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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla coming home and surprising everyone. She asks Neelu to make good tea and hot kachoris. She says she missed fighting with Amma. Simmi says she also missed you, freshen up and then fight with her. Mrs. Bhalla asks for Ishita and Raman. Mr. Bhalla says they will come. Raman scolds the office guy and asks where is Mihir, how did you not inform me about imp meeting. Guy says Mihir did not come today. Raman gets Mihir’s letter and reads it. He says what’s happening….

Mrs. Bhalla gives list to Mr. Bhalla. Amma comes and asks Mr. Bhalla about Appa. Mr. Bhalla says he joined laughter club and tells that he wants to try new things. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma why did she get worried. Amma says he did not tell me, why did he hide this. Mrs. Bhalla

says maybe he forgot, you are also busy, he was telling Ruhi that you are boring. Amma says did he say this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, I also find you boring, do something new. Amma thinks she may lose Vishwa and says yes, I have to do something before it gets late. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla says i told her to go for jogging track, don’t know on which track she went.

Shagun talks to her friend and says there is no diwali party and events, you got boring. Aaliya comes to her and gives the couple contest form. She asks Shagun to participate, as she has great fashion sense. Shagun asks are you serious. Aaliya says yes, I m saying as you deserve it, see my client is launching his new brand, it will come in newspapers and tv too, I thought of you first, please enrol. Shagun says but will Mani participate. Aaliya says trust me, I will manage him, you are lucky one to get the form. Shagun agrees and fills form. Aaliya thinks Appa will be glad hearing this news.

Amma sees Appa and goes to him to give the juice. He says keep it. She says weather is very nice today, you would have fun in laughter club. He says yes. She asks how are you. He asks what happened to me. She says i was staring conversation. He says I don’t want disturbance in crossword. She asks him to have juice. He drinks and asks fine?

She tells about those neighbors divorce and the man’s affair. He says we got one life, and we should do what we want, its okay. She says how can you say this, if anything wrong happens between us… He says I wish. She worries. He says I m sorry, I was joking, you were disturbing me, can’t we talk later. He gets a call and talks to someone. He says Maya, what a surprise, no you did not disturb me, I was free at home, yes tell me…. He goes. Amma looks on and thinks what is this new problem Maya.

Raman goes to meet Mihir at his house. He asks Mihir why is he resigning, could he not talk to him about it. Mihir apologizes and says its right to resign, I m responsible, I took Mihika to meet Kunal, Ishita went to jail, Pihu attempted suicide, I felt I should go away from everyone. Raman says stop it, else I will slap, why do you all do what you want, don’t know what is Pihu going through, I should go away, I did not know you will do this, are we not family, I will accept your resignation, leave all of us. Mihir says sorry, I felt I m responsible for all this, I was confused and took this drastic step, sorry. Raman asks him to get ready to meet client. Mihir asks him to promise, Raman and Ishita won’t fight for this, forgive Ishita please, become normal. Raman agrees.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Amma why is she crying. Amma says Vishwa does not love me, I went to talk to him, he went off. She tells whatever he said. Mrs. Bhalla says you know he loves you a lot and will never leave you. Amma says he does not want to see me, he has complains with everything, its small signs, such things start then. Mrs. Bhalla takes her.

Shagun asks Aaliya to choose the clothes.Aaliya asks her to go for shopping and get new suit for Mani as well, buy something new. Shagun likes the idea. Aaliya asks her to go spa and she will feel fresh. Shagun says good idea, I will take Pihu along. Aaliya says she will get bored. Shagun says she does not stay with anyone. Aaliya says I will take her to my friend’s house, she keeps maths classes. Shagun thanks her and goes. Aaliya calls Ishita and says Shagun went. Ishita says Mihika and I will come to counselor, you get Pihu, you have to handle everything, can you handle it alone. Aaliya says yes, Pihu won’t know anything. Ishita hopes Pihu tells truth to doctor.

