Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi helping Raman in changing the tyre. Mr. Bhalla and Mrs. Bhalla see this and smile. Bala offers help. Adi says its fine, we have managed it. Simmi says they look so good. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, Adi has become our child now. Simmi says yes, he is ours, he will always be with us. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, come, we will have hot pakodas. Simmi gets teary eyed. Ishita talks to Vandu. Mihika and her friends are at same place. They see Suraj there arguing with the watchman, asking him to park the car, when he says he can’t. He holds Suraj. Suraj says how dare you touch me, and goes to slap. Mihika holds his hand and scolds him. he says I m not your husband to bear this. Ishita comes and says you can’t talk to Mihika like this.

Suraj says so you are also here, I feel

bad for you as your Sautan is with you, she might be sharing bedroom too. Ishita says how dare you…. Mihika sides with Suraj and says he is saying right. Mihika also passes taunts and asks did she not think before scolding Suraj, he is my Devar, my husband’s brother, its out matter, you always interfere. Ishita scolds Mihika and says he has interest on our house matters, which you and Ashok did, you ruined Shagun’s life, and I m minding your business, and cleaning your life. Mihika asks Suraj to leave for his meeting, as Ishita talks lots and has no work like him. Suraj smiles and leaves. Ishita says lets go Akka, and leaves.

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Mihika cries and Vandu asks why is she crying. Mihika says I have no choice, I had to do this. She says I don’t want Ishu talks to Suraj and Ashok, she should not do anything for me, I want her to hate me. Vandu thinks don’t know when will this misunderstanding get cleared. Mrs. Bhalla asks Simmi what happened to you. Simmi wipes her tears. Mrs. Bhalla says I m your mum, and can sense your loneliness, what will happen of you. Simmi says once I get divorce, everything will be fine. Mrs. Bhalla says what. She says I can’t be on hope, Parmeet can’t change. Raman hears them and says yes, Parmeet ruined her life, we will start divorce process, he has ruined everything, like Shagun did mine, its better that this divorce happens.

Adi acts sweet to Ishita and offers help. Raman and everyone are happy. Ishita brings gifts for everyone and Adi. Raman is glad seeing Adi bond well. Adi sees clothes, and recalls Shagun’s words to play games with Ishita. He asks whats this. He asks how do you know this is my fav color, thanks. They all smile. Raman talks on phone and says Rinki is coming, she went to study in Australia, not fought any war. They all discuss about welcoming her. Adi asks them to say any story. Ishita signs Raman. Raman says I will. Adi says no, Ruhi said Ishita tells good stories and asks her. Ishita says yes, why not, lets go upstairs. She gets happy and goes with Adi.

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Raman talks to Ishita and says I feel the blank papers of my life are filling up, Adi who did not talk to you, bonds well with you, I feel I will get my son back. She says he is your son, and can’t be away from you. He says father and son relation was very old, but I used to die to hear Papa from him, but since you came, he is becoming my son and I think the day is not far when he will call me Papa. She says yes, try dealing with him well, he will call you Papa. He says yes, but you will make him say, thanks. She says before he sleeps, I will tell him a good story and come. She leaves. He says my life story which you are writing, nothing can be better than this, thanks.

Ishita talks to Adi and asks about books, which story he would like to hear. Adi chooses a book from Ruhi’s collection. She reads one story about a little girl having a step mum. He says not this and changes. He gives her some books, and she changes more. Its all has step mums. Adi says concept is same, just characters are different, I will tell you a story. She asks did he write. He says yes, and says about him, Shagun and Raman, who were happy, and then they got separated, and a stepmum came and showed love and concern for kids, but she did not love them, the king and queen did not understand her, but the prince was clever, and acted sweet to her, and knew the wicked lady is after her mum’s tears and he has decided to kick out that stepmum, and everyone knows happily ever after story does not have any wicked witch. He asks how does she like it. She cries. Adi asks her to go, and take books too. She switches off the lights, and leaves. She thinks about Adi’s behavior and his words. She sits and cries.

Raman asks Ishita what happened, did Adi tell you anything. She says no. He says why are you crying, if you went to say a story to him. She says no, stories have vamps, stepmums and every stepmum is bad. Whatever I do, I will always be stepmum.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Kp

    Der was a time dis serial used to rock……Somebody should teach tat kid Adi some acting lessons… No expressions at all…

  2. ruhi

    Spoiler is illogical. How can Ashok be his legal father. Stop illogical things and make the show sensible. Aadi tu jail me reh accha hoga.

