Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Raman’s behavior worries Ishita

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita running and hugging Raman. He asks where were you. She says where were you, you didn’t try to know about me. He says I have to express everything. She says it would be good if you try to say feelings. They hug. Ashok holds Ishita and asks her to come. She sees Raman far. Ruhi, Adi and Shagun get shocked seeing Ishita. Ishita recalls her words. Ishita goes to Raman. He formally greets her. She says I m Ishita, your new investor. He says nice to meet you, come. She thinks don’t make me a stranger, I will not let you forget me.

Adi cries and says you…. how did you come here, why did you not call, you came here with Ashok, what is this mean man doing here. Raman asks Adi have you forgotten your manners, they are our investors, shut up and mind your

language. Shagun goes to Raman and says she is Ishita. Raman says yes, she told me just now. He asks Ishita to come for the meeting. Ishita thinks everything changed, Ruhi is sitting alone, Raman and Shagun are on one side. Simmi says I should call Shagun and know, we will get this investment. She gets Parmeet’s call. She says don’t know how is meeting going on, I m waiting for Shagun’s call. He asks her to stay with Raman, she knows why is he doing this. She says sorry, I will go. He says just I know how I m managing business here, this deal is imp.

Shagun says we thought to come for meeting after knowing about your company. We came for work and family outing. Raman says I know you are a mean man and mean businessman, why is Ishita ji with him. Ashok says you know your company is in trouble, even then you have attitude. Raman asks Ishita what is she doing with such a mean man, I will collaborate with you. She says Raman…. He says Mr. Raman Bhalla for you, tell me. Shagun asks him to relax. He says I m just saying name.

Amma says how can she go, she didn’t call us. Appa says Ishita joined hands with Ashok, that cheap man. Amma says maybe Ashok threatened her. Bala says no, she has gone by her will. Appa says she got abroad with him. Amma says she would have better stayed in jail. Ishita says I knew Ruhi, Adi and you work well, you will handle our investment well, I want us to go Delhi and formalize the deal. Ruhi says I think you are believing in company thinking I m part of it, I m not related to Bhalla industries, my own company is Ruhi industries, I m responsible for their loss. Raman says yes, Ruhi is doing pretty well. Ishita asks separately. Ruhi says yes, its your decision now, you will know whose company is successful, my company is on number one, Raman is not the same man, no one asks him in market now, and his assistants Adi and Romi will always be his assistants, they are sinking, let them sink, I would suggest you invest in my company.

Adi asks her to stop it. Ishita thinks did Nikhil make Ruhi against Raman. She says you are right, we have to reconsider the decision, let me complete, you are right Ruhi, you are young, you have energy, you have new ideas, but Raman has experience of 20 years, its our money, we have to decide, its my decision, we will invest in both companies, I have a condition Ashok, they have to work together. Ruhi refuses. Raman says I agree, Ruhi is not our enemy, we can work with her. Ruhi says thanks, I will tell my decision. She leaves. Raman asks Ishita will she have coffee. Simmi comes and gets shocked seeing Ishita. She recalls the past. She says Lord will never forgive you, I won’t forgive you, you want to come back in my family. She sees Ashok with her. She says did she see Raman, no I have to do something, Parmeet will tell me the solution now.

Ishita says Mr. Bhalla, how is everyone at home. Raman says none of your business, why are you getting personal, tell me, who is at your home, did you marry. She says Raman… He says I told you Mr. Raman. She says sorry. He leaves. He slaps Adi and says you are manager, you don’t know how you manage your time, idiot. Ishita gets shocked.

Ishita asks Adi why is Raman talking to him like this, why did he call him manager. Adi leaves. Shagun asks what are you thinking, its your doing, Raman’s strange behavior is all thanks to you, what are you doing here, Raman came to meet you in jail, you asked him to leave, what you did with Ananya. Ishita asks her not to start that topic. Shagun says you returned, but didn’t come home, you are here with Ashok. Ashok asks are you jealous. Shagun says just shut up.

