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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Shagun why is she supporting Aaliya. Shagun says whats wrong, Aaliya loves Mihir. Ishita says she is much younger to him, it maybe infatuation. Shagun says no one can stop this romance, Mihir is going to come to my house, Aaliya will take care of him. Ishita asks did you care for someone’s emotions, think of Mihir, I m not saying about age difference, but after Rinki died, he told me he can’t love anyone. Shagun says love can come back in his life with Aaliya.

Ishita says fine you worry for him, did you ask him what you want, he regards himself as Aaliya’s mentor, he sees Adi and Aaliya equally, they both are kids for him. Shagun asks her to stop this lecture, I know you want Aaliya for Adi, he is my son too, but if Aaliya likes Mihir, Adi

has to accept this, I don’t want my son to have fake hopes. Ishita says your son, nonsense, you ruined his life, he went to jail because of you, you don’t care of Adi, Pihu, Ruhi and Mihir, and just want to trouble me. Shagun says yes, I want to ruin you, you snatched my children, family and my Raman.

Ishita asks your Raman? When was he yours, when did he tell you he loves you and he wants to live with you, if he tells this once, I will pack bag and leave, you always repeat this. Shagun says I will repeat this, I will ruin whoever come in between, Raman was always mine, you would have not seen such a custody battle, I will win Pihu’s custody, Raman will come back to me, I don’t care where Mani goes, Australia or anywhere, I will make sure Mihir accepts Aaliya, their infatuation turns into love, I will make them get married if necessary, I will ruin you, everyone call me bad, I don’t care, I need Raman, I did not get him when I was good, whats the use to be good, Shagun is better as bad, I will win this war. She goes. Ishita cries.

Raman apologizes to workers and union leader. Union leader asks how did your son do this, all this is fine, but you all don’t talk to workers like this, Mihir is managing well and talks with respect, your son does not know anything. Raman says Adi is not mad, he is angry, he did mistake, I said sorry. The worker says first do mistake and then say sorry, we don’t have respect. Union leader says worker Mohan will come to work if Adi does come here. Raman says how can you say this, Adi will be managing my company. Ishita comes. He says I apologized, I can’t do anything, I will do what Adi did, and beats the union leader. Union leader says I will see who works here now, this company will get shut. Raman says I will beat you with shoes, get lost. Ishita looks on and asks Raman what did you do. b

Mihir thanks Aaliya for everything. She till helps him out. He opens the bag and sees Rinki’s pic and a greeting. She asks whats all this. He says some of my things, my memories with Rinki, this is last valentine card which she gave me, her diary and this wallet, when I travel, I take these small things, she made this pic collage mug, I have coffee in this mug. She says tell me if you want anything and goes.

Romi comes to meet Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla and Vandu get worried. Romi asks why did you call me. Mihika asks Romi whats all this. He says how did you get this, I told mummy to keep this. Mrs. Bhalla scolds him for giving divorce to Mihika and getting Sanchi. Romi asks are you mad. Vandu says these are divorce papers right. Mihika says no. Vandu says I will tear these papers. Romi and Mihika shout no. Vandu checks.

Mihika says its Romi’s MBA degree certificate. Romi says you wanted to know who is Sanchi, she is my MBA teachers, Mihika is educated so I had complex, I told my friend to get personal tutor, my friend introduced me to Sanchi, I meet her at hotel sometimes. FB shows Romi asking Sanchi to teach him, he has hidden her so that Mihika does not know. She asks him to work hard. He says I promise I will study well. FB ends. Romi says I troubled her a lot, I asked her to teach me at night as I was busy in day time, she is not my GF, but just my teacher. Mrs. Bhalla calls him foolish and asks why did you not tell us.

Mihika says I know why he has hidden this, he wanted to make me feel proud. She cries. Romi says I wanted to complete MBA and surprise you, I always want to see you happy. Mihika says I was worried thinking if this is divorce papers, I will kill you. He asks her is she mad, will he give divorce to wife like her, I love you. He hugs her. Mrs. Bhalla and Vandu smile and leave.

