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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita asking Raman how dare he do this, how can he save Shagun, who did Amma’s accident. He says I m helpless. She says don’t justify, how dare you lie to me, if Shagun is mum of your kids, what about my mum, she could have died, we are friends and you lied to me. Ruhi comes waking up and asks them why are they shouting. Ishita hugs her. Ishita says everything is over now, lste go home. Raman cries. He says I m helpless. Mrs. Bhalla waits for Ishita and says she is worried. Simmi comes and asks what happened. Mr. Bhalla says she is worried for Ishita. Simmi asks where did Ishita go, tell me, are you hiding anything.

Ishita is on the way back home and cries thinking about Raman and her blind trust on him. Simmi asks Mrs. Bhalla not to worry as Ishita will come.

Ishita comes home with Ruhi. Mrs. Bhalla asks where is Raman, what happened. Mr. Bhalla takes Ruhi and asks Simmi to take her inside as she is sleeping. They ask Ishita what happened. Ishita cries. Mrs. Bhalla says say something, I m getting tensed, tell me what happened. Ishita breaks down and cries a lot. Mrs. Bhalla consoles her and asks what happened.

Ishita says everything is over now. She asks did anyone tell her anything, don’t cry like this. She hugs Ishita and consoles her. Ishita says sorry, I will go inside. Mrs. Bhalla cries for her and says she is not telling anything. Simmi calls Parmeet and gives her the updates. Parmeet says Raman is spending picnic with Shagun, maybe she saw something between them, and got angry. Its good if she knows the pain if what it feels to be away from family. Simmi says I m worried about Raman. He says don’t worry, he will come back. Simmi says since Ishita came in this house, we lost all peace.

Shagun argues with Ashok for telling against her to Ishita saying he loved her. Ashok says if you challenge my madness, I don’t know what I will do.She says Raman is better than you. He says you compare me with him, don’t double cross me. He leaves. She says you can’t stop me from meeting Raman, he is doing everything for me. Raman comes home drunk and gets drenched in the heavy rain. He is unable to walk and sits down. The guard comes and says Raman says don’t touch me, I m a very bad man, everyone call me bad. The guard says come with me sir.

Raman says I did not do good for anyone, bad father, bad son, bad husband, I m selfish. The man says lets go home sir. Raman says which home, I ruined my home by my hands. He says I lost my family twice, everyone hates me. I m bad. He says no one is happy with me. He says I cheated the woman who managed my home, for that woman who don’t mean anything in my life. I m Doing this for my family, everyone thinks I m wrong. Adi, Papa loves you. The guard says people will wake up. Raman says let them, they should know how a helpless man looks. Bhallas hears him and sees him. Even Iyers see Raman.

Ishita sees him from balcony. Raman asks everyone to come out and see what is the state of the helpless man. Raman cries. Ishita comes to him and asks the guard to back off. Mr. Bhalla says they will talk. Raman says no, I don’t need your support, as you hate me. I deserve hatred. She says no need to tekl everyone what you did, lets go home. Raman says everyone should know I m bad ad don’t care about anyone. He says my parents are upset, I cheated you, how low will I fall. I m helpless.

He says I apologized, what else can I do, I have lost. I m sorry, forgive me, I m a bad man. She says lets go in please. He says don’t support me, I can manage myself alone. Everyone looks on. Raman falls and Ishita helps him. Do alag alag dil ka ………………..plays………….. She takes him home. Raman says Ishita listen to me, I m not lying, you don’t know the truth. She asks then tell me whats the truth. She says you don’t have guts to say this, don’t give me explanations then. I feel to go from here, why to bear all this. She cries and says I won’t do this as this is my family. I came here for Ruhi and I m bearing this lie for her.

She says I changed, but I know you will never change, you are selfish, you think about youself, did you think about us. Raman cries. She says do what you want, be away from me, I don’t deserve this. Raman gets angry and lies in the hall.

Mrs. Bhalla asks Ishita not to take Raman to the room and let him be here. Ishita leaves him and goes to her room. Raman sleeps. Its morning, Raman wakes up and sees Ishita talking to the lawyer asking her to get Shagun punished in Amma’s accident case. She says till she lands in jail. I won’t get peace.

Mrs. Bhalla slaps Raman and says Ishita is our bahu, we will support her and go to court to go against him and Shagun. Raman frustrates.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  5. Nice one

  6. mrs.bhalla…u r so gud…luv u!!!

  7. Get lost u only have criticism for Raman but he is only trying to protect his son who is 13 yeas old

    1. thats not the right way to protect his son he went against law… he can be jailed for destroying the evidence… theres a legal n better way to deal with the matter… it looks as if he is an illiterate fellow with what hez done… dumbass raman!!

  8. ramam really deserves it .

  9. Raman i really can,t understand u….do u love shagun now?i think u love her….vow shagun and ashok are fighting

  10. dont tell lyk that abt raman! This is a serial… Serials are highly fictional….. Pls dont take it for reality!!!!!!! Raman and ishu will get back together…….. Mihi’s truth will be out….. This is all just for the real suspence!!!!! And oh pls listen to the words amena has written… Raman tells that why is he doing all this with the woman who takes care of his family for a woman who he doesnot like….. He is doing all this for adi

  11. I don’t think mihir is culprit
    today was such a nice episode. thank you amena for the update 🙂

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