raman now understand why Ishita changed. Then Raman ask Ishita to have it (pick sweet from Mani box) Ishita then take small pieces then Raman and Ishita feed each other that confused Mani more. Raman and Ishita smile. Ishita see Mani confused face then blushed. Mani get to know that Raman realised his mistake and Ishita forgiven Raman.

      Ashok had used Shagun becoause of his brother Suraj. Ashok trapped Ishita sister Mihika to stopped his and Shagun marriage then blackmail Mihika to send Mihir to jail if Mihika doesn’t agreed to marry Ashok. Ashok and Mihika married which break Shagun heart. Adi doesn’t get love from both parent but didn’t realised Ishita love for him. Shagun fill poision in Adi mind against Raman and Ishita (like Shagun did with Pihu right now) and break the marriage between them and take over the Bhalla house. Raman and Ishita bond stay strongest. Shagun lost Adi when Ishtia found Ruhi when Social worker (Ishita ex-bf Subbu mother in law) and Bala planned to united Ishita and Ruhi. Ruhi will see which mothers will win her love. Ruhi get happy that Ishita had won her heart. Mr Bhalla brought Adi home. Shagun want to show her love to Adi but Adi ignored Shagun and run to hug Raman and Ishita which Shagun get shocked. Adi chosed Raman and Ishita because Ishita won Adi heart.

      Right now about Pihu…. Shagun knew that the lady who was suppose to get pregnant with Raman and Ishita child. But the lady gave false medical report that she had diabetic. Shagun stopped immediately and Raman get shattered. Shagun planned to trapped Raman and get pregnant. That is how Shagun is carry Raman and Ishita child not Shagun child. Raman ahd mistaken to called Ishita harshed words and blamed her for Ruhi death. Shagun is responsible for telling Raman to bring Ishita which Nidhi heard and find out that Shanya is Ishita. Nidhi planned to kidnapped Pihu and ask for Ruhi. Nidhi separate Ruhi from Raman and Ishita. Raman and Ishita get separation for 7 years and Ishita feel responsible of Ruhi death but didn’t know that Ruhi is alive. Nidhi change her and Ruhi name Nidhi to Namit and Ruhi to Ruhaan and make Ruhi dressed up as boy. Ruhi get stunning that Ishita is in Australia and live with Mani. Raman come to Australia for business deal with Ishra Company but didn’t know it is Mani and Ishita company. Raman and Ishita were in plane where they get hijacked and Ishita get shot on the collarbone and get stomped by people and Raman protected Ishita that Raman didn’t know that is Ishita. Mihika get shocked that Ishita is alive and gave other name because she knew Raman will be looking. Mihika gave nurse Ishita name to Ishani. Raman missed to meet Ishita and went for important meeting. Mihika and Mani came to know that Raman send Ishita favourite flower and Raman still thinking about Ishita. Ishita get surprised to get the flower but to disappoint to meet her hero (Raman).

      Adi came to know that Ishita is alive and cried. Ishita didn’t recognised her own son Adi. then Aylia get molested by other men then Aylia make false statement against Adi. Police contact Raman that Adi is in jail. Raman come to policestation. Ishita was about to leave for Australia and get shock and rush to Policestation for Aylia. Police beat Adi to get truth but Adi delay molest Aylia. Ishita scold Adi without knowledge. Raman came on time to tell Ishita who the boy is and mother had taught him the value and respect that shocked Ishita. Raman get sad when he want to say about Ishita. Ishita turned to face Raman and Raman get shocked to see Ishita alive. Raman ran out of jailroom to the carparking and confused then happy that Ishita is alive. Bala ask Raman is Adi is okay. Raman drag Bala to same room to see Ishita. Bala talk to Adi and get surprised to see Ishita. Adi cried… Ishita get confused and see why Raman and Bala in jail for AB then realised that AB is Adi Bhalla her own son. Ishita want to hug Adi but Mani slapped Adi and Ishita get shocked then stop Mani and shout at Mani to stop beat him and he is Amy son Adi. Raman stand and look on.