Ishita thinks what to do, how to stop the strike. Mihir calls her and asks is this true about workers strike. She says you heard right. He asks her to send details, he will find some solution. Shagun asks Aaliya to give soup to Mihir, what happened, did he say something. Aaliya says Mihir still loves his wife Rinki, he had all things Rinki gave him, he said he takes all those things alone when he travels, he will not understand my love. Shagun says Rinki left him, he will miss her, but how long will he stay with dead person’s memories, he is alone, I m worried for him, I m sure you will make place in his heart, he will fall in love with you, you have to do what Rinki did for him, you have to take Rinki’s place. Aaliya smiles and says I think I know what I have to do.

Mihir says yes, I m coming office. Aaliya dressed in saree comes there to give the soup. He gets puzzled seeing her. He asks where did you get this saree. She says I got this in your luggage, I thought to try it, how do I look. He says you should have not worn this, this is Rinki’s saree, don’t you know to ask before touching other’s things, whats wrong with you, why do you do this, please change.

Adi tells Ishita that maybe things will get fine if I meet them. Ishita says no, Raman tried already. Mihir comes in the meeting. Ishita says sorry, I told Mihir. Adi says I got some imp work, and leaves. Raman tells everyone that he spoke to others, I will figure out something. He leaves along with others. Ishita asks Mihir to sit, I will come. Mihir asks whats happening, Adi did not say hello to me, he did not come to hospital, why is Raman and Adi avoiding me, whats the matter, Aaliya is giving me so much attention, whats wrong with her, she is behaving as if I m celebrity, please tell me, is there any serious matter. She says what shall I tell you. He says just tell me what is it. She says its complicated. He asks what is it. She says Adi loves Aaliya, and Aaliya loves you. He gets shocked.

Raman asks about Adi. Ishita says he went home, I think he is fine at home, I m feeling guilty, Adi, Aaliya, Pihu, this strike, it would have been better if I did not come office. Raman says no, we can face this and find some solution, I m sure.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Honestly, Shagun needs to be slapped. How dare she speaks like that to Ishita? How can she ever say it is my Raman? Raman was never Shagun’s. She is only fantasizing about Raman. She used Adi, Ruhi, Pihu, Mani and now Aliya. She has completely used everyone to her advantage. I really hope Ishita will give it back to Shagun. Shagun will only simmer down when Pihu rejects her. I like the way Ishita handled the union leader. ishita has truly the business sense. Well done!! A capable wife and mother she is. Raman is fortunate to have her as wife. I hope they will show Raman’s and Ishita remarriage again when Pihu accepts Ishimaa.

    Hi Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Az, Aditya, Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Shreya, Supergirl.

    I am missing Mino and Aditya

    1. Hi Sweetie How are u ? Hope ur doing good. Missed u for some time too. i didn’t come to this site as the story is so stupid from the leap onwards. why did they spoil it so much. Now Poor Mani Is going to suffer. & Ardi is going to get arrested as someone threw Acid on Arliya.. Why are they doing this. Aren’t IShu & Raman ever going to have a happy life. but all the wicked ones are at it big time ruining their lives..
      So sickening to so much Negative episodes. This is my First Hindi Drama . I liked it as it was so unusual the story. but messed up big time… they will never be able to come to the way it was.
      After reading updates i watched the one that Ishu gave an injection to Shagun. Ha Ha Ha wished she gave triple dosage.. that was a wicked thought sorry.. but very funny.. She is the limit i read she said ‘ MY RAMAN”To IShu. When was Raman ever hers. HE was Crazy when he was married to her but he got sick of her after Ashok. She has got Amnesia the way she & Ashok Gave trouble to Raman using the kids she has forgotten & now says My Raman. When IShu was away for seven years he could have married Shagun so why didn’t he?? can’t her brains Get the fact Raman hates her.
      Anyway Hi To VP, Shivani, Arditya, Rithu, Az, Jaz, Baghya, Monique ,Siddhi, Khushi & All My YHM Family Luv To All. Good Health Happiness always.

