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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ruhi asking for Ishita’s phone. She asks her to see. Ruhi tries finding and says its not here. She says yes, check on bed. Ruhi looks for it. Ishita smiles thinking of the last night. She thinks she was thinking he will never forget Shagun, and now I can see his feelings are for me, he is making place for me in his heart. Ruhi asks her to listen. Raman comes and says Ruhi is calling you. She smiles staring at him. He asks what. She imagines him saying I love you and says me too. Ruhi laughs. He says what, Ruhi is calling you. She asks what are you saying. Raman says Ruhi, your Ishi Maa have gone mad. Ruhi and Ishita talk about the dress to wear in evening.

Raman asks Ruhi to give good morning kiss. Ruhi says take from Ishi Maa. Raman says what and looks at

Ishita. He says see Ruhi got mature, she got ready to go on sangeet even after so much happened in mehendi. She says she know we won’t let anything happen to her. He says he worries for Adi, what will happen about him after Shagun and Ashok’s marriage. She says nothing will happen, Shagun is possessive about Adi, she took the blame on her to save him from the accident punishment, she will secure him. Raman says I hope so.

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She goes. Raman says everything is not good always, I know Shagun very well, no one knows her such, I have to talk to her. Raman meets Shagun and says what you did with Ruhi was not right. She argues saying you sound like your wife. Raman says I came to talk about Ruhi. Shagun says I spoke to her, she is fine and coming in function, I m getting late, I have to go parlour. Raman scolds her calling self centered and says he is worried for Adi. She asks why. He says Suraj tried to slap Ruhi, she got scared and ran, she bumped into you and spoiled mehendi, till you get married, send Adi to me.

She says she loves Adi. He says I know, but I m also his father, did you notice, since Suraj came to stay here, Ashok changed a lot, he is not feeling his fees too, he is neglecting him, I don’t want to go court so we should mutually decide. She says she worried for Adi and no injustice with happen, I have to leave. He leaves. Mihir talks on phone and asks someone to come on time. Mihika asks did you talk to Mr Murthy. He says yes, no one is professional here and nothing is on time. She asks why is he annoyed. He says sorry, the program will be interesting. They have a cute talk and hug. They laugh.

Ashok comes there and smiles seeing Mihika. Mihir says I can do anything, as you are my to be wife. Ashok says sorry to disturb. He asks is there any work he can do, any help he needs, Mihir says its fine, I will do and I have many people to help, I m lucky man. Mihika says yes, we don’t need help and holds Mihir’s hand. Ashok says fine, I came to say mu business associates will also come, see the arrangements are fine. Shagun sees Ashok and says she wants to talk to him, and takes him home.

Ashok is annoyed seeing the doc. She asks him to adopt Adi and make him his legal heir. She says I know you treat him like your son, just sign it. He says why are you talking about divorce matter before marriage. She says its for Adi’s security. He asks don’t you trust me. She says Suraj regards Adi just as Raman’s son. Ashok says you are overreacting. She says fine, I want to enjoy my sangeet and don’t want to take tension, if you don’t sign the papers, I won’t marry you, please sign it before sangeet. Suraj and Parmeet come home. Parmeet greets her and she leaves.

Parmeet asks what happened to her, and asks him to try his bridal suit. Ashok says shut up, he wants me to give my property to Adi, is she mad to threaten me. Suraj laughs and says break the marriage. Ashok says how, Abhimanyu is after me. Ashok scolds the driver. Suraj calms him. Ashok says get me rid of Shagun. Suraj says don’t worry, go and get ready. Raman talks to Ishita. She says she is going. He says driver is waiting. She asks why. He says do you have problem if I pamper my wife. She says fine, I don’t care. He says he is learning from Ruhi. She says its good, come home early. He says as you say. She ends the call. Raman says how to explain her whats in my heart and smiles. Music plays…………. Ishita smiles and says he just changed, he was being romantic yesterday and today pampering me.

Bala hears her talking to herself about Ravan Kumar. He sees her and greets her. He asks how is she. She says good. He asks was she counting stars. She says no. He says see your face, you are blushing. She says she is not. He asks where is her hero. He says in office. He pulls her leg. He says he met me and took advice for his friend, to take first step for taking marriage ahead. She asks which friend. Bala says he thinks I m fool and he is smart, people take advice for them and state their name. She says you mean he took advice for himself, first step towards me. He says yes, and asks did he take the first step. She is puzzled.

He says he would have given some hint, which you did not catch. He says he tried, not you also try. She says fine. He says think about this, and leaves. She says first step, what, and says Ayyo Murugan, that, yesterday night, was that first step. The FB shows the night funny scene. She thinks of Raman’s change and Bala’s advice. She says it means Raman has kept it, was it his first move. She holds her head and thinks about his words. She says Raman did so much and I…. She sits thinking.

