Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita panicking that Aaliya’s lahenga burnt. Adi asks her to tell Aaliya, she will explain Shagun. Ishita says bridal lahenga is big thing for any girl, what will she do. Roshni advices Ishita. Adi shouts on her. Ishita stops Adi and asks Roshni what did she mean. Roshni says we can go and get similar lahenga made by other shops there. Ishita says we can try. Mrs. Bhalla asks them to take Bala along. Ishita and Roshni leave.

Mani and Shagun attend guests. A lady asks Shagun about Bhallas and Aaliya. Shagun says she is bride, she will take time to get ready. She asks Mani did Bhallas call, Ishita comes on time always, she got late today, everyone is asking, call her. He asks her to relax. They smile seeing Aaliya. Shagun says she looks stunning. Mani asks her not

to do anything that spoils Aaliya’s heart. Shagun compliments Aaliya. Mani says beautiful as always and blesses Aaliya. Ishita asks a man for embroidery workshops and goes. She asks the shop owner about getting similar lahenga. He says you can get similar one. She says we have no time, just show whatever you have. Mihika says I think we will get it.

Ishita thanks Roshni. Bala says Roshni saved you from Shagun’s anger. The man shows the lahenga. Ishita and everyone see the lahenga. Mihika says its quality is not good. Bala says its not of our use. The man says its best piece of our workshop. Ishita says no, we can’t take this.

The girls dance on mehendi hai rachne wali….. Aaliya smiles. Shagun says you look stunning. Aaliya asks for Adi and others. Shagun says they will come, smile. They see designs. Shagun asks the lady to start foot mehendi first, shagun mehendi can be applied in hands, else it will be very late.

Adi arrives with family. Mani welcomes them. Aaliya smiles. Shagun says finally, you all forgot mehendi is today. Amma asks how will we forget. Mr. Bhalla says no, its our mistake, we got ready well and got late. Romi compliments Shagun. Shagun asks where are Ishita and Raman. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman went Chennai. Shagun asks why, he should be here. Mr. Bhalla says Raman planned some surprise for Aaliya. Mani asks where is Ishu. Mrs. Bhalla says she will come.

Aaliya asks for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says she will come. Aaliya says I was getting late, so Shagun asked to start from feet, where is mehendi. Mrs. Bhalla says Ishita was going to bring shagun mehendi, I will call her. Ishita tells Mrs. Bhalla that they checked many shops and did not get similar design. Mrs. Bhalla says come soon, you have shagun mehendi. Ishita says yes. Mrs. Bhalla says Aaliya’s hands will get shagun mehendi, Mani and Shagun are looking upset.

Ishita worries and says we have mehendi cones, Bala and Mihika go there with mehendi, we will come. Bala says I think you and Roshni should go, Aaliya will feel bad if you are not there. Mihika says yes, just go. Ishita says we will take taxi and go. Romi asks Mrs. Bhalla did she talk to Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla says Aaliya has to wait for Ishita. Romi asks her not to worry, I will do something. Bala and Mihika are on the way to other shop. He asks her not to lose hope, if we don’t get anything there, we will think of other option. Romi says punjabi’s marriage does not complete without bhangra. Bhallas do Bhangra. Shagun says if Saas is not here, I will dance.

Ishita says Saas is here. Everyone smile seeing her. Ishita dances. Shagun takes her and asks why did you come so late. Ishita says I had imp work. Shagun says you have Aaliya’s mehendi, is lahenga ready. Ishita says I have to make a call and goes. Shagun says she is so careless about everything. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita did you get gift for Aaliya. Ishita shows the bangles. Mrs. Bhalla likes the bangles. Shagun comes and asks for lahenga. Mrs. Bhalla says Mihika is packing it. Adi comes with a surprise for Aaliya. He gifts her. Ishita says we will start mehendi rasam. Aaliya asks Ishita to apply first. Ishita applies mehendi to her. Mehendi does not expel from cone. Roshni corrects the cone. Ishita asks where to try it. Roshni says try on my hand. Ishita applies mehendi to Roshni and then Aaliya. Ishita says I have written Adi’s name. She gets a call and goes. She talks to Raman and says I applied mehendi to Aaliya, I went alone as you are not here. She asks about Aaliya’s surprise, just come soon. She says Bala did not come till now, don’t know he got lahenga or not.

Shagun shouts and argues with Ishita about designer lahenga.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    what is your prob shagun just be silent .aliya is ishu’s daughter she raised her.she knows everything .so shugan just be silent.and it’s situation is very funny adi marriage is already happened with roshini and ishu and shagun were fighting about lehenga really funny .

    1. Hi Bhagya … I am fine dear . How are you ? This year also you must be the topper !Nothing much in todays eisode . Shaghun is a waste of time and Ishitha was superb . Dt is very beautiful and expression is adorable .