  3. ishra

    Aaj ..pure episode mai shagun nahin thi. …
    bade Dino bad pura bhalla house happy happy tha. ……
    par last scene mai Adi ne.sara ..mood kharab kar diya. ……..

  4. ruhi

    Please change Aadi…. He doesn’t know acting at all. He badly needs acting classes. He is ridiculous.

  5. zee

    And todays spoiler is very worst abt adi please dont drag this story orelse fans will stop watching the show

  6. p

    Adi is main villain of yhm ……..But our ruhi will make adi realises that ishita is very good mom And also shows real intentions of shagun to whole family and they kick shagun out of the house…..

  7. Anmol

    This serial is a stupid One , doesn’t make any sense ! Throw this Adi and Shagun out of this serial and then it will be a perfect serial . I don’t know what the makers are upto .

  8. Vishali

    Worst serial ever ! Seriously the makers are literally tooooooooo stupid to insult . They are showing all the impractical things .
    Stop this SHIT ( Yeh hai mohabbatein).

  9. mouny gurram

    Mad adi nt able to understand who is witch nd who is not some body has to make him understand

  10. lily

    Please throw this shagun out of this house !! Adi’s not a small kid of 6 years who can’t understand people by the age of 11years children are more matured and understand people to some extent but this adi is soo stupid! And just to make ur stepson happy which stepmom allows her husband to celebrate the wedding anniversary with his ex wife please be more realistic and by going by the shagun was looking no wonder raman wanted to danced with her ! Shagun was looking gorgeous and ishitha was looking like an old woman with her stupid saree jacket please make her look better than shagun ! If someone says that ishitha is looking better that day shagun is there to overtake ishitha by her looks!!!
    Please end this shagun track and bring more scenes of ishra !! That’s what people want to see not shagun and raman dancing or cutting cakes ! Show what people wanna see not what they want to show !! Ekta please don’t drag this show like ur other shows and make a mess out of it !! It’s just a kind request

    • venkat

      Jab ashok aur mihika ka shadhi ho gaya tho mihika aur ashok ka jodi me pyar bardoo, aur ishitha ne shagun ko jada manye deya tha is leye shagun ishtha ko barbad karne chahate hai.

  11. lily

    This adi can’t act at all !! He’s emotionless amd acts like a zombie … ruhi being younger than adi acts better

  12. 123

    yeh show baigan ka ho gaya hai. Karan Divyanka bhi makers ko kuch accha nahi suggest kar rahe. they know wat we want but still no suggestion. unka romance bhi bahut artificial hai. Karan Divyanka ko theak se tuch bhi nahi karta, theak se hug bhi nahi karta.

  13. 123

    adi accha ho ya na ho use plz show se nikaal do. we r fed up with this character. Ruhi to dikh hi nahi ri usi tarah Adi ko bhi chu mantar se kahin bhej do. hostel ya foreign studies ke liye.

  14. ishra

    Guys. .IshRa ki anniversary tak aaise hi chalta rahe ga. Dono apna love confess nahin Karen ge. ……..toh. ..FEBRUARY. .tak intezar karo ….aur. ……..aaise hi yhm dekhte raho. ….

  15. 123

    aur kya confession baaki hai bhai log. dono ek doosre se pyaar karte hain aur woh dono iss baat ko jante hai. isiliye to freely romance kar rahe hain. I LOVE U bolna zaroori nahi hai bas thoda romance zyada ho jaye to accha ho ga.

  16. Kya yaar Raman tumne Ishita ko promise kiya ki kabhi uski ankho me Gum ke aansu nahi aayege aur ab tumhara beta hi use rula raha hai…….ab useke jitne bhi aansu bahe hai utni hi smile uske face par lane ki jimmedari tumhari…..kal kuch special karna Ishita ko happy karne ke liye……..