Mrs. Bhalla gets Amma to parlor for make over. She says you want Appa to focus on you, this is necessary, you should look young like me. Mrs. Bhalla does not let her go and makes her sit. Amma says I don’t want any treatment, I m fine. Amma gets a makeover. Shagun is on the way and tells her friend about the dress, and the big event. The car stops. Driver says I will check it. Shagun sees Aaliya with Pihu. Aaliya tells Pihu that aunty will teach you maths with games. Pihu says it will be fun. Shagun sees Aaliya taking Pihu to child counselor, and says Aaliya said she is taking Pihu to her friend. Shagun says Aaliya lied to me, if Pihu says she did not take the pills, I will fall in problem. She calls Kunal. He asks whats emergency, I m in meeting. She tells Aaliya took Pihu to child counselor. He says I don’t understand anything, just come here. Shagun thinks Ishita is teaching this to Aaliya.

Adi, Romi and Mihir ask Raman to participate. Raman refuses. They provoke Raman and challenge Raman to participate in the couple contest. Raman understands what they mean to do, and still refuses.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi to shivani rithu vp magic parichary and all yhm fans today i like yhm episode very much but evrything is not right in yhm. Rithushree why are you ignoring me i am your friend so pls talk to me from now i will comment nicely no offence i hope everyone will like me now
    Shivani i have another question for you ans me pls How is central uni established? Pls

    1. by an Act of Parliament…..Central universities are covered by the Central Universities Act, 2009, which regulates their purpose, powers governance etc

      1. Yes, right answer central uni are established under an parliament act and under surveillance of HRD ministry and then allowed and undertaken by UGC ACT 1956 for guidline undr central uni act 2009

      2. Magic and Shivani thank you very much now i confident shivani told me right ans because this time both of you ans are same thank you my friends

    2. Thanks hope this time you give me right ans because earlir you said ugc gives grade and magic said naac and i followed you but right ans was naac and i did wrong

      1. Sorry madhu…m really sorry….i gave you wrong information…..

      2. A student shouldn’t have to be sorry to another student i think so because right/wrong atleast you gave information and thats better who didn’t give so, be happy
        And madhu i think you also think that right?

      3. Yes 100% agree with you i think also shivani i like you and your comment v much it means i am your friend so, don’t say sorry ever again ok i am happy now because magic helping me thank you

    3. Hey madhu I am not ignoring you.i will talk to you also . please don’t feel bad yaar .

      1. Thankyou rithu becuse you are only yes only person who is friend of every single person of this site if we are a family than we should talk to every single of this site about yhm ok

    4. HI Shivani, Magic and Madhu.

  2. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    i think again ishita fails shagun wins

  3. I missed the today’s episode.interesting.

  4. Yayyyyy!!!!! Am first

  5. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    hi guys rithu vp jaz az mino monique supergirl sindhu siddi madhu shreya kushi magic saritha sobana sunitha kushiarvind adityakiran ranaji ishveerian and al yhm frds very big hi to al

    1. How Are u Bhagya.. Hope ur are doing fine.. & Ur studies too.. What are u studying.. sorry are u a student??? Anyway if ur a student study well. these serials are not ur future. God Bless U.

  6. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    hi vp mam i also want to see you u r very gud frd of mine and u r giving very valuable suggestions to me

    1. So sweet of you Bhagya … friend ? grandmother … ok tell me where r you from .. which university ? Magic I really want to see …. very very straight person … answers to every one … where r you ? busy with studies ? Parichay your name is so nice I loved it .. R you working ? you told in your comment you cant forgive your parents … but you know we cant forget anything … forgive you must b able to do … you write so well … I am sure you are a highly capable person … start loving yourself …. A beautiful line for all … Relations are insurance policies against lonliness … they need to be renewed with regular premium paid with communication , feelings , love and care . I if you can love and care , thats the succes … your parents never took care of you you said … in return please return back love and care … I was bit heart whelmed by your young age … there are millions worse than us … but its true your younger age affects a lot as you grow … but try to call and start talking to them … take care …South Africa is too far for me to travel …