      1. Same with me too Mino … First time watching one serial in any language …only becoz of the uniqueness and fell in love with Dt on screen and off screen now crazy fan of Ishra .. you are able to stop watching .. I am not able to …Dt is my weakness …if spoilers to be believed Adi will be arrested of no mistake of him , Mani def will get angry if acid is thrown on Alias face .. he turns against Ishitha … i dont understand brainless or braindead cvs tailoring the story line adding nonsense … Ishitha is unbelievable and helpless when Shaghun challenges openly … we can see that in Dts expression .. Be together Ishra .. Ruhi will b JKR now

      2. It is not Adi who threw acid on Aylia.
        The masked person will be Shagun or Nidhi.
        Shagun came to know that Mihir does not love Aylia so that maybe Shagun di this because Shagun want Mihir to take care of Aylia.
        Police have arrested the wrong person with investigate properly. Passby did not see what kind of body that the masked person have. It is male or female.
        Adi will leave Bhalla house to stay with Shagun that will shattered Raman and Ishita.
        Adi traunt Raman for his drinking when Ishita left him and did not think about his son then Raman felt guilty and think that he is bad father then punched on the door. Ishita then take Adi to his room to leave Adi on bed to sleep.
        Raman take care of Adi while Adi slept.

  2. What is ths yaar… guys i think mihir keeping rinki’s things … so boring… he never feel missing mihika… kya hua mihir ko… rinki aur mihir jab husband wife dhi thab dhono ki beech mein koi lovble rishtha nahi dhi… she never lvz mihir from the core of heart… at the end she cheated him… then y shld he still him.. aur aadhi… matter jo bhi ho usse aliya ki decision ko rspct karne chahiyeaa… there was a gd frnd shp btwn them.. he can feel sad… but mihir se is tharah behave karna bahuth buri baath hei.. he is lyk our old romi…i hate yhm

    1. The only reason they say that mihir missing rinki is because of raman mother because after her death he was going to get back with mihka but she stop him from moving on even mihka has said that he’s for to loyally to raman and his family and he do anything for them

      1. I agree. It was Mrs. Bhalla who is very selfish and self centered lady who stopped Mihir from moving forward. The characters I hate in this serial are Shagun, Mrs Bhalla and Mihir for being spineless

    2. Aastha, Arun and Neeraja

      Mihir don’t want to take Mihika back after Rinki death.
      Shagun and Ashok will break their relationship.
      It is not Mrs Bhalla fault.
      Raman only plan to test Mihir to fight for his own love.
      Ashok want Mihika to break Mihir heart after findout Mihika and Ashok marriage.
      Mihir did not know that Mihika want to save him and always love him.
      Mihika then dating Romi because Romi want Mihika.
      Ishita explain to Mihir that Raman and Ishita only married but to be friends so that Mihir and Rinki can be friends so they can fall in love later.
      Mihir then fell in love with Rinki and so is Rinki fell in love with Mihir.
      Mihir and Rinki loves each other like Raman and Ishita.
      Mihir decided that he want to be alone for longer time but didn’t know that Aylia want to enter Mihir life. Mihir don’t want Aylia in his life. So Mihir will find someone else to get married.

      1. This YHM Has lost All the beauty now again a custody Battle. The same old thing repeated. who is writing this rubbish come to reality for a change. Poor Ardi getting Arrested & what did IShu do to Mani For Mani to go against her even in Aliya case. ok he loves her like his daughter but he can’t blame IShu without any Proof. Knowing who Shagun is. Why did they give so many Awards to this show. Never mind KP & DT they are doing their best & Really Excellent in their acting.. but for the Story???? No wonder the TRP or what ever is going down. it will never be able to get it back as many are not watching this from the comments i have read else where. Poor DT & KP. Wasting their Talent. Anita Does her part very well too. She is a Cutie in Real life..
        But instead of Ardi getting Arrested can’t they find an eye witness who will take a photo of the incident. it is possible with Mobiles these days. to show who ever does any wrong can never get away. but here the wrong Prosper. & The Good Are putting in the Grinder. suffering for no fault of their own. Niddhi, Ashok Sahgun The writer is in love with them ha ha ha,.. Anyway now i don’t want to watch at all only updates.. so Disgusting the Whole YHM SHow has become. Sorry to hurt u guys.. Really Sorry but this is a stupid story. Np Hopes for the Bhallas.. & No Hopes for the YHM Fans… Good Luck Guys. The writer has to change.

