Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi coming to the hotel room. He hears Aaliya and Nikhil laughing. He goes to see. He sees them and gets angry. Nikhil says let’s dance as we used to do before. Aaliya sees Adi and goes to dance. She dances with Nikhil. Ishita calls Adi and asks how is it going. Adi says we are not having good time, Aaliya is dancing with her friend, I will make you talk to her later. Ishita says tell her I have patched up with Shagun. Adi says Aaliya’s friend is so irritating. She asks who is he. He says he is Aaliya’s senior Nikhil. She says I don’t remember. He says your bahu is not less, she is also talking like him, she is dancing with him. Ishita says I think you are jealous. She says its normal, let them bond, I have brilliant idea, get friendly with him. He says never. She

says try it, he can be your friend, maybe he becomes more close to you. He says fine, I will try.

Adi calls them out and says I m back, lets go and have some fun. Nikhil rolls on the floor and laughs. Adi talks like them. Aaliya asks what happened. Nikhil asks what was this. Adi says it looks irritating when you talk this way. Aaliya says we don’t talk this way, it was horrible. Adi starts acting and says what, its an imp meeting, I did not spend time with my wife, is it so imp, fine I will come. Aaliya asks all okay? Adi thinks now Aaliya will give me attention. Adi says sorry I have to go. Nikhil says no tension, I m free all day. Aaliya says thanks, where will we go. Nikhil says we will go and see Mumbai. Adi thinks to do something.

Teacher asks Riya how did her phone go in Pihu’s bag. Riya denies it. Ruhi says when teacher got your phone in Pihu’s bag, you should have accepted it was your phone, its wrong to frame anyone this way. Teacher says you lied and reacting this way, you are new student, you should make friends. Riya says I don’t want to make friends. Ruhi says you can’t talk to teacher this way, chewing gum is not allowed here. Teacher says I will write note to your mum, tell her to come and meet me. Students leave. Teacher apologizes to Ruhi and Pihu. Ruhi asks Pihu why did she not say Riya was troubling her.

Pihu says she said if I tell anyone, she will not leave me. Ruhi says tell me if anything happens next time. Ishita talks to Ruhi on phone. She says Ruhi you have managed Pihu well, I will meet her. Raman comes. Ishita says I convinced Shagun to for the event. He says Shagun would not refuse for the award. She says we will make toilets like a healthy project. Raman says no more social cause, I was thinking to publicize our product. She says it will be costly, social cause will be good, fine we will think anything else. He says launch party is tomorrow, don’t say about toilets. He gets a call and says no, I was thinking about you.

She says whom was he talking sweetly to, he talks bitterly to me. Adi says Aaliya forgot me since Nikhil came. Mani calls Adi. He asks how are you and Aaliya. Adi says we are happy, Aaliya’s friend Nikhil is here, do you know him. Mani says yes, he is smart and intelligent, how is he doing. Adi says good, I was asking, they look good friends, I wanted to become his friend, tell me about him. Mani says he is quite a charmer, they are crazy and talk in strange language. Adi says yes. Mani says he sings really well. Adi says no, you said you wanted fresh voice for ad jingle, you send any employee and record Nikhil’s voice for jingle. Mani says that’s a good idea. Adi says I will send his number. Adi says now Nikhil will get busy in work and I will have fun.

Ishita asks Shweta where is Raman. Shweta says he is in conference room. Ishita says whom is he talking to. Raman sees Ishita at the door and starts praising the person on call. Ishita asks whom were you talking to, Kiran? He says you were spying, Kiran is my business associate, I m going her home to discuss launch ideas. Ishita says I will come along. He says I will manage, you see petty things here. He goes. She says I don’t have petty work, I have to meet Ruhi. Riya stops Pihu and scolds her. Riya locks her in storeroom. Pihu apologizes and cries.
Adi comes and says such a Chipku, he is still here, shameless. Nikhil greets him. Adi asks where is Aaliya. Nikhil says she went to spa. Nikhil gets a call and says I guess I have to go, client wants to meet me for jingle recording. Adi thinks I got work for you to send you. He says wow, I did not know you sing. Nikhil says I sing for myself. Adi asks him to use his talent. Nikhil goes. Adi says now I will plan surprise for Aaliya.

Ishita thanks Ruhi. Ruhi says I will manage Pihu. Ishita says I wanted to give her this toy. Ruhi says her class is not dismissed. Ruhi asks what did you get for me. Ishita says I m there for you and hugs her. Ananya comes and says Pihu would be coming. Teacher says Pihu is not in class. They all try finding Pihu.

