Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman reaching the hotel and asking for Ishita. The lady tells him about Ishita going out to the hilly area, the way is not good and car can go upto some point. Mrs. Bhalla calls him and asks him to keep warm clothes, and enjoy. He asks did Ishita tell you. She says yes, I know your plan. She ends call and is glad about Raman and Ishita. She talks to Mr. Bhalla about Sarika. Raman says strange, Ishita knew I m going Calcutta and told them about surprise. He asks the lady where is this mountain area.

Abhishek asks Ishita not to worry. Ishita says I m doing this for Raman. Ashok follows Raman. He says now it will be fun, final countdown has begun, Raman is going towards his death, lets see what happens now. Vandu talks to Suraj about Mihika and Ashok’s divorce.

Suraj says I will talk to Ashok, it will be good if you find some solution. She thanks him. Ishita thinks Ashok did not come till now, the informer will be here seeing her, she should start the drama. She asks Raman to come, wherein that guy is the policeman playing body double of Raman, wearing similar clothes. The informer looks on. Abhishek asks Ishita to behave such, I m sure informer is observing. Ashok is following Raman. The officer asks Ishita to push him. She asks Abhishek where is that informer. Abhishek says there is delivery truck parked there, I m sure informer is there. Ishita asks officer not to see that side.

Raman calls out Ishita….Raman is away and shouts to talk to her. She gets shocked seeing him. The officer hides behind her. Abhishek hides too. She thinks what is Raman doing here. Raman asks her what is she doing here, who is that man with her. She sends that man. Ashok comes there. He tells the informer that he reached. Ashok hides and sees them. Ishita asks Raman how did he come here. Raman says I went hotel, I came to know you are here, I will come there, better than shouting. Ashok says Raman has reached his death. Ishita tells Abhishek that Raman has come here. Informer will see Raman, what will I answer Raman.

Ashok asks the informer to finish his work. Ishita sees Raman coming. The truck goes to hit Raman. Raman smiles and walks to Ishita. She sees the huge truck going to hit Raman and tells Abhishek about it. Abhishek gets shocked too. Ashok smiles. Ishita shouts Raman…. She runs to save him, throwing her phone.

Abhishek too runs to save Raman. She signs Raman to move. She pushes Raman away and they fall down. They get rolling and falling from the cliff. Abhishek breaks down. Ashok checks his eyes and says its true. He gets glad and says Lord is favoring me. Raman and Ishita died, its great. He goes to confirm. He sees Raman and Ishita hanging to the tree and says Lord also wants you to die. Raman shouts for help. Abhishek hears him and calls for rescue team. Ashok lifts a big stone by difficulty. Abhishek runs to stop Ashok. Abhishek pushes Ashok and they get into a fight.

Ishita and Raman wait for help. Abhishek and Ashok’s fight continues for long. Finally, Abhishek throws him away and goes to see Raman and Ishita. The police comes there with the rescue team. Ashok starts running. Abhishek asks Raman to wait. A big crane and rescue team save Raman and Ishita. Raman hugs Ishita and they all are relieved.

Its night, Raman and Ishita get treated at the hospital. Ishita thanks Lord that Raman is fine, else she would have not forgiven herself. She recalls the close escape and thinks who was that informer. Raman asks Ishita to answer nurse. He asks Ishita are you fine. Ishita asks him is he fine. He says whats happening, you planned surprise when I was going to Calcutta, you told mum and dad. She says she has bigger surprise for him. He says leave surprise, tell me who was that man.

She lies that she went for sightseeing, don’t know about that man. Raman asks did Abhishek came as guide. She says maybe he came for his mission, thank Lord he was there, he saved us. Raman tells her how he came there on getting call from hotel and he did not know they will hang for this surprise matter. He goes to pay medical bills. She thinks how is that possible, I did not give Raman’s number to hotel staff, it means Ashok did this, he knew I will not kill Raman, what does Ashok want.

Ishita scolds Ashok and asks him to tell the truth. Ashok talks to his informer and says this time I will ruin Ishita and if you don’t support me, I will tell your truth to everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. today was a thrilling episode .still ashok has to be caught and the informer should be exposed .precap is bad . but after all there should not be any leap and seperation .i hope so it does not happen.

  2. The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Raman and Ishita get saved from Ashok’s dangerous plan. Raman gets back in his work as he finds there is some problem is going in business.
    Raman gets engrossed in work in office and home which makes Ishita upset.
    Ishita wants spend some time with Raman but Raman avoids her due to work pressure. Ishita woos Raman and tries to divert his mind. Raman hugs Ishita but keeps on working.
    Whate will Ishita do get Raman’s time?

