Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Subbu going to sign. The pen does not work, and they all don’t have the pen. Ishita is on the way. Raman says he has the pen in his car, and asks them to wait for him, he will get it. Ishita meets him and says they have to stop the marriage, Subbu is a bad guy, they have to save Simmi. Raman asks what happened. She says first lets go there. Subbu gets the pen and is about to sign. Ishita comes angrily and takes the pen from his hand, saying she has the objection, she can’t let this marriage happen. Simmi asks what is she saying. Ishita says she can’t let it happen, and sorry Simmi. Everyone look on shocked.

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registrar asks whats this drama, go outside and solve the matter, don’t waste our time. Ishita takes Simmi and everyone outside. Subbu looks at Sujata and rushes out. Ishita says Subbu has lied to us, I tried to find, Bala did not wish to talk, then she spoke to Shaila Bua in London, and her doubts got confirmed, she asked me to stop this marriage immediately. Mrs. Bhalla asks how does Shaila know Subbu. Ishita says I don’t know, she is coming tomorrow, she asked me to stop this marriage, she told me that its big story behind Laxmi’s suicide, she will tell us. Subbu gets angry. Ishita says Simmi has seen many problems, Subbu is not suitable for her.

Subbu says how dare you Ishita. He goes to her and says you were always against me, you never wanted my happiness, what do you wish to do, I will kill you, I won’t leave you. Everyone is shocked as he holds her neck. Raman frees Ishita and beats Subbu. They all get worried seeing Subbu’s violent side. Bala and Romi stop their fight. Raman says how dare you touch her. Subbu says your wife is calling me fraud, I m not a cheat, he will tell them. Sujata says stop it, no need to tell anything. Subbu says I will not leave Ishita. Sujata takes him and leaves. Simmi gets in shock and Mrs. Bhalla cries, asking Raman to take them home.

They all go home and talk about Subbu, why did he wish to cheat our Simmi. Raman says he came to us and cheated. Simmi says why did he do this, he showed he needs us, why did he play with my and Ananya’s emotions. Ishita says now he can’t hurt you. Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita what did Shaila say. Ishita says she said she will come and say, she reacted so strong, its all related to Laxmi’s suidice, why is Sujata helping Subbu, she works for society and women welfare, why did she hide this from us, Subbu has major anger issues, that he needs medicines, why did she hide this. Raman says they both have fooled us, I will punish him.

Mr. Bhalla asks him to wait, they will clear things after Shaila comes. Subbu tells Sujata that he will not leave anyone. Sujata asks him to have medicines. He throws the glass and asks why did you stop me from saying the truth. She says its beginning and he was ending it, she will play her cards at right time. She says we have to stop Shaila from coming here, else our problems will increase. He calls UK embassy.

Raman calls Shaila and says its ringing, but she is not taking the call and worries. Shaila is in embassy and takes Raman’s call. He puts the call on speaker and asks when is she coming. She says immigration office stopped me and saying I have some passport issues. The man asks her to keep the phone. She says she can’t come India till the matter is solved, Subbu is not a good guy, he has some misunderstanding in his mind, but we are not responsible for anything. She ends the call. Mrs. Bhalla says whats the matter. Shaila says why did she say, that its not our mistake, how are we related to Subbu, whats their connection.

Subbu says Shaila can’t come India now, I complained in embassy about her, Bhallas will have to pay for it, I will not leave Simmi, that’s why I have shown fake sympathy to Simmi and Ananya, I will punish them. She says we will think and do. He says don’t worry, we did a lot to win their trust, we have waited for long time, I won’t let anything wrong happen, I will make Simmi’s life hell, like my life was made hell, my Laxmi died because of them, now Simmi will also give up her life.

Bala says what did Subbu do, I m ashamed, Ishita has warned me. Vandu says we flowed with Subbu’s tears, we did not believe Ishita. Mihika says they are good and believe others. Ishita comes and asks Bala not to feel guilty, even she came in Subbu’s words, she trusts Bala a lot, and Subbu is his opposite, his lies a lot, I don’t know what he wanted to prove by marrying Simmi, what did he wish to say which Sujata is hiding. She says Vandu should rest in this condition and asks her to go home.