  17. ishra

    Hi Prayosha. ….
    I hope raman jald samjhe. .Adi k…mind games. …aur usse bataye k ishita uss ki maa se bhi. .better maa hai. .jo uss k har cheez ka khayal rakh ti hai. …

  18. Hey Raman I think tumhe Raman ke liye yeh gaana chahiye…..

    Kabhi Kabhi Ishita Zindagi ,
    Mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai
    Kabhi Kabhi Ishita woh bichad jaye to
    Ek sapna lagta hai

    Aise mein koi kaise apnne aasun ko behene se roke
    Aur kaise koi soch de
    Everythings gona be ok

    Kabhi kabhi to lage zindagi mein rahi na khushi aur na maza

    Kabhi kabhi to lage har din muskhil Aur har pal ek saza

    Aise mein koi kaise muskuraye kaise hasde kush ho ke
    Aur kaise koi soch de
    Everything gona be ok

    Soch zara janejaa tujhko hum kitna chahte hai

    Roote hai hum bhi agar teri aakhon mein aasun aate hain
    Gana to aata nahi hai magar phir bhi hum gaate hain

    Hey Ishita maan kabhi ,kabhi sare jahan mein andhera hota hai
    Lekin raat ke baad hi to savera hota

    Kabhi Kabhi Ishita Zindagi ,
    Mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai
    Kabhi Kabhi aditi woh bichad jaye to
    Ek sapna lagta hai

    Hey Ishita hasde hasde hasde hasde hasde tu zara

    Nahi to bas thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda muskura

    Tu Kush Hai to lage ki jahan mein chai hai kushi
    Suraj nikle badlon se aur baate zindagi
    Sunto zara madhosh hawa tujhse kehne lagi

    Ki Ishita woh ko bichadte hain ek na ek din phir mil jate hain
    Ishita jane tu ya jaane na phool phir khil jate hain

    Kabhi Kabhi Ishita Zindagi ,
    Mein yuhi koi apna lagta hai
    Kabhi Kabhi Ishita woh bichad jaye to
    Ek sapna lagta hai

    Hey Ishita hasde hasde hasde hasde hasde tu zara

    Nahi to bas thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda muskura

    Hey Ishita hasde hasde hasde hasde hasde tu zara
    Nahi to bas thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda thoda muskura

  19. Hi Ishra…..yaar hum itne dino chatting kar rahe hai Ab to shayad hum chat friends bhi ho gaye hai……to kam se kam apna real name to hume bata do…..

  20. Thanks Ishra…..kya kru Gane sunana & IshRa ke baare me sochana…..yeh dono meri fav things hai…..aur jo bhi Gane sunti hoo bas IshRa ka hi khayal aata hai…

  21. Asma

    Prayosha mujhe. ..agar koi song pasand nahin aya toh woh song nahin sunti hoon
    lekin jab wahi IshRa ko deta hai wahi song mera favourite hoja ta hai. ..aaisa bahut bar hoa hai. …

  22. sangs

    Ishitha should have a child of her own.adi is replica of shagun. Throw both the witch out of the house.

  23. Asma are you Ishra?? Agar bura laga ho mera naam puchne par to I am sorry….but maine to naam hi puchha tha…and naam batane me kya problem hai??

  24. Haa mere sawth bhi aisa hi hota hai…yeh chhar kadam wala song maine pehle sirf ek baar suna tha par jab se IshRa par yeh song plsy hua to mera fav ho gaya…….I love all IshRa’s songs……

  25. Mere sawal par yes or no to bolo are you Ishra….and muje lagata hai monday ko party hogi and tuesday ko dance aayega…kyonki jab bhi Mahamovie aaya hai uske baad koi specisl ep jarur hota hai to iss baar bhi aise hi hoga…sunday ke baad hi yeh special ep aayega….

  26. Asma

    Ya chaar kadam bhi mera favourite nahin tha. .IshRa ko ye song diya. ..main woh song download kar liya. ….
    ab tak jitne songs IshRa par play hoe. .jab bhi woh songs sunti hoon. .IshRa ke scene samne aajate hai. ….

  27. ruhi

    If Aadi is Ashoks legal son… Then y can’t shagun claim for his property. Actually that was the reason Ashok wanted to get rid of her. Then why the hell is shagun behind raman. Y don’t she blackmail Ashok. Stupidity. Live in relation ship also has some rules as per government when they break up

  28. Yaar koi bhi serial me kabhi kisi 11 saal ke bachche ko negative role me nahi dikhaya mine to kabhi aisa nahi hota……hum jab iss age me the tsb hume pata bhi nahi hota tha ki mummy papa kid bare me baat kar rahe hai…..kya real me high society ke bachche aise hote hai………..yeh shoe all over world me sab dekhate hai to yeb log sab ke saamne India ji kya image dikha rahe hai ki hamesha burai ki jit hoti hsi……

  29. Asma

    Mai sonchi thi. .Saturday. …par aaj rinki nahin aayi. .toh mujhe bhi lagraha hai Monday aaye ga. ..Ishra hi hoon…

  30. Asma

    Dikha rahe hai lekin. .bad mai ..uss ko saza bhi denge……..
    ye dikha rahe hai k. .chot achche ko jaisa sikhao ge
    .woh waise hi sikhe ga. ….lekin bad Mai IshRa uss ko. .sahi raste par lainge. …….