She says thank God for Simmi, she managed home and business, everything is fine except Raman, Simmi has managed the family, you didn’t see them and roaming with Ashok. Ishita says I m not roaming, I was behind bars for two years, I had no option, I kept family away, what did you do, I requested you to take care of family, I wrote clearly in letter, you didn’t take care of them. Shagun says I didn’t get any letter, even I have a life, this was your family, you snatched this family from me, why, you left everything. She goes. Ishita says I did that to save Pihu, but how did this happen, Ashok my family got ruined, I didn’t wish this, but this happened, why….. she cries.

Ishita says Raman could have smiled, got annoyed, hugged or pushed away, he looked hypnotized. Simmi says your head is aching as you didn’t take dose. Shagun asks Simmi didn’t medicines not get less. Ishita asks how is Simmi controlling Raman. Aaliya says everything changed. Ishita says I will manage everything now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What the hell? Simmi hypnotising raman????? Now a new romance begins…. cheers for yhm…. after 8 months i started watching it again… hope cvs wont ruin this… pls bring old yhm back….

  2. I am seeing episode after so many months but i was reading fans comments daily and guys from past two day i am seeing that fans are commenting like mindblowing episode and wonderfull episode please tell me what is mindblowing about this crap show seriously illogical storyline what does the makers want to show that by doing this crap that wife and husband always get seperated when problem arise ,siblinngs enimty, children being rivals to there parents, before we used to talk ill about shagun character now ishitha character is not less than shagun first raman after7 years leap she was with mani then after 1 year leap she was with vidyut now after 2 year leap she is with ashok ok we can understand she didnt wish to go to bhalla family but she could have stayed with iyers they showed ashok has positive but for how long he will be negative once again and ruhi i seriously dont understand how come ruhi become so sucessfull in one year first she dont have proper education ok lets consider to run a bussiness you need business idea she was 8 years when niddi kidnapped but ruhi didnt manage her bussiness niddhi mangaed ruhi business ruhi was just a puppet in niddhi hands ruhi didnt have any idea of business ok lets conclude she had worked with raman for some months but how come she overtook romi and adi in bussiness because romi and adi were business men from starting and how come adi and romi dont have bussiness idea like ruhi and why is no one questioned param even when bussiness is getting loss and how come no knows that simmi is giving memory loss tablet to raman will no one in family check the tablets before giving and ishitha is she educated in which court they will send a child to jail without proper hearing and evidence and the doctor didnt do post moterm for anaya which is important for a police case without any proper evidence how can police and judge give judgement and ishitha what example she is setting for her children that get seperated from our husbands or run away from away from your family when problem arise seriously a total crap yhm has died long back now its in dead beat and the result is before 2 years yhm was getting postion in top 5 but now this show is struglling to get postion in top 10 yhm could have ended after ishitha pergnancy track and ekta could have started yhm2 by now but no its typical ekta kapoor show she want to drag it for years at one side there are show like IB, namkaran which shows good values and improtance of relatonships and at another side ekta kapoor shows which shows relationships has joke and spreading negativity and biggest joke this type of crap shows get high trps i wish all tv channels should ban ekta kapoor shows

    1. Hey Abishek
      I do agree with everything you have said
      I myself said that this show should have ended way back
      I made my analysis of the show after the 6 years leap
      Months by months they have butchered Ishita, Raman, Adi, Ruhi and Shagun. I have stopped watching or reading updates but I heard about the leap and thought to check the pages.

    2. anay bangalore

      I need to take business lessons from Ruhi so that i can also become successful in one year. From past one year I am struggling come pout of the loss i made because of my business. Let me also know how Ekta made ruhi successful in one year

    3. So, so true! You have covered it all well. Totally agreed!

  3. Very true Abhishek ! All said well . whatever reasons be I can digest Ishitha with Ashok .
    Twist is interesting than expected becoz audience thought Ishitha is married to Ashok .
    Totally negative vibes in the family .