      Adi want to wish Ishita Happy Mother’s Day but Raman stopped Adi to meet Ishita and take him away that shattered Ishita. Abhishek get shocked that Ishita is alive. Mrs Iyer get shocked tho see Ishita then slap Ishita. Ishita get alone. Every people want to hate her but only Mihika and Adi still love her and support her. Ishita is Pihu mother not masti. Shagun is Pihu masti. Pihu didn’t know the truth but know that in the hospital Raman and Ishita fight for Pihu custody then Pihu tell Ishita to leave her alone and Raman and Shagun is her parent. Shagun kept filling bad influence in Pihu mind. Ishita had made Shaun clear that Ishita is not snatching her happiness and snatch Pihu from her. Shagun still thinking negativety.

  11. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. I totally agree this serial is just sick.ishu shud just go away and live a peaceful life away from this raman and family. But even if they beg her to cum back she shud not because no one trusts or believes her, let them just suffer. Sick of this twist.sorry guys if I hurt anyone

  12. sindhu ( mansi )

    Yes I too agree with pradishma , plzzzzzz ishu go Back to Australia and start a new life widout ravan Kumar , he just dnt deserve you 😖😣

  13. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    there is a meaning when raman is supporting shagun because 7 years shagun take care of pihu in ishithas absence then what about mani ishu takes care of mani and aliya in 7 years then how can he forget al the things he suddenly changed and supports shagun where is his love trust frdship etc.

  14. Mino

    Hi VP.. Jaz.. Rithu. Shivani.. Sindh. Monique.. Arditya… AZ..Bhaya..Khushi & all the YHM family..
    How Are you Guys.. I know ur Blood Is boiling with anger. just calm down why worry as this is another silly stupid show. I just read somewhere a spoiler that IShu & ACP are going to fall in love & Raman Is leaving the Show. Why did we bother to watch this if that is the case & Why are we commenting till we are losing our minds. That is soo unfair of the this Ekta character. why did she start such a series first & foremost. who wants an ending like that we were thinking of ISRA. But looks like it is heading that way .. that may be why the IsRa chemistry is not there. ohh end of YHM & RIP for YHM. They go on saying fans are fed up of Raman shouting at IShu & they want Raman out.. ok we have said that in general discussions but we didn’t mean it seriously to separate them. how can they even think of a story line like that. i remember & i mentioned here i saw IShu giving an interview saying there won’t be ISRa & Ishimaa.. I wrote it here too..How disgusting after watching & killing our selves with all this comments it is going to end this way.. ohh pls don’t do that . just cos DT & Vivek are married you should not mix business & private life. this DT & KP”s job. & as i once said Real Life & Reel Life are not involved in ur profession. Pls don’t spoil this any more. Hope this news is false I read it today.. Sorry to disappoint u guys.. luv & Take Care & ur self & Health… God Bless all

    • Parichary

      Mino… ACP ABhishek and Ishu are not planning to get married. So ACP is getting married to the girl from Bhopal name is Divya. Raman is not leaving the show. Abhishek aka Vivek and Ishita aka Divyanka are real life married.

      Thank you

  15. Mino

    Hi All Anyway I don’t like IShu & Hubby together in this show. we want ISRA for ever. after all we have voted for them & they got many Awards because of their fans. they must not forget that for Sure,,,& They Came very very Popular cos of their fans. Sorry to say this but have to…
    Vivek & DT For their after work life. not in this show as a couple.. what do u all Say???

  16. laya

    ohh n spoiler aliya and mihir jodi is gonna happend no sure how i know :sets.>cusins frend >frend then finally cusin mine oky not understanding the logic leave it and reapeting not sure

  17. VP

    I also very much feel Ishitha should move out from Bhallas immediately and find out Shaghuns truth . Raman and Bhallas should suffer with out her . She got Ruhi for them .. with or without she should move atleast to her house with parents . whare is Shivani .. missing you .. I know you are a crazy fan of Ishitha … cant tolerate these episodes .. its ok now its going to start to a good move I feel

  18. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Sad for days poor Ishita always have to suffer.But that YHM for you a whole lot of drama with a storyline that no one have any Interest in.Nice one Cv’s .