      1. Very good lines and comment i realy like your lines vp and i also want add something
        “Appreciate what you have today otherwise TIME will make you appreciate what you had that day”

      2. Thank you VP. Yes I am working.

        I can forgiven them but I can’t. They don’t love me as much as they love my sister very much. I don’t live like a normal person. Parent don’t want to communicate with me and always busy with my sister and other families to chat with. I always get lonely and watch tv or busy with my phone games or chat with friend. I don’t appreciate of what parents are treating me like this. Relative has seen this and feel bad so that my cousin and aunty want to pamper but parent keep them busy and ignore me. I am not happy with them and relative try to bring me close to them and ask parent to stop and comes to me. I was sitting silence in the corner on my own without other coming to me. Aunty was much upset that I kept my distance away from parent and relative since my grandfather passed away. Ieas wishing that I was better off dead to be alive. i had minor heart attacked before my grandfather death. I can’t control my pain since long enough. Aunty and cousin loves me so much and want to be there for me to consolled me with love. Parent goes out and did not want me to join as family so I stay at home. Even when family goes on holiday and take me along but giving boring life and they enjoyed outing with mother friend. Mother friend noticed me quiet and lonely and ask parent about me but felt bad for me. Mother friend want me to join her to trip and outing to keep me happy. Mother friend is so kind and loving woman who understand my pain and parents ignorance. Mother friend also like to be alone like me and she loves to talk with me and makes jokes and enjoyed together and parent sit watch tv.

      3. Magic you said right….

      4. Thank you Magic for supporting.

  7. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    if raman leaves with pihu and shagun to australia after 1 yeap then what about mani and aliya?shagun leaves mani?guys can anyone knows this plz clarify my doubt

    1. Yeah I also have a doubt regarding this. Only cvs knows this.

  8. Totally boring episode

  9. Amalina

    come on raman, btw guys how was the epi????//

  10. HI Rithi, VP, Shivani, Mino, Magic, Khushi, Monique, Jaz, Az, Kiran, Siddhi, Bhagya, Padma and many more YHM fans.

    Hey Siddhi how are you? I am doing good.
    VP if you ever come to Singapore, don’t forget to look out for me.

    Coming to today’s episode, this what I don’t like about Cvs. Shagun found out about Aliya bringing Pihu to counselor. This is what I hate the most. Why can’t Shagun know anything? If it were Shagun she escapes unnoticed but if it was Raman, Ishita or Aliya or Adi somehow shagun gets to know it. This is what I am disgusted about. I hate it very much. Nothing escapes Shagun’s eyes when it concerns Pihu or Ishra or Adi…..

    1. You are right. CVS is terribly making stupidity. Every time Shagun gets to know something. I hate this episode. Aliyas plan is gonna fail for sure. The problems are with cvs not with the cast. I expect a good episode but I am losing my cool. Have cvs lost it?? Crappy episode. The trp is going to fall so low for yhm. Om Nama shivaya for yhm.

    2. I will come Sindhu …. once I reach there I will put in this site ….. hai Sindhu … I am in Singapore … Staying …. so and so place … I can plan it … let me see

      1. Hello sindhu how are you? I am also coming with vp and all 50/60 yhm friends will also come with us hahahaha

    3. I totally agree with you sindhu .

  11. Today of episode was interesting!

  12. Ekta n yhm team ruin the whole serial. They doesn’t want to expose shagun n ashok evil plan. N only want to ruin the relationship of Raman n ishita n their family happiness. Negative character is necessary in every serial but too much negativity can ruin the whole serial n become irritating thar no one like to watch n read their update. Yeh hai mohabbatein team has done that mistake – too much shagun n ashok evil plan , too much raman anger, for every mistake blame on ishita.

