Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Same Episode aired today as Sunday (7th February)

The Episode starts with Adi asking Ruhi why is she crying. Ruhi says Papa told Dadi that he is unable to get Ishi Maa. He says no, Papa will do something. She says Papa is sad, we have to do something. Romi comes to them and says I was getting bored too, we will chat. He finds the kids upset and says we will think how to bring smile on Raman’s face. Adi and Ruhi ask his help. Romi says we three will together think. Ruhi gets the idea and asks will you help me. Romi says ofcourse, tell me. Ruhi tells the plan. Romi says you went on me, so smart, done…. They join hands.

Bala asks Vandu does she not have to sleep. She says I m not getting sleep, and asks about Raman. Bala says Raman said he can’t arrange anything to get Ishita

out, I will talk to him, where are Shitija’s diapers. She says its in drawer, you go, I will come. Vandu worries thinking of that lady’s words and thinks if I go to jail as well. She goes and drinks wine again. She falls asleep in the living room sofa. Its morning, Ruhi is working in kitchen, acting as Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla looks on and smiles. She says I will show Raman. She brings Raman there and shows Ruhi. Raman gets pleasantly surprised, and smiles. Dil kahin rukta nahi…………….plays………….

Raman and Mrs. Bhalla recall Ishita seeing Ruhi. Raman says come, we will have food, else this little Ishita will scold us. Ruhi serves food to everyone. Ishita is working in jail. Everyone smile seeing Ruhi. Ruhi asks everyone to have food, and calls out Raman as Raavan Kumar. Amma comes and Ruhi greets her as Amma. Amma says she came to me in morning and asked me to make her wear saree like Ishita. Ruhi tells Raman that one who tries never fails. Raman says who will save my problem, Ishita used to solve my problems. He asks Ruhi to become Ruhi, and he will get Ishita. Sarika comes and asks Ruhi is she going in fancy dress. Ruhi says no, I became Ishi Maa. Sarika laughs on her, and this annoys everyone. Romi shouts Sarika. Raman calms him. Sarika asks Neelu to get her breakfast in room and taunts them on this drama. She goes. Mrs. Bhalla gets angry on Sarika. Ruhi rushes to go school. Raman says I have to go too, no time for breakfast.

Constable asks everyone to work soon, as family will meet them today. Ishita gets happy that Raman would come today, and wonders will anyone tell Raman about meeting day. The inmate says you have big contacts, he will know it any way. Raman thanks the lawyer and says I will be there, Ishita will be happy. He wishes Niddhi agrees to take Ishita’s case. He goes to meet Niddhi and hears her scolding to her driver. The driver argues and asks her to take back keys, or drive herself. Raman asks Niddhi to think about the case. She gets angry and says my driver left, my mood is off, I hate driving, and I have meeting now. He says I will drive, I will talk about case on the way. She says not a bad idea, take these keys, I have seen you love your wife a lot, and maybe your driving skills will make my mood good to decide about taking the case or not. He says I love my wife a lot, and will drop you safely, come. They leave.

Adi and Ruhi talk that everyone was happy, Sarika spoiled the moment. Romi says yes. Ruhi says she is our Chachi. Adi says I missed Shagun in football camp, I think Papa should get his room back. Romi says I can’t do anything, we have to think something. He says we will do pest control in Sarika’s room, she will run away. Ruhi says we did this with Shagun, think something original. They discuss some plans. Ruhi says we want permanent roommate for Sarika. Romi asks Ruhi are you thinking the same. She says yes, and they all shout Muttu.

Amma says Muttu? We have to bring him back. Mrs. Bhalla says I will call 10 Muttus. Mr. Bhalla says that’s a great idea. Romi, Ruhi and Adi laugh. Ishita thinks I will look happy and will end Raman’s tension by my smile. She thinks I look so dull and bad, and cleans her face. The inmates make fun of her. Ishita loosens her hair. Constable says visiting hours start now, come out. Ishita thinks to meet Raman and smiles.

Raman drops Niddhi and says we have 10 mins, can we talk. She says no, wait here, don’t come in lobby. He says you were on phone in the car, we could not talk. She says I m getting late, will talk later and goes. Raman waits outside. His business associates meet Raman there and ask him to come, to discuss a project. Raman says I can’t discuss right now, I have some important work. Niddhi comes back and says driver, my meeting in cancelled, we shall leave. Raman serves as driver and leaves from there.

Ishita waits for Raman. Raman is driving and thinks of meeting Ishita. Niddhi talks on phone about shoes. He asks her where to go now, I have to meet Ishita. She says drop me home. He asks can we talk about case. She says stop the car. He stops the car and says I have other work too. She ends call and says you try to find someone else. He says sorry, please help, listen to me, I have to meet my wife in jail. She drives off. Ishita thinks its 8, and meeting time is till 8.45…. where is Raman….

Raman tries taking lift and runs on the road, rushing to meet Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Vinay Karthik I liked your story. Chaddhas brother killed him. and he as a lawer. wow.

  2. why the lawyer nidhi shown so much attitude n arrogance..cant stand raman begging n bowing so much..feel like slapping her..forget it man..even if she needs to help taking ishitas case, this humiliation is not digestable..writers do something..

  3. Really this niddhi over acting , I want to sleep her tightly……

  4. Same episode why I think writers want to change the track cause its valentines day so after valentines day separation would come

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