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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita spotting Ashok. She gets shocked and runs to him. She asks how did he get free. He tells her that Raman took all cases back and got him freed. She says you are lying. He asks her to go and ask Raman. She comes home and asks why did he get Ashok out of jail. How did you do this without asking, I got him caught by difficulty? He says did you ask me before acting of spirits, we have our own reasons. She says you took decision yourself. Bala comes to them. He says sorry to disturb. She says I will coffee. He says I came to talk to you, not Raman. She says tell me. He asks won’t you want to know how Ashok came out of lockup. She asks how do you know. Raman tries to stop him. Bala says please, I don’t want you both to have misunderstanding because of me.


says Raman took case back for my sake, he saved me from going to jail. FB shows Raman coming to Bala’s class and hears students talking about Bala. Bala tells inspector that I did not do anything. Police searches the place. Raman is stopped and tells constable that I have to meet Bala. He asks Bala whats happening. Bala says I don’t know, believe me, I did not do anything, how will Vandu react. Raman says calm down. Bala cries. Raman says I will help you, tell me. Bala says I got an envelope when I was taking a class, I felt I will see after class finishes, police came and said they got to know I m supplying drugs to my students, when they checked envelope, they got the drugs, I don’t know who sent it, my life ruined, Khosla ditched me. Inspector asks Bala to come with him to police station. Raman says I m with you, trust me. Bala says Raman, help me, don’t let them take me, my reputation will be ruined. Raman says just Khosla can tell me whats the real matter.

Raman meets Khosla. Khosla says I was waiting for you, come. Raman asks why did you trap Bala. Suraj asks did you not understand till now why we did this. Raman gets shocked and says understood, you both did this, what do you want. Suraj asks him to free Ashok. FB ends. Bala says Raman took his case back, then a man came to police station and claimed hat drugs packet, police freed me, thanks Raman for help. Ishita thanks Bala for clarifying this. Bala leaves.

She apologizes to Raman. They smile and hug. She says Ashok will plan something again. He says I will manage. She says I came to know something about Sarika, a lady in orphanage told me that Sarika did not legally adopt baby, whose child is Rohit, anyone can come and claim him, we don’t have any right on him, I was going to meet Sarika, I saw Ashok and he told me that you bailed him, I got angry and came here to talk to you. He says we can’t expect truth from Ashok and Sarika, don’t worry. She says Sarika did bad with such a small baby, how can any woman do this.

Mihika tells Mihir that she is worried for Romi, we should do something for him, we will take him out. Mihir says I m too tired, I can’t come, I think we should leave Romi alone, time is best healer. She says even I m tired, Amma showed me 16 guys’ profile, come with me, call Romi and make plan, we are going to nightclub, pick up Romi, I will meet you there, don’t be late.

Mrs. Bhalla gets gifts for kids and tells Neelu. Ishita comes and smiles… Mrs. Bhalla gets sad taking Rohit’s name. Ishita asks her to show Rohit’s gift. Mrs. Bhalla asks Neelu to give this gift to neighbor. She gets angry and leaves. Mr. Bhalla looks on. He takes tea for Mrs. Bhalla. He asks her not to punish Rohit. She says I see Sarika in him, Sarika cheated us and was killing everyone, I m keeping myself from Rohit, I don’t want anyone’s love, leave me alone. He says its true, the one who loves has annoyance.

Shravan greets Raman. Raman asks him to come home. Shravan says I came to talk to my friend in private. Raman says come, we will talk seriously, tell me. Shravan says you have your own company, someone wants job, will you give job, he wants much money. Raman says but I have to meet him. Shravan says he is honest and good, but wants good salary. Raman says but who is he. Shravan says he is 8 year old, tell me will you give him job. Raman asks why do you want job. Shravan says eldest son of the house will solve the financial problem, I know Appa/Bala mortgaged the house, bank is troubling him. Raman gets teary eyed and hugs him. Shravan asks will you give me job. Raman says I will give you a different job, study well, play and take care of parents, love them. Shravan says I do this. Raman says don’t worry, I will set your Appa. Shravan says I know, friend helps in need. Raman says come, and takes him.

Ishita tells Raman that they have to bring Mrs. Bhalla close to Rohit again, she bought gifts for all kids, she got for Rohit too, but did not give him. She throws pillow and asks is he listening. He says I m taking action, I m making adoption papers ready, no one will question if we adopt him legally. She says but we have to find Rohit’s mum, the way manager spoke to me, I felt he is hiding something.

Romi takes a bottle to hit on the waiter, and Mihika comes in between. She gets hit. Mihir gets shocked and holds her. Romi gets shocked too. Ishita tells Raman that Mrs. Bhalla will accept Rohit once things get sorted.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Nice episode . Poor bala!!!

  3. Good episode. The ‘Bala in trouble’ track is disturbing. Poor Shravan. Precap is interesting. Can’t wait. Is it just me or is there anybody else who thinks that Mihika and Romi will look good together?

  4. I think Rohit is Ishita’s kid

    1. Hw come u r saying tht ?? No connection at all …. Anyways hi…

      1. Because maybe it was a lie that ishita lost her baby ,maybe its her own baby..

    2. Varisha Nawaz

      That’s completely crap! Rohit maybe some hot shots child and there maybe a new entry and again some twist,turns,hookups and link ups as usual ?

