Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Mrs. Bhalla takes a decision

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman scolding Keshav and asking him will he wear female clothes. Keshav says this is the only option, I can’t lend my clothes or the sheet. Ishita says you have no option. Raman wears the kurti. She asks do you want help. He says its done. He asks what’s this, are you crazy, who will call the mechanic. Keshav says I informed mechanic, you can transfer money online. She asks him to send details.

Aaliya comes home. Shagun asks about the guy. Mani says let her sit first. Aaliya says I met him, sorry, we think its not the right time to move on in life, I agreed to get married because I wanted to go against Ishita, but the truth is that I need some time, I think you have made cookies, please serve me. Mani thinks I will talk to Ishu and ask her to talk to Aaliya.

Ishita gets money from ATM and pays Keshav. He says thanks, couples needs to have arguments for love to flourish. Raman says you started again, I don’t have to go Jaipur now, and you… Ishita says there is no use now, I will also go Delhi now. Keshav thanks them and goes. Raman gets a call and says yes, we are going back to Delhi, pick your car, get sweets, daughters are a blessing. Ruhi talks to Roshni on call and says Raman and Ishita are fine. Roshni hears Mrs. Bhalla talking and asks is she making jackfruit dish, I don’t like it, but all of a sudden, I have a craving. Ruhi says I will pack some for you, don’t stay hungry, eat something, there is still time. Roshni thanks her. Ruhi says Dadi, actually she had some work.

Mrs. Bhalla says her eighth month is running, is she fine. Ruhi says yes. Mrs. Bhalla says her delivery will be due next month. Neelu says halwa is missing from fridge. Ruhi says I took halwa for Roshni, her baby wasn’t making a movement, baby reacted after eating sweets, I think baby likes the halwa. Mrs. Bhalla says its Adi’s child, Adi loved sweets, when you were born, Adi asked me not to feed you much sweets, he would have to share sweets with you then, ask Roshni to have the jackfruit dish with paratha as Adi used to eat such way. She asks Neelu to get plenty of jackfruit. Ruhi cries.

Raman and Ishita come back. She thanks him. He says I owe you some money, take your money. She says its fine. He gets Kadam’s call and asks him to forget the matter. She says you provoked him first and now you are pretending that you care. He asks have you lost it. She says you play big games. He says I m asking him to let the matter be. Ruhi and Pihu come. They say finally dad and Ishimaa are fighting, it means everything is normal, we pray that they fight. They laugh. Raman says sort the problem on your own. He asks them why are they laughing. Ruhi says you look cute while fighting. He goes. Ruhi asks Ishita to give tiffin to Roshni. She hugs Ishita and goes.

Aaliya says its funny, that girl robbed you and ran with your clothes. Raman says she left some. Ruhi serves the food. Raman says Adi liked jackfruit a lot. Ishita feeds Roshni and laughs. Roshni says its amazing, I never used to eat it, now I like it a lot, how was your trip. Ishita says lawyer had to go for work, we couldn’t talk, enjoy the dish. Mr. Bhalla says you have spoiled our name, how can she run off with your clothes. Raman says I didn’t know she spiked the tea. Mrs. Bhalla gives the file and says I found a hospital for Roshni, Adi’s child is our blood.

Aaliya says you are supporting Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla says no, I m with you, we can’t ignore Adi’s child, its not the baby’s fault, he is the only heir of the family, I want him, nothing should happen to him. Parmeet hears them. Ishita says everything will be fine, I just hope our little Adi comes home happily. Aaliya says you have hurt my heart, I thought you understand me, but I was wrong.

Mr. Bhalla says we want to forget the past. Roshni says baby just kicked, its because of the jackfruit curry, Adi liked it a lot. Ishita laughs and says I can feel it, Adi used to hate me when he was a child, he had just come from hostel, then he started loving me so much, he could have fought with the world for me, we won’t let any trouble get on baby, I will send him abroad for education, he can do anything he wants, when he calls me Ishimaa, I will feel my Adi came back. Roshni says when you take care of the baby, I m sure of it, you will keep baby secure, I m always afraid, I m alone, single, how will I name this baby, what if Bhallas snatch my baby. Mrs. Bhalla says he is the heir of my family, I want to see him grow like Adi.

Raman asks what about Roshni. Mrs. Bhalla says we have nothing to do with her, we will raise the baby, we will never accept Roshni and Ishita. Ishita says this won’t happen, Bhallas won’t accept you, they are with Aaliya, Aaliya will never accept your and Adi’s illegitimate child. Roshni says but you accepted Raman’s children. Ishita says Raman and Shagun were married, they got divorced, your case is different, sorry but you made a mistake, the baby is not at fault, I know they won’t come to snatch the baby, they will never accept the baby, can a mum stay without children, I m staying here so that I can see my children every day, no one will force you to stay away, we will take good care of the baby, that’s my promise, I m serving my punishment, I have made a few mistakes, this is my punishment that I stay away from them, its my responsibility to take care of you, Adi’s baby and this house, being Dr. Ishita Bhalla, this is my life, its not so bad, I will live it, stop thinking about me, just be happy, no one can separate the baby from you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Aaliya is she understanding. Aaliya goes. Mrs. Bhalla says we will convince her, I have decided I want Adi’s child here. Parmeet thinks its an amazing plot, I will add a twist in it.

Shagun says Raman, you are bringing Roshni here, then you will get Ishita too. Ishita asks do you mean Roshni is your bahu. Raman says just Aaliya will be our bahu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. can someone tell me why all the commenters hate roshini? wat did she do wrong?