  3. Siddhi

    Hi rithu , diya , diya , jhanvi , dharsika ,misty , vp n all how r u ???episode was gud but abhi bhi ishu ne Raman ko niii bataya haaadddddd hai yrrr. Ssooo irritating n I think khabri is man not woman so it may be romi or mihir ye dono kaminay bahi aur vandu ne suraj se help kyo mangi tooo much dragging

  4. Nishaanth

    Ohh God who s dat hell informer till nw they r not showing, am more eager to see who s dat informer

  5. Resh

    Why didn’t ashok be arrested yet????what is the point of ishita keeping the issue as a secret from Raman???It is the best time to tell Raman everything.

  6. Resh

    The entire incident happens in front of ashok.He had seen ashok trying to throw stone on Raman.Why didn’t he arrest Ashok in the charge of murder attempt????

  7. Rithika

    informer suspense too much…I suspect it might b romi cos they compare romi with raman…but idk srsly!its really dragging…

  8. Shraddha

    This is toooo much na hi ashok pakda gya hai or na hi informer samne aaya hai… And I think shagun ka sach samne aane k baad sb log Ishita ko maaf bhi nhi krnge jis tarha s isko dragg kr rehe h…

  9. Jhanvi

    Hi everyone….. Actually I missed d epi….. I came here to read updates….. Nice …..seems interesting….. Now 11 pm…!!!! Yeah but they ddnt show d informer ….

    Yeah diya I too want to connect with u all by FB…… Nd really sorry sis.. I was too busy to come, Nd so I cldnt reply u…really sorry…!!!!

    Nd sorry prince but I can’t…..!!!!!!!

  10. Resh

    Ishra has been escaped…..but their life is not safe yet…..Ashok has not been arrested yet……..Informers identity is also not revealed yet……there is chances for ashok to keep on blackmailing ishita in the name of kids… will be better if she tells the entire story to Raman

  11. VSD

    Such a stupid track!! The acp is there with rescue team and even after seeing ashok throwing stone on raman ishita he didnt arrest him and let him run away!! This is unnecessary drama and dragging of the whole track!! Ashok is proven to be more smart more quick more witty more cunnig than all tht he overcomes every thing and escapes.. Phewwww.. Please end the suspense and start new track with ishita raman

  12. wat the hell…..when is zat track b over…plz for god sake put zat ashok into jail…n i think its high time for ishita tell raman the truth….n i hope raman will forgive ishita…hoping zat yhm will not take a leap n ishita will not go to jail….lets zat serial finish woth a happy ending….not with a sad one plzzzzzzzzzz

  13. Prince

    Ok ePi…

    DoNt bE sRy Jhanvi…
    I understand that u want privacy…
    I mean in a public place u can’t give me ur FB id…
    If u want I can give u mah febu id…
    I really want to be ur Frnd…
    BT if u don’t wanna then I won’t disturb u …
    I feeling guilty that I’m disturbing u…
    I’m very SoRry …

  14. Hii how r u all? Havent seen the epi yet….Seems its thrilling….Too much dragging ..Two little angel born in our family so i was busy with them will watch it 11 pm.

  15. nice episode liked it too much also writters dragging too too too much why ishita was hestitating to tell the truth raman not understand she is believing too much shagun who was already gave more troubled in her life and prateek also she does not know anything about him and abi but she wont believe raman this is good chance she had because ishra is not in home
    both are in some hotel so she can reveal the truth to raman there is no culprit here atleast please reveal the truth to raman pls writters
    according to today’s epi may it is nice to watch but you are making ishra’s both the character
    too much foolish a truck coming behind raman what even he could not hear the sound of truck and turn behind this is too foolish and ishita took already so many ideas to know about the culprit but she cannot means she have to believe her husband and try to find out the culprit with the help of raman .
    Also raman also will take some steps to find the truth which ishita was hiding from him how can he just live ishita alone in this tension stage at the time of surrogacy what he told to ishita he can feel each and every pain of her from her eyes because he loves that much her so definietely he will take some steps to find out the hidden truth from ishita other wise definietely there will be some misunderstanding will come between them
    All the fans of yhm dont want ishra’s seperation then why cant abishek arrest ashok as he saw
    him with a stone .
    May be the informer is mihika because she is also working in raman’s office only

  16. Lolita

    No logic at all in this show… Ashok keeps on talking to his informer through phone… Abhishek knows ashok is the culprit….y didn’t police track his calls

  17. Avantika

    hi guys my full doubt goes to Romi it was Sarika then it was Mihir now its Romi
    3 suspects
    Sarika Mihir Romi
    i even read the spoilers and it said that Romi is the culprit

  18. diya

    hvnt seen the epi yet … but really really waitng … ishra hug **__**
    uff …cnt cntrl the xcitemnt ..