  3. Why is Mihir loving that Rinki so much? She was unfaithful with him and he loves her? What about Mihika? I meant when Mihika was to get married to Romi Mihir was upset also after Rinki’s death Mihir was very close with Mihika. And all these time it was never shown that he loves Rinki so much now why all of a sudden? It’s confusing? Does Mihir love Aaliya or Rinki or Mihika?

    1. Rinki don’t want to be unfaithful but it was Shagun who did this to Mihir and Rainki.
      Shagun is the one who creat trouble in Mihir life and want to separate Mihir lovers.

      Mihir supposed to married to Mihika but Shagun send the objection the marriage to stop Mihir and Mihika wedding in the Marriage Court. so that Mihir must let Shagun married to Ashok first.

      Shagun want to create trouble in Rinki and want to blame on Ishita but everyone fumed at Ishita but Romi save Ishita and blame Shagun did all and want to revenge on Ishita and Shagun ask the faked doctor to get 5 chore from Romi and Romi does not have money so Shagun tell Romi to take from Raman’s company. Romi took out 5 chore from Raman’s company to blame on Ishita’s father but Raman save father in law. Romi then realised that Shagun is behind this and told all families. Raman and Bhalla get fumed. Mrs Bhalla slapped Shagun and tell Raman to throw Shagun out. Raman threw Shagun out. Mihir loves Ishita and agreed to marry Rinki. Mihir and Rinki loves get blossom. Shagun know about Rinki best friend but Rinki believed on her friend that Raman is the boss of the company but did not know that Mihir is the CEO of the company. Rinki made mistake for having an affair when Mihir went to US for meeting and presentation. Ishita then findout from Rinki because Rinki felt guilty and confessed. Ishita then scold Rinki but the guy blackmail Rinki. Rinki got shot at the fair but blame on Mihir for killing her but Mihika save Mihir then police want to arrest Mihika because of Ashok lied. Mihir, Raman and ACP Abhishek save Mihika and know it was mistake and did not know the different of guns.

      MIhir want Mihika back in his life but don’t want to because of Ashok refused to sign divorce. Social worker (Subbu mother in law) helo Mihika to get Ashok sign the divorce. Mihir want to be alone because of Shagun want to ruin his life. That is why Shagun force Aylia to enter Mihir life and Mihir don’t want anyone to enter his life. Mihika supposed to take Mihir back but Romi want Mihika then Mihir send all ladies away from his life. So Mihir only love Ishita and respect her.

  4. Kill that vamp shagun….how dare she say that raman was always her and he will come back to her….yuck….oh god ,it means we will have to witness another custody battle!!!….does anyone remember , in one episode shagun went to meet a lawyer to discuss about pihus custody…lawyer asked shagun how bhallas did such a big mistake…I doubt shagun has done something which will force raman to support her…..thats why shagun challenged ishita that Raman will come back to her….poor mani….he is honest in his relationship with shagun….always trying his best to make shagun comfortable and happy….And Thaks to CVs… they gave little relief by solving romi mihika problem….

    1. Raman and Ishita lose Pihu custody to Shagun.
      Pihu will see if Shagun take good care of her and realised that Shagun doesn’t love her.
      Shagun wait for Raman to come back to her but never happened.
      Raman still be with Ishita. Shagun can’t think properly that she is married to Mani.
      I think that Mani want Ishita so is Shagun want Raman.
      Ishita don’t love Mani and Raman don’t love Shagun.
      Raman and Ishita loves each other.
      Mihir reject Aylia’s love and Mihir told Aylia that he doesn’t love Aylia and Mihir then tell Aylia that Mihir still only love Rinki. Aylia then realised Adi loves her so she called Adi but Raman answer it and shout on Aylia for hurt Adi then Ishita grab Adi phone from Raman and make Raman calm down then Ishita talk to Aylia. Aylia get hurt that Bhalla put blame on her for Adi condition.