    1. Hey VP mam I do agree with you
      Months and months of negativity – YHM need a brand new injection of positivity or they end the show

    2. Sorry I meant I cant digest Ishitha being with Ashok !

  4. omg that a load of crap. I stop viewing long time ago. just reading the update once in a while. This is rubbish. Just stop the series if they dont know what to do.

  5. This doesn’t even show in Canada anymore.

  6. Hey all, VP mam, Sindhu and others.
    I have to agree with Abishek on his analysis – Ekta mam Should just end the show and start a new one.
    Now it is becoming more stupid after many months of not watching and staying off this page, I am tempted to give an opinion. It is not to offend or discourage those who love this show. I am just venting my frustration on the CVs for destroying such a wonderful show and concept. When they started, I dreamed of being a mother like Ishita who can love any child as her own – that was beautiful. We saw Raman even though he was arrogant but will do anything for his children to the point of marrying a woman who could not have children. We watched them bonded as friends, then as husband and wife and finally lovers. It was also beautiful to watch the two families bonding and becoming one family who celebrates all occasions and festivities as one despite their cultural differences. We were very proud of you Ekta mam of this new Nayi Soch but what happens after is well look at your TRPs and read fans frustration in their comments. You could still have a leap without this married couple having a separation. Come on yaah. We the young ones are easily impressionable and need some positivity. This is my take as the leap is showing
    1) Shagun keeps accusing Ishita of taking her family when she knows is not true. Making her sound stupid and we know she is not
    2) I believe that it is plausible for Ruhi to be that successful in two years as we know majority of the millionaires and billionaires businessmen and women do not have a formal education in business or their craft
    3) I believe that it is plausible that Adi and Romi have failed as Param is controlling the Bhalla empire and do not allow them to take or make decisions. And they stay on for Raman sake because of his condition.
    4) I believe that the CVs are saying that because Simmi is so fuelled with revenge fire that she took advantage of Raman’s condition – depression and got everything transfered to her but then the CVs failed here again as the Bhallas industries was in Ishita’s name so how was that done without her signature. After she had asked Raman and her children not to visit.
    5) Shagun is accusing Ishita of leaving but did she – she went to jail. And why didn’t she go visit her, even if it was to tell her off.
    6) I am also surprised at Adi’s why he never visited her in jail – remember when Adi went to Jail, Ishita got herself locked up to get to the truth. Why didn’t he remembered that.
    7) As for Raman, he knew Ishita was lying so why did he give up because she said go away – he should have fight and find ways to get her out (so if Ashok can do it why couldn’t he). If it was about the family – he could have taken Ishita and his four children and move to another country
    8) As for Ishita they are still trying to show her as a goddess mother but please come on yaah – how can Pihu learn right from wrong when her mother taught her to lie and to escape punishment for wrong. With all her education can’t she see that this is more damaging for Pihu than whatever punishment the courts would have given her. And if she was thinking about Simmi’s wrath that could have been avoided as well. In this I do not see Ishita’s logic of protecting Pihu. There is an old saying that mothers are the first teachers and teachers are the second mothers (excuse gents who are teachers as Teaching was primarily dominated by women).
    9) Ishita again kept her husband in the dark – why is that? You are married, you love each other and the child belongs to you both – what are you trying to show that you are the only One that loves her. She should have told Raman the truth. She lied to her family, her in laws, her husband and in court (she can still go to jail for a long time for that with about 3 counts of offence, lying, obstructing justice, & wasting court time). I really can’t believe that Ishita is EDUCATED.
    10) Mrs Bhalla has been shown as a crappy mother both her daughters are awful and always ready to destroy their own family – no unity in them – her sons are okay they seems to have taken after Mr Bhallas. So Mrs Bhalla you fight all the time that Ishita is your daughter and then when problem arises you show that you are a true mother in law. I cannot take Mrs Bhalla I find her too idiotic
    11) Ishita again is always for the Bhallas – she was released and she did not even contacted her aged parents – what sort of daughter are you? I am sorry I really don’t like Ishita on this as well.
    12) Shagun is labelled as selfish but whenever the Bhallas need her she put her life on hold and drops everything for them. And whenever they don’t have Ishita they come to Shagun and when they have her they dropped her. In that family only Ishita has treated Shagun with respect. Shagun need to stop being used by that family, she should only get involved if it is about her children. She should concentrate on her family.
    13) Ruhi is very angry because she does not know the full truth about her father and how could Ruhi just walked out and not meet Ishita. I must say I am proud that they made her a successful businesswoman and yes it is possible to compete with your own parents in business and keep it healthy – that is why most business moguls encourage their children to join their business to avoid conflict. I am suspecting that Ruhi left because of Simmi and in this case Ruhi is not competing with Raman par se but Param which I am proud of that she is bringing him down.
    14) I don’t think Ishita should invest in Raman company whilst Param is heading it as his intention is to destroy the Bhallas and I really want that to happen so that Simmi can see how stupid and foolish she has been. That I will watch.
    15) As for Simmi even though she has lost a child I really do not feel sorry for her. I know the actress has been trying to get more screen space but they could have made it a positive one not recycle her old character. She was working as business woman for Bhalla industries so why didn’t they make her very successful in one of their subsidiaries and show us her journey.