  19. Misty

    Nice episode.. Thnk God ishra got saved.. But strange Raman cldnt hear d sound of truck behind him.. And Ashok escaped..Acp cldnt arrest him.. Sad …!!!!!!!

    Hi guys…

  20. after seeing todays episode ashok’s inforner appears to be a male and i thought it would be mihir but still somewhere it cant be mihir i think and i think sarika is thr informer .how?i dont know.

    • Cham

      I too thought the same,that should be Mihir.Mihir may not feeling happy about what Raman did to him,when Rinki was dead,so there are some evidences to think so,and Mihir is like a family member in Balha’s,so there’s a possibility!

  21. I think even ektha has not decided who the secret informer should b.. so oly they are dragging it so much… n they r making all the viewers fools

  22. Todays episode was good that raman is safe..but really want to knw who is informer..hoping tommarow ‘s episode will shows about the informer n this track will b end soon.

  23. Jhanvi

    Hi friends….!!!!!

    Nice epi…. Raman is safe..but he cldnt hear sound of d truck.. Strange..!!!! Anyways emotional scene..Nd this music… makes me so…ishra hug nice..

    I thought that may be today ishu will tell everything Nd we can see d informer Nd Ashok will be caught red handed Nd jailed…. But nooo nothing had happened… Ashok escaped Nd they ddnt show informer yet…but strange Raman cldnt hear d truck’s sound.. Nd he blvd so easily that no one was there with ishu.. He saw with his own eyes Na…Nd y did ishu lie to him again….. Yar it’s high time pls tell everything Raman now….. Ishu realized that Ashok can do anything today yet ishu lied to Raman… Nd writers pls we wan to see our old Raman… Nd actually where did d officer went within a one minute, helping them… He shld be there near by area..strange he cldnt see d fight bw Ashok Nd Acp..want to say more…… But………….

    Gd night guys……!!!!!!!
    No prince I don’t want….

  24. Jhanvi

    Sidhhi how did u know that it’s romi..????…. Can be coz Aly wants to leave d show….
    Today it seems that d informer is a male….let’s see.

  25. Cindy

    This damn culprit thing is dragging too much as ishitha why can’t you tell the truth to raman I mean she want to save the life of her husband but she can’t trust him what the hell if a partner don’t trust her partner that means she doesn’t love him but we all know ishu love ?raman a lot sof the writers should have more comman???? sense ishitha definitely should tell the truth? to raman if she really wants to save the life of raman and in the first place why does a shop want to KILL RAMAN ⚠⚠I know he has bad blood?? with him then you just try to ruin his/hers life not to kill

  26. Diya

    Hi rithu,jhanvi,Diya,siddhi,faya,Misty etc…. All the best for ur exams jhanvi..

    Everything happened in front of abhishek he saw ashok throwing around on ishra y can’t he arrest ashok for murder attempt?? Wat Raman can’t hear the sound of the truck coming towards him?? Strange.. 95℅ I think it’s sarika but then can be romi also bcuz he went from the show so ekta can show his exit by arresting him and saying that he’s in jail… Few ppl said its mihir,but I don’t think bcuz if he wants to take revenge then he could sign the POA but he didn’t…After this many events took place y ishita didn’t say Raman?? She can say him so that Raman can help out ishita… Y can’t abhishek track ashok’s phone calls when ashok can?? Idk let’s WAIT AND SEE!!!

  27. Jhanvi

    Viewers can understand that it’s high time that ishu shld tell Raman d truth but not our writers…….. May be in d end they will show that Raman was aware of d drama…. That’s y he’s blving so easily ishu..,don’t know but I wan to see my old Raman….. Pls

  28. Roselyn Dada

    Thrilling Episode.The Acting Is Superb. Thumb Up For The Cast And The Crews Of Yhm.Pls Ekta Reveal The Wicked Person.Dont Want Either Rahman Or Ishita Injurted Love You All Minus Ashok Kanna From Nigeria

  29. diya

    hello all yhmians … i simply loved todays episode was damn thrilling nd that ishra hug ..uff mar dala !!