She smiles and says foolish, is this any way to show love. Ek nadi ke dono jaise kinaare hai……………..She says she did not know this, it means he feels for me. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………plays…………. She says I m stupid, I did such stupid things yesterday, I thought it happened because of me. She says she has to do something now and thinks…… She says I have to show him my efforts, I neglected his heart sign, I have to tell him once that even I also have the same thing which he has in his heart, this way we both will be shy, but have to say Raman, I will say it tonight about my feelings. She smiles. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays……………….

Ishita and Raman dance on the song Mannva Lage Lagere Saawre……… She says I wanted to show the world that you are not alone, I m with you and…. He stands closer and says what, say it. She says I wanted to tell you that I….. He says tell me, I want to hear it. She looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Super…. Waitin fa monday….. Awesome precap…. Ishita n raman… Lovely dance….. Luv dem both…. N ishitha was lookin gorgeous and raman equally dashin

  2. YHM is becoming more romantic now a days. I just hope they should be happy in their lovelife. Raman and ishita both are soo cute and pretty. Love uuuuuuu sooo much

    1. Love you teju

  3. In previous episode most interesting sence-
    DELUXE NIRODH(con**m’s)sence
    Raman was serious but Ishita is makes like funny sence
    Ishita be thinks positive not….

  4. May be when she gonna tell to raman on that time only police aayoga usko arrest karne ke liye

    1. Ya i thnk so. It alwys happen. Bt poor Raman he hs 2 care fr thm both. They will confss their lv hwever, or even late

    2. I think that so she going to tell her love at that time police will arrive

  5. Super super super…….. wow what a episode? Super i love it finally ishita feels raman feeling superb

  6. as evryone i am also vry hpy tht ishra steps ahead. I wsh they must be alwys lovely to each othr. Bt wht adi is gng 2 do? Pls ishu its ur rspnsblty 2 make adi undrstnd the truth & join raman and adi. It wl be a real hpnss for Raman. Waitng for tht momnt eagrly

  7. In coming episode is most romantic sence….
    All the limits will cross -Raman Ishita romance
    How can Raman romance with his wife Ishita wife on the bed?
    1) Balla tells Ishita to Raman feeling
    2) Ishita understand Raman feeling
    3) starting kiss
    4) none of these
    ans- (1) ya (2) all the fan’s are waiting likes this moment…

  8. Wow i like this track….

  9. meghna mayuri

    Awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee luv uh YHM team u guyzz rock
    they r just like Arnav and khushi of IPKKND
    It was a romantic dance …….
    Hope that kaash yeh real life couple hote……….:p….:)

  10. superb……..waitng fr mndays episode….

  11. i am waiting for monday’s episode i am so eager to see their cute episode wonderful episode today

  12. Waiting for monday but yeh khisiya jayada der tik ne wali nahi hai kyun ki IshRa ke dance ke bad Ishita jayegi jail me ye kand Aadi karega . Usne kaha tha na ki wo Ishita se badla lega to is liye wo police se juth bolega aur Ishita ko jail pahucha dega
    But I am sure Raman aur Mani Ishita ko jyada der tak jail me rehne nahi dege. Hope is situation ke bad IshRa ki duriya kam ho jaye
    Pls god saty them togather…

  13. Ishita plz get pregnant soon

  14. It’s awsum buddies… Vry eagerly waiting for Monday… Luv it ya … Luv u both..

  15. I think police will arrest ishu. That situuation ishita come more colser to raman i guess like this

    1. I also think so……

  16. Wow i luv u ishra ..:-)

  17. And the dance on manva laage ! It looked awesome

  18. Aur pata nahi ishita kya baat kar rahi thi khud se kuch samajh hi nahi aaya yaar !

  19. awesome episode. waiting for tomorrows episode . the precap was too good . i hope they both confess tomorrow. if anyone has seen the promo of everest where the girl goes to nehru institute of mountaineering in uttarkashi.actually ishitha aka divyanka tripathi in real life has done mountaineering course from the same institute ib uttarkashi before entering into tv. ishitha in real life is soo talented. yhm, you all are too good yaar..

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  21. Why will police arrive ?

    1. Adi gives child harastment case to ishita. He burn her hand and tell lie to the police

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  24. i hate shagun. kitna zeher bharogi adi ke man me. na tum ruhi ko marne jathi na adi ishitha badla lene jatha. soo bad to hear ishitha will go jail. raman should support ishitha only because she is innocent he knows cannot do anthing like that.

  25. I missed this awesome episode yar ………. wow super episode and precape……..hope raman frees ishu from case if not so then mad mani will again take advantage………..adi ur such a stupid I hate ur character ur a child so be like a child……just like cute doll ruhi…..

  26. After performing with Raman, Ishita will be arrested by police as Adi lied to police that Ishita burnt his hand

  27. Waiting for Monday…. super episode ya…. Hi, I’m newest in this site. 1st time wrote the comment. I love Isra……

  28. Hi rekha welcome to this site !

  29. I love this episode. Eagerly waiting for Monday episode. Raman should fight for Adi custody and as ruhi wished and Raman’ challenged Ashok and shagun. They should drop Adi to raman’s home. In this fight Ishita should become raman’ strength. Really YHM team is rock starts…………..

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  34. I love u ruhi

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