    There is No Love in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

    But I still have hope ………

  19. Khushi

    Am gettng disgusted seeing this crap.
    What sort of a women is ishitha. Doesnt she hav any self respect. Again that brainless man is blaming her for 7 yrs nd talking high abt shaguns sacrifice. Evn when shagun was there bhalla family was scattered. Nobody was happy. I thnk only raman nd pihu was happy. This man is sayng shagun supported him nd his family. What abt ishuthas all those sacrifices.hw much she suffered in the hands of ramans enemies. She evn stake her life for bhalla family. Noone remembers that. Raman only remembers shaguns sacrifice.
    He us the reason behind her attempt to suicide years agi nd instead of apologising to her he is taunting her
    Aftr all these insults y lyk a shameless person ishitha is going behind him. Does he evr try to console her when she was worried. Hw can she behave lyk this. She dnt hav any self respect or what.
    Her sister vandu is far better than her

    • Parichary

      Hahahaha that is so insultation Khushi!!!!

      Raman did see Shagun truth color because Shagun have changed many colour like chameleon which Raman can’t catch her easily. Ishita is like a hawk that can catch Shagun very fast. Today Raman will see the truth of Pihu behaviour and Ishita painful. Raman comes to know that Shagun gave bad influence on Pihu about Ishita. Pihu want to be like Shagun but Raman catch her then slap Pihu for Ishita for disrespecting. Ishita stopped Raman and cried. Raman rake Pihu out of the room and leaving Ishita. Then Raman return back to Ishita and console her. Raman confession his feeling to Ishita and hug her. Ishita will get stunning by Raman confession and hug back with tears rolling down. Raman wipe Ishita tears. Raman get idea to play pranks on Ishita and Ishita get confuse then realise that it is his prank then smile again. Raman want to see Ishita smile. Raman was hoping that Shagun should leave Bhalla house so that he can spend time with Ishita. Raman pretend to support Shagun which Shagun get happy but the Bhalla didn’t know. Raman still love Ishita,

  20. Khushi

    Now that man raman what he will say ishitha. My daughter pihu dnt lyk u so u better leave bhalla house. He will be sayng this. Nd he will bring shagun ti bhalla hse bcose pihu likes her. Ran evn dnt knw what he wants with whom he shld liv. Remember hw much time he took to mobe on with ishitha. Evn aftr yrs gettng married to ishitha he was mourning for shagun nd took more than a year to take their relationship to nxt level. He always prefers shagun than ishitha nd easily fell in to her traps. Any body can create misunderstandings bet ishitha nd raman. Only need to instigate raman. He will fall prey to evryone bt nvr believes or accepts what his wife says evnthough she proved her loyality to him several times. Which women will again go aftr him aftr all thise insults.

    • Parichary

      This is the same dialogue when they get Ruhi custody. OH GOD!!!!! Unbelievable Raman!!!!!!!!1 Insultation and truanting Ishita are get wuch heavily worst thatn we get.

  21. Khushi

    If they didnt show raman begging for forgiveness from ishitha am nt going to watch this show anymore. Raman must beg pardon frm her else i will quit watchng this. Nt evr in my life. As a women am feelng condempt towards ishitha to fall so low that to go shamelessly before a man who always insults her nt once but a thousand times. Some may saynhe luv her bt its nt luv its jus manipukating her fir his selfish needs juz lyk shagun does with her kids. Raman nd shagun r really made for each other.

    • Manju

      I always thought Raman is a spiness character. It waz always thought ishita should marry muni instead of Raman. See now Mani who said their wedding was only for companionship has fallen for Shagun and wanted to make love to her. That fool raman has a wife he ones love and cannot have enough guts to invide8 her to share the bed. Anyway that is only a one incident. But charcter of Raman is a fool. But they are wasting vety talented actor KP On a foolish role.