  31. Yaa maine bhi ssqbhi IshRa songs download kiye hai ab bas Muje budhdha mil gaya baki hai…chalo ab baad me baat karte hai ab mera YHM shuru hone wala hai…..

  32. Kya yaar yeh Aadi ne bhi gane khelana shuru kar diya……sab ke saamne achchha behave karta hai ….and baad me Ishita ko rulata hai…and kya sab Ishita par believe karege ki wo sahi hai…..kya Raman Aadi par bharosa karega ya Aqdi par….kya Raman Aadi ko sachxha jan payega??? I think Raman Ishita par hi believe karega……

  33. I have yet to come up with a women so stupid as Ishita. Who brings your husband’s first wife back into the house and gifts the family heirloom that was given to her with such affection. She swears her love for Rama, is apparently intelligent, however acts as though she is utterly stupid- the way the indian public want their women to behave. It is time to open up to the 21 century. The initial shows were interesting, although sometimes cumbersome. Now they are illogical. Waste of time

  34. mihika tum bahut pagal ho.tumne ishitha ko tumhari tarah samjha hai kya.usse sab kuch kyu nahi batha dethi ho yaar.buss khud roo aur ishitha ko bhi roolau.yahi aatha hai tumhe. the episode was ok!but adi ‘s part was really bad.lekin jald hi adi ishitha ki acchayi ko pehchaanega aur yeh sab gandi games stop karega.

  35. Aadi ne indirectly kaha ki usne Shagun se waada kiya hai ki wo Ishita ko ghar se bahar nikalega….and usne yeh bhi kaha ki uss prince ne uss step mim ke saath qchcha hone ka dikhawa kar raha tha to kya humari bholi Ishita samaj payegii ki Aadi bhi uske saath achche hone ka sirf dikhawa kar raha hai…….

  36. ayush mehera

    I don’t understand that why adi is called wrong.
    own mother although she selfish,bad intention but mother is mother.they can’t hated by own son. that son cann’t be accepted stepmother.

  37. Dekha Asma? Humara interesting tha wo purq ho gaya ab pune ka shueu hua not interested….but muje ek bhi bar Karan balling ya betting karte hue nahi dikha…

  38. Raman folds hands and begs to Ashok.
    Can you believe it? Yes, its true, as
    Raman bends down and begs to Ashok
    seeking his help for saving Adi’s life.
    Raman is helpless as a father as he
    wants Ashok to help him in doing the
    hospital formalities as he is the legal
    father of Adi. The hospital staff asks
    Raman to get Adi’s legal father’s
    consent to operate on him, and Raman
    gets tensed as he has no right to sign
    the form. Ashok acts rude to Raman
    and kicks him out. Raman gets angry
    and holds his collar. Ashok asks him
    to lower his tone and Raman pleads
    him to help. Raman leaves waiting for
    Ashok to agree. Mihika requests
    Ashok to help Raman and seeing her
    disorderly ways to torture him and
    threatening him about domestic
    violence case on him, Ashok gets a
    plan to hit the bull’s eye with this
    chance. He asks Mihika to sign on the
    papers staring he does not treat her
    bad and have not done any domestic
    violence on her. Mihika signs on the
    papers for Raman and Ishita’s
    happiness, which is linked to Adi’s
    health now.
    Coming to Adi’s vulnerable state, it so
    happens as he takes Mrs. Bhalla’s BP
    medicines instead of his prescribed
    ones, intentionally and puts the blame
    on Ishita for ruining his health and
    making him out of Raman’s life.
    Raman believes in Ishita that she can
    never hurt any child. Will he get to
    know Adi’s plans to mislead him and
    break his trust on Ishita. Adi conspires
    with Shagun to teach Ishita a lesson
    and make her value fall down in
    Raman’s eyes. Shagun feels proud of
    Adi, and is happy being disgusting as
    always. Will Raman know this evil
    plan and succeed in clearing the
    poison from Adi’s heart? Keep

  39. Asma

    Haan Prayosha. .dekha maine. ….JRJ. …mast khele. ……ek. ..catch toh mast tha. …Aly ne bondry par hone se ruka aur. ..kisi aur player ne catch kiya. ….