Mihika meets Abhishek and tells him everything. He says he can’t believe this that Subbu can get so much violent. She says Simmi is broken, its hard to convince heart to remarry, the family is so worried, don’t know why Subbu wanted to marry and why is he lying, it’s a puzzle. He says he spoke to his London friend, lets hope they get any info. He asks her not to do this emotional drama, he is habitual to see her Chandi avatar. She thanks him for always helping as a friend. He asks her to call him Abhishek, not Sir. She says fine Abhishek. He gets a call from work and says I will come. He says I have to rush. She asks him to be careful. He asks what. She taunts him and hides her concern. He leaves.

Raman sits thinking about Subbu’s violent behavior. Ishita comes and he asks is she fine. She says I m fine, I don’t find you fine. He says how can I, Subbu is your ex, and I did not wish bad for him, today it was so shocking, mad man, he raises hand on you, I m sorry, I should have understood your instincts are always right. She says Subbu is consulting a psychiatrist, Subbu has attacked me, we can use this and get to know about his problem from his doctor. He says yes and thinks.

Raman and Ishita met the doctor and tell about Subbu, playing a game with them. The doctor says they are saying right, but she can’t help them. Vidya says sorry to interrupt, but why can’t you help them.

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  2. Yeh Subbu ab Raman par iljam lagayega………Uss ne Anaya ko 15 lacks me bech diya….yaar par adoption paper par to Simmi ne sign kiya tha…..

  3. good episode.ab dheere dheere subbu ka poll khul jaayega. starting mein ishitha ne kya entry maari tevar ke saath.bilkul lady rambo ki tarah.lekin afsos shaila bua nahi aa paayegi.

  4. Subbu has blamed Raman for selling
    Ananya to him for 15 lakhs. He has
    proved such evidences that Raman
    was selling his niece. Subbu has
    made this news reach the media
    channels and the Bhalla family panics,
    by Subbu’s evil trick which has ruined
    Raman’s image. They get worried.
    After Ishita has stopped Simmi and
    Subbu’s marriage, he uses the
    document signed by Bhallas. He takes
    revenge from them, after failing to
    marry Simmi. He spreads the news
    and Bhalla family gets tired answering
    the people. Raman gets angry seeing
    Simmi already upset. Raman says he
    will not spare Subbu. Simmi is also
    worried for Raman. Mr. Bhalla calms
    down Raman and asks him to act
    wise. The family believes Raman and
    Ishita promises them that she will sort
    this problem, as she has to settle
    scores with Subbu for hurting Simmi’s

  5. ishitha ka gala dabaya aur dhamki bhi diya maarne ki.raman ko toh uss pagal subbu par atempt to murder ke jail bhejnaa chahiye tha.

  6. oh ho agar woh london aaya tho no problem.she can say form there itself by phone aur video chat.and one more matter ki bua said they didnt do anything its just subbu misunderstanding tho phela cui nayi warn kiya bhallas ko about subbu.

  7. Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is not
    leaving the audience hooked to the
    show with it’s interesting tracks.In
    the coming episodes ,we will see
    Vidhya Balan’s entry in the show for
    promoting her film Hamari Ahuri Khani .
    Ishita will finds out that Subbu is
    trying to cheat them and she rushes to
    the court to stop the court.Ishita
    reaches the court and tells everyone
    that the marriage cannot happen.
    Ishita holds simmi and tells everyone
    to come outside.Simmi questions
    ishita why she is stopping the
    marriage.Ishita explains her that
    subbu is a fraud.Subbu confronts
    ishita and she shouts on him for
    cheating them.
    Subbu loses his cool and he holds
    ishita’s neck saying that he willnot
    leave them.Raman and bhalla family
    gets shocked and stop him hurting
    Bala and Sujatha take subbu and leave
    the place. Bhalla family realizes how
    bad subbu is and cancel the marriage.
    But the twist in the tale is Subbu has
    the adoption rights of Ananya.
    Ishita and Raman try to find out the
    reason behind subbu’s behavior and
    at that point they meet vidhya balan
    who helps the couple to solve the
    case.Ishita discovers that Subbu is
    trying to take revenge from the bhalla
    On the other hand,Subbu who failed
    once comes up with an another plan to
    defame Bhallas.
    He gives news to the media that
    Raman kumar Bhalla has sold his
    niece for money.Raman and ishita will
    be shocked on hearing the news in
    Tv.Then Raman realizes that subbu
    gave him a check sometime before as
    a gift to simmi.
    Raman understood that he has planned
    everything to take revenge from them.
    What is the hidden past of Subbu? Will
    ishita able to find out the truth ?
    Keep reading for more updates

