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The Episode starts with Ruhi asking Raman and Ishita to leave. She sides with Niddhi. Raman and Ishita say sorry to her and beg her to come to them. Police makes Raman and Ishita leave. Ruhi cries. Ishita and Raman cry. Adi and Mihika console Ishita. Ishita says Ruhi made me Ishi Maa, how can I do her deal for Pihu’s sake, both are my daughters, how can Ruhi say this, Niddhi filled poison in her mind. Raman asks inspector to do something. Inspector says sorry, we can’t do anything, they are Australia citizens, you both leave, else they may file case on you. Ishita asks Raman to explain Ruhi, I don’t hate Ruhi, ask her to forgive me. She asks Romi to talk to Ruhi, she loves you a lot, please do this for me, tell her Ishi Maa is not bad.

Romi asks her to be strong and not lose, I promise

I will get Ruhi back. He cries and says Ruhi is angry, she has been away for many years, don’t know what Niddhi filled poison in her mind, she will come back. Raman says don’t give false hope to her Romi. Romi says your hope can end, but Ishita’s hope can’t end, this is because of you. Mihika asks Romi is this time to say. Romi says yes, Raman is responsible for this, he got Niddhi home, he would have told plan to family, we would have won, Raman always blames others to hide his mistakes, his ego, anger and pride, why did this happen, Raman scolded Ishita so much that Ishita left you, and even Ruhi, your wife and daughter were acting to be dead, all this because of you. Raman realizes the truth and his faults by Romi’s words. He breaks down and sits crying. Ishita cries seeing him. Romi and Mihika leave.

Amma asks Vandu to call Mihika. They see Ishita coming and ask everyone to come, Ruhi has come. Raman, Ishita, Adi and Aaliya come. Amma and Simmi ask Raman and Ishita about Ruhi. Even Shagun asks the same. Raman says Ruhi hates us, she does not want to come with us, she thinks we sacrificed her for Pihu, Niddhi filled poison in her mind, Ruhi hates you family. Amma asks what, Ruhi hates you. Ishita says Ruhi hates me, my life ended, I have really become a baanch/infertile/childless woman today. Amma says no, don’t say this, Ruhi will come back to you. They all cry.

Ishita says I was alive and had Ruhi’s memories with me, I thought to pass my life with Ruhi’s memories. Raman told me that I don’t deserve to be mother, you were right, Ruhi went, I also went, I was so away but I was alive with her memories, but now Ruhi has left me. Appa consoles her and says we will talk to Ruhi. Ishita cries and says Ruhi hates me, I m such a bad mother, I left my daughter and there my daughter left me, I m a failure. Raman, Shagun, and everyone cry. Ishita says everything is finished today. She gets dizzy and faints. Mani and Bala rush to her. Bala takes her to Iyer house. Amma sprinkles water on Ishita and asks her to open eyes. She asks Raman to call doctor. Mani goes to get doctor. Shagun goes to get some energy dose. They all see Pihu there. Shagun asks Pihu to sleep. Pihu says I went to have water, whats happening.

Ashok scolds Niddhi on call and asks her why did she not tell him about Ruhi. She says it was not important to tell you. He says don’t ask me to get Ruhi now, she would have gone with her parents. She says no, Ruhi chose me over her parents, she is with me. He gets shocked.
Pihu asks Shagun what were you doing at Iyer house, you are helping that aunty, whats happening. Doctor checks Ishita and says her bp is very low, call Ruhi here, its important. Shagun tells Pihu that aunty was missing Ruhi, she likes Ruhi, Ruhi left suddenly so aunty fell ill. Pihu says even I miss Ruhi. Shagun says we all miss Ruhi. Adi comes and tells Shagun that doctor asked to get Ruhi, else Ishi Maa. Pihu asks who. Adi says that aunty…. Shagun asks Neelu to make Pihu sleep and goes.

Niddhi asks Nupur to arrange her tickets asap. Ruhi recalls Ishita and cries. Niddhi says I hate Raman and Bhalla family. She looks at Ruhi and asks her not to stare her, you are alive because of me, your family left you, don’t think to go to your family, pack your bags, we have to leave for Australia. Doctor tells Raman that Ishita’s state is too risky, call Ruhi, this is emotional trauma, its imp that she meets Ruhi.

Raman calls Ruhi. Ruhi says I m not related to him, I don’t want to talk. She cries. Raman sits crying. Mani sees Raman and goes to him. He asks Raman to be strong. Raman says Ruhi is not completely wrong, I was more annoyed with Ishita, but I can’t see Ishita dying, if Ruhi does not come, she will die. Pihu sees Raman crying and ask what happened. Raman goes. She asks Mani. Mani says Ishita is unwell, she wants to meet Ruhi. She says mumma told me that Ruhi went to Australia. He says no, she is in India. She says then call her. He says she is not answering call. She says how can she do this, uncle do you know where is Ruhi. He says yes. She says take me to Ruhi, I will get her, I will see how she does not come. He smiles.

Bala asks doctor to do something. Doctor says medicines are not working, call Ruhi. Adi says we can’t call Ruhi, she won’t come, make Ishita fine. Pihu gets Ruhi there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi guys?does anyone know who tells pihu that ishita her mother.

    1. pihu still does not know that ishita is her mother

  2. Awesome1 You guys rock….

  3. Star Plus’ popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is in a soup!
    Not literally though…
    The much acclaimed Balaji Telefilms daily though loved all around the world will probably get banned in our neighbouring country, Pakisatn!
    Shocking…isn’t it?
    Indeed it is a piece of sad news for all Pakistanis who love the show.
    The series is telecasted on Urdu1 channel in Pakistan and is watched by the masses regularly.
    It so happened that on the episode telecasted on 1 June, Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) were shown to be getting intimate. The same is a violation of Pakistan’s Electronic Media Ordinance 2015.
    Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority has thus sent out a notice against Urdu 1.
    A report in Dawn mentions that according to the notice, PEMRA received complaints about the show on its Twitter handle @reportpemra and call centre; the complaints said that the scenes were too inappropriate to watch with one’s family.
    Urdu1 has till 18 June to respond to PEMRA’s notice.

  4. I hate dis story!!!

  5. Yhm is again top

    Trp is 3.1


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