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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashok getting shocked seeing Ishita. She greets him and starts acting. He asks are you really Shanaya, you are Ishita. She asks what, who Ishita. Raichand says she is my daughter Shanaya, you spoiled her mood. Ashok says she can’t be your daughter, she is Ishita, you are with her. Raichand says shut up. Ashok says I have her photo in my phone, I will get it. He goes. Raichand asks Ishita not to worry. She says we have less time, how will we manage everything.

Raman asks Neelu about his sehra. She says I have work. Raman says I know what work you have, and tells everyone that he will marry Niddhi on shubh mahurat, as pandit is here. He says its good I have sent Niddhi away, Ishita would have come till now, I hope Ashok did not do any drama.

Ishita asks

Raichand why did Ashok not come till now. He says he will come, he will get your pics and show you. She thanks him for help. Raichand says Raman did favors on me, I m happy to return his favor. She says thanks Sir. He asks her to call dad, I feel good. Ashok comes, and Ishita starts acting like Shanaya. She says I will not marry any Indian man, maybe he is mad about his ex girlfriend. Raichand says I liked him, I felt he is from good family. Ishita asks Ashok what is he hiding, are you drug addict, dad did you get his background checked, his family will support him, why don’t you talk to his friends. Ashok says why do you want to meet my friends. Ishita and Raichand ask what problem he has. Raichand says its your friend’s marriage today. Ashok says yes, Raman’s, but he is not my friend. She says I will meet Raman, I m precious and love myself, you can misuse me, I will take your test, we will take him to clinic and get all his tests done, we buy cars by test drive too, we are buying Ashok too. Raichand says no need, he will take us to Raman Bhalla. Ashok thinks strange woman, she is going where she will be caught, I will call her welcome committee. She says we will go and find out what you are thinking.

Raman welcomes guests. Simmi and Ruhi talk and smile. He says Niddhi is getting ready, come. He waits for Ishita. Pandit asks where is bride. Raman says she is getting ready. Pandit asks him to come for puja, where is his parents. He says they have objection with marriage, they won’t come. Simmi says mum and dad won’t come, I will do rituals. Raman thinks Simmi went mad to do rituals. Niddhi shouts and Raman hears it. Simmi says that’s why I sat in puja and smiles. Niddhi shows her torn lahenga and complains to Raman. Romi compliments Ruhi for doing this.

Simmi calls it abshagun. Raman says we will postpone marriage. Niddhi says no, its their planning, I will marry in these clothes itself, pandit ji start mantras, Raman you please sit. Ashok calls Abhishek there. Ishita gets shocked seeing Abhishek. She tells Raichand. Raichand goes to see. Abhishek gets shocked seeing Ishita. She asks dad, who called police here. Abhishek thinks Ashok was saying right. Ashok thinks now it will be fun, now ACP will prove she is Ishita, not Shanaya.

Raman tells Niddhi that she has order new lahenga. She says clothes do not matter to me, fine, give me Ishita’s lahenga. Raman gets shocked. She says I will wear her lahenga. He asks her not to touch Ishita’s lahenga, I mean she wore boring south Indian saree, not lahenga. She says fine, I will wear it. He says I will find it, look after guests here. Ishita asks why are they staring at her, I have come by some work, I don’t have time, any reason to stop NRI. Abhishek asks are you not Ishita Bhalla. She says no. he says you will be sure if I show you her pic. She slaps Ashok for calling Abhishek here. Ashok asks why are you slapping me. She says I can’t slap policeman, I bought you so I m slapping you, you are not impressing me.

Abhishek says your face matches with Ishita, who is a criminal, I have proof. He shows Ishita’s pic. She says you feel I look like her, see her eyes and hair, whats your problem, do you drink along Ashok. Raichand says she is my daughter, you can check papers. She says this is illogical, dad this is your mistake, you called me from South Africa to marry this idiot. Abhishek asks her to come along for fingerprint test. She says I m not a criminal. He asks her to cooperate else he will arrest her. She says fine, I will come with me, you will be losing job then. She worries she won’t be able to reach on time, really sorry Raman.