  22. Khushi

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat, nandu, manju, honey priya, pradishma
    Nd all my yhm frnds…
    A big Hi to all of u
    Vp , shivani, saritha where ru?
    Smithi hw ru doing?
    Bhagya saw ur comment…
    I hav the same doubt he mani changd so easily. May be he is guvng preference to wife over frnd
    Liyana welcome to the grp

    • Nandu

      Hi khushi and all other YHM fans… actually I m silent reader of updates bcz I stopped watching srl….bt this man Raman is getting on my nerves…common yar woman should have some self respect…v r nt wrong

    • Nandu

      Hi khushi and all the yhm fans…I’m a silent reader..n today I cannot stop myself n raised my points about srl..n I c many ppl comments about Mani..I feel Mani believe ishita like I think by being close to shagun may b he wanna c what she can do..may to gain shagun trust Mani might b acting dat way ishu so shagun may think no one believes ishita nw n may b at end of custody like always Mani vl B da Savior I think…😂

      N in some comments I c ishu came after 7yrs n taking shagun’s place..guys lemme remind you after getting ruhi custody 4m judge …ishita z the first one thought of shagun n dat nyt Mani came n she z ready to leave but adi was the one who stopped her…..n guys let’s nt for n abuse anyone jst write out ur opinions everybody has ryt to speak their view…😄

    • pradishma

      Hi kushi, ur eacha nd every word is right..Raman is such a disgusting character , Ishita sud have some self respect… The way raman talks ,if i were ishita ,i will give him a tight slap and hold him by hair and use my chappal and beat him balck and blues..Senseless stupid raman.cheee

      Ok cool now, how are you kushi .take care

  23. susan

    Thanks Nandu. And let met ad the following. Why does everybody feel that Shagun sacrificed 7 year of her life. Even saying she has suffered for 7 years. Was she held at gunpoint. Was she mistreated in Bhalla house. In 7 years she could not “get” Raman. Only when Ishita returned she suddenly showed interest in Raman. If Ishita did not return she would have been happy to “suffer” on indefinitely? She is saying Ishita will not snatch everything from her AGAIN! Nothing was snatched from her. She threw it (Raman & Ruhi) away in search of luxuries. She did not have to sacrifice and suffer. She could have married Manoj. Bhallas could have raised Pihu. They have done it before with Ruhi. She knew that Raman loves Ishita but still she accepted his wedding proposal. She saw that he was not happy marrying her but still she wanted to go ahead even after her brother and son advised against it. And now she married Mani. Manipulating a 7 year old child letting her run away from home. Taking a taxi alone. Wow. That is a mothers love? How cruel and evil can one person be? And Raman? Well he is digging himself into a hole. Don’t know if he will ever be able to climb out. By the way it seem than Karan is on leave again. His screen shots is always in isolation for last 2 episodes.

    • Mino

      ur are completely Right .. Why didn’t she get married then. she jolly well knows Raman doesn’t love her. remember when Mrs B Suggested Raman to Marry before Ishu Came. he got her a site for marriage .when Ardi confronted him. Now she is making a mountain out of a mole hill blaming IShu for all the bad things that are happening to her. Raman is at fault for proposing to Shagun just to hurt IShu..He is the cause of all the trouble but who is being blamed for all the bad things poor IShu

  24. nonny

    I really think we have to be patient guys l feel the Yhm we all love is definitely coming back look at how shagun truth has turned ishita she has now become strong and doesn’t believe shagun crap even if the all balla family is blind including my loving actor Raman but l know Ruhi and adi will surely support her and she will definitely win at the end like she always say truth wins over evil and l know eventually Raman as well will join his lovely wife ishita in this fight he always does that.

  25. susan

    Do remember that Mani is no longer thinking with his brains. Lol. Thanks for all your comments. This show is now really creating a rollercoaster of emotions. Stay well.