  40. Like Mother,like Son this applies for perfect for Adi as after Ishita gets to know that all this time he was pretending to be nice with her.Adi decides to throw Ishita out of the house before her mom returns as Shagun can have her place in the House.

    Ishita is disturbed with Adi’s outlook towards her and Raman notices her. Adi tells Shagun about how he taught Ishita a lesson and Shagun is proud of him. Ishita is affected by Adi’s words the previous night and we see her running pillar to post while in distress.

    In order to relax Ishita, Raman calls up Pammi aunty and asks her to send Ruhi back home and makes Ruhi speak to Ishita. Adi continues to behave normally with Ishita in front of everyone at home and she gets all the more confused by his gestures.

    Meanwhile Rinki comes home with gifts and is excited to meet everyone. Pammi aunty brings Ruhi back and then Ishita asks Ruhi if she missed her. Ruhi tells her that she didn’t miss them because she had so much fun there and later when Ishita reads her dairy, Ruhi confesses that she indeed missed her a lot.

    In the evening, they keep a welcome party for Rinki and everyone is enjoying. Rinki meets Mihir and they share a little about their break ups. Ishita is purposely not paying too much of attention to Raman and he decides to do something to grab her attention.

    Ishita goes to remind Adi about his medicines and gives him a glass of water while he replaces his medicines with Mrs Bhalla’s medicines. When Ishita goes to the bedroom in search of Raman, he surprises her and dances for her. Later Romi comes screaming that something has happened to Adi.All Rush him to Hospital while Ishita and Raman are shocked.Adi plans this to throw Ishita blaming her for his health.

    But Raman supports Ishita not to worry as she can never do the mistake,while Raman further gets shocked as for Adi’s treatment Parent’s consent is needed and Ashok is legal father of Adi while Shagun is out of country,however Mihika surrenders for Ashok’s choices and let’s him sign for Adi.

    But What will Adi to throw Ishita out now ? Will Raman believe Adi or Ishita ?

  41. bhagi

    din bar din show bakwaas ho the ja rahe hai e kya stupidity aur promos tho bilkul bakwaas adi i hate u bacha ho tho bache ban kar rehna aur raman tum ishita ko blame karogi for adis cindition even u know abt ur son bakwaaa bilkul bakwaas i am really hating it..

  42. i think so ishra’s dance will come next week.yhm rockzzz…….but adi did very bad with ishitha. such a spoilt brat. raman had to beg that kameena ashok. i am sure ki raman believe more in ishitha.hope everything gets alright.

  43. I hope ki yeh sab bakwas drame twist & turns Feb shuru hone se pehle sort out ho jaye kyonki 6 th Feb ko IshRa ki 1st anyversry hai aur uss din aur uske bad bahot saare IshRa ke cute Romantic nok jhokh ruthane mqnanewale episodes chahiye aur koi drama nahi atlest 1st Feb se 14 th Feb tak to bilkul nahi……

  44. Yaar Raman tum Ishita ke liye New Year special banana chahte the qb wo sqb to pani me gaya…..but 14 th jan ko yera ka 1 st festival aa raha hai…..Pongale…….ab yeh South Indian festival hai to muje isske baare me jyada pata nahi hai par yeh tumhari saadi ke baad ka pehla Pongle hai aur tumhate yanha to abhi 1st jan hai naa to utne dino me to Aadi ki health bhi thik ho jayegi…so pls new year ka 1st festival par Ishita ke liye kuch special karna….

  45. Asma

    Haan prayosha. ..
    jo bhi karna hai. ..shagun ka woh sab. …
    iss month mai hi karo. ..Feb maine only IshRa cute. .nok jok. .romantic scene. .chahiye. … mihika drama. .no .shagun drama. …IshRa ki Anniversary main toh. ..grand honi chahiye. …sab se a lag. ……

  46. Asma

    Jaisa diwali festival south Indian style mai bataya tha. ..
    waise hi. …pongal festival dekana chahiye. …

  47. pongal toh jan 15 hai aur last year ishra natak kar rahe the tandon ke saamne ki woh dono shadi shuda hai aur iss saal dono shadi shuda hai aur dono ek doosre se pyar bhi karte hai aur iss saal ishitha ka assli pongal raman ke saath acche tarah se ho jaye buss.