  5. Hello every one and i miss aditya kiran and aliya is looking today so disgusting how could she wear the saari of mihir ex wife looking bad

  6. Hello aastha your comment is good but aliya today look disgusting after wearing the saari of rinki with out permission of mihir i think she get this idea from antagonist shagun

  7. Arr u mad

  8. Yes i am

  9. i read somewhere that adi will turn negative and will join hand with shagun.. is that true? ? i don’t want adi to turn negative.. and if it happens so then he should soon realize his mistake and apologize to everyone till its too late

    1. It’s not true

  10. Wow now ishita in danger to lost adi

    1. Yes maybe Adi will join hands with shaggy because of his instable heartbreak situation…?worst things going to happen… we’ll see

  11. Honestly yaar?!? This trp must go low…?

    And about that shaggy…ishu must take care of her…like yaar seriously…?

  12. By the way is anyone writing adi-alia fanfiction? ?Really wanting some right now ???

  13. Just want to know whether this cvs are brainless ? How can Shaghun clain Raman when she betrayed him and took a divorce from him … But happy to see that Ishitha challenged her to prove whether Raman loves her … Shaghun has something concrete regarding Pihu s custody as well as Ramans .. but now for Raman more than kids Ishitha is his everything .. I am sure Pihu will choose Ishitha only even not also Raman will leave Pihu … he cant afford to lose Ishitha .. that is crystal clear . before when Raman faces problems .. Ishitha used to tell we will solve it together now when Ishitha is upset he tells why r you worried we together can solve … Their chemistry is awesome but I feel being lead roles they are not given more scenes than Shaghun .. Shaghun opened up today even if it comes ruining Adi Ruhi Alia and anyone .. she will not let Ishitha live peacefully ..Felt very sad for Mihir … he lost his Mihika but he was true to Rinki though she was not .. he has no one to share .. Alia got to know her place … Adi ignoring Mihir understandable but Raman … I think he was upset thinking of Mihir . Mihirs affection to his Ishitha bhabi is adorable … what was that suspense drama by Mrs Bhalla Vandhu and Mihika … utter nonsense … so cvs MBA can be secured so easily … but i was very sure Romi was not cheating Mihika … he too loves his Bhabi too much like Mihir .. anyways bhi to all …

    1. That true VP

  14. Why is there too many complications
    just give pihu custody to ishita and raman
    And they both should get married
    adi has to try and understand the fact that shagunvis doing tht not ishita as he thinks she has ruined his life ??????

    1. Adi had forget Shagun truth face because of his heartbroken and believed on Aylia’s mouth. Aylia should stop blame on Ishita. Ishita did not know about her love for Mihir. Adi should stop behave like wild dog and listen to Ishita at once. Ishita had made Adi clear that she doesn’t know about Aylia love for Mihir. She only know that Adi love Aylia. Shagun doesn’t want Adi and Aylia to be close so Shagun is revenging on Ishita.

      Adi will realised that Shagun did this and will hate himself for hurting Ishita. Adi will ask Ishita to slap him and Ishita refused to slap Adi. Adi will realised that Ishita love him.

  15. Hi all yhm fans.shaggy is a real witch. Poor ishu feeling so sorry for her.i hope cvs don’t turn Adi negative.

  16. I think everyone should let aaliya n mihir work things out for themselves

  17. Romi and Makiha’s – what a relief and hope its the that way – a nice surprise and twist. Lovely episode – good story.

  18. shreya shetty

    no no nooooo.please adi dotn turn negative please don’t dare join dirty hands with that stupid evil b***h shagun to destroy ishita,plzzzzz.if u do so then I am gonna hate u and ur stupid acting both Adi and shagun.aaaaaagh adi became mad like hell.i just feel like frying both shaggy and adi in a pan now.shagun u will lose this war and I predict that pihu will hate u like a bitter gourd and come to her respective ishimaa!!!!pihu should choose ishita before shagun manipulates her even more.raman and ruhi please save pihu from wicked wretched evil dizty dirty b*****y witch shaguns evil clutches before she turns negative again.adi go to hell if u wish to trouble ur ishimaa,how dare u as a son of a biological mother ishita,could think of troubling ur mother.are these the values to be taught to small children like go and start disrespecting ur parents like that even if they didn’t hurt them still revenging,disgusting I say YUCK TWWWW GROSS SON ADI.I WISH U WOULD VE COMMITED SUICIDE AND RAMAN TOO COULDNT BRING U UP WITH PROPER CARE THATS WHATS WRONG WITH U UGLY TOAD DOG ADI