  26. Smrithi

    Oh god! For heaven’s sake, this serial is reaching no where. Hello everyone! A silent reader here. Well! It’s actually pretty much predictable. They can’t just end an Indian serial with a simple happy ending. What’s the fun in that? So speaking about Shagun, well sure she handled the family and raised Pihu well but why the hell would a mother emotionally turn her child against someone and play with her feelings. That is sooo unacceptable. She is all doing it for a purpose-to defeat Ishitha in life and maybe she loves pihu. She could just win over Pihu without being a witch, her character hasn’t changed a bit. She doesn’t value relations at all. Marriage is a joke for her. For such a women you probably shouldn’t waste discussing about her. I mean sure she did stuff which supports her changing attitude but you know as they say you can never straighten a dog’s tail, it is always bent. And it wouldn’t be much of a serial if Shagun changes. 🙂
    And about Raman (aka Ravan), I think he is a clear picture of present males (not all, but few egoistic, hot headed, super dominant husbands). I’d expect nothing less from him. Go with the crowd not with your wife and when you realise you’re wrong just apologize. But I can’t blame him for this. Circumstances have made him like this. I’m pretty sure things will change once he has his happy family back.
    Ishitha-character analysis. I’m pretty sure such a person cannot exist (if she does she’s probably a Mother Teresa). She truly loves her husband and family so there could possibly be no question of ego and self respect (someone was saying this). Unconditional love is what describes her. Of course she abandoned her family for 7 yrs but seriously put yourself in her place and tell me. What would you have done? Will you just bear the guilt of loosing the most precious thing in your life? But running away is also never a solution so opposing views regarding her
    Somehow I predict Ruhi will help ‘her Ishima’ and bring justice.
    Mani’s character is very confusing. But I’m sure people tend to believe their best friends more than their lovers/wife. So I can’t talk much
    I can’t type more. I’m exhausted. See you guys later. It’s fun to read stuff. I hope mine wasn’t boring.

    • VP

      Excellent view Smrithi .. fully agree with you ..I too feel Mani is also acting .. he agreed to this marriage itself to give save Ishitha from Shaghun … my opinion

  27. sharmi

    How many time Ishita has told these idiots in the past about others’ evil intention and how many times they roared at her but at the end she is proved correct but by then it’s too late and she is the one that still gets the blame. No matter how nice a person someone is, there is a point when they have had it. I think Ishita should just leave then they will see Shagun’s true color because she will try to move back in the Bhalla’s house

  28. susan

    Okay I also love DiVek in real life. But if they are going to make it reel life then RIP YHM. It will be a very very very sad day for me. 870+ episodes of wasted time. IshRa forever!

  29. Leila

    Pihu act likes she big more then everyone I think they should leave her alone n go on with their lives n shagun is the real culprit

  30. Simzain

    Shagun is forced to bcme negative agn by two most disgusting characters… one us mrs bhallan d other raman…dey both have gvn shagun d hope of her gtng married to raman n hvng a stable life n dat too fr der own selfish reasons…mrs.bhalla for raman’s bettermnt or settled life or jus him mere bng cld married wch is atleast sumwat acceptable compared to ramabs reason of mryng her N DAT IS JUS TO MAKE ISHU FEEL JEALOUS gr888 if u play wid others emotions n heart u wil soon hve a pay back tyme…n why diz ishu wants evrythng in life leave sumthng fr others too like shuguns daughter ruhi shaguns son adi, raman her sasuraal her maika her friend, friends niece who calls her amma she has everythng a women cn dream off stil she wants pihu also whom she did not gve birth also left her fr her other daughter….kuch to chodo shagun ke liye atleast regarding dar she has sacrificed her luv n a stable relationship wch she nvr got fr bringing up her daughter pihu now if she wants her wats wrong in it waise bhi to pihu shagun ko hi chahri hai n apni maa manti hai like ruhi does so wen she cn sacrifice ruhi why cnt she do d same fr pihu dey made her feel ke ache rehne se kuch nhi milta wapis se bure ho n haq cheenlo apna….m also wid shagun ishita to shadi khel lagti hai uski luvless marraige successfull hgyi to it doesnt mean ke subki hojayegi first mihir n rinki den ab shagun n mani kahin se bhi do bina shadi ke log ko lao n mila dun bhale wo be mail qu na ho….ager shagun achi hoti to wo definately mani se shadi nhi kerti phir kya hota uska raman n ishita shadi kr lete n mrs bhalla bade pyaar se usse kick out ker deti ghar se….koi bhi insan n spcly wo jo alrdy kbhi negative raha ho apni life me wpd hve opted fr dat way agn….does ny1 agree to me???ab shadi kerwadi mani ki shagun ki hazaar tareefien kerker n now syng ke nhi shagun buri hai sry i tke my words back n u tke ur marraige vows n pheras back n divorce her rght now???? Wat shld mani say now???

    • Parichary

      Simzain…this is very funny part.