  5. Wow today that shravu raman conversation was heart warming even I got teary eyed but that blo*dy kamina is out of the jail :–( and the precap gave me goosebumps

  6. really i love the scene between raman and shravan what a nice bonding just awesome
    KP was too good shravan is so cute such a wonderful bonding and nice scene

  7. Who will be for mihika

    1) abhishek
    2) mihir
    3) romi
    4) ashok lol
    5) suraj rofl

    i wish abhishek

    1. Heavy competition Mihikaaa

    2. D way am seeing it. I tink she ll end up with mihir cos she married ashok so dat he wont go to jail. She was nd is still in luv(I guess) wit mihir

  8. episode was ok .precap was bad .bechara shravan .aur bewakoof bala .usse vandu ne itnaa samjhaaya phir bhi usse jaldi ho rahi thi kuwe mein koodne ki.

  9. Naagin 5.8
    Sasural Simar Ka 3.7
    Ye Hai Mohabbatein 3.7
    Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 3.7
    Kumkum Bhagya 3.2
    Swaragini 3.1
    Thapki Pyar Ki 3
    Diya Aur Baati Hum 3
    Balika Vadhu 2.5
    Jamai Raja 2.5
    Gear up for more saas-bahu

  10. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Sarika returns to Bhalla house getting her son Rohit back from them.
    Sarika tells Romi that Rohit is their son and ask Romi to come along with her.
    Romi has already known the truth Rohit is not his son but Sarika.Romi behaves badly with Sarika and asks her not to show her face again to him.Sarika creates a big mess getting her entry again in Bhalla house. On the other hand, Ramanand Ishita have started a new life with Rohit.
    Ishita showers her motherhood on Rohit and Sarik’s entry will bring new storm in Raman and Ishita’s life.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  11. hey guys diya ( both the diyas) darshika jhanvi vp misty faya fathi parvathi sabrin priya ude nivedha pihoo naina naaz zaara ramchin nimrit bhagi riya and all yhm friends.

  12. Nice episode.. What about Abhishek? He is missing now a days

  13. Its just been a while that the troubles
    from Bhalla family had flown away but
    looks like they will soon be facing new
    problems coming in, yet again. We are
    talking about the villain of the show,
    Ashok who will be back in Ishita
    (Divyanka Tripathi) and Raman’s
    (Karan Patel ) life.
    Our source informs, “Ishita will be
    shocked to see Ashok out of jail. She
    will get furious to know that Raman is
    the one who got Ashok released from
    the jail. However, the actual reason
    behind Raman withdrawing the case
    against Ashok would be Bala. As
    Ashok would have blackmail Raman,
    to take back the case if he wanted to
    protect Bala.”
    “On the other hand, Sarika will come
    back in Bhalla house and will create a
    big issue regarding Romi and the
    What forced Raman to release Ashok?
    What role is Bala playing in this
    Keep reading this space to know

  14. Nice episode..shocking precap hai..rithu,jhanvi,nivedha,diya,fathiand all yhm fans today why no one is commenting…

  15. rohit is son of raman sister…..who is mihir wife

  16. How can it be ishu’s child???
    Who’s child is rohit??? Does rinky had ny child??? 😛

  17. I agree… Mihika n romi will make a gud pair

  18. episode waa good …. okay typs … i found the bala track boring .. good thng abt the epi is the ishra hug nd raman – shravu scene . nd bad thing … is the creep brothers r again togethr .

  19. Nice epi.. Where is ACP?

  20. That means rinky is rohit mother

    1. That can’t be then mihir would have know..??

  21. It was good episode.. It is good that balla clarified and no misunderstanding was created.
    Do you live your life fully?
    Do read my blog –

  22. Very ncie episode. Great serial. Superb cast.

  23. Good morning guys…

  24. YHM: Sarika’s baby drama bring new storm for Raman Ishita Upcoming Episode

    Friday, January 08 2016

    Sarika (Sarika Dhillon) returns to Bhalla House taking Rohit and Romi (Aly Goni) back in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Sarika returns to Bhalla house getting her son Rohit back from them.

    Sarika tells Romi that Rohit is their son and ask Romi to come along with her.

    Romi has already known the truth Rohit is not his son but Sarika.

    Romi behaves badly with Sarika and asks her not to show her face again to him.

    Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) get hurt over Sarika demand

    Sarika creates a big mess getting her entry again in Bhala house.

    On the other hand, Raman and Ishita have started a new life with Rohit.

    Ishita showers her motherhood on Rohit and Sarik’s entry will bring new storm in Raman and Ishita’s life.

  25. sarika miscarriage hua tha toh rohit patha nahi kiska baccha hai .kya patha sarika ne jhooth bola ho aur uska miscarriage hua hi naa ho .

  26. the baby may be Romi’s only bcos in past Romi misbehave with many girls and flittering them
    the baby is one of that girl who had a relation with Romi in the past

    1. Yes I too thought the same Parvathi . Balas track was really unwanted. They had showed before also Bala with a girl . Anyways as long as Ishra is together for everything , it’s awesome . Raman and Ishitha amazing the way they are ….

    2. Yes parvathi..,
      May be that minister’s daughter is d real mother of rohit.., romi was in relationship with her… Remember during Amma’s accident they showed romi was worried coz of that minister’s daughter….. May be that’s y that manager us afraid of her family….

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  28. What happened guys….. Y soo less


    Nice epi….. Shrvu Nd Raman convo was so superb .after long while they showed their bonding..

  29. I think Parvathi is right

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