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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita talking to Raman over Ruhi. She says we were losing hope on Ruhi, but she loves Pihu, her heart is so clean and then how can’t she love me, we are on track, its such a nice feeling. He holds her. She asks him to have food. He makes her eat the food. Yeh hai mohabbatein………..plays………

Adi tells Aaliya that its not like she is thinking. Aaliya says its because Mihir is your Mamu, how can he reject Priyanka, he did not think how will Priyanka feel. He says Mihir did not reject your friend, he said he is not ready to marry. Adi and Aaliya argue. Amma comes and asks Aaliya what did she do. Aaliya says sorry, I forgot to switch off flame, its because of Adi. Adi goes. Amma says this burnt completely. Bala gets Pihu there. Pihu asks for breakfast. Amma

says Aaliya burnt the sambar. Pihu goes to get room freshener. She sees the cupboard open and says mumma always tells me to shut cupboard. She sees the photo frame stuck, and sees Raman, Ishita and Ruhi’s pic. She thinks when did she get this pic clicked and asks Amma. Amma gets shocked and asks her to have fresh idli. Pihu says don’t change topic, tell me when did you click this pic, I will ask Dadi. She goes.

Amma asks Bala what will we do now. Bala says I will come along. Amma says Aaliya does not know cooking, stay here. Pihu asks Bhallas about the pic. Amma comes there and tells them about Pihu getting pic. Elders get quiet. Ruhi and Adi manage to lie to Pihu. Raman says I look handsome in this pic. Pihu agrees. He says this aunty looks my mummy. Pihu says no, she looks pretty, but she looks prettier in real life. Ruhi makes Pihu busy in talks and Adi gives photo to Amma. Pihu apologizes to Ishita for talking rudely. Shagun takes Pihu with her. Ishita thanks Ruhi. Amma says we got saved today. Mrs. Bhalla says all thanks to Ruhi.

Amma tells Appa what happened today and how Ruhi saved them. She asks Aaliya to have sambar, and cook good one tomorrow. Aaliya says sorry, I will make good sambar. Vandu comes there dressed in western clothes. Aaliya and Amma compliment her. Bala asks Vandu where is she going. She says college. He says I did not see you wearing such clothes before. He says I thought to try something new. He says nice, I will drop you. She says no, I m getting late, you will take time. Aaliya signs her. Vandu leaves and thinks I had to refuse to Bala because of Aaliya. Aaliya thinks now to so soon Vandu, make him more jealous, then he will value you.

Mihika serves paratha to Romi. Raman asks for his paratha. Ishita thinks now they will fight for paratha. Romi sees Ruhi and offers his paratha to Raman. Raman says how will I go to office without my watch. Romi recalls Raman gifting his watch to him before and gives his watch to Raman. He says Ruhi is not here. Raman asks why will I wear your watch. Romi reminds that moment and Raman’s words, and thinks to keep this as a return favor. Raman accepts the watch. Mihika and Ishita smile.

Aaliya talks to Vandu and tells about Bala’s reaction. She sees Mihir and scolds him for rejecting Priyanka. She asks him to answer. Mihir says how shall I explain you. Adi comes and says I will answer you. He says Mihir rejected your friend’s proposal as she asked Mihir to do so, she loves someone else and did not had courage to tell her brother Anil, she wanted Anil to feel guilty to get Mihir’s proposal and then accept her boyfriend. Aaliya apologizes to Mihir. Mihir says its okay, I did not wish to marry, I told Anil that his sister should marry someone of her age, who loves her. He goes. Adi tells Aaliya that I told you Mihir can’t hurt anyone. She says sorry. He asks her to leave and meet her Appa. He goes. She says I need to ask Priyanka. Romi compliments Raman. They all smile. Romi gets a call and asks what. He tells everyone that IT raided on my factory…..

Raman tells Ishita that I felt good seeing Ruhi managing everything maturely. She says even I felt bad, will she change her decision and stay with her family.

Update Credit to: Amena

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