      Mrs Bhalla want Raman to marry Shagun for the sake of Pihu and Raman refused because he love Ishita alot and missed her very badly. Raman does not want to take Shagun back in his life. Shagun should be better to married of to someone else. Adi doesn’t want Raman and Shagun to be together because he love Ishita than Shagun. Adi knew that Raman does not want to marry Shagun. Ishita came back alive and everyone get shocked and happy expectly Raman start to act as hateful toward Ishita. Raman destroy all his and Ishita memories. Shagun return from Australia then Raman ask Shagun to marry him because Shagun was there for him and his family for 7 years so Raman want to hurt Ishita feeling. Ishita still remain cool and stalk off to Iyer house that shock whole families. Raman then take Shagun hand and went in the house which Shagun get happy. Raman never want to marry Shagun and only find a way to hurt Ishita. Thank god Aylia test Raman feeling and emotional. Aylia is at Ruhaan house. Raman come there to give information about the function then think what to do. Aylia think about Ishita pain and cried because of Raman so Aylia decide to blant lied that Ishita had decide to marry Mani that shocked Ruhaan and Raman. Raman get emotional hurt for what he did to Ishita and Ruhaan get upset but pretend to be happy and congradulation. Raman get hurt and left. Aylia smirked. Good part Aylia. Raman now realised that he still love Ishita not Shagun. When the function began and Ishita get surprised to see Ashok there at the party then overheard Ashok and Romi to plan to ruin the party. Ishita goes to Raman to give caustion about Ashok plan and Raman ignore. Ishita ask Raman to stop drinking and he refused. Ishita then get annoyed then grab a glass of whisky that stunning Raman and drank it. Raman then want refill again for himself but Ishita again grab the bottle and truant Raman then drank whole bottle. Raman tried to stop Ishita and Ishita irked and move away. Raman get concerned and start running around with Ishita and try to control her. Ishita then start flirt Raman that shocked him and try to stay away then Ishita start sing and dance about photo and Raman get stunning and enjoy see Ishita behave. Then the boys tried to get closed to Ishita and take picture of her and Raman get irked and to to get Ishita and order boys to stay far. Drunk Ishita still dance around and Raman tied to stop her. Raman think to get booking the room then called Hotel Manager to get booking the room in his name. Raman drag drunk Ishita out of the party and goes to the room. Raman and Ishita see room decoration and Raman get annoyed but inside him that he is happy. Ishita flirt Raman and he enjoy it but remember his hatred and he can’t control it so they drink Champnage and Ishtia teasted Raman about a peck of drink and Raman look on. Ishita tell Raman if he don’t drink it then he have to take clothes off. Raman then drank all champange then remove his tshirt. Ishita look on then tell Raman I will take off my sari then Raman stop her from removing her clothes. Ishita then chase Raman he start running around the bed and bump Ishita and fell on the bed. Ishita tell Raman about her feeling and clear all the misunderstanding. Raman now understand why Ishita did this and admired her and held her on his chest and let her sleep. Shagun come to hotel in the morning to get Raman but found Raman and Ishita sleeping together and get irked and jealous. then Shagun wake Raman by disturb Ishita sleep. Ishita and Raman woke up and stunnig to see Shagun. Shagun want to rush the marriage in 24 hours so that Ishita will not get close to Raman but Raman cried like a baby that he does not want to marry Shagun. Abhishek gave Ishita good new that Nidhi is alive but they think that Abhishek id drunk. Raman and Shagun prepared the marriage while Ishita tried to catch Nidhi by the help of Romi and Mihika. Romi goes to Bhalla house to stop Raman and Shagun marriage and informed that you are busy getting marry and Nidhi is alive and so is Ruhi. Romi then tell Raman that Ishita is catching her and Raman get shocked by hearing Romi and left the Maphap and Shagun to join Ishita to find Nidhi. Raman found Nidhi and arrested Nidhi. Ruhi chose Nidhi over Ishita and Ruhi didn’t know about Nidhi plan. Then after the drama of Ishita kidnapping things got well but expecting Shagun still negative.

