Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Suhail coming and stopping blackmailer. Ruhi says I told you not to call anyone, you created problem for yourself. Suhail says we got money, you just delete the video. The man asks do you think I m fool. He pushes Ruhi. Ruhi falls and asks Suhail to catch that man, he has the video. Suhail runs after the blackmailer and beats him. They both have a fight. Suhail and that man aim gun at each other. Suhail gets the gun and shoots at him. The man falls down. Suhail gets shocked and drops the gun.

Someone sees them. Suhail runs to Ruhi and asks her to wake up. He asks Ruhi are you fine. Ruhi asks where is that video, where is he. She sees the man and says he died, you killed him. Suhail says please don’t shout, nothing will happen, come. She says if police knows

then… Suhail says its not murder, he got shot accidentally, it was his gun. He picks gun and wipes prints. He throws gun and says no one will know anything. She cries.

Suhail gets the phone and says this phone has MMS, we will keep this. Ruhi says but he died. Suhail says now this chapter is closed, none will call you and trouble, we have to leave him, else it can be big problem, I don’t want you yo get in any problem, come. They leave.

Adi meets his friend at the party. He wishes the girl happy birthday. She thanks him and asks where is Aaliya. Adi says she is unwell, are you not happy seeing me. She says we are happy, but is Aaliya very unwell. Adi says viral is going on, cold cough…. They all laugh. Adi asks why are you laughing, i did not joke. She says you are cleanly lying. Adi says I m not lying. His friend asks are you insecure and want to hide her, as she is more beautiful. She says Adi is hiding as Aaliya is more happening. Aaliya walks in. Adi smiles. The girl asks Adi how did he like surprise.

Raman and Romi are on the way and reach the site to track the blackmailer. Raman asks him to be careful. Raman gets shocked seeing the dead body. He calls Romi and asks him to see. Raman checks his pulse and says he is dead, maybe he is that man. He tries seeing face. Police comes there and asks them to move back. Inspector asks how did this happen. Raman says we did not kill him, we came here to trace Ruhi’s blackmailer. Romi says this is my licensed gun, how can I shoot him. Inspector says I know you are saying true, I was following you. Romi says we traced number by software. Police says you think we don’t do anything, we also traced number and came here. They see the blackmailer’s face.

Inspector asks do you know him. Raman says no, in CCTV footage, we have seen tattoo on that man’s left hand. They look for tattoo and does not see any tattoo. They get a gun there. Raman says this is not blackmailer, someone has shot him. Inspector says maybe tattoo guy has done this along with this man. Romi says we will check his phone, it will have MMS. Raman says yes, find it well. Constable say there is no phone. Raman asks them to look for phone. Inspector says we did not find blackmailer till now, it means blackmailer is someone else, we can find some clue by post mortem report, we have to find out who killed this man.

Adi asks Aaliya why did you come here. She asks what do you mean, I didn’t come for you. He asks why did you give me surprise. She says Anantika got me here from supermarket. Adi says you knew I m here and made fun of me, are you angry because of our breakup. She asks him to check phone, I called many times. He says I did not answer. She asks why are you blaming me. He says I felt you wanted to say sorry. She asks why will I say sorry. He says you should say sorry, is this deal that we will not tell anyone about out breakup. She says I will not say sorry, it was your fault, many things cleared in my mind after this confusion. I felt I was wrong, but I wasn’t wrong, you don’t deserve me.

Suhail drops Ruhi. He asks her to stop thinking all this, its all because of me. She blames herself. He says it was an accident, I was just stopping him and shot that man during fight, now no one will call you. She says he got murdered, if police catches us, I don’t want to go jail. He says call down, none can touch you till I m here, I promise I will manage. He deletes the MMS and says no one has seen us there, go home now, forget everything. He consoles her. She goes. He gets worried seeing dickey open.

Romi says its good, blackmailer got punished, we have to find tattoo guy, criminal always leaves some clue.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. madhu

    Hi shivani magic rithu vp bhagya ahs priya sindhu mino and all how are you all?
    Episode is not good i dont like nowdays i hate this track like everyone

    and where vp shivani and magic pls come back pls i also took rest bcz some fake person here but i cant stop commenting here pls pls pls you all come back a little girl requesting you all pls
    shivani di how are you i missing you
    vp amma i missing you
    magic i missing you
    hi bhagy di and rithu how are you?

