Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2014 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2014 Written Episode, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th February 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with the Vandu welcoming everyone in the Sangeet function. A Bharatnatyam dancer starts dancing. The Iyers enjoy it but the Bhallas get bored watching it. Mrs. Bhalla says it looks like we should make them drink more Prasadam. Simmi says I have one solution. Rumi and Simmi serve everyone the Prasadam. The dance ends and everyone claps. Ishita looks at her mehendi and smiles. Amma thinks why are the guests dancing like this. Soumya says everyone are happy. Ishita looks at Raman. A sardar ji goes on stage. Amma asks whats this, they are hijacking our program. Soumya says don’t fight in the function, let it be, relax.

The Bhallas get a laugh seeing him. He says I m Paramjeet Singh, your host for the evening from Bhallas side. The Bhallas clap. He says

now Simmi will be performing for the Iyers. Simmi dances on a south indian song. Premum wekakum…………. plays……………… Iyers are shocked to see her dance. The Bhallas dance with her. Raman gets a smile on his face. Everyone clap and whistle at the end of her performance. Ashok asks Shagun whats this, you spend a lot in shopping today, have you lost your mind. She says look at this, you always say I don’t love Ruhi. Look at this photo, she went with the maid to buy a trophy for me. Best mom trophy, isn’t it cute.

She says Raman gave his credit card to Ishita to bribe her, but I will be ahead of him. She shows a diamond necklace for Ishita. Ashok says you have done a good thing. Shagun says I m getting ready to go to Ishita’s house. Ashok says we have to see Raman. Next performance is Mihir’s and Rumi’s against Bala and Vandu. Mihir says I can’t dance Simmi. Simmi pushed him on the dance floor. Mihir and Rumi dance on the song Khatoon ki khidmat me salaam apun ka………………

Bala and everyone laughs. Rumi gets dressed in a saree. Raman leaves from the hall. Shravan comes to Ishita and she takes him inside. Ishita asks Shravan to go to home and come back soon. Shravan runs. Ishita hears Raman talking on phone about his office work. He invited his office team to the Kalyan Mandap. Ishita thinks Raman is strange. Raman comes to her and starts taunting her. He says look at the mehendi, you are having fun in doing marriage. She says sometimes we have to do this for others. They start arguing. Shravan comes back. Raman says lets go inside. Simmi says see everyone are enjoying mum, else our guests would have slept. Mrs. Bhalla says its time for the Prasadam. Simmi laughs.

Amma sees the wine bottles under the table and is shocked. She says this is wine, they have lied to us and made us drink wine. Appa comes and Amma shows him the wine bottles. She says you have made our guests also drink the wine. Appa says calm down, its not good to talk to them infront of everyone. Amma gets furious, I told them no wine but they have not listened. Appa says everyone are enjoying, please don’t go. Amma cries. Appa says don’t tell the guests anything. Don’t create any issue, for my sake. Amma says fine, but you should tell them not to bring wine in marriage. Appa says don’t worry, I will talk to them. Bhallas are invited on stage.

Mrs. and Mr. Bhalla dance on the song One two three four………. Get on the dance floor……………… Rumi, Simmi and Rinki join them. Mihika enjoys the most. Rumi drinks wine with Mama and his friends. Simmi comes with Mrs. Bhalla to have a drink. They have a laugh. Simmi says come with me inside, there is a great performance. Mrs. Bhalla dances and says Raman will be dance next. The Sardar ji calls Raman on stage. Raman says I won’t dance. The Iyers laugh on him. Rumi says its our insult, come on, dance. All of them cheer for Raman. Raman looks at Ishita.

Raman dances on the stage in full energy. Ishita looks on and smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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