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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika asking Iyers to come in award function. They refuse and make excuses. Mihika asks them to come for her sake, and think if she is important ot Bhalla family because of whom Ishita gave up her life. Appa stops her and says we will surely come for you and Romi. Pihu talks to Raman on phone and asks him to come in award function. She gives a sweet lecture on family. She tells Mrs. Bhalla that Raman agreed to come. Mrs. Bhalla gets glad and thinks Pihu is Ruhi’s shadow, by looks and by behavior too, I miss Ruhi a lot.

Aaliya tells Ruhaan that Ishita is coming in 10mins. Ruhaan gets Niddhi’s call and says I have leave, mam will get angry, I have to go on recording. Aaliya asks him to meet her Appa once, he will be glad, please. Ruhaan says fine, lets go. She

thanks him and takes him to Mani’s room. A man tells Ruhaan that Mam called and is asking when will you come to studio. Ruhaan says I will come. Mani is sleeping and Aaliya says sorry, we will wait for Amma.

Mihika asks Romi to come, its big night for him. He says I will be meeting my family today. She says I will be always with you. He says you are my family, I remember when my family chose Raman instead me. She asks him not to think past. Shagun tells Pihu that Raman will come, he never breaks promise made to you. Mrs. Bhalla sees Romi and Mihika. Bhalla family look on. Mrs. Bhalla blames Mihika to make Romi break relation with Raman. Pihu asks what are you saying, who is troubling you, I will make them fine. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I m enough for them. Pihu sees Amma and says our neighbors have come. Shagun asks her to sit.

Mihika and Romi meet Iyers. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Raman. Niddhi asks Ruhaan where are you, I want you at studio now. Ruhaan says I m reaching. Niddhi says take pain killers for toothpain and come soon. Ruhaan tells Aaliya that musicians are waiting, we shall go now. Aaliya says I will get my bag. Ishita comes home and Ruhaan sees her. Ruhaan/Ruhi gets shocked seeing Ishita and recalls the past moments. Ishita walks towards Ruhaan. Ruhaan says Ishi maa……. And gets teary eyed recalling how Ishita wanted her own baby instead Ruhi. Aaliya introduces Ruhaan, the singing star.

Ishita says hi, I m Dr. Ishita. Ishita and Ruhaan shake hands. Ishita says you are so adorable and cute, Aaliya said you are a big star, but you look a lovely kid, there is something, your face has attraction, you are different. Aaliya says Ruhaan has toothache, he has to go for recording in 10mins, please check him. Ishita asks him to come. Aaliya asks Ruhaan, shall we…..

Ishita checks Ruhaan’s teeth and makes busy in talk, like just she treated Ruhi. Tere dil se mera dil ka…..plays…………….. Ruhaan cries seeing her. Ishita says its done, is it still paining, its small infection, you have to get one hour time and come for treatment, Aaliya is your PA and has to take care of this. She looks for medicines. Ruhaan sees Ishita and Aaliya’s pics. Ishita says I will get medicines. Aaliya says wait Ruhaan, Amma is getting medicines for you. Ruhaan says I m getting late and leaves.

Pihu waits for Raman. Raman comes there and everyone get glad seeing him. Raman says I had to come on Pihu’s order. The best business excellence award goes to Raman. Romi looks on. Everyone clap for Raman. The man says Raman will be sharing this award with someone else this year, Romi. He tells about Romi succeeding in less time. Romi hugs Mihika and goes on stage. He looks at Raman.

Raman refuses to accept the award and apologizes. Everyone look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. sbb mein kaha ki jaldi ishra ka aamna saamna hoga .

