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The Episode starts with Raman reaching the hotel and asking for Ishita. The lady tells him about Ishita going out to the hilly area, the way is not good and car can go upto some point. Mrs. Bhalla calls him and asks him to keep warm clothes, and enjoy. He asks did Ishita tell you. She says yes, I know your plan. She ends call and is glad about Raman and Ishita. She talks to Mr. Bhalla about Sarika. Raman says strange, Ishita knew I m going Calcutta and told them about surprise. He asks the lady where is this mountain area.

Abhishek asks Ishita not to worry. Ishita says I m doing this for Raman. Ashok follows Raman. He says now it will be fun, final countdown has begun, Raman is going towards his death, lets see what happens now. Vandu talks to Suraj about Mihika and Ashok’s divorce.

Suraj says I will talk to Ashok, it will be good if you find some solution. She thanks him. Ishita thinks Ashok did not come till now, the informer will be here seeing her, she should start the drama. She asks Raman to come, wherein that guy is the policeman playing body double of Raman, wearing similar clothes. The informer looks on. Abhishek asks Ishita to behave such, I m sure informer is observing. Ashok is following Raman. The officer asks Ishita to push him. She asks Abhishek where is that informer. Abhishek says there is delivery truck parked there, I m sure informer is there. Ishita asks officer not to see that side.

Raman calls out Ishita….Raman is away and shouts to talk to her. She gets shocked seeing him. The officer hides behind her. Abhishek hides too. She thinks what is Raman doing here. Raman asks her what is she doing here, who is that man with her. She sends that man. Ashok comes there. He tells the informer that he reached. Ashok hides and sees them. Ishita asks Raman how did he come here. Raman says I went hotel, I came to know you are here, I will come there, better than shouting. Ashok says Raman has reached his death. Ishita tells Abhishek that Raman has come here. Informer will see Raman, what will I answer Raman.

Ashok asks the informer to finish his work. Ishita sees Raman coming. The truck goes to hit Raman. Raman smiles and walks to Ishita. She sees the huge truck going to hit Raman and tells Abhishek about it. Abhishek gets shocked too. Ashok smiles. Ishita shouts Raman…. She runs to save him, throwing her phone.

Abhishek too runs to save Raman. She signs Raman to move. She pushes Raman away and they fall down. They get rolling and falling from the cliff. Abhishek breaks down. Ashok checks his eyes and says its true. He gets glad and says Lord is favoring me. Raman and Ishita died, its great. He goes to confirm. He sees Raman and Ishita hanging to the tree and says Lord also wants you to die. Raman shouts for help. Abhishek hears him and calls for rescue team. Ashok lifts a big stone by difficulty. Abhishek runs to stop Ashok. Abhishek pushes Ashok and they get into a fight.

Ishita and Raman wait for help. Abhishek and Ashok’s fight continues for long. Finally, Abhishek throws him away and goes to see Raman and Ishita. The police comes there with the rescue team. Ashok starts running. Abhishek asks Raman to wait. A big crane and rescue team save Raman and Ishita. Raman hugs Ishita and they all are relieved.

Its night, Raman and Ishita get treated at the hospital. Ishita thanks Lord that Raman is fine, else she would have not forgiven herself. She recalls the close escape and thinks who was that informer. Raman asks Ishita to answer nurse. He asks Ishita are you fine. Ishita asks him is he fine. He says whats happening, you planned surprise when I was going to Calcutta, you told mum and dad. She says she has bigger surprise for him. He says leave surprise, tell me who was that man.

She lies that she went for sightseeing, don’t know about that man. Raman asks did Abhishek came as guide. She says maybe he came for his mission, thank Lord he was there, he saved us. Raman tells her how he came there on getting call from hotel and he did not know they will hang for this surprise matter. He goes to pay medical bills. She thinks how is that possible, I did not give Raman’s number to hotel staff, it means Ashok did this, he knew I will not kill Raman, what does Ashok want.

Ishita scolds Ashok and asks him to tell the truth. Ashok talks to his informer and says this time I will ruin Ishita and if you don’t support me, I will tell your truth to everyone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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