  31. Amina

    From some comments here,its lik shagun gave birth to pihu to replace ruhi dat ishita toik away from her. Fr God’s sake she ws only a surrogate mother nd nt to giv birth to pihu nd claim her later. Moreover, she is aware of y ishita had to leave so I don’t understand y she is claiming pihu now.
    Up ttil date I can’t seem to get it dat raman wl actually want her to b d surrogate mother. Out of all d women in india only shagun cld do it? Nd now look at d mess it is causing nd yet raman does not see his own fault. Does a leopard change it’s spots so hw do u now expect shagun to b good.
    It is only here dat an ex husband involved his ex wife who left him for another man in such matters
    I’m really baffled.

  32. Att

    Idk why but the cvs are sorta making be like Shagun more than Ishra I mean when Ishtia left she had a 1 day old daughter and than Shagun took care of her and gave a good upbringing and environment and than one day Ishtia comes back for her “family” and the entire family sidetracked Shagun. I support Shagun , like what would anybody do in such a situation but l think in the next couple of days Shagun will realize her mistake and real start to appreciate and start to fall for mani and Ishra will grow closer but I do wish Shagun gets pihu doe

  33. rithushree

    Raman was a mad and a horrible man and now Mani has come to his team .both will support shagun and Mani in just supported shagun over Friendship and he knows ishitha more than shagun.

    • jaz

      Hi rithu gd morning yeah rithu I totally agree with you mani gone mad now he every thing disgusting..raman tu phele se hi aysa tha ab mani b writers ji badai ho aap sab ko kya story banayi hain.aur ab abishek support karega ishu oh wow lagtha hain ektha bol gayi ki lead koun hain rithu issliye meine ye show dekhna band kar dya hain.. I like dt,ruhanika..ishu rorahi hain I can’t see that aur pihu she is not our old wali ruhi disgusting yaar jab tak shaggy hain I can’t bear

  34. rithushree

    Hey guys a very good morning to all.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Aliya naz Natasha sindhu mino Sarita sara prisha simran unique angel priyaroli aparna priya bhagi mansi bhagya disha juhi bhagi jaz aditya jeni super girl Shona az and all yhm friends.

  35. Juhi

    I agree with nandu. Well said. nd yes ishita jagga jasoos is back. I totally agree with susan I also love divek and Mino I think this news is false. we want ishra forever. Todays episode was ok

    • Mino

      ohhh Thanks Juhi.. Why do they put false news .?? is it to excite us.. Thank God As after watching with so much interest something like that when u hear it is so sad. I have skipped many though with the present track included only up dates & comments. thx again dear

  36. aish

    I’m with shagun… She loves pihu alot… same thing happend between ruhi n ishitha is happening now… y ishitha cant understand this? She is soo selfish

  37. shivani

    I agree with all those who are against Raman…being a girl i can’t tolerate him…how much he is insulting ishita…raman was always like this,but what happened to mani..??…how can he change like this…??…I stopped watching this show…dont even want to read the updates…

    i never thought my favorite show would stoop so low like this….