  2. We are here with a new gossip though
    it is a rumour which has a lot of
    chances of being true.
    According to new gossips, Shagun
    wanted to get back to Bhalla family
    and marry Raman after Ishita left. She
    also broke her relationship with Manoj
    and entered in Bhalla house to marry
    Raman but she portrayed that she
    sacrificed her love for Pihu as she
    needs a mother figure.
    Shagun’s motive revolves around
    back in Raman’s life and marry him.
    She build up a strong relationship with
    Pihu to later manipulate the family into
    getting her married to Raman. Is
    Shagun using Pihu’s love for her to
    make a place in Raman’s heart?
    We believe the above piece of news is
    true as actress Anita Hassanandani
    will have nothing to do in the show if
    she stays positive she will just
    become another background character.
    We need to watch the show to know if
    this all is true.

  3. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein
    has taken 7 years leap and will soon
    show the changed equation amid Mrs.
    Bhalla, Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani)
    and Raman ( Karan Patel ).
    It is seen that Raman, Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) and Ruhi have separated.
    Bhalla family blames Ishita for Ruhi’s
    death and is unaware of Ruhaan (Aditi
    On the other hand Raman has become
    a stylish and powerful man.
    At the same time, Raman has turned a
    grumpy and angry man.
    Raman and Ishita’s daughter Pihu
    (Ruhanika Dhawan) is looked after by
    Shagun wants to marry Raman but
    Raman has no intentions of it.
    However, Mrs. Bhalla has noticed
    Shagun’s changed behavior and her
    love towards Pihu.
    In the coming episodes, Mrs. Bhalla’s
    motive of getting Raman and Shagun
    married will be revealed.
    Let’s see if Raman agrees for Pihu’s

  4. Hi Rithu …. nice to see u back … Anakha sindhu Shivani and all …. Shaghun becoming negative was expected . Atleast I assumed . Ruhaan has all the rights to hate Ishima initially but should be for little time . This unique story is their true love …please donot drag it and make us sad .Her Ishima is the only person can save her and she will . Ruhaan can recognize her Ishima but Ishima thinks Ruhaan is a boy though her heart beats faster whenever she sees Ruhan . Cvs spoiled the term of true friendship by making Mani to propose Ishitha . i will she will deny … if noticed only Shaghun is happy in Bhallas family … all others are upset after the leap …. its her way to get in …Hope Ishra and Ishru will meet … Pihu our little Ruhi acts so well but foa a seven year old girl little too much …,.

  5. error atleast I wish she will deny

  6. ruhiiiiiii……don’t hate yours ishimaa hope that ishrarudi will together soon so exciting for next episode can’t wait???????????????

  7. Ruhi ho ya Ruhaan i love you soooooooooo much???????????????????

  8. This Nidhi is disgusting yukkk most bad women plzz i want ishra back ekta mam plzzzz???????????

  9. Raman and Ishita truely fan of yours ??????????????????

  10. 7 years leap will unfold
    many twists and
    suspense of Raman,
    Ishita and Ruhi’s life in
    Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.
    According to the track,
    Raman comes to
    Australia for some work
    and reaches where Ishita and
    Ruhaan are also present.
    Ruhaan is shocked to see
    Raman is coming towards
    coffee and he can see
    Ruhaan (Ruhi) recalls
    past as how Raman and
    Ishita exchanged her with
    new baby with Nidhi.
    Ruhaan decides not let
    Raman and Ishita’s
    confrontation so he
    intentionally bumps with
    Ishita bumps with Raman
    but they do not see each
    Stay tuned for further
    exciting updates.

    1. Yrr what’s is nonsense ruhi in negative pihu loves shagun ruhi hated ishra its not yeh hain mohabbatein its yeh hain nafratein

  11. stop this moderation .plz.

  12. Everything is finish with this cheap leap ruhi who always supported her ishimaaa is now against her ishu who never think something important before her ruhi choose her own daughter raman whole plan was his n he blame ishu I don’t believe this mihika mihir chemistry was superb n ahbika was also acceptable but they show romi mihika what is this yrr only to create differences between to families n what was the need of hiding ishus truth from pihu whatever ishu did was for pihu n shagun left manoj total crap

  13. Oh this needhi is so bad and ruhi is hating her own ishimaa!!! We want to see ishita and ruhi together again.

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