Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th March 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Raman looking at Ishita while she leaves. He says I have to reply one person, I will see Ishita later, first I have to see him, Ashok Khanna I m coming. Shagun prepares to give an interview against Raman. Ashok says Raman will be shocked seeing this. Tannu starts the recording. Tannu asks Shagun what is she going through after losing her daughter. Mrs. Bhalla comes and says I will say, she is a stain on the name of mother. She says I won’t bear anything now. She says you don’t deserve to become a mum. Shagun says stop the camera. Mrs. Bhalla blames Shagun for ruining Raman’s life. She says you tried to take Ruhi, are you not ashamed to call Ruhi Ashok’s daughter. Mrs. Bhalla taunts Ashok.

Ashok says shut up. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman told me

everything what you told him. She tells Shagun told Raman that Ruhi is Ashok’s daughter, she stained herself. Shagun says stop it. Ashok is about to slap Mrs. Bhalla. Raman holds Ashok’s hand and looks at him angrily. Shagun is shocked to see Raman. Raman says she is my mum, thank God that I have only hold your hand, not broken it. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla not to talk with them. Ashok laughs and says ask Shagun about Ruhi. Raman talks to Tannu and advises her not to be with Ashok. He says I have a gift for you. He shows him the DNA test report results. Ashok is shocked.

Raman says this is DNA report, in which its written that Ruhi is my daughter. Mrs. Bhalla smiles. Raman says marry Shagun if you want to become a father. Raman taunts Ashok and says I m warning you for the last time, if you do any cheap thing, I won’t talk, I will kill you. He says you have taken Adi from me, he is my son. Raman asks Shagun not to play games, else he will forget she is a woman. He says Adi will leave both of you and come to me, its my challenge. You both will come to leave him to my house, else I m not my mum’s son. Mrs. Bhalla says I m not old. She tells Shagun to stay away from her family. They leave.

Ashok gets angry. Ashok asks Tannu not to leak this news else he will kill her. Tannu says believe me, it won’t happen. Ashok says Raman should not have fight with me, he forgot I m an old player, now you see I will take Ruhi from you. Ruhi is with Amma. Amma talks to her. She tells about Ishita’s horoscope and she got you that day. Mihika comes and says hi to Ruhi. She asks where is Ishita. Amma says in her room. Mihika says Ishita you have lost in carrom. Ishita says sit here, I need to talk. Ishita asks whats going on between you and Mihir. Mihika says nothing. Ishita says I misunderstood Mihir always, I saw him, I saw goodness in him, he can do anything for you.

She says we were wrong before, I have seen how much he loves you, he sees you with respect. This is love. Mihika thinks about it. Ishita asks her to give him a chance. Mihika says I thought about it many times but many things have changed, its better we stay friends. Ishita says will you be able to limit him as friend. Mihika says yes, if there is anything, I will tell you for sure. Mihika stops Ishita and asks her to think whats tomorrow. Ishita says yes, Amma and Appa’s anniversary. Mihika says lets have some fun, I have an idea.

Raman comes with Mrs. Bhalla. Appa thinks he will gift Amma at 12. Raman sees Appa carrying things and helps him. Appa says its my anniversary tomorrow. Raman says congrats and asks what is Amma giving you. Appa says no, I already have her. Raman says no, you brought gifts for her, she should also gift you. Amma talks to Ishita and Mihika and says I will make custard for him as a surprise. Ishita says superb idea. Ishita says will Appa think about you. Amma says he always gifts me flowers. Raman asks who wishes first every year. Appa say either of us. Raman says I know its you. Amma says whats the difference.

Ishita asks Amma to let Appa wish first. Raman asks Appa to let Amma wish first. Appa agrees with Raman. Raman says this time you test Amma, don’t wish her, see she wishes you or not. Ishita says the same to Amma and says be strict with Appa. Amma agrees. Appa says I will wait for her to wish, lets see she loves me or not. He thanks Raman.
Appa does not wish Amma at night. Amma waits for his wishes and sees the time. She thinks Appa did not wish her till now. Appa thinks why is she not wishing him. Amma says its 12, switch off the lights, I m feeling sleepy. Appa looks at the flowers and says my plan did not work, how will we wish each other. He turns off the lights and thinks Raman was right. Amma thinks Ishita was right. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla that we have to go to Iyers in evening for dinner as its their wedding anniversary. Mrs. Bhalla says no one told me, if Simmi was here, she would have understood me. She misses Simmi. She sees the gifts that came in Raman’s marriage and thinks of gifting it to Iyers.

Ashok stops Shagun from leaving his house. She says I can;t take this insult. He says I m sorry, I know you are much hurt. She says I came to you leaving everything but you don’t care about me. I want to forget them but you care about your games. She says they took away Ruhi, what did you get in this, she came and insulted me. He says I m here with you, Raman will fail one day and he has to pay for everything. She says I can’t fight anymore. He says we have to fight, this time I will cross every limit and Raman will be shaken. Shagun hugs him. He says that is my promise Shagun.

Ishita asks Raman to come with her to Appa’s house. She coughs and he gives her coke’s bottle in which is Rum actually. Ishita drinks it.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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