Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Raman over Ruhi. She says we were losing hope on Ruhi, but she loves Pihu, her heart is so clean and then how can’t she love me, we are on track, its such a nice feeling. He holds her. She asks him to have food. He makes her eat the food. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays………

Adi tells Aaliya that its not like she is thinking. Aaliya says its because Mihir is your Mamu, how can he reject Priyanka, he did not think how will Priyanka feel. He says Mihir did not reject your friend, he said he is not ready to marry. Adi and Aaliya argue. Amma comes and asks Aaliya what did she do. Aaliya says sorry, I forgot to switch off flame, its because of Adi. Adi goes. Amma says this burnt completely. Bala gets Pihu there. Pihu asks for breakfast. Amma

says Aaliya burnt the sambar. Pihu goes to get room freshener. She sees the cupboard open and says mumma always tells me to shut cupboard. She sees the photo frame stuck, and sees Raman, Ishita and Ruhi’s pic. She thinks when did she get this pic clicked and asks Amma. Amma gets shocked and asks her to have fresh idli. Pihu says don’t change topic, tell me when did you click this pic, I will ask Dadi. She goes.

Amma asks Bala what will we do now. Bala says I will come along. Amma says Aaliya does not know cooking, stay here. Pihu asks Bhallas about the pic. Amma comes there and tells them about Pihu getting pic. Elders get quiet. Ruhi and Adi manage to lie to Pihu. Raman says I look handsome in this pic. Pihu agrees. He says this aunty looks my mummy. Pihu says no, she looks pretty, but she looks prettier in real life. Ruhi makes Pihu busy in talks and Adi gives photo to Amma. Pihu apologizes to Ishita for talking rudely. Shagun takes Pihu with her. Ishita thanks Ruhi. Amma says we got saved today. Mrs. Bhalla says all thanks to Ruhi.

Amma tells Appa what happened today and how Ruhi saved them. She asks Aaliya to have sambar, and cook good one tomorrow. Aaliya says sorry, I will make good sambar. Vandu comes there dressed in western clothes. Aaliya and Amma compliment her. Bala asks Vandu where is she going. She says college. He says I did not see you wearing such clothes before. He says I thought to try something new. He says nice, I will drop you. She says no, I m getting late, you will take time. Aaliya signs her. Vandu leaves and thinks I had to refuse to Bala because of Aaliya. Aaliya thinks now to so soon Vandu, make him more jealous, then he will value you.

Mihika serves paratha to Romi. Raman asks for his paratha. Ishita thinks now they will fight for paratha. Romi sees Ruhi and offers his paratha to Raman. Raman says how will I go to office without my watch. Romi recalls Raman gifting his watch to him before and gives his watch to Raman. He says Ruhi is not here. Raman asks why will I wear your watch. Romi reminds that moment and Raman’s words, and thinks to keep this as a return favor. Raman accepts the watch. Mihika and Ishita smile.

Aaliya talks to Vandu and tells about Bala’s reaction. She sees Mihir and scolds him for rejecting Priyanka. She asks him to answer. Mihir says how shall I explain you. Adi comes and says I will answer you. He says Mihir rejected your friend’s proposal as she asked Mihir to do so, she loves someone else and did not had courage to tell her brother Anil, she wanted Anil to feel guilty to get Mihir’s proposal and then accept her boyfriend. Aaliya apologizes to Mihir. Mihir says its okay, I did not wish to marry, I told Anil that his sister should marry someone of her age, who loves her. He goes. Adi tells Aaliya that I told you Mihir can’t hurt anyone. She says sorry. He asks her to leave and meet her Appa. He goes. She says I need to ask Priyanka. Romi compliments Raman. They all smile. Romi gets a call and asks what. He tells everyone that IT raided on my factory…..

Raman tells Ishita that I felt good seeing Ruhi managing everything maturely. She says even I felt bad, will she change her decision and stay with her family.

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  1. Sharadiya Banerjee

    Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi ) decides to go away from Ruhi and Pihu’s life in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabtein will show that Ishita is shattered seeing her both daughter Ruhi and Pihu hate her.

    Ishita tells Raman that it will be good as if she will go from here which makes Raman shocked.

    Raman did not tell pihu about Ishita is her real mother that is why Ruhi thinks that Ishita is with them for a game only.

    Apart from this, Ruhi also decide to go back to Australia feeling Ishita is just selfish and never think about family.

    Furthermore, Ishita‘s kidnapping drama bring tough time for Raman where he missed Ishita a lot.

    Raman (Karan Patel) reveals Pihu of Ishita being her mother

    Pihu is surprised seeing Raman is worried for Ishita and asks him the reason behind it.