    • shivani

      Hi madhu, i am Fine dear…..
      fed up with this stupid track…thats why m not commenting…
      where is magic and vp….?..hope they will be back soon….

  2. Reshmi

    Oh no…drama is getting more worse. Can’t Raman find out the tattoo on suhails hand? This is making me sick.
    About adi and aliya, she was right…adi doesn’t deserve her. They are boring nowadays…
    Where is pihu and ishita? Why can’t they (cvs)show some happenings between them? Now I have a feeling that yhm is about to go off air… Trp is low… Writers can better end yhm or make viewers happy by showing ishita and Raman scenes… Yhm is made for them.. There is only a little space for them. Always ruhi suhail ruhi suhail… Come on its been a month to show this crap. Senseless CVS ruined such a wonderful serial. Nothing else to comment..

  3. mp

    Hi isuri, tvfan1 & all yhm lovers…. It’s dragging dragging & again dragging… Plzzz stop this track…

  4. Hp

    Boring episode… But I think now onwards it may get interesting… Pihu is the one who witnessed the murder… This Sohail may scare pihu to not tell anyone… But Ishita will get it out of pihu.. so no worries…I think by next week this track may end

  5. Ahs

    Hy Bhagya, priya, rithu, magic , shivani, sindhu, madhu, VP, zaibamp, reshmi, shreya , riya, TV fan, HP, mino, Marin ,divyashri, kushiarvind, isuri…….
    Hey dear besties whr r u all?? And how u all doing?????

  6. sewwandi

    .Why u try to go out of the is going to jumbled.actually I do not like to see bad comments.becauce this is my favourite one.This YHM should be most popular telly drama and raman and ishtha should be the best couple on the sceen further.

  7. Gagan

    This show got boring .. they should have shown adi marriage stuff .. this blackmailing is boring I stopped watching the show

  8. susan

    Okay I am done. The one reason I lived this show so much was IshRa. That reason no longer exists. Tired of waiting for better times. Tired of Ruhi and Sohail. Tired of all the evil plots. Tired of waiting every night for some sign that the old YHM might return and ending up being disappointed again and again and again. To all my YHM friend thank you for all the chats and comments. RIP YHM.

    • shivani

      Yes susan…..its all done….tired of waiting for a happy life of Ishra…and its almost one month they are showing this sohail ruhi drama……
      I have to accept that it can’t be my old YHM anymore….

  9. Nina

    Is it common for young girls to wear short shorts in public in India where everyone else is covered up? Aliya’s character wears clothing seems to be out of step yet no comments on it as if is a natural occurrence.

  10. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Ishita intentionally spoils Sohail’s dress just to see tattoo on his hand.

    Ishita insists Raman to take Sohail inside changing his shirt and Sohail changes shirt while Raman-Ruhi and Ishita try to see his tattoo but they do not find it.

    Ishita and Ruhi then enter in house and Ishita asks Sohail about his tattoo and Raman tells Ishita that nothing is in his body.

    Ishita accuses Sohail for removing it and also blames him for telling lei as Vikram is his father but his father has committed suicide in real.

    Sohail then gets angry and burst out at Ishita and Raman for keep on doubting at him while he always helped him.
    Raman apolozies to Sohail but Ishita turns spy on Sohail

    Raman feels guilty while Ishita is not ready to believe on Sohail and argue with Raman.

    Raman and Ruhi apologize to Sohail for Ishita’s behavior but Ishita is not ready to keep silence thinking about Ruhi who believes on Sohail blindly.

    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  11. rithushree

    Yhm has turned soo horrible nowadays. I can’t even watch it also . I hope in this yhm regains it’s old charm and good story .not this ruhi ‘s .she doesn’t look like a child but a woman more in this show.

  12. rithushree

    Hey vp where are you?how are you ?plz come back to comment.if you are upset with the fake commentors then ignore them and come . A d if are busy then plz comments you are busy . missing your comments.