  8. unique Angel

    Ritushree aapke paas insta hai kya kyuki ussdin aapne leap ke bare mai jo link bheji thi woh insta ki thii

  9. Jayaa

    Does it mean that Shaila Bua cannot even speak to anyone even if she cannot travel? is she arrested? even if she is arrested she will get a chance to speak to her attorney and family right? can’t understand…

  10. Jayaa

    Abhushek .. in one of the earlier episodes he aaid he was subbu’s friend… what is his role in this issue? is he there to provide inside info to Subbu abt Balla’s ? And why was he not in Subbu’s wedding ?

    • suvida

      Something is gone wrong wid this subbu…..he shud be first taken to some good phyciatrist…………

  11. subbu toh goobna badmash aur fraud hai toh usku wajah se lakshmi ne sucide kuya hoga.flash back bhi yahi kehthi hai ki subbu galath tha .warna lakshmi usa se kyu baath nahi kar rahi thi aur naaraz thi aur woh subbu bhi kyu manaa raha tha lakshmi ko aur ro raha tha.uska affair kahi aur hoga as said by acp aur kuch kiya hoga uss subbu ne.

  12. gopu

    Bahubali story ……తెలుగు ప్రేక్షకులే కాకుండా దేశ వ్యాప్తంగా సినీ ప్రేక్షకులు ఆసక్తిగా ఎదురు చూస్తున్న సినిమా ‘బాహుబలి’. ఈ సినిమా విడుదలకు సిద్దం అవుతోంది. ఇటీవలే విడుదలైన ట్రైలర్‌ సినిమాపై అంచనాలను తారా స్థాయికి తీసుకు వెళ్లాయి. వచ్చే నెలలో ప్రేక్షకుల ముందుకు రాబోతున్న ఈ సినిమా తాజాగా వెబ్‌ మీడియాలో లీక్‌ అయ్యింది. అయితే ఆ కథ ఎంత వరకు నిజమో తెలయదు కాని, ప్రస్తుతం అది ఒక వైరస్‌లా అంతా వ్యాప్తి చెందుతోంది.ఇంతకు ఆ కథ ఏంటంటే… మహిష్మతి రాజు అమరేంద్ర బాహుబలి(ప్రభాస్‌). ఆయన సతీమణి దేవసేన(అనుష్క). బాహుబలి పాలనలో మహిష్మతి రాజ్య ప్రజలు సుఖ సంతోషాలతో ఉంటారు. అయితే బిజ్జల దేవ(నాజర్‌) దురుద్దేశ్యంతో బాహుబలి తమ్ముడు అయిన భల్లలదేవ(రానా)కు చెడును నూరి పోసి, రాజ్యం దక్కించుకునేందుకు బాహుబలిని చంపేయమని సలహా ఇస్తాడు. రాజ్య కాంక్షతో భల్లలదేవ తన అన్న బాహుబలిని చంపేస్తాడు. దేవసేనను ఖైదీగా చేస్తాడు. బాహుబలి, దేవసేనల తనయుడిని భల్లలదేవ బారి నుండి కాపాడి పక్కరాజ్యంకు చేర్చుతాడు. అక్కడి వారి వద్ద శివుడుగా బాహుబలి తనయుడు పెరుగుతాడు. ఒకానొక సమయంలో మహిష్మతి రాజ్యంకు శివుడు వెళ్తాడు. అక్కడ తన గత గురించి, తన తండ్రి గురించి తెలుసుకుంటాడు. ఆ తర్వాత భల్లలదేవపై ప్రతీకార యుద్దం చేస్తాడు. ఆ యుద్దంలో శివుడు గెలిచి తన రాజ్యంను దక్కించుకుంటాడు. తల్లిని ఖైదు నుండి విడిపిస్తాడు. ఈ కథను రాజమౌళి విజువల్‌ వండర్‌గా, తనదైన స్టైల్‌లో తెరకెక్కించాడు. కథ సింపుల్‌గానే ఉన్నా కూడా కథనం మాత్రం ప్రేక్షకులను ఆకట్టుకునే విధంగా ఉంటుంది.

  13. Y u guys don’t lyk leap..let ruhi go n let she focus on her studies….bcz of acting she leave studies…its a high tym even we will missss her..but bcz of our entertainment..we shuyd nt leave her studies.,.