  13. Very True Sindhu That makes me mad too.. how come what others do is noticeable but what ever she does all go unnoticed , see how Mihir & Mehika got caught to Ashok..he knew everything & trapped them. But the good fail & the bad wins this what makes me mad. Hope that they will get Shagun & Ashok to crawl for forgiveness & lose everything in life. after all they were involved in many shady things. but what we expect does not happen always the other way round. we have to wait & see… hope ur are doing good Sindhu..

  14. Hi all fans. Well these episodes are just fillers until the Australian track begins .sorry to say but other serials are so much nicer to watch than this crappy show yhm.the trp going to fall so low, but what the heck, ekta and her dumb writers are already in a we as viewers should bury them . hahaha. Then we should take over and re write a better script. I’m sure all of us here combined will make an excellent is to all my yhm fans.mwah.

    1. very true Super Girl

    2. Very true Super Girl, I have found other series much more entertaining than YHM.

    3. I agree. This leap year are gonna bit my head off like other programme.

  15. Hello vp how are you? Actually my guide is very stricts, she wants us (all students) up to date thats why i was busy in study
    bu what is going on between mr iyer and mrs iyer i think maya will be new entry in iyer’s life hahahaha

    1. oh I understand …

  16. very boring episode Mrs Bhalla and Mrs Iyers not at all funny now … Mihir Raman conversation was good … I think Ishras plan was to seperate to save Pihu but Shaghun will come up with one fake accident with Pihu … and Raman blames Ishitha and leaves … Assuming …Hi Mino Shivani … Rithu …

    1. I think writers are planning to show the changed behavior of pihu towards ishita… they caanot show a sudden change,they brought this leap….
      Spoilers are very confusing…..some says vidyuts role is to reunite ishra..if its true ,then who is sending flowers cards and gifts to ishita.. ??
      There are two possibilities… is, vidyut loves ishita and sending her all these things….but ishu tells him that she still loves raman…seeing her love ,he plans to reunite them…both finds that Raman is in Australia and plans to go there…
      Secondly,Raman is sending all these things…and vidyut is playing the role of a messenger….Raman realizes pihus changed behavior and calls ishita to Australia as per their plan….

      1. Shivani … true … can be …

      2. I hope your second option is correct. I don’t want Ishita to search for Raman. What would that mean. That he was not interested in being with her.

      3. If the gift have no name then who would be.

        Raman cannot send the gift by courier. Raman has changed his identity to hide from Ishita in Australia. WTH?

        I think that is the plan Ishita will be romance with Vidyut in front of Raman to make him jealous and pretend that he did not see them but will be surprisely to see Ruhi there. Raman will be hurting to see Vidyut with his wife and daughter as a happy family without him. Raman will get drinking again and never forgiven himself. Pihu will be noticed by Raman behaviour and get worry. Pihu will hear Raman mumbling Ishita name and Pihu feel bad and decide to reunited Raman and Ishita.

        Pihu will be surprised to see Ruhi there doing shopping without Ishita. Ishita will be attending the business meeting with other clients. Pihu will approaches Ruhi and Ruhi get shocked to see Pihu there. Pihu get sad and Ruhi ignored her. Pihu runs to Ruhi and ask her to come. Pihu take Ruhi to see Raman. Ruhi will be shocked to see Raman condition and get hurt. Raman get shocked to see Ruhi with Pihu and cried. Raman want to hug Ruhi but Ruhi walk away. Raman get breakdown. Ruhi goes to hotel and wait for Ishita to returned. Ishita get confused why Ruhi is worry. Ruhi will tell Ishita to return home and Ishita ask Ruhi for the reason. Ruhi then take Ishita to Raman place and Ishita get suspension who live this place. Raman feel Ishita close and goes to check. Raman gets surprised when Pihu open the door for Ruhi and Ishita. Ishita get shocked to see Pihu and Raman. Ishtia want to leave. Raman run to Ishita and Ruhi to stop them and want to talk to them and Pihu get tears. Pihu and Raman will start confront to Ishita. Ishita get angry and walk away and leaving Raman shattered. Ishita cried.