    • VP

      Hi Rithu Magic Sindhu Shivani … Madhu Susan Ahs and all yhm fans … Rithu its not that I am hurt … totally I felt very cheap … and how can I prove myself ? plus my comments were same but logo was changed . I thot I will try not to comment , though many times I was forced to . Whoever believes or not I have never used even a word stupid … never shout at my children … believe a lot in good bringing … love and care and pray a lot . I was just trying to find out why without knowing people how few are able to make comments like this ..,I enjoy very much with you all … first time in my life commenting on any serial . As I always tell yhm till surrogacy was superb … now lost that charm and uniqueness but found this site very good … Priya , Riya and Mona Bhaghya .. Shreya and all … a big hi to all .
      To comment about yhm …. appreiate Dt for her hard work for banking her roles . Without Ishra Yhm is nothing .. Their chemistry can not be the same … but we are not able to see their closeness … We dont know the readon behind it … it may be defficult for a woman to be in intimate scenes fir a while … end of the day they are also human beings … its true they have to be loyal to their professionalism … but body language can change to any person any time without their knowledge . Plus story also doesnt require Ishra scenes .. its moved to Ruhi and sohail . Old yhm each and every part is amazing . But Romi and Ramans open up was superb . And Nisha we had beencommenting about Alias short dress I had commented many times even Sindhu but she acts well … yesterday what she said was true Adi doesnt deserve her . Adi is confused …. his childhood with Ashok Shaghun is bringing insecurity in him But brilliant actor … sohail zero acting … ok yhm fans …. I am really very busy but night I have time for you all Rithu . hi Khushi thank you for your concern mona made my day and the next day its put down . Ok bi for time being .

      • Ahs

        Hy vp. A huge tnx for remembering us and th8 to comment…. Y shud v let others to control our lives??? So pls don’t quit commenting . if u do so, the villain’s expectations get completed. So um requesting u to be U which u were Earlier. ..

      • rithushree

        Hey vp . I am glad you came back but whatever may happen we all will believe you and fake commentors cannot break the yhm group of this site.

      • VP

        Sorry its not Nisha , Nina … was asking about Alias short dress …Mino … where r you … also Magic ..

      • Parichary

        Hi VP

        YOu don’t need to feel bad about what other faked commentor want to say! Those faker used Magic, Rithushree and now yours are making too much trouble. As my absent keep me away from this site because those who will keep such harsh words to put all blame on friends and hurt others. But you should not leave the site because of this idiot faker commentor.

  13. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus’ most successfully running daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some interesting twist and turns.

    It seems that Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) will spill water on Sohail’s (Gaurav Wadhwa) shirt to see his tattoo.

    However Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita will be shocked to see that Sohail has no tattoo on his body.

    Shocking Ishita will confront Sohail about his tattoo and hence Sohail will lose is cool and lashes out Raman ad Ishita for spying on him.

    Apparently Ishita will not give up so easily and will once again start her planning to expose Sohail in front of her entire family.

    Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates on your favourite show.

  14. rithushree

    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    The current track is focussing Ruhi, Raman and Ishita trying to nab the blackmailer but smart blackmailer outsmarts their plan.

    However, soon Raman and Ishita will get important information with regards to the blackmailer and shockingly it will be revealed that Suhail is the real culprit.

    Furthermore it will also be revealed that Suhail is Nidhi’s brother.

    Raman and Ishita will reveal the entire truth before Ruhi where Ruhi will get shocked on learning about this startling development.

  15. bhagya(ishveer,ishra)

    hi vp mam iam fine pls don’t leave this site we al love u we want your blessings

  16. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage revealition drama amid Simmi and Param.

    Param that is Simmi’s ex-husband and Ananya’s father has returned back with hidden intentions.

    Simmi who was moving on in her life and taking new avenues is going to face huge trouble with Param’s entry.

    Simmi and Gaurav and has decided to move on in life with him but major revelation happens when Gaurav turns out to be a puppet.
    Gaurav and Param traps Simmi

    Gaurav is Param’s puppet trapping Simmi snatch away daughter Ananya from her to give pain and trouble to her.

    Simmi is although stuck bit isn’t ready to loose the battle to Param for her daughter Ananya and gives a good fight back.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  17. rithushree

    Param comes to Simmi with intentions to trap her, Gaurav also turns out to be Param’s puppet against Simmi getting Ananya.

    Param accuses Simmi for having affair with Gaurav in order to get daughter Ananya’s custody.

    Param’s main focus isn’t Ananya but to give pain of being alone to her, Param has returned with revenge intentions.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  18. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama in which Ruhi is tensed and seeks Sohail’s help.

    Sohail pretends to be with Ruhi and acts to help her, Sohail pretends to be working in Ruhi’s favor but he isn’t.

    Sohail is actually involved with Nidhi who is Raman and Ishita’s older enemy wants to destroy them and Ruhi.