  2. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu shivani VP jaz adithya magic sindhu siddi disha isuri hp where r u guys.I hope all r fine

    1. Hey are you?after many days you came .glad to see your comment.

  3. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi guys rithu shivani VP jaz adithya magic sindhu siddi disha isuri hp where r u guys and how r u all hope all r fine

  4. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi VP Amma iam fine yes this year my project is still running .thanku for your blessings I want your blessings for my marriage also

    1. Hi Bhagya Good Morning . When is that auspacious day ? God bless you always !

  5. Akiatta

    More and more, I am really liking the new track with Roshni and Adi. It does feel drawn out a bit but, frankly, this is the best thing in the show over this past year. Possibly what we might see is Ishita and Raman finding out and unlike how Ashok planned to leak the news just after Adi’s wedding and ruin the reputation, Ishita and Raman switch the bride on the final moment, Marrying them off. This unfortunately will make Aliya and Shagun hate Ishita and Raman and probably make them antagonists.
    It’s either this or the wedding is called off for some other reason and Ishita and Raman, confused what to do about Adi’s marriage, marry Adi and Roshni, without knowing that they are already married! xD
    Out of all the stuff that’s been happening in this track, Raman is my favourite. He has been really amazing and Karan’s performance is excellent.

  6. Akiatta

    Sad thing though is seeing the Star Parivaar Awards Nominations. I mean, there is no Favourite Jodi for YHM. 🙁 Sad.
    Voting for Divek though. And hopefully, Karan and Divyanka get other awards. I am sad though to see other shows taking YHM’s usual awards.
    Good thing though is to see YHM going up in the ratings. It did reach the TOP 5 shows and hopefully, YHM get’s back to it’s peak.

    1. Yes Akiata its sad Ishra is not nominated as best jodi . If they are , they will surely win . Even today they are the best . Ishras naturality is nowhere near to any pairs . Why Divek … it is really not required though I love them a lot ! Its not their fault they are nominated … still too early …

  7. I cant believe that Shagun called Ishu a careless lol really Shagun. WTF with Adi always yelling at Rosh i mean if I were u i would not stay quite 4 being yelled at 4 no reason. I luv this track and Ishu and Shagun And Rosh well las just say all the girls looked beautifuly dressed well

  8. I don’t like how Ishitia is trying to cover up about not having the lengha. This is like the only time I actually agree with Shagun.

  9. Hey guys a very good morning to all.

    1. Good Morning Rithu ? Where is our Sivani , Magic Mino and all ?

  10. The upcoming episode of Star Plus’s successful running show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) and Shagun’s (Anita Hassanandani) tantrum to unfold in Adi and Aaliya’s wedding rituals.
    As per the track, Ishita gets shocked when shopkeeper informs her about their factory got burned and all lehenga also destroyed in fire incident.
    Isihta gets panicked as what she will give to Aaliya during mehendi function and Roshni suggests them that they can see another lehenga from shop but Adi shouts a at her for interfering in matters.
    Ishiat scolds Adi as if he can n not help then do not creates problem and she thanks Roshni for suggestion.
    Everyone reaches to Mani’s house for Aaliya’s mehendi function in which destiny makes Ishita apply mehendi first on Roshni instead Aaliya.
    However, Shagun gets angry seeing expensive lehenga and accuses Ishita as when she was tried to buy lehenga for Aaliya then she stops her by telling no need to waste of money and now she herself bout costly lehenga.
    Shagun accuses Ishita that she just wants o make her down that is why she did all this drama while Ishita is stunned by Shagun’s behaviour.
    How will Ishita control Shagun’s anger?
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  11. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama in Adi’s life.
    Ishita refuses to believe Gagan and shows her trust over Adi, Adi feels guilty seeing Ishita’s trust over him.
    Adi don’t want to betray his mother and decides unveil truth but Romi stops Adi from doing this blunder.
    Adi is feeling guilty of betraying his Ishi maa who has so much trust over him, Adi and Aliya’s Mehendi ceremony begins.
    Adi amid guilt to betray Ishita maa
    Adi is stuck in his own guilt thoughts and confesses to Ishita that he had hidden one thing from her and confess relationship with Roshni.
    While Adi was day dreaming this and is ready to bear it’s consequences as Ishita will be broken down post this.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  12. The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show major drama.
    Ishita and Bhalla family is all in trouble as Aliya’s marriage lehenga didn’t get ready as fire breakout happens at shop.
    Ishita is stuck and knows that Shagun will create high voltage drama post finding this and will spoil Aliya and Adi’s day.
    Roshni thus comes as Ishita’s savior and offers to help by stiching lehenga for Aliya to help her out.
    Roshni and Adi’s connection gets stronger
    Roshni herself stiches the lehenga and saves Aliya and Adi’s special day, Adi is also moved seeing this and this wins Ishita’s heart.
    Let’s wait and watch is Roshni’s all this goodness is going to pay off as Adi’s wife.
    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  13. bhagya(ishveer,ishveer)

    hi rithu iam fine dear and gud mrng to all

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