    2. Hi Vp How are U? Hope & Pray ur doing good. I love the way u keep everyone going . So sweet Our Very Own VP. Our trouble shooter…Who calms everyone.. Love from me too. though i hv not watched the episodes. i read all the dates.. when i read all this negativity don’t feel like watching at all. anyway very happy with my YHM family… Luv everyone & their sometimes bickerings.. he he so cute to see they argue say sorry etc. at least in a family we are peaceful…LUV & Bless u

  17. Ishitas biggest mistake in her life is her decision to marry Raman….she did this mistake twice…if spoilers are to be believed, she’s going to do the same mistake for one more time by going after raman…

    you said right sindhu…in YHM, everything happens in favour of antagonists….

  18. In YHM city there is only one restaurant one hotel one coffee shop one good lawyer and tonight again just one street for a chauffeur to stop the car. Ridiculousness overkill. I am sorry but this mr and mrs Iyer storyline totally unnecessary. Just a repeat of the mr. Kakkar (jeweler) story. Now using Maya. Just a waste of time. Now after the makeover mr Iyer will suspect mrs Iyer again.

  19. Hello everyone..Thai is sowmy from Chennai and I use to come here to read the updates of the serial if I miss any episode but now a days as am unable to watch the serial I have been reading the updates daily and found your convo’s r caring more interesting than the serial …felt v good to see these many nice ppl sharing their views on each episode . 🙂 🙂

  20. Hello everyone..Thai is sowmi from Chennai and I use to come here to read the updates of the serial if I miss any episode but now a days as am unable to watch the serial I have been reading the updates daily and found your convo’s r caring more interesting than the serial …felt v good to see these many nice ppl sharing their views on each episode . 🙂 🙂

  21. I agree Meghnaa, sindhu, sona and mino, CVs show nothing escapes shagun when others are involved but when it comes to shagun nothing is exposed or for Ashok, they’re shown going unnoticed. Just hope for once CVs show ishita and Aaliya letting pihu go to councillor, for once show shagun losing. PLEASE

  22. Shagun’s always shown better dressed than ishita, like she’s come from beauty parlour. CVs giving more importance to her than ishita.

    1. very true Tuffy …

  23. Hi all, I pray you have all had a good day
    I am sad as YHM is going down the drain – what is this yah
    They have not tied up any loose ends in the present & they want to take us to the future
    They did the same thing before the 7 year leap; Ishita nearly got hanged for a crime she did not commit & no one knows the killer.
    Ashok & his brother degrade women & commit all sort of fraud & they got away with it. Then he became a minister – WOW CVs people are not stupid yah, so start writing decent story lines but before you do, can we have closure in some of the past ones please.
    Super girl is right, we could write some serious track for YHM if given the opportunity
    Today’s episode is mixed, because the CVs are playing with our emotions. YHM fans have you not noticed that the episode will have major evil & a bit of good to keep us from moving away from the show.
    I wish the CVs could read the comments on this site as it is superb analysis of the show.
    Thank you all I enjoy reading the comments & to the person who puts up the updates.

  24. It good for shagun n let pihu do Wat she feel is title n shagun herself will leave her little ass alone

  25. Seems like the writes have nothing better

    1. Sorry Parichay I cant understand all these family issues … I can only feel sorry for you …when I cant hug you close to my heart , I can hug you only iwith my prayers …,we have to adjust with all bt acceptance … just ignore that hurts you be cool and spotting … I dont have strenghth to hear more of like these … but always I will pray for you Parichay

  26. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

  27. YHM: Sid Makkar(Vidhyut) introduced as lover boy in Ishita’s life

    The upcoming episodes of Star Plus’ daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some high intensity drama.

    The show will soon take a leap of about one year and many new characters will be introduced.