Ruhi thinks how can Raman give Ishita’s saree to Niddhi, I will ask Amma and Appa not to let Niddhi wear Ishita’s saree. Amma cries for Vandu. Ruhi goes to Shravan and asks why is Amma crying. Shravan says Vandu did not come home till now. Bala went to find her. Ruhi says don’t worry, Vandu will come back. Appa says Bala is not answering, I will go and find Vandu. Amma asks him to take Mr. Bhalla, he is not part of Raman’s marriage. Appa says fine, I will talk to him. He sees Ruhi and leaves. Ruhi thinks how to stop Raman from giving Ishita’s saree to Niddhi.

Appa tells Mr. Bhalla about Vandu. He says sorry, I know you are worried for Raman. Mr. Bhalla says I m ashamed with Raman’s doings, I m unable to do anything. Appa asks shall I talk to Raman once. Mr. Bhalla says no use, he is shameless, he has gone to find Ishita’s saree to give Niddhi, we will go and find Vandu. Appa says let me try once, Raman calls me Appa, I will talk to Raman. Mr. Bhalla misses Ishita.

Abhishek asks Ishita to cooperate with them. She asks if its proved I m Shanaya. He says that’s why we are doing this test. Raichand asks when will this end, we have to go in imp wedding, after that my daughter will decide whether she will marry Raman or not. Abhishek takes her for fingerprint test.

Ashok brings Ishita to Bhalla house. Raman and everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena


    • Anaya

      Episode was rocking..guys can you all please check out “music sheet” it’s a fan fiction..please check it out..and support bella

  1. Niddhi creates a big
    scene after
    seeing the bridal lahenga torn. She
    shouts on Raman and tells how his
    family has spoiled her lahenga. She
    asks Raman to give her Ishita’s
    Niddhi is angry on the Bhalla
    She does not know who did this
    plotting to stop the lahenga. Niddhi
    lahenga at home and went to
    She finds the lahenga torn and
    scares her that this is big
    Niddhi argues with Raman. It’s the
    marriage day. When she asks for
    Ishita’s saree, Raman gets tensed.
    refuses and Niddhi starts doubting
    him again. Niddhi has motive to
    Raman and his family, but she will
    in trouble once Ishita comes back.
    Raman and Niddhi’s marriage will
    have a twist.

  2. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz and all yhm

  3. The upcoming episode
    will show that Raman is
    planning to get married to
    But Raman and Ishita are
    doing all this under a
    Raman has planned
    Ishita’s fake murder
    drama to save her.
    Raman is pretending to
    love and marry Nidhi just
    to get get proof of Ishita’s
    Nidhi finds about Raman
    and Ishita’s plan and
    doubt’s Raman’s
    Nidhi soon decides to
    take revenge from Raman
    and Ishita by hurting
    them at soft point near to
    their heart.
    Nidhi decides to run
    away with their surrogate
    Nidhi runs away with the
    infant and the show will
    soon show a leap of eight
    Stay tuned for more
    exciting updates of the
    upcoming episodes.