    Raman then reveals to Pihu as Ishita is not her aunty but her real mother.

    Pihu is shocked to know and is not ready to believe on it but Raman tries to make her understand that Shagun is not her real mother and she is taking care of her in Ishita’s absence.

    Will Pihu accept Ishita as her mother?

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  2. jaz

    Hello everyone Adu, monique,az,vp,shona,anjali,rithu,super girl,nazz,susan,fefe,summi,sindhu,shivani,sherya,bhgi,bhagya,roshni,mino,molu,ankaansha,disha,and all members of yhm fans group gd evening Guys to all

  3. shivani

    Hi everyone….Rithu VP Sindhu Mino Aditya Jaz Monique Shreya and all other fans of yhm….
    It was just an average episode…i was vey annoyed with pihu when she insulted ishita..but my anger decreased a bit after today’s episode…because she apologized again to ishita…i don’t understand why everyone is hiding the truth that ishu is pihus real mom…ishita is trying hard to unite both the family and also ruhi with her family.. but none cares for her happiness..when pihu behaved rudly with ishita no-one stopped her..all knows that ishita is in pain…but doing nothing…only adi makes efforts to bring happiness in ishus life…ishita is bearing everyone’s insults but still concentrated on winning back ruhi…so pls cvs bring some happiness in her life….

  4. jaz

    Guys I think DT ki baraat aagayi hoghi and I saw DT wedding lehnga and reception purple gouwn wow so BEAUTIFUL

  5. shreya shetty

    I am very glad that we got to know that ruhi is still very much mature enough to hide the revealing secrets of raman and ishitas past.wowww I really appreciated it when she managed to distract pihu with her rockstar talkies and that little girl forgot about everything!!!!why is adi getting infuriated over aaliya????what has she done to him that caused him to dislike her from inside.they were supposed to be good friends but no aaliya was trying her best to convince mihir in getting married to her friend priyanka but didn’t know by mistake that shes recently got a boyfriend who is getting married to her!!!!seriously theres some change in the twists in todays episode and I also even laughed at vanditas new fashion look coz she wants bala not to get flirted by shravan s French teacher.hahahahahahah there started women s rivalry over each other feeling bad for her.i just hope that ruhi will definitely 100 percent return back to the family until she realizes her true love of ishita when ishita gets shot by those goons who were trying to kidnap ruhi for nidhi and ashok.

  6. Rehana

    hey guys i read in latest news
    i came to know that in ishita ‘s absence
    raman will tell pihu about
    ishita is her real mother
    pihu will be shocked
    now let’s see will pihu accept her or not

  7. shreya shetty

    my one requested wish please.kick shagun and nidhi also with ashok out of this show when ruhi returns to the bhalla family successfully!!!!I just literally hate shaguns spoilt,black poison minded attitude where she shows no concern over ishita s molten feelings and neither correcting pihu for her mistake!!!GET THE HELL OUT OF THIS SHAGUN AND PLEASE DONT U EVER DARE SPOIL THE FUN OF THIS SHOW AND ALSO THE MOODS OF ME AND OTHER YHM FANS.PLEASE GO

  8. anjali

    I can’t understand why aren’t revealing the truth to pihu ? What is the use of hiding?

  9. Kuppi Bai Ranganathan

    So Sweet Ruhi and Pihu, but they both rejected her Mom Ishita is not good. Shagun got a good place because of Ishita now and then. But she not allowed Pihu (Ishita’s own daughter ) with her forgtten all good things Ishita done for her! Expecting Ishita Unit together with Ruhi and Pihu Soon. The written updates of Tellyupdates are very useful for me, who didn’t know Hindi( but watching Yeah Hai Mohabbattein-This Is Love) since inception from Chennai, Tiruninravur Villageties). Thanks to Tellyuodates!

  10. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) forgets hate for Romi (Aly Goni) and supports in his business in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode will show that that Romi suffers a huge lose in his business; Raman came to know about it.

    Raman and Romi forget his hate for each other and join hand to help Romi in re-establishing his business.

    Bhalla’s and Iyer’s all joins hand with Raman in helping Romi to recover Romi’s business loss.

    Adi, Ruhi, Mrs Iyer and Santoshi also join hand and works together for Romi and his business.

    Ruhi is moved seeing her family as one in each other’s hard times and Ishita tries her best to make her realize family love.

    Adi and Ruhi (Aditi Bhatia) enjoy Ishita’s pampering nature

    Ishita makes Ruhi feed seeing her busy and Adi tease Ishita for pampering Ruhi only.

    Ishita also feed Adi and Ruhi smiles seeing everyone happy.