    • Parichary


      Relax and chill! Ishita tried to clear of what is going on with Pihu. Raman and his mother stop Ishita to explain and scold her. Mr Bhalla (Raman’s father) stop Raman and Mrs Bhalla (Raman’s mother) whinning and ask them to listen to Ishita at once. Ishita thanks Mr Bhalla. Everyone get silent (expecting Shagun and Mani are not at Bhalla house) listen to what Ishita want to say. Ishita ask anyone who send Pihu to Mani’s house. Pihu doesn’t know where Mani house and have no money pocket and how can Pihu go by taxi at her age and who gave Mani’s house address and money to Pihu. Then Ishita tells her apologise then tell them that Shagun planned all this. Bhalla and Iyers get shocked by Ishita comment and confused. Raman tell all that Shagun did not do it. Ruhi take Ishita side and tell Raman that Ishita is 100% right and explain Raman. Raman disagree then this is not right then Ruhi say about 1% think about it. Then Adi again took Ishita side and told about Shagun anger and did purpose to separate. Raman get stunning by both children take Ishita side. Raman agreed to go to Mani’s house to get Pihu and ask Ishita to come. Ishita get bit annoyed then accompany with Raman to Mani’s house. Shagun again brainwash Pihu and tell her to go to Bhalla and make Pihu hurt Ishita. Raman get confused why Ishita is angry and see Shagun and Pihu behaviour. Raman support Ishita. Pihu stay at Bhalla house. Pihu fight with Ishita and threw the photo frame on Ishita that shock Ishita. Ishita goes to room and hurt. Raman goes to Ishita and console her. Raman dress Ishita wound. Raman hug Ishita then Pihu see them then decide to misbehave with Ishita. Pihu then goes to Raman and Ishita. Pihu break raman and Ishita hug and calling her bad words that surprised Raman then Raman get confused and see Ishita cried. Pihu call Ishita vamp. Raman get angry and slap Pihu, Ishita stop Raman then ask why he is doing this. Raman then take Pihu out of his room and leaving Ishita alone. Ishita cried and think about Pihu words and behaviour and knew that Shagun did this purpose. Raman see Ishita crumble in pain then decide to make Ishita happy. Raman play as fortunateteller and read Ishita palm and see. Then Raman tell Ishita a person name is R and he is handsomely look man then jokes. Ishita blushed then she knew Raman tease her and smile. Raman start his romancy with Ishita. Ishita almost forget the pain. Raman decide to play pranks with toothache to Ishita. Ishita check Raman and ask him if he brush twice a day. Raman look on then make jokes. Raman hug Ishita. Raman then tell Ishita “I LOVE YOU”. Ishita get stunning by Raman confession then Raman and Ishita hug.

  38. shivani

    Hi Khushi i m here…thanks for your concern…i was a silent reader for the last few days…

    Hi EVERYONE…rithu vp mino sindhu siddhi khushi jaz aditya Az Monique saritha susan shreya and all…..

  39. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Good morning adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy,Khushi, nish,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, payal, radhika,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana,smithy, farhat, krishna, bhagya,rajat, nandu, manju and all my yhm frnds…

  40. Khushiarvind


    |Registered Member

    Hi dear frnds,
    Khushu here…
    Adi finally me too become a registered member here..
    Guys i posted my first attempt an ff named love reborn
    Was gettng hopeless in the way story is shaping up in yhm
    In my first epi i had written the reunion of amma nd ishu
    Pls do ready if possible nd give ur comments

  41. Ishika soni

    Raman always insults ishita but this time mani tooo…. Its not at all gud…. She always dooo gud 4 her family n nobody cares n trust her….. How alll can be sooo rud on her… I think this time real life favourite jodi.. I mean abhishek n ishita wiilll find truth n ruhi tooo will trust her isshimaaa n help her to understand pihu that who is wrong n who iss right…… N whats going on with romi n mihika romi kbhi nhi sudhar skta but this may be he iss helping ishita becoz he is soo gud devar ofcourse but not gud husband…… Nce episodes 😘😘

  42. Raghu

    Hi yhm friends thanks for accusing Raman my fav character apart from Ishitha. I think you guys would have accused in the following scenarios: 1. When param accused isthitha 2. Rinky-Mihir break up or be it with Nidhi when in the initial scenario Raman would have never supported Ishitha but he would have been the one to expose the real culprit. Simarlarly it can also happen now. Guys remember shagun is smart. She has played her game beautifully. If shagun is to be exposed it should u need anils sister. This is wat I feel

  43. kitty

    oh come on this is clear shittttt………first shagun was bad den shd became good den again bad den again Will she become good……its always the same thing ……..shagun is always jelous of ishita over some thing before it was ramam ,adi and ruhi and now. Its pihu………and ishita is always trying to become a detective…………she always upto something ,trying to help others or protecting someone……..just like akshara…… guys just chill

  44. sds

    This time I dont feel shagun is wrong.she has goven seven 7yrs to this family and raised pihu as her if shagun had left raman with 6 month old ruhi then ishita had also left new born pihu and family and stayed away from them for 7 since she is back she wants everything along with pihu. shagun will feel insecure.yes she is shown to be devious thats a lil extreme.but here ishita and bhalla family are behaving selfishly.let pihu not know the truth n let her stay with shagun whats wrong in that! Shagun has raised her well.ishita has ruhi n adi.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.