  7. I continue my analysis
    16) Param – what an idiotic man – the wife when you were ill took her brother’s money to help cure you and you wanted to destroy them. I love seeing men in suit but Param in one just made every suit in the world dirty.
    17) Adi and Romi should have left the company and not work under Param like Ruhi did. Romi used to have his own sucessful business and I do know that he merged with Raman so that means he had a stake in Raman’s business.
    18) Ashok role is very plausible because if he is on his last stage in life then he is trying to atone for his past misdeeds, which most people do. I love the positivity of his character, shows growth
    19) So there is a triangle in YHM were Ishita and Shagun are in the middle and they move between Raman, Mani and Ashok come on yaah – what is this.
    20) I might comment again once I find out what happened to the rest of the characters.
    YHM producers and CVs please do us a favour tidy up this mess or call it a day, you have moved so far from the original concept.

  8. whatever has happened. we just want to forget it. Now move on with ishra, romance and happiness. Poor ishu has sacrificed her life for this family and also husband. Hope there is no more crime and negativity. Concept is lost. Let them lead a family life with little problems and proper solutions.

  9. Hi Missy ! Truely analysed . As we all know from surrogancy track onwards the negativity started pumping and to make AH positive , butchered Raman Ishitha and Ruhi . Its simple as that . Now they are trying to make her like Ishitha …
    Look at the way she questioned on Ashok . She spent years with him for luxury , was together for all crimes and now he is a disgusting ! Ishithas character is forgive … as in life forgive is easy but one cant forget the bad deeds . I really feel all planned by Raman and Ashok .
    He remembers every one , but not his Ishitha nd children . If Simmy is giving him medicines for memory loss , it can be .Ruhi is not negative , she is securing fathers business .Raman had invested on Ishitha in between ,so that can be rooted thru Ashok for her safety .There is no ethics and logics in the story now . Just watching to know whats happening and def for Ishras perfomance .No tv couples have given a feel to audience like Ishra .Adi nd Alia can take care of Raman … Why Shaghun ? And the funniest part is all are meeting in Budapest ! Missy missed you and all others Shivani Magic Rithu Sindhu Parichay … many ! We will wait nd see what happens next ?

    1. I feel it’s a drama by raman ishita ruhi to expose everything while param is busy in destroying ruhi is busy in saving it about ashok I don’t want him to be positive coz he being villain adds more spice to the drama

      1. WOW 1234 if this is so then it will be good to see Simmi’s face when all unraveled.

    2. Yes VP mam I am also keeping track on how they are taking this new storyline.
      I do agree with you that it is difficult to see Ashok with Ishita but he could have change. There must be a reason why Ishita agreed to go with Ashok.