Adi romances Aaliya. Aaliya says not now. Adi says we are on honeymoon, no but today, just love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi friends… Good episode… Cute ishra scene… Ruhanika was excellent today… Hope we get ishu and pihu scene tomorrow… It’s good social issue as it happens in school s…

  2. Guys plz pray 4 me cz nw um suffering frm dengue!
    Hope dt all of u r aware of dengue! Such a horrible disease it is! Man da pain is unbearable!! ??

    1. Ravi get well soon and have green pappaya after consulting your Doctor. heard it’s good don’t know for sure.

    2. Ravi pls take care of urself… Stay at home, eat healthy food safely…. Get well soon! U will be alright soon!

    3. r u in srilanka

    4. Hi Ravi. Did not no what dengue was so I asked dr Google. From what I read it is certainly horrible disease. Hang in there.

    5. Ravi.. Fluid balancing is most important thing in dengue so plz go to nearly hospital & get advice from a doctor..
      Get well soon dear..

    6. I Ravi how come you got it ? Sooo sad I am . Drink lot of water .. u have to check your blood after two months . I can only pray for your sad recovery

  3. Shreya shetty

    Hi Ravi.yes dear we all our yhm friends will surely pray for Ur good health and may God grant ur wish of recovery to dengue
    I can understand how serious dengue disease is dear Ravi didi
    But u need not worry, as long as we re with u u will be fine and healthy in no time due to our prayers.Please take care Ravi and have hopes within u

  4. Shreya shetty

    That bully stupid girl Riya should be tight a nice lesson by getting suspended from the school
    Please show riya getting suspended and dropped out of school so that pihu will not get tortured by such isolant girls like that shit Riya girl
    Damn I just hate bullies and if I were to be in place of the principal then promise I would ve made the bullies to stop getting educated until they learn how to be disciplined
    In fact children must learn discipline before harming other people like how that crazy shit riya bullied poor little pihu
    I feel like crying after watching pihu inside the storeroom when she’s locked
    Let the teacher come and remove that fat bully riya out of the school once and for all
    I feel that aaliya and nikhil are good friends though the funny part is that adai getting jealous and irked by him, hahahahaha that was really funny and nice
    But seriously I wouldn’t never dare to watch romance scenes at this age coz I feel uncomfortable but besides it’s looking nice in the precap
    Ruhi and ishimaa go and grab that bully and give her a nice taste of her own medicine who harassed little pihu like that way.shame on u Riya for being a girl, Chiii! !

  5. Awwww!!! Waiting for Adhiliaa romance for a long time…. Hope it doesn’t get spoiled by Nikhil… Ishta should change now. Riya should be punished.

  6. Wow. Go on honeymoon with your husband and then spend all your time with an old friend. And even then it looks like your enjoying being with your friend much more than being with your husband. Oooohhh these CVs. We are watching old episodes of YHM and I am sorry to say that Ruhanika has lost something in her acting. She was so good in old YHM. Maybe in getting older she has lost that cute factor.

  7. azuka nkwonta

    Once. Upon a time there was a woman called ishita iyer who just moved in newly to dehli with her family. And there was this little girl called ruhi bhalla who lives with her father and her grandparents, uncle and aunt. Her father does not care about her even though her mother left her with him with good intentions but he cares less about her. One day ruhi saw a puppy crossing a road she feared that this puppy will be killed so she wanted to save the puppy. She ran into the road and caught the puppy but got trapped because there were so many cars moving and she does not know how to get out. Ruhi was suppose to be taking care of by her family but they were careless with her. Ishita iyer who is a sterile woman and have been rejected by the family of the man who was supposed to marry her saw ruhi and knew that she can be hited by a car, ran into the road and saved her before her maid came out to save ruhi. Ishita found out that ruhi’s parents were divorced, she started getting close to ruhi. At that time ruhi was needing motherly love and a mother figure and even fatherly love she can’t get from Raman who does not care about her. Ishita noticing these capitalized on them and started getting close to ruhi. She used all her charms and won ruhi’s heart and as a doctor who treats children she knew how to make ruhi fall in love with her. Everywhere she sees ruhi she will try to help her, if ruhi is in trouble she will rush there and starts acting like ruhi’s mom and took care of the situation. When she was doing this she knew what her intentions were. Ruhi started falling in love with ishita and being a little girl all she wanted in the world was someone to love her like a mom and she fell in love with ishita. Ishita manipulated ruhi through her talks, her long lectures and actions. Ruhi fell deeply in love with ishita and considers her as her mom. When shagun Arora who is ruhi’s real mother came to take her it was too late for shagun because her daughter have taken another woman as her mother. Shagun took the case to the court and ishita came in to challenge shagun. Ishita being a sterile woman has found an opportunity to become a mother through ruhi vowed not to let shagun win . Ishita seeing that she will lose the case because she has no blood relation with ruhi and Raman bhalla who was fighting this case with shagun knew that he is a joke and a careless father and will not win this case came together with ishita planned a marriage so that they can win ruhi’s custody. Their plan worked out and they won the case and ishita stole shagun’s daughter from her after a serious court case and she became a happy woman because finally all she wanted has come to her.