  4. Balaji Teleflims Yeh
    Mohabbatein is not leaving a single
    stone unturned with it’s suspense
    filled track. Atlast Ishita(Divyanka
    Tripathi) appeared in her new look.
    The makers have lined up new
    in the story. Divyanka has finally
    shed her sari clad look and will be
    seen in glamorous avatar. Well, we
    must say She is looking fabulous in
    new look!
    About her new look,Divyanka says
    “It is totally different from
    whatever I
    have done in the last 12 years.
    Nobody has ever seen me in this
    look. I am not sure how long my
    avatar will last, but I am really
    enjoying it. I feel like a totally
    different person. I love my new
    hairstyle, my dress and my face.
    character will hopefully be a style
    icon for the youth.” quoted by TOI.
    Does sporting a wig for the new
    get difficult keeping in mind her
    hair that is tied up for several
    “I have performed more tiring
    like fighting with a crocodile in a
    lake, jumping off from a cliff,
    swimming across the lake, other
    underwater sequences and playing
    the ghost, so tying my hair for long
    seems nothing in front of it,” she
    As reported earlier, Nidhi
    purposefully lose the case to take
    revenge on Raman. Nidhi, who
    Raman and his family are
    responsible for his father’s death,
    will re-enter Raman’s life to ruin
    But Raman plans something else…
    Since Raman gets to know about
    Nidhi’s intension, he plots Ishita’s
    death (fake) and searches for
    evidences. Ishita will also join
    Raman in his plans to expose Nidhi.
    Ishita will be seen as Mr Raichand’s
    daughter, Shanaya. Raichand also
    asks Ashok to marry his daughter
    get the business deal.
    Between all these Nidhi will doubt
    Raman’s intentions.Nidhi is very
    stubborn to marry Raman and
    decides to marry in the Casual
    dress. With not option left Raman
    will sit with her in marriage.
    Well,Shanaya makes a condition
    with Ashok that she wants to meet
    his old friend Raman. At the time
    Pheras Shanaya and Ashok will stop
    Raman’s marriage.
    How will ishita aka Shanaya stops
    this marriage? Stay tuned for more
    updates of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.

  5. Darshi

    Awesome epiii…can’t wait till tmrw…. hi rithushree. …. I saw the yesterday cmnt….so I’m replying here…..are you talking about darshika senadheera ( as I remember the name ) I am not that darshika…..I have bn reading ur updates since long n hv seen that name in past comments. … I guess she also from sri lanka ….. but I’m darshi…not that darshika…..anyway wt abt the new updates. … ?

  6. I am just eagerly waiting to see tomorrow’s episode .I will we soo good . last moment par ishitha raman aur niddhi kimarriage rokh legi aur sab shock meim honge.

  7. ishitha ne aaj uss ashok ko idiot keh kehke rakh diya . bahuth accha tha dekhne mein. aaj toh ishitha ne uss ashok ki band hi bhaja dee.

  8. uss acp ko bhi aaj ishitha ne acchi sr jawaab de di . sab ko shocked dekhke maza aa raha hai .show interesting ho raha hai .wow!!! aise toh trp uthega hi yhm ka.

  9. SIndhu

    Ishita looks great in this short hair. Very stylish, chic and cool. Quite trendy. I am glad she zeroed to this look. Previously they had other looks for her and it did not well for her. This is much better. Now the real drama starts and eagerly waiting for tomorrow’s episode to see the reaction of everyone especially Niddhi. Ashok forever is the bad guy. I just see the tables turned on Ashok. Usually he uses anyone of Bhalla family to take revenge on Ishita ans Raman like he used RInki, Shagun and now Raman and Ishita has to use Ashok to prove Ishita’s innocence. This is great. Finally Ashok works indirectly for Raman and Ishita. Good going

  10. Aparna

    Just loved todays epi mostly when ishu slapped ashok. Can’t wait for tomorows epi. Hi rituhshree.

  11. Meghana

    Omgggg…!i guess how much ishra r famous the same craze is followed by rithusree.m also a very big fan of ishra.jst love thier acting.fabulous. anyways episode was good.ishu acting to b more stylish worked out well.i guess trps r gng to hit.w8g 4r new spoilers.

  12. shree

    So our so called ACP has come again on wrong time he does his duty goods towards ishita & raman….. But till now he did not find the culprit of watchman’s murder…..

    • Jhanvi

      ???? he do only one thing Nd that’s investigation ..
      Won’t be able to find any culprit ever ..??