    1. What right did she do by sleeping with married man? Shehh ?..and instead of discarding her ishita showing all d concern to her..very good example to children/girls..all are missing adi aftr he behaved so junglee..cant watch this track..agn param n his evil mind..oh god save us

      1. plz dont say so

    2. because she is pregnant for adi and aliya is his wife

  2. Oh God what this craving things again I thought Adi will come back but with today’s episode I don’t think so what wrong with Ishu Adi divorce Roshin before even getting married to Aliya how can she ask the bahlla’s to accept her as their bahu please someone should kill this Ishu already I think during that ghost track she lost her mental balance

  3. Ok i don’t think this iSHITa even deserves a comment, but anyone in her place would die from guilt and severe post traumatic stress disorder.
    Number one: She killed another human being and number 2: it was her “son”: so what are the writers trying to prove: that she is a sauteli maa and didn’t love her son? Becos if she did love her son, she wouldn’t be so happy and casual and … “normal”!!!!

    1. dont u dare say so because ishita is a kind person she can do anything for anyone

  4. u knw wat ishita s worst then shagun.
    She s taking a stand a stand fr aliya who nt evn their own child
    Although aliya was bought by ishita bt nw dat was of no use bcz of wat she done
    Nd fr roshni who s she first why writers giving so much footage acting all innocent dat she s alone bhallas will take d baby wat r u trying to provoke nd dis ishita doesnt leave achance to bcm jagatmata.worst character who nt evn guilt n killing her child nw blaming raman fr d thing he hasnt done raman should remain her d murder thing nd has to taunt her back den she wl shut her mouth
    N upcoming evryone s going behind her fr d baby
    Itna footage mat khao jagatmata
    Its a big thing dat evn after murder also they r allowing u nd ur sick so called beti roshni to their house bt no as always evryone has to come running around her
    Im controlling myself nt to use bad words fr this mahan ishita nd roshni

    1. The worst is yet to come, the writers will give one more twist in the climax of the track only to justify ishita, something like planning to save the real one or any which are beyond my thoughts

  5. It was a good serial in start but now all the Indian dramas are very bad ??.. Pakistani dramas are the best of all

    1. Paskistani is not the best star plus are the best and always be

  6. I want Mrs.Bhalla accept roshni and ishu in their home?????
    I really miss Adi ?????????????????

  7. YHM really has become pathetic. Ishita’s character is beyond redeemable, she not only supported infidel Roshni over her daughter but also doesn’t seem to be bothered that she murdered her son. She is going on with her life like nothing had happened, it’s really disappointing…she’s definitely proved that she’s not Adi’s real mom. And what is this nonsense about accepting Roshni into the Bhalla family , how can Aaliya and the family tolerate it… Mrs Bhalla is one annoying lady. She uses everyone as it suits her and discards them whenever she’s done with them. Poor Aaliya, she doesn’t have the support of anyone besides Shagun , she should leave with Mani and shagun. Raman is spineless as always, cannot take a stand for the girl he claims to be his bahu. And what a up with ruhi and pihu supporting ishita and roshni. So sick of ishita and roshni playing the victim , Roshni is the root of all the problems , she lead Adi on , became pregnant with his child only to later reject for another man claiming to be concerned about Aaliya and his marriage… where was this concern when she was conceiving his baby. And Ishita, she always claims to be morally upright , where is her morals when she condoned Adi’s illegitimate affair and supported the other woman. The worst is the bhalla family and ruhi and pihu welcoming roshni like she’s some godsend to the family. Aaliya shouldn’t have to deal with this nonsense. I hope they bring her justice and the real adi who has nothing to do with that shameless roshni.

  8. It takes two to tango,and least Ishu forgets Roshini is not their bahu not because she is carrying Adi’s child,she is just a woman who was hard up for a man. She knew he was married and when the clown Adi marry her he wanted to get out it and he was very insulting towards her and yet the colwn open up like a clothes pin for him these soaps I tell you it brings about lots of enemies too and it’s not worth it. And why are you guys bringing in Pakistan and Indian series on this forum??? Jezz gawd I can say more but as an older person I prefer to remain mum cuz shut up is better than beg pardon.

  9. The day Ishitha shot Adi , the character Ishitha died for me . And I feel sad to see Dt promoting this show . Not at all expected … may be she is forced by the creators to promote … end of the day she is an actor and must have signed the contract with them . Their butter and bread .
    Coming to the story she can feel caring to Roshini for Adis baby … but over pampering is not acceptable . And Ramans mood is justified as a father to get along with Ishitha as his wife is defficult. Its not any ones grief … his own son .. normal death also it takes tome for parents .
    its true Ishitha is self punishing staying away from them but cvs really butchered the character by shooting Adi . Shaghun Alia and Ishitha cud stop Adi .
    And what for this jaipur trip .. not needed at all … not relating to the storyline .Except for Divan acted well , it was without any emotions of a son lost parents .Roshini is given ss and for that many are butchered . Why AV was sent is really a question ? To accomodate Vidisha and to show all this rubbish ? I am a huge fan of Dt but cant see she is butchered like this .
    Param and Simmi royally enjoying .. its high time to expose them …Mrs Bhalla is worst and the new lady makes it more visible .And this spineless Raman dances to the tune of Mrs Bhalla . Such an amazing story is killed by Ekta and Sickand .. I dont know why they are into these negative bites . As family are they like this ? I hope if I can fly to Mumbai and give one slap to these people ..Shaghun having done all damages in the begining now shown as whitey ..For shaghun and vidhisha main leads are butchered .. I tried my best not to comment .. but cant

  10. Mrs , bhalla and these whole family is so selfish except ruhi, pihu, ishita, the others only care about roshni,s kid not about roshni.

  11. Good one VP book a ticket for me too I tried not to comment but what to do I cannot help it so it will be two slaps in all lol.

    1. No probs Jayashree ! We will make it . I cant understand how depressing the storyline is !

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