    If ishita is a good woman ? she should have united shagun with her daughter instead of taking her away. The reason why you people are attacking my opinion on ishita is because you believe that if someone does not care for their children another person should take them but I believe that mothers should be left with their children no matter the situation and parents should not get divorced. My opinion is my opinion and I cherish my views of life.

    1. Dia

      Why did shagun leave her then…..

      And a father is also having rights on a kid…..

      And shagun filed divorce from raman

      Again m saying if u think m a ishita worshipper then read my comments….i supported shgun whenever i felt right and also ishita when she is right…..

  8. azuka nkwonta

    If all women where to be like ishita the world will not be a safe place for mother and daughter . It means that any mother can lose their child to ishita for any small mistake. Children should not be snatched away from their parents because of small mistakes instead families should be united and mothers should be left with their children.

  9. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita did not do the right thing as a humanitarian that some people call her . Is she really a humanitarian? Today she is uniting families and even she was called a peace maker. Then why did she not unit ruhi with shagun and even now is she doing it the answer is no because ishita knew what she wanted from the very beginning.

    1. Initially Ishita tried to unite Ruhi with Shagun …but Shagun because of her high society life, thought to join Ruhi to boarding school….then only ishu thought of marrying Raman to take care of Ruhi…so watch some old initial episodes , u will come to know…

  10. Dia

    Adi is right on his place….this nikhil is too chipku….he is aaliya’s friend but she is on her honeymoon right…….and aaliya also cannot do anything….it may seem rude….

  11. Hi Azuka
    If Shagun really love Ruhi she should have taken Ruhi along with her whn she leaves Ishu was just feeling pity for Ruhi as any good woman would do n also hav motherly love to any child beside being their own mother….what is happening in yhm do happen in life God bless women with children n you find out that those women dnt deserve to be motherz by the way they treat their children n those God did not blessed them with children are the ones who fit to be motherz…Shagun never taught Adi good values a mother wil know that a child is not suppose to be given a lot of money coz the child wil b spoil if you do so….i love indian serialz coz DT especially the role she playing in yhm coz it teaches that if i get married to a man who hav a kid(s) i should love that kid n treat him/her as my own kid

  12. azuka nkwonta

    So many mothers put their kids in boarding schools because they want to enjoy either with their husbands or some other things that they care about, so why are you using those points are they valuable. If you think that shagun’s points are wrong then go and tell those moms who have their kids in boarding schools that they are wicked moms and also tell the proprietors of boarding schools to shut them down and tell moms who are using excuses to go home and take care of their kids and not come out for any reason or the other, for any enjoyment or anything at all.

  13. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita was not feeling pity for ruhi it was her ambition to become a mother but since she cannot fortunately she met ruhi and seeing ruhi’s situation knew immediately that her wish has come true. Even though she hated ruhi’s father so much but her ambition will not stop her from marring him. She even boasted to mani at one point those days and said” l am a mother now and in the future adi will come to me” . The woman is a schemer, everything she got she planned them ahead of time. Somebody is saying that God gave some people children and they don’t deserve and some did not have and they deserve those children, so you are saying that some people should snatch some peoples children because they did not have and according to you because those who have don’t deserve it. This is why we have child trafficking today because those abroad are requesting that children should be taken from anywhere and brought to them for a fee because they don’t have kids,so they take from those who have and give to those who don’t have. That is why kids are missing on the streets everyday. A child goes out one day and the mother is looking for him the next day. Every child should stay with the mother in every situation.

    1. Dia

      What about the fire incident then??……

  14. azuka nkwonta

    Ishita snatched shagun’s children. If one small sin is encouraged it will breed bigger sins. This is why we have child trafficking today.

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