  14. Y u guys don’t lyk leap..let ruhi go n let she focus on her studies….bcz of acting she cnt leave studies…its a high tym even we will missss her..but bcz of our entertainment..we shut nt fos her 2 do acting..wen she ill bcme big she can but now she is a child let she live her childhood …and of course we ill surely miss her..

  15. sana

    We started watching only for ishitha and Raman and ruhi ok I will agree let Ruhi focus on studies. Wat about ishra ha I don’t wana c dat stupid Adi and idioit Ms.x romance. So we will try our best to stop leap. If any of you want freshness then ask for season 2.

    • yes we started watching bcz
      of ishuramru bt we don’t want
      new characters in the show
      like stupid mr.x character adi frd
      hw can this possible in 13years age crush
      plzzzz makers don’t do like this stupid drama
      we want sme romance bw ishuram
      if the show vil take leap surely it vil flop
      so we are fans try our level best to stop this leap

  16. suvida

    Aiyoo!!….papa ishitha ge yake ee thara problems yawaglu barutte……….ee subbudu yako revenge topic jasthi aitu……:-(…….papa simmi punha awala hrudaya odedu hoitu………all becoz of tht subbu………..

  17. Soniya

    Yes remove Adi … right from the beginning he set a bad example to youngsters… he did an accident and hide the fact from others, once he hooked Ishita for a torturing case and let her in the jail, remember how badly he talked and insulted to his own father Raman and how he wanted Ishita to ask pardon from him… Now this CRUSH…. what rubbish… ?

    please remove Adi’s character but noy RUHI… she increases the family value of YHM. Please don’t remove

  18. Soniya

    Earlier the used Raman’s Ex – Shagun to trouble ISHRA, and now they are using Ihita’s Ex-Subbu… This YHM is like a cycle, repeating the old tracks again and again in a different way

  19. bhagi

    patha nahi ye leap ke news sun ne ke baadh tho poora ka poora show par hi intrest ut gaya aaj kal spoilers dhekne me bhi intrst nahi hai……..

  20. Ann(athu)

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is all set to present some edgy drama in its upcoming episodes.

    We already know about Subbu’s (Amit Tandon) has come back to take revenge from Bhalla family. As per the on-going track, Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) did not let Simmi (Shireen Mirza) get married to Subbu.

    We at brings to you an exclusive track about what awaits us next!

    In an act of revenge, Subbu will frame Raman (Karan Patel) and accuse him of selling Ananya for 15 Lakhs which will bring a lot of embarrassment to the Bhalla family in front of the media and the society.

    On the other hand, Simmi will take an initiative to find more about Subbu’s past and will question him about the same. Subbu will then ask Simmi to stand on the edge of the terrace with Ananya and commit suicide!

    A source informed, “Just when Simmi will is about to jump; Ishita will come searching for Simmi along with Raman and Romi (Aly Goni) and will bash up Subbu who will then justify his actions.”

    What could be the reason behind Subbu demeaning the Bhalla family? Will Ishita and Raman forgive Subbu? Will Simmi mend her relationship with Subbu?

    We tried contacting Divyanka Tripathi and Karan Patel but they remained unavailable for comment.

    Keep reading this space to know more about the show!

  21. sbb mein yhm ka bathane wale hai.raman pareshan hai aur poora bhalla family pareshaan hai aur raman ko phone pe phone aa raha hai.issliye simmi aur ishitha bhi pareshaan hai.lagtha hai yeh jo subbu ne media mein raman ko defame kiya.iski wajah se.

  22. suvida gowda

    Urrrr!!!!!!…..plz yhm makers..iss adi ki charecter ko nikaldo……ruhi ko wapas lekar aayo………missing ruhi…..alot….

  23. Romaisa

    Agar pram or ashok ko ananya k selling ka pata chala to vo to aur b tamasha kara kar deinge-but hopefully ashok will say that i know raman vo itni giri harkat nahi kar sakta yeh to subbo ki gandi chaal hai ?

  24. 🙂
    🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂
    🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂
    🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂 🙂 😉 🙂

    • i saw u askd for susi in nauc pge ……. so came to inform u tht susi said she wil come to tu aftr 20 june as her exmz r near …..

  25. gopu

    Maybe the reason for subbu’s action is mrs bhalla has done some joke or funny in her london trip to Lakshmi that ruined subbu’s life….

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