  11. shainy

    don’t be dare to hate shagun.. its not a suprice that her behavior after the way raman treats her

    • Mino

      Oh Have u forgotten how Shagun Treated Raman Joining Hands with Ashok. Why so sorry for Shagun now only she is good How much she created trouble for Raman with Ashok. Now that Ashok has dumped her she has no one other than Raman & His family. Her own bro Mihir Hated her.

  12. ria

    guys I read in latest spoilers that pihu refuse to accept ishu as her mother.after raman told her abt ishu being her real mom.
    I wish pihu being ishu’s daughter should happily accept ishu as her mother.

  13. nish singh

    Hey guys,
    At least a better episode than yesterday. Raman at least is showing concern for Ishita..sweet feeding her food etc.
    It was almost as if Pihu was going to hug Ishita and that serpent Shagun took her away.
    We have to be patient..ishita will have her day. Nobody can replace her in Ramans heart and Shagun knows this.

  14. Swara

    Well today’s episode is far better than yesterday atleast we know Raman has concern for ishu who can’t beat that smile when Pihu said ishu is very beautiful Raman face lit up seriously can’t wait for kidnapping tract to start I can wait to see Raman and ruhi love for ishu I know her
    time will come but plz let it start ya she has really suffered loved the brother bonding can’t wait for the family to be complete I kinda understand Shagun feeling and insecurity she is gonna loose all something she tot belongs to her her daughter and her daughter father but when something is not yours it doesn’t belong to you by the way congrats divyanka and wishing you a happy married life

  15. Ro

    Hmm hmm hmm! Ep is gud… more focus on vandu-bala and also Adi-Alia!!! and no ruhi drama too… overall gud gud gud ☺

  16. Fan

    Ishitha left Ruhi’s hand for a moment so that she can save Pihu from falling to the ground. Yet Ruhi loves Pihu (who got saved) and not Ishitha (who actually saved her). New age logic, I suppose.

  17. Az

    Hi jaz, vp, sindhu, shivani, mino, aditya and all yhm fans. I missed two episodes in a row. But after reading update I feel today’s episode was slightly better.
    Even I can’t stand the fact why people can’t reveal the truth to pihu. That’s really unfair with ishita. Waiting for happy times to return in ishra life.

    • jaz

      Asalaam malaikum AZ gd morn yeah az meine bhi.miss kardiya two days ka episode acha howa meine soch liya DT wapsi ke baad hi show dekh khu ghi

  18. Evanisha Pathaw

    Huhuhu serial is becoming complicated day by day… It is being injustice to Ishita and Rihi reactions it seems as if she will eat Ishita… is twisted don’t really feel like wasting time on watching it anymore

  19. Sofia

    Hii Guys….did you notice that in today’s episode Aliya addressed Mihir as Mihir only…..not even Mr. Mihir …
    How idiotic is that….just they want to fit her with him……how baad is that….
    Adi n Aliya luk tooo gud together…
    Disgusting serial

  20. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.episode was ok congratulations to divek. Wishing u a happy married life. Well can’t wait for ruhi and raman to realise how much ishu means to them when she gets kidnapped en shot.

  21. Devika

    Raman who always does mistakes ishitha who always loves & forgives Raman
    Ruhi who always supported Ishitha
    Raman who took ex-wife as the surrogate mother without Ishitha knowledge and sent ruhi to nidhi and chased Ishitha went to Shagun ex-wife take care of ishitha’s daughter for whom she lost everything in her life
    Raman who just could not bring her daughter up with the knowledge what a great lady her mother was not even shown a picture of her and still keeps quiet
    Shagun who stays with men for her greedyness money or security or whatever
    I am just shattered wondering what a horror drama this is

  22. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Evening Jaz and shivani and all the other yhm fans.Today I watched for the first time in a while and was pleasantly entertained.The scene with Mihir/Aaliya /Ruhi was awkward almost felt like he wanted someone like Aaliya.Didn’t like it.But I liked the sisterly bond of Ruhi and Pihu.Why is it so difficult to tel Pihu the truth.She is a child…she has no other way but to except the facts.I feel for Ishita both daughters treating her bad.Hope when DT returns will start getting on track.I just inpatient as it is taking forever to unite the family.

    • jaz

      Yeah monique muje b aliya achi nahi lagthi DT ke aane ke baad hi show kuch naya hoga I don’t like ruhi also o aur uski attitude I hate her lot jaisa baab waisi beti ..