    Sohail now traps Ruhi in blackmailers murder case, Ruhi is getting deeper in Sohail’s vicious trap day by day.
    Ruhi stuck in Sohail’s trap

    Nidhi is successful in her mission and weaves a trap around Raman, Ishita and Ruhi which they are unaware about.

    Let’s wait and watch how will Raman, Ishita saves their daughter Ruhi from Sohail and Nidhi’s trap.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  19. rithushree

    The upcoming episode of Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Ruhi is stuck in bitter game.

    Sohail is Nidhi’s puppet against Raman, Ishita and Ruhi playing his role to trap Ruhi in this revenge trap against Bhalla’s.

    Nidhi had always been against Raman-Ishita and had also got defeated by them in her cheap instincts which Nidhi hadn’t forgotten.

    Ishita had stood against Nidhi for Ruhi’s love and custody which Ishita had won defeating Nidhi thus she returns with vicious intentions.
    Raman exposes Sohail’s truth

    Raman and Ishita takes Abhishek’s help saving Ruhi from MMS scandal and blackmailers trap and finds some important clues.

    Raman and Ishita reaches Sohail’s neck and thus makes him confess all truth, Ruhi is shocked knowing about Sohail’s fake drama.

    Stay tuned for more exciting updates of the upcoming episodes.

  20. hansi

    Hi everyone….how ru Bhagya, isuri,mp & all? I think im the smallest & youngest among u all…..and isuri im also srilankan!! Isuri akki where are from in srilanka?

  21. Parichary

    As we read updating is that someone video the murder of the fake blackmailer and Sohail and someone had nightmare.

    Pihu had returned home and witnesses the scenes and get shocking by Sohail involvement but did not know that Ruhi is also involved.

    Pihu was sleeping and get bad dream and pleading other to leave me and want to shout for Ishma and papa (Raman) to save her. Ishita walk to room to check on Pihu and notice Pihu shivering and scaring. Ishita try to consolled Pihu to wake her up. Pihu startedly woke up by Ishita touch and hug Ishita tightly with much fear. Ishita get confused by Pihu wired behaviour and ill-treat behave and hug Pihu. Pihu ask Ishita never leave me and Ishita promised Pihu that Ishu will not leave her and I will be here. Pihu did not want Ishita to leave her to sleep alone so that Ishita has to accompany Pihu in bed without Raman. Ishita will be seen the video in Pihu mobile of faked blackmailer murder and Ishita get shocked. Ishita and Pihu bond will been seen back as Pihu returned from Nature’s Camp.

    Ruhi want to protect her father but did the drama to take Sohail side and blame on Raman and Romi for Sohail lied. Ishita will turn into Maa Devi to protect Ruhi from Sohail. Raman and Ishita will exposed Sohail to Ruhi and Ruhi will breakdown by Sohail fake love, care and protection. Sohail did not know more about why Nidhi had send to jailed. Ruhi want to take side on Ishita. Raman will be annoyed to get to know about Ruhi drama.

    When the MMS are over then Ishita ask Raman to take family small trip and Raman agreed and take family trip so that Raman can spend time alone with Ishita and he will romance with her again.

    Param will take revenge on Simmi to get their daughter Ananya. Ananya does not want to stay with Param because she get to know what he did to Ishu Bua and want to get gravely harmily the family. Gaurav will be a puppet to Param and Ishita will exposed Gaurav to Simmi. Gaurav want to proposed to Simmi and Simmi rejected Gaurav’s proposed. Raman and Romi will beat Param and Gaurav in black and blue for playing with Simmi’s life.

    Aylia have no right to support Shagun without knowing the truth. Adi have known about Shagun during his childhood years until now. Adi knows that Shagun will never changed. Mani have his right to divorced Shagun so that Shagun will realised the love and value can keep the marriage going. Money can destroy their marriage and love. Aylia should need to understand that Shagun is only wanting money and Raman not Mani. Shagun is willing to used Ruhi to be against Raman and Ishita. Aylia should not tell Adi to break off the engaged witout understanding of the reason. Aylia blindly believe in Shagun. Adi will never forgive Aylia because of Shagun. Mani will be angry on Shagun for breaking Aylia and Adi engaged.

  22. hansi

    Im just 15 mp….10 std…. Ur 20 yrs means ru turning 21 this yr or did u get a/l results this yr??

  23. mp

    Yes… I’m turning 21 this year and also l’m doing a/l for my 3rd shy this year… My younger sis is in grd 11 then u r also like my sis

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