  13. The upcoming episode of Star Plus
    show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will
    bring in turmoil in Ishita ( Divyanka
    Tripathi) and Ruhi’s (Ruhanika
    Dhawan) life as Ishita will be back
    as modern Sanaya.
    In the upcoming track, Nidhi will
    get Ishita aka modern Sanaya with
    her at Bhalla house.
    Bhalla family will perform puja and
    will be shocked and excited to see
    Ishita back.
    However, Nidhi will inform
    everyone that she is not Ishita but
    Ishita’s look alike Sanaya.
    Sanaya will be modern and trendy
    woman, but will take part in puja at
    Later Ruhi will return from school
    and again feel that Ishita is back.
    Ruhi will be informed that it is
    Sanaya and not Ishita.
    Ruhi will hug Sanaya and instantly
    feel that the lady is Ishita only.
    Let’s see if Ruhi investigates the

  14. mujhe lagtha hai baad mein acp shayad ishra ki plan mein mil jaayega .warna agar ishitha / shanaya finger prints de toh woh zaroor match karegi hi .kyunki ishitha/shanaya dono ek hi insaan hai .ya phir ishitha/shanaya finger prints dethe waqt apne hathon par oil lagaayi hogi taki finger prints match na ho . aisa trick ekta ki hi serial kb mein dikhaaya tha.

  15. sanju

    Soo happy for ishra.shanaya was looking awesome.i think acp is also apart of ishra’s plan…ashok ko kya tappad pada ishita’s new look was superb….trp will definetely go high. Acha kiya ruhi niddhi ki lehenga karab kardi bt plzzz ishu/shanaya stop the marriage..noo leap plzzzz.waiting for next episode.soo exited shanaya part was soo funny.ashok ko to pagal hi banadiya shanaya ne…bt ruhi toh pahchan hi legi apni ishima kooo…

  16. jahnavi

    hi friendsss… iam an soth indian and realy love yhm… i dont comment regularly but regular follower of yhm
    i have my board examsss…. so trying to keep track at weekends ..but totally got addicted to yhm from almost 1 year

  17. jahnavi

    i think ab ruhi ko sabse pehle patha chalega ki shanaya koi aur nahi balki ishitha hai……vo apne ishimaa ko zaroor pehchanegi!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I think leap wont happen as there is no confirmation till now. As the story from now on wards goes on very interesting.

  19. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’s Ishita will now be seen in a completely new avatar on the show as she will take on the role of Shanaya.
    Actress Divyanka Tripathi is very happy with her new appearance as she has never played such a stylish and modern looking character in the past 12 years of her career.
    Although the new avatar may not last for a long time, the actress is enjoying portraying every bit of her new role. Shanaya will be seen with short hair, minimal make-up and stylish clothes and her new appearance may get very popular among the youth. Shanaya will be Mr. Raichand’s daughter and her re-entry in the show will bring about some interesting twist. Raichand will want to get Ashok married to Shanaya for business purposes. Will Shanaya aka Ishita get married to Ashok? Stay tuned for more updates.

  20. summi

    Wow very interesting episode after a long time. Ashok was shocked seeing modern Ishita as Shanaya , this part is quite interesting Ishita looks gorgeous in her modern looks. I really enjoyed how she slapped Ashok n how she talked about him, buying cars test drive as if she bought Ashok. I cant understand why this stupid ACP always enter the show in wrong time. I cant understand how Ishita will prove that she is Shansya not Ishita. Nidhi’s lehanga was batwaaas n she too is looking like a cartoon specially her hair looks ugly . Raman ki zaban aaj phisal gayi as he does not want to give his madrasan’s saree to Nidhi. I think Vandu will take time return as strong women

  21. agar trp accha aaya iss week toh shayad makers ya cvs yhm mein leap na laaye . taki trp aur bhi acchi ho kyunki zyaada tar veiwers ko yhm mein leap pasand nahi hai.

  22. Ishita has returned to Bhalla house as
    Shanaya Raichand. Niddhi brings
    Ishita home, as she doubts Ishita is
    acting as Shanaya. Bhallas and Iyers
    get shocked seeing Shanaya. Niddhi
    brings Ishita in Satyanarayana puja.
    Pandit ji does not come by some
    reason. Amma tells Shanaya about
    Ishita and cries, being disappointed
    that pandit did not come to do puja for
    Ishita. Ishita can’t see Amma’s pain
    and completes the puja. Ruhi believes
    she is Ishita and realizes this by her
    hug. Ishita gives chocolates to Ruhi
    and makes her stay with Bhalla
    family. Amma also realizes Shanaya
    is Ishita.