    3. Yes VP mam I was thinking about what you said that this could be Raman and Ashok’s planning because he remembers everyone except his family
      He could be playing a game with Simmi knowing what her and Parmeet are up to. Because he, himself is not sure of who Ishita is protecting. Oh my word if that is the case as you thought then this is going to be interesting view to see how it all pans out.

  10. Missy I dont agree with two of your comments- 5) Shagun is accusing Ishita of leaving but did she – she went to jail. And why didn’t she go visit her, even if it was to tell her off.i I wont agree with this. In tuesdays episode it was clear that for two years the Iyers have tried to meet Ishitha but Ishitha rejected to meet them. In that case would she have met Shagun, Adi, Romi, Ruhi, Pihu aliya, Mani and Mr. Bhalla. 9) Ishita again kept her husband in the dark – why is that? You are married, you love each other and the child belongs to you both – what are you trying to show that you are the only One that loves her. She should have told Raman the truth. She lied to her family, her in laws, her husband and in court (she can still go to jail for a long time for that with about 3 counts of offence, lying, – I also dont agree with this comment. Ishitha did correct in this matter because she is Pihu mom. In the beginning of the show Raman did something similar remember Adi’s accident of his grandmother (Mrs Iyer). Raman went against the whole family to protect him. Its been like that from both Raman and Ishitha through out yhm. They always put their children first. Each of their break ups has been because of their children. I sometimes wonder if for once Ishtiha and Raman think of their happiness before their children’s

    1. Raghu I agree with what you said that Ishra always put their children first,which is good not downing on them for that but I believe that in this case they have grown as a couple and she should have told him so that they will work out what best for their family. Secondly why I did not agree with Shagun is that Ishita wrote her a letter which we all know she didn’t get but if she had gone to see her initially she would have known about the missing letter – that was my point here not to demean Shagun but to point out that she herself did not care for Ishita. Of everyone she was the only one that she personally tried to contact.
      The CVs have made their writings very sloppy.

      1. Missy I agree with you but I still feel as parents both Raman and Ishitha have failed. The thing is they have love friendship and even trust but all this goes to nothing. Total of around 1,300 episodes in all of these episodes the Reason behind Raman and Ishitha break up has been their children. They think Adi Ke liya, Ruhi Ruhi ke liye, Pihu ke liya. I blame both of them Both Raman and Ishitha have not thought what the other might feel when they take individual decisions. If I were Raman I would have taken Ishitha without the kids and lived with Ishitha alone. Let the rest of them deal with themselves.. So that ruhi realise who is important in life

  11. Totally agree with Abhishek and Missy. Even though your analysis is too lengthy, absolutely hundred percent true, both of you wrote what is in my mind.

    1. ???????

      1. Hi Missy and Raghu … How can Ishitha tell the truth to Raman if cvs wNt space for AH .
        Butchered Ishraru ! Its their plan ! Ashok I dont know … As Raghu says I preferto be with husband in these cases where Adi once and then Ruhi repeatedly blaming parents .
        Shaghun is siding Simmi , I feel but Raman they made a blotted person . Ekta has no stories in stock other than repetition .

  12. Hello. Where can I read all the episode summaries for YHM?

  13. Hi everybody. I have seen some of you asking this question. How did Ashok get Ishita out of jail while Raman could not do it or just was not interested in finding a way out of jail for Ishita. Above all the other issues this is the one that bothers me the most. What does that say for the love between IshRa. Oh and I want some of those medication that can make you forget only certain people. I can do in forgetting some people. Lol. I think Raman is faking not knowing Ishita. Maybe he got angry seeing her with Ashok.

    1. Lol! So true! I have heard of partial memory loss, but this kind is ridiculous, just as this show?

  14. plz upload sab tvs aadat se majboor’s written episode plz it’s a nice show

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