    If rumours are to be believed talented actor Sid Makkar will be introduced as the new guy in Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    He will be a will play the role of Vidhyut, a complete charmer and lady killer. A man with an elite personality, he will have a key role to play in the upcoming drama.

    He will be seen in a short cameo in the show and his character will be a little mysterious as well.

    Keep watching this site for more exciting news and updates.

  28. Whenever in serial if they reveal any plan to the audience,it always becomes flop and in this case also ishitha ‘s plan will flop otherwise why will shagun get pihu’s custody.

    1. If spoilers to believe Rithu … Shaghun is taking Pihu and going …. may be after the counsellors talk she may feel she will lose Pihu … and a fake accident too happening …

  29. Raman always uses the term pagal. No doubt the cvs have made raman mad after pihu, and in turn shagun is mad making pihu also mad. Stupid story. Its heartbreaking to hear about their separation, when things can be sorted in a better way. There is no need for leap. Why should ishu take care of his family business, when he does not care.A surrogate mother can never claim her right on the child. There is the law. Ishu being a doc, am sure is aware of this.

    1. See Deepa Raman is after kids only … his love to Pihu is his love to Ishu … but he is mad …. his anger spoils everything

  30. Put some sense. Coz viewers are not fools, they are also intelligent.

  31. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    hi mino iam fine dear

  32. bhagya(miss ishveer)

    hi vp mam u r from singapore?i love singapore after my studies i was planning to visit singapore iam from india

    1. No Bhagya I am in Dubai … in India where r you ? which state … Singapore is a good place for higher studied

      1. Hi vp mam i also want to meet you pls as you said earlier that you will come in 2017 to meet magic to central uni of punjab chandigarh, haryana then pls meet me also because i am from delhi and distance between chandigarh and delhi just 300 km away when you will come then i will come to uni of punjab to meet you and magic ok if you allow me

  33. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) attempts to trace Raman (Karan Patel) in Australia

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Raman and Ishita has parted their ways away from each other.

    Raman had gone away to Australia to Pihu and Shagun, leaving Ishita and Bhalla family.

    Ishita has turned support for her family and looks after them like Raman takes over all business.

    Ishita turns both mother and father for Adi and Aliya, Ishita still misses Raman and tries to him.

    Ishita-Raman’s eternal love

    Ishita seeks help of Raman’s friend Vidyut to trace Raman in Australia while Raman has changed his identity.

    Raman changes his identity hiding from Ishita and Bhalla family, Ishita still loves Raman and tries to find him out.

    1. Hehehe you update this now. I want to update this but saw this now.

  34. Pihu mysterious conforntation post leap in YHM

    In Star Plus show YHM upcoming Twist Ishita plans Australia visit, aims to get back Raman and Pihu.

    The forthcoming chapter of YHM is going to show another one year leap where Raman and Ishita gets separated.

    Raman Bhalla had left Bhalla house post loosing Pihu’s custody and had accused Ishita for being the reason.

    Raman Bhalla goes away to Shagun and Pihu for his lovefor daughter, leaving Ishita and Bhalla family all alone.

    Ishita has thus turned a business women and manages all responsibilities by herself takes care of family.

    Ishita’s search for Raman in Australia.

    Ishita has fulfilled all duties of a mother and father to their children without even complaining about it.

    Ishita still misses Raman and want to get him back in her life and thus plans Australia visit to find Raman.

    Ishita hides this from family as she don’t want to hurt them post what all Raman had done.

  35. Always shagun will know what bhalls do but these bhalls will not even get a hint what shagun ashok kunal do

  36. Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    After one year time leap Raman will seen living happy life with Shagun and daughter Pihu and on the other side even Ishita will be seen living happy life with Adi, Ruhi and Aaliya.

    Ishita will be seen fulfilling all the responsibilities of both mother and father but she is desperately missing Raman’s presence.

    However to overcome everything Ishita will seek Vidyut’s help to locate Raman’s whereabouts whereas it will soon be revealed that Raman has hidden his identity so that no one can locate him.

    Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming twist.

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