  23. Siyuu

    Hi all ;
    tudays ep iz nt bad.. Its sum f hopes and sum negativity also. These r gud signs dat raman concerns ishu ,ruhi xplains tu pihu smartly , pihu further apologise tu ishu , romi n raman relations become sum more firm , nd vandus part etc.. Also sum negtvty whch lead tu big spoilers in future such as aliya thnk much abt mihir(frm tudays ep i thnk she begin tu fall fr mihir) , wen pihu apologise dat idiot shagun snatch her from dere (dats so irritating) , etc.

    Hope all becum well soon..


    Hi JAZ Rithu VP Shona AZ Naaz Shivani Shreyadiya Sindhu Super GIRL Monique Ramchin Lisa And All The Members of The YHM GROUP.
    GOD Bless You ALL GUYS.
    Even I Hate RAANDI SHAGUN, As You All Hate JAZ Shivani VP And Some People Who Hate BLOOD SUCKING SHAGUN.


    Lekin BHALLA PARIVAAR KA Doosra fasaat ka JAD BHI HAI,


    Shreya Shetty even You Are Right.
    REHANA if You Are telling RIGHT, Then it Would Be Very NICE in The COMING EPISODES.
    It Sounds UGLY.
    YHM staff Should Look After This.
    A b*t*h WILL ALWAYS BE A b*t*h”.

    NO Matter She looked After PIHU for Seven YEARS But Her Will Never CHANGE.

    • jaz

      Yeah Adu you absolutely right this blo*dy ekta she never change her attitude wo humesha kuch na kuch karthi rehethi hain baab ke umar wale ladke se shadhi kara thi hain it not fair Adu aliya ku(20) saal,I think mihir ku (45) saal ye kaisi pairing hain kuch b I hate ektha soch patha nahi ayse gatiya soch kahase lathi hain ache show ku bi kharaam karthi hain


    That Mean
    And Can Do Whatever She Wants.
    That too


    Only Few PEOPLE in This WORLD Can Like OR LOVE Ekta Kapoor’s Choice or Selection.
    I Mean How The Way She Destroys OR Damages GOOD CHARACTERS.

  27. jaz

    Hi Guys Adu monique vp anjali super girl nazz rithu summi sindhu siddhi fan az shona sherya bhgi bhagya shivani fathi molu rehena akansha and all members of yhm fans group gd morn Guys to all

  28. Dia


    |Registered Member


    Who is talking about mihir and aaliya??????

    Srsly……yhm is known for destroying awsm pairs

    first mimi
    then minky
    then romika
    then abhika
    then mansha
    now adiya

    thank god its not with ishra

    no mihiya plzzz


    And YHM GROUP Rithu VP Shona AZ Naaz Fathi Super GIRL Ramchin Sheeyadiya Monique Lisa
    GUYS Don’t Mind Some Names Are not Coming I Missed
    A Good Morning to ALL of YOU (Each And Every Member).
    GOD Bless You ALL GUYS.
    Take Care


    Kuch NAHI HAI JAZ.
    ROGER FEDERER is Out of Wimbledon.
    GOD Was UNKIND to Him.
    Biggest Upset of WIMBLEDON 2016.


    Me My SISTERS And All The Members of My Family were Enjoying The MATCH
    Unfortunately Ended On A SAD Note.
    Very Disappointing.
    I Didn’t Expect This.

  32. Naaz

    Hi aditya thank u v much for mentioning my name. I like to read comments also . And jazz my son is studying in 4th std n younger one is in 1st std

  33. Monique_D


    |Registered Member

    Hello everyone jaz,az,vp,shona,anjali,rithu,supergirl,nazz,susan,fefe,summi,sindhu,shivani,sherya,bhgi,bhagya,roshni,mino,molu,ankaansha,disha,and all members of yhm fans group good morning and have a great weekend.

  34. jaz

    Hi Divi aapko yhm fans ki tharaf shadi Mubarak ho we all wishing you a happy married life

  35. jaz

    Hey Adu monique az naaz rithu vp anjali shivani shona sindhu siddhi summi super girl bhagya bhgi sherya molu roshni aarshiya diya and all members of yhm Fans group gd afternoon Guys

  36. jaz

    Hi everyone Adu monique naaz AZ mino shivani rithu sheraya bhagya bhgi shona susan fefe vp nish sighn roshni rya fathi nivedha anjali fan aarshiya diya and all yhm fans members guys kaise hain aap sab gd evening Guys to all


    Good Evening YHM GUYS (JAZ Naaz AZ Rithu Shona Super GIRL VP Monique Shreyadiya Bhagi Lisa Sindhu Fathi And All The Members of The GROUP).
    I Hope You Are Having A Very NICE TIME GUYS.
    Vegetarians ACHCHA Dishes Khao Chat (Panipoori etc) ENJOY KARO
    This RAMZAN I Enjoyed A lot By Eating HALEEM And Other Dishes.

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