    1. I don’t know why didn’t the court ask Pihu whoshe want to stay with Shagun or papa?
      Remember judge ask Ruhi who she want to stay with Papa or Shagun. But Ruhi chosed Ishita over Raman and Shagun. Raman then married to Ishita to get Ruhi. Ashok tricked and make Ruhi scared that Raman will send Ruhi to the hostel and will not love her and Raman will divorce Ishita. Ruhi scared. Judge the ask Ruhi again then Ruhi tell she will stay with Shagun. Ashok and Shagun happy and Raman and Ishita get sad but didn’t know about Ashok did this. Judge then witness Ruhi look at Ishita with sad face and Ishita noticed and get sad. Judge tell to take break for 15 minutes then will call all back. Judge then call Ruhi and ask question private without other knowledge. Judge call all back to courtroom and give the preside. Judge announce that Ruhi will be send to her mother so Shagun get happy but Judge made clear that Ruhi will go to Ishita. Bhalla and Ishita get happy and Shagun and Ashok get shocked. Shagun argue with judge then judge order Shagun to be silent. Judge tell Ruhi to tell others what happened like you told me. Ruhi then tell all about Ashok blackmail and scared her and Raman fumed. Ishita won Ruhi custody. Ruhi call Ishita Ish mama. Ishita then smile and goes to Ruhi and hug her. Raman start meltdown see Ruhi and Ishita love and smile.

      Ruhi will tell Pihu about Shagun everything. Ruhi will be kidnapped by Shagun and send Ruhi to Nidhi. Nidhi take hunter to beat Ruhi. Ishita arrived to Nidhi place and witness it.Ruhi then grab hunter from Nidhi then beat Nidhi badly. Ishita bring Ruhi home. Pihu apply ominent on Ruhi injured. Ishita bring Raman and send Raman to be with his 2 daughter. Ishita see Raman and 2 daughters bond then leave.

  19. Now as per news shagun will get pihus custody.this is all because of adi Going to jail.oh god save us from watching this crap.

  20. dont separate isra. There will be no twists. Just have to windup this serial.
    Coz its all crap.

  21. But ruhi we will have to watch this crap god can’t save us from this stuff

  22. Thanks for the comedy Shagun. Yesterday what a comedy. First u told Ishitha that Raman is yours which you know Raman is not yours. Then you tell Mani would go back to Australia. Why should he go back his wife is here in Delhi and if you think that you could get divorce. I think a divorce could happen only after a year and 6 months that is a pretty long time. Finally you talked about pihu custody. Even if you win pihu custody case. Pihu can never be yours because pihu wants both Raman and you. Before the leap you had manipulated Adi. But Adi never knew about his papa love for him. But pihu knows about her papa love. Do you know what advantage Raman has over you. He has Ishitha. Actually Mani could try to become Raman but you can’t be Ishitha. One more thing Shagun when are you going to realise that the stabbing of Mihir or the rumored acid attack on aliya Will be done by Nidhi and Ashok who are using you as puppet.

    1. If Shagun Sleeps with the low Ones Dogs, ( Niddhi, Ashok ) She will have to wake up With Fleas.. Then No Point screaming They are biting.. serves her right. for all the evil she does without even any concern for her own kids. what mother can stoop to such low ways. Leave Ishu & Raman aside.

    2. Shagun is the really mocking clown monkey!
      Ishita know what is right?
      Raman will never be yours, Shagun?
      If Shagun get Pihu custody Raman will never goes to Shagun.
      Save your breath Shagun.
      Raman will never leave Ishita for you, Shagun.
      hello hello hi bye bye to Shagun. lol

  23. please make shagun positive writers its a request make her realize mistakes please

  24. In the upcoming episode Shagun decides to ruin everyone’s life making Aliya-Mihir married.Raman try to make her understand but all hus efforts go in vain as she thinks that when she did somuch for the family then also she did notget anything.So it is better to be wicked and play evil games, Raman and Ishita discuss the problem with Mihir in order to find the solution of the problem.Raman-Ishita try taking out solution of theproblemThen they decide that they must expose Shagun because once this happens then everything will get fine and they will be able to unite Aditya and Aliya.Now they will makemaster plan to expose Shagun in front of everyone.