  23. Balaji Teleflims Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein is not leaving a single
    stone unturned with it’s suspense
    filled track. At last Ishita (Divyanka
    Tripathi) appeared in her new look.
    The makers have lined up new twists
    in the story. Divyanka has finally
    shed her sari clad look and will be
    seen in glamorous avatar. Well, we
    must say She is looking fabulous in
    new look!
    About her new look, Divyanka says
    “It is totally different from whatever I
    have done in the last 12 years.
    Nobody has ever seen me in this
    look. I am not sure how long my new
    avatar will last, but I am really
    enjoying it. I feel like a totally
    different person. I love my new
    hairstyle, my dress and my face. My
    character will hopefully be a style
    icon for the youth.” quoted by TOI.
    Ashok comes to Raichand’s House
    to talk about bussiness and marriage
    with his daughter. Then all of sudden
    ishitha enters the room.
    ISHITHA teaches how to do business
    to ashok. She says if he wants to
    marry her he should love her not her
    money and bussiness. He need to do
    every thing to impresses her. As we
    know that ashok can do anything for
    money and bussiness. So Shanaya
    puts him a test.. To bring her
    Sandal’s So Ashoak goes to
    Shanaya’s room, brings them.
    Ishitha makes him to put the
    sandal’s to her feet.
    Isn’t this interesting ASHOK can do

  24. Shocking events are set to take
    place in upcoming story line of
    Star Plus show Yeh hai
    Mohabbatein with return of Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) as modern
    It is seen that Nidhi brings
    Shanaya in Bhalla house during
    puja and introduces her as Ishita’s
    look alike.
    Shanaya will come across as
    modern girl with short hair and
    western apparels.
    Shanaya will be seen as Mr.
    Raichand’s daughter and will not
    show any acquaintance to Bhalla
    Major twist in the show will come
    up with Shanaya’s entry in
    Ashok’s life.
    Mr. Raichand will propose
    marriage amid Shanaya and Ashok
    for business purpose.
    Seizing the business opportunity
    Ashok will say yes for the wedding
    even before seeing Shanaya.
    Later Ashok will be much shocked
    to see Shanaya’s resemblance
    with Ishita.
    Shanaya too will agree for the
    Let’s see if this wedding seriously
    takes place.

  25. hey guys prayosha mizun priyaroli thachu unique angel and many .I hope you guys return to this site in holidays because you guys had left this site.

  26. I hope yhm ka trp aisa aaye ki woh log yhm mein leap laaye hi na. aur yeh niddhi ko zaroor jab raman ne ishitha ki lehenga naa lene ke baare mein jab kaha hoga toh tab shayad usse raman par shak hua hoga aur precap mein bhi jab ishitha bhalla house aathi hai toh jab uske aankhein bhar aathi hai toh shayad niddhi ko shak ho jaaye.

  27. mujhe lagtha hai baad mein shayad ruhi aur amma bhi ishitha ko pehchaan lenge aur ishitha ke saath uske plan mein shaamil ho sakthe hai.

  28. jab ishitha/shanaya bhallq house mein aathi hai toh ruhi ke saath adi ko bhi hona chahiye . aur ab adi show se gaayab hai .itnee interesting episode pe adi mihir mihika sab gayab hai .

  29. Dimpy

    Sindhu rm i want d link 2 all alone ragini epi48 u rock wid both ff ek anokhi kahani also wish u cud updat more of it but kk reply soon

  30. mujhe toh jab ishitha/
    shanaya jab raman aur niddhi ki
    marriage mein dhamakedaar entry
    maar ke shaadi rokh degi toh uska
    intezaar hai mujhe.

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