  30. The informer still is the lawyer Pathak.. He still is under Ashok I think.. cos of his wife….though Raman Forgave him. then again Romi robbed from Raman’s office cos of Shagun.. may be he is the one too… He is such loser.. loves to enjoy life.
    We have to wait & see… Why was Ashok allowed to escape. he is such a creep. wish that huge stone fell on this thick head. ha ha he got away & still keeps threatening Ishu. Raman is angry with Ishu but he pretends to do work . he is doubting ishu I think. oh hope there won’t be a separation.

  31. diya

    guys .. its really bad that avisk cldnt arrest that creep .. he fleed frm that spot ..or he wld hv bn arrestd fr cmtng a serious offence of attempt to murder …
    but i think now ishita should tell raman evrything … its high ..time . hiding it frm raman fr such a long time may cost her in cmng days ..hope it doesnt ….
    i was thnkng the informer is a guy but now we all know it is ..nd most probably its romi .. his structure resembls to romi’s structure .

    ashok khanna is furious now .dunno wt he is going to do after this .. mny fans r predictng seperation .but i hope it doesnt happen . i feel it wont hppn.drama will b thr. but no seperation.

  32. Rosi

    Hi guys.. I am a fan from Sri Lanka and reading this episodes even though I am busy with my final MBBS exam.. (actually in the middle of it) 😉 I think they are dragging this too much.. Feel like the culprit is some one who we don’t guess ever.. Love this YHM.. Cheers…

    • Sne7

      Hey Rosi I’m also watching this even though I’m so busy in internship. All the best for ur exam! And yeah I used to think its sarika but now I’m confused :/

  33. zaraa ali khan

    Dil kahin rukta nahi, dil kahin rukta nahi, chalta hi jaye teri ooorrr…. dil meri sunta nahi….
    Saari fizaon me hai, mehki hawaon me hai, tera aur mera fasana….
    Jaanu mai bhi yeh.. jaane hain tu bhi yeh… jaane yeh saara zamana……
    Kabhi kam na hogi yeh chahatein…. pal pal badhe yeh hai mohabbatein…..!
    I just totaly mad about dis song… just loved it… & its also my ringtone..

    • Jhanvi

      Same here…. Actually I m crazy bout all d songs of YHM… But my fvrt is Bandh gaye ye bandhan…… Nd my ringtone is takrar hai ya pyar……..

  34. Prince

    Hlw FrNdssssss…
    Tell me more (want to say more……
    But………….) …
    I want to listen u Jaan-vi (Jhanvi) …


  35. Aerly

    I think the informer is sarika and ashok is blackmailing her knowing that she had killed rinki… And i guess d nxt proceeding in yhm will be raman will doubt on ishitha having affair wit abhi…

  36. also the drag is coming behind raman what he does not see the truck what dont he have any doubt that some one is trying to kill him he may be launched a complaint in police about the truck why the writters want to fool the audience

  37. Jhanvi

    Gd mrng everyone.. Sabrin, faya, Nd pratyasha wlcm back ……Nd all d new cmrs wlcm guys…

    Thank u soo much guys for ur wishes but my exams havnt started yet, will 23rd Dec…

    Nd I don’t want to see mihir or romi as a culprit…. I want see mihir Nd mihika together again…. Want their love story to be completed….!!!!!!!!!

  38. fathi fathi

    Hi guyz i am back to thz sight again i couldnt come to thz YHM page i had examz n nw examz r over now i am reading everyepisodes and guys wht the hell z happning???hi janvi,rithu,faya,darshika,parvathi n all YHM fans

  39. diya

    watchng ystrdays epi again…
    the dialouge – “mujhe kya pata tha suprise k chakkar mein latak jayenge do no k dono ”
    -lol ravan kumar .

  40. I think it’s simmi….
    As now she is with ishita n all n she knows everything about there plans n it will be easy for ashok….except ishita Raman abhishek shagun prateek simmi no one else knows that Raman is going to Calcutta and all the family members are at kitty party except simmi than who will be informer ..

    • diya

      no its not simmi. but a guy . if u hv seen yesterdays epi .. u wld yv got it nd the informer knew abt raman’s kolkata trip cz whn ishra was discussing that the informers shadow was lingering behind as he he was listng to thm.

  41. Jhanvi

    Y r u asking me ??????

    Now Raman will think Ashok has gone mad …..waiting for that….!!!!! I hope ishu will tell everything soon Raman Nd he will understand….

  42. I think itz mihir behind ol dis as raman him for his sister murder and now mihir z tkng a revenge from raman…so i think itz mihir lets c wht hpns now… i m vry curious abt 2dy show

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