  25. If all these spoilers to believe there is a chance of atleast 500 episodes to go …Simply Shaghun creates problems and Ishitha and Raman will solve the problems ..Please put a full stop to this dirty games exposed to the audience … KP and Dt is the best of best in small tv industry .. feeling sorry for them …Mihir will never turn negative .. thot Mani and Adi too .. Playing with our emotions … Every body including Mani knows what is Shaghun and yet they are all fools to fall for her …cvs i want to come and salute you personally … if you can give an appointment … one slap .. I want to give … why should we blame poor actors …

  26. Parichary. I am a huge fan of your comments. But I feel sometimes. You are over exaggerating the issues. Yes I agree Shagun stopped Mihir-mihikha marriage. But after Rinki death did they show Mihir mihikha romance. I don’t think so.. You know what’s the difference between Shagun and Ishitha. Shagun wen she was positive she was decent but Ishitha like you said is a goddess. You know Shagun had the entire bhalla family was hers except Raman and Adi. She also could not bring the gap between the Iyers and Bhallas. She could not question Raman. I don’t have any doubt that Shagun loves pihu but with Ishitha in picture and Ishitha bringing everyone together made her believe that Ishitha would take pihu from her rather than Sharing it with her. Only pihu can make her realise that. It will be too late.

    1. Raghu , what decency Shaghun had … I really doubt she loves even Pihu … Shaghun doesnot know the meaning of love …

    2. LOL VP Thank a ton for asking Raghu question.

      Raman and Shagun was married first but Shagun dumped Raman for Ashok and took Adi. Shagun and Ashok brainwash Adi to make Adi hate Raman and lied to court that Raman abused Adi. Raman did not abused Adi. Raman only scold Adi because Adi did bad schoolwork and Shagun is not supervision. Adi then ran from Raman and fell down from the stairway. Shagun had affair with Ashok at this time and Raman did not know. Ruhi was 6 month old Shagun want to divorce Raman and stay with Ashok. Raman did not give love to Ruhi because of Shagun but Raman’s parents took care of Ruhi. Ruhi was 5 years old Ruhi need love and need mother also. Ruhi was about to knockdown but Ishita save Ruhi on time. Ruhi found Ishita a best mum for her and want Ishita to marry her dad (Raman). Raman and Ishita are neighbour.

      Don’t blame Ishita that for her wrongdoing. Ishita have made clear to Shagun that I (Ishita) will not take Pihu away from you (Shagun) so Pihu is always Shagun daughter and Ishita will not separate Raman from Shagun. Ishita had to move on. Raman refused to take Shagun back in his life. Raman does not love Shagun. Pihu like Ishita when they met for the first time and Raman understood that Ishita is Pihu mother not Shagun. Raman has made Shagun clear that he did not love Shagun and Shagun should move on. Ruhi custody was bit close so Ruhi will decided that Ruhi will stay with Nidhi or Ishita. Raman then goes to his romm and break the mirror and throwing things and Ishita enter and get shocked and stop Raman. Raman then strangle Ishita and blame Ishita for Ruhi. Raman stopped strangle Ishita for 2 minutes and cried. Raman tell Ishita that Ruhi will leave today then yoo (Ishita) will be leaving and I (Raman) will be alone again. Raman pleaded with Ishita to not to leave him again. Ishita then decided to stay back for Raman and Raman want Ishita back in his life. Raman and Ishita got back. Ruhi gave Raman and Ishita if they want Ruhi stay back so Ruhi gave her condition in from of Bhalla family, Shagun, Nidhi and Ashok that Raman and Ishita should get married. Raman and Ishita agreed on Ruhi condition. Raman and Ishita was about to get ready with priest to give date for the marriage. Nidhi and Ashok send goons to kidnapped Ruhi but failed because Shagun order Anil to send goons to kidnapped Ruhi but mistaken to kidnapped Ishita. Ishita was kidnapped for 2 days and Kidnappers warn Raman if he inform police then goons will kill Ishita. Raman cried and shouting and behave madly. Shagun then slap Raman that shocked all families. Shagun play as innocent person. Shagun don’t want Raman and Ishita remarried for Ruhi. Nidhi tell judge that Raman want to take Ruhi away but Raman and Ruhi returned home. Nidhi play like innocent and worry in front of judge. Raman tell Nidhi to stop fooling others then tell judge that Nidhi is lying then show the video of Nidhi and Ashok plan to kidnapped Ruhi. Judge and everyone get shocked. Judge gave Ruhi to Raman and Ishita. Ishita escaped from goons and came home. Raman get shocked Ishita came Bhalla house with Burka. Raman then get happy and get worry to see Ishita weak. Ruhi felt bad and cried. Ruhi want to leave Bhalla house alone but stop by Mani. Mani esplain about what happened in 7 years ago and Ruhi realised that it was not Ishita fault and Ruhi start to forgive Ishita and get all the love from Ishita.