  48. No pongal 14th jan ko hai…mere neighbours South Indian hai..unhone bataya & Google par bhi 14th jan hi hai….and last year IshRa ne pongal par nahi lohdi par Husban Wife ka drama kiya tha Mr. Tondon ke saamne…

  49. But yeh pongal hota kya hai…..Humare Gujaratme to Uttarayan (Kite flying festival) hota hai 14th 15th Jan….my fav festival………but kya YHM me ponggal dikhayenge???? Dikhaye to achcha hai ….

  50. Asma

    Pongal is a harvest festival….ye tamil. .people manate hai. .. harvesting season k akhir mai manate. .hai ..tamil people ka main festival hai. ..
    kash ye pongal festival. .YHM..mai bataye. …toh bahut maza aaye ga. ……

  51. ayush mehera

    yaar running week, top2 serial main sab ke sab bakwas, boring aur lazily dekhaya . mujhe lagta hain agle trp main kb no 1 hoga.

  52. Hey Guys aaj Humare news paper me Ruhanika Dhavan ki mom ma interview aaya hai……usme likha hai ki aisi batein December me Ruhanika show chhodne wali thi aisi baate ho rahi thi kyonki Rhuani ka unke city leverl par footbaal game me select hui hai……..and December me unka contract bhi khatm ho gaya….but Ruhanika uake on screen mummy papa ke saath adjust ho gai hai and TRP bhi achcha hqi shok ka to Ektq kisi ko replace nqhi karnachahti so don’t worry Ruhanika ki mom ne kaha ki wo yeh contract renewal karege & Ruhanika show continue karegi……

  53. Asma

    That’s the. .. reason. liye ruhi ko zyada nahin dikhrahe the. .chalo Ruh ab kahin nahin jaye gi. …..

    • Kp

      I just voted..Til now Results
      Do you believe Shagun would succeed in taking Raman away from Ishita?
      No, Ishita won’t let it happen 87%
      Yes, she always gets her way 13%

  54. Asma tum ne notice kiya ki jab bhi yeh par votings hoti hai tab tqb jise vote milta hai wohi sab show me hota hai…matalab ke pehle votings hui thi ki hume Karishma ki entry pasand hai yaa nahi…to jyada vote nahi ko mila aur uske baad Karishma ko show me nahi dikhayq…phir votings hui ki hume IshRa ka yeh kam romance treck pasan hai ya nahi to nahi ko jyada vote mila aur tqb se hume roj IshRa kq ek special scene dekhane ko milta hai…..aur ab votings ho rqhi hai ki Shagun Raman ko Ishitaa se chhin payegi yaa nahi to jyada votes nahi ko milye matlab ab aisa hi hoga jald hi Shagun ka treck complete ho jayega…..pls keep voting…….

  55. Ab yeh Aadi ko kaun samjaye ke sautela koi janm na dene se nahi hota behaviour se hota hai……..Yashoda maiya bhi to Lord Krishna ki sagi maa nahi thi…….phir bhi Krishna Yashoda ka laal kaha jata hai……Devaki ka nahi…….
    Thik wese hi jaisa sagi maa na hone ke bawajud Ruhi Ishimaa ki beti kahi jata hai uss Shagun ki nahi……

  56. Kaal jab Simmi ke divorce ki baat hui and Raman ne kaha tumhe kisi aur ladake ke saath jindagi shuru karni chahiye tab mere man me bhi Mani ka hi khayal aaya tha…….

  57. Shital

    Agreev with u prayosha

    yaa to adi ko positive karo ya nikaal do becoz mujee uska n shagun ka face hi pasand nahi …….ye to me sirf raman k liye hi serial dekhati hu

  58. Asma but aaj SBS&YHM ki tea party me Raman to tha hi nahi wo kabhi interview nahi deta……I hope ke jab valentines day aaye tab DivAn / IshRa saath interview de last year ke jaise ……last year ka interview mast tha……

  59. Asma

    Aaiyo ..Kya karan tea party main nahin tha. ..haan valintine day par toh IshRa ka interview hona hi chahiye. …

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.