      Shgaun get unhappy that Ishita is back home and be with Raman. Raman took care of Ishta.
      Goons want to attack Raman and Ishita but Raman ask goon to kill Ishita but Ishita argue with Raman make goons irriated. Mihir and other mistaken threw chilli powder and pepper powder in Ishita when Ishita open the door. Goon take knife and point on Ishita neck to threaten to slit Ishita neck. Raman get tensed and plead with goon to stop then goon get distract Raman then grab goon hand and knife from Ishita neck then Raman beat goons. Police arrive and arrest goons. Ishita then scream for Raman and Raman get tensed and run to Ishita. Raman then took care of Ishita. Raman still love Ishita. Raman don’t want to lose Ishita.

      Shagun want Ishita to leave Bhalla house if Ishita don’t leave then Shagun will take Pihu. Pihu tell Bhalla that she hate Ishita then Ishita packed her clothes and leave Bhalla house and Raman stopped Ishita to leave. Ruhi and Adi ask Raman to go for a dating with Ishita without Shagun and Pihu knowledge. Shagun plan to trapped to Raman and Ishita romance in front of Pihu but save by Adi. Ishita gave big injection on Shagun that Shagun get scared. Raman look on and smile. Ishita is taking revenge on Shagun for using Pihu.

  27. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) encourages Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) to beat Nidhi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ruhi comes to meet Nidhi alongwith Ishita.

    Ruhi says something to Nidhi and Nidhi starts beating her while Ruhi complains to Ishita about Nidhi but Ishita tells Ruhi that now she has grown up and she will have to fight for her own.

    Ruhi then stop Nidhi’s hand beats Nidhi badly with hunter and makes her fall on chair.

    Ishita praises Ruhi and tells her that now she should not let anyone torture her anymore.

    Shagun comes to meet and is angry seeing Nidhi’s condition but they decide not to leave Ishita happy anymore.

    Soon, Adi gets arrested for throwing acid on Aaliya which makes Mani angry and he breaks friendship with Ishita.

    Mani (Sumit Sachdev) helps Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) getting Pihu’s custody from Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita

    Shagun was waiting this opportunity long time and she takes Mani’s help getting Pihu’s custody.

    Shagun and Mani prove to the court that Raman and Ishita not good parent as their son Adi in jail so that Shagun gets Pihu’s custody.

    1. I told you VP this will happen! Ishita and Mani friendship broke. Mani will realised his mistake and will ask Ishita for forgiven and Ishita will refused.

  28. OMG Shivani … how bad the story line is going …..

  29. can anybody tell me who is rinki an what happened to him

    1. Elsa

      Mihir was married to Rinki and they loved each other very much but Rinki died due to mihikhas mistake

    2. Rinki is Raman younger sister and married to Mihir.
      Rinki had been shot by someone and they arrest Mihika.
      Mihika did not know the real gun is there so she thought it is toy gun.
      Rinki is standing behind the tent to watch Ishita and guy chat.

  30. please turn shagun positive

  31. just because you cant get a girl you will throw acid on her,Adi you should be in jail forever,i was annoyed with Aliya because she did not love you but in reality you are just like your mom shagun when you cant get someone no one else can right? and i do know who was Mihir wife if what you guys said is the truth about Mani taking shagun side he will regret it shagun can never love anyone but shagun even her own children she is not sparing just hope all this madness ends soon

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