Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mrs. Bhalla cooking. Neelu tells Ishita that mum is making dosa for her Appa. Ishita smiles and talks to Mrs. Bhalla. She asks why is she making dosa, she can make stuffed parathas too. Mrs. Bhalla smiles and says see this is done, round one. He did not like food yesterday. Ishita says Appa has problem with paneer spicy gravy, but he will like paneer stuffing, Amma does not know Appa eats parathas outside. Mrs. Bhalla says why did you not tell me before and she will make special parathas. Bala asks Shravan to have lemon rice today, he will get Aloo parathas tomorrow. He asks him to tell Mihika to make it. Mihika looks sad. Bala sends Shravan to take his books, and talks to Mihika. She sounds upset. He says Vandu called and said baby has started kicking, isn’t it so

exciting. She leaves.

Appa sees this and tells Bala that Mihika’s face won’t get smile, don’t know what happened to her, she was so lively, but now, I know she won’t smile till it gets proved that she is innocent. Bala thinks what to do, Raina is adamant, if he does not agree to her condition, Mihika will not get justice, my family’s life is in Raina’s hand. He goes to drop Shravan and thinks he has to agree to Raina for Mihika’s sake. Mrs. Bhalla tells Appa that she made less spicy soya parathas for him. Appa thankfully eats it, and likes it too. Mr. Bhalla coughs seeing Appa have the non veg parathas. Mrs. Bhalla tells Simmi that he had the wrong one. Appa says he wants the other one, and gives Appa. Appa says he will tell Amma to learn to make this parathas from her. Mrs. Bhalla takes Neelu. Mr. Bhalla says I will just come. Mrs. Bhalla scolds Neelu for mixing veg and non veg parathas casseroles. Mr. Bhalla says you have ruined his Dharm. Mrs. Bhalla apologizes.

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Shagun meets Suraj and asks him to convince Ashok to marry her, he is family, if her marriage breaks, where will she go. Suraj says he won’t get in between this matter, and Ashok is not a kid. He asks her to come to pick Adi, as she was with Ashok for 6 years and she has some right. Raman and Mihir come to school and talk about Mihika. Raman asks him to understand Mihika’s point of view, she does not want your life to start with a scandal, make some efforts, she will understand. Shravan asks them to come fast, as Ruhi and Adi are fighting. Suraj drops Shagun and she thanks him. He says its fine, charity should be done. He asks does he know some businessman. She says yes, his son is in Adi’s class. He says I will come along to meet him.

Adi and Ruhi fight about their mums. Raman comes and asks Adi to leave Ruhi. Ruhi says ask him not to tell anything to Ishi Maa. Shagun comes and stops Adi. Suraj sees them and tells the businessman about the kids fighting because of Raman and his ex wife Shagun. The man says whats this issue. Suraj tells everything and introduces himself. The people gossip about Mihika and Mihir. Mihir gets angry. Raman scolds the people and asks them to think about their kids. The man comments on Ishita and Mihika, if they don’t have a problem to share bed with a man. Raman beats the man.

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The principal comes and sees this. Raman asks Shagun to take kids. The principal asks whats Raman Bhalla doing here. The teacher says he is Ruhi’s dad. Raman and Mihir take Ruhi and leaves. Suraj calls Raman an animal, who can’t control the ladies of his home and beating people here. Mihir stops hearing this and angrily throws a chair on Suraj’s head. Raman tries stopping him, and is shocked seeing him bleed. They call for ambulance. The lady sees this and has pity for Ruhi.

Ishita makes food for kids, and the door bell rings. She opens the door and looks for Ruhi. She gets a letter and rose and says whats this. She shows it to Simmi. Simmi says whats this, rose and love letter, see it, for whom is it. Ishita reads the wrong hindi and they laugh. Simmi says who wrote this love letter in this times. Shagun asks Raman to stop it, its enough, we will take him. She asks him to control Mihika. Mihir says don’t take her name. Shagun says she ruined my life. Raman says did you not see….. and sees the lady standing and watching them.

Mrs. Bhalla thinks its for Romi, as he was wearing blue jacket yesterday, let him come, I will slap him. Ishita defends him and says maybe someone likes him, its not his mistake. Romi comes wearing blue jacket, and they all look at him angrily. Romi asks why are they staring him. Mrs. Bhalla says you won’t change. Romi says I swear I changed. Mrs. Bhalla tells about letter. Simmi gives him. Romi reads and says what nonsense, I will slap the girl if she writes this. Mrs. Bhalla says I can see the blue jacket. Romi says fine, maybe anyone liked it, but anyone will talk on internet, not like this rose.

Ishita says yes, and jokes. Romi says it maybe anyone, even Raman is dashin, and even dad wears blue clothes, what can I do in this. Neelu asks Mrs. Bhalla shall I put Mr. Bhalla’s blue shit for washing. Mrs. Bhalla shouts Bhalla ji and makes him read the letter. Ishita and Simmi smile. Mr. Bhalla laughs and says no one will write it for me, its for you. Ishita says no one will write letter for Raavan Kumar. Simmi asks her to find out. Mr. Bhalla asks Ishita to ask Raman, and they all pull her leg. Simmi goes to Neelu. Ishita thinks Raman said he will bring kids home, where are they.

Raman asks Ishita is she fine, he is not getting his work file and she is after blue. She gives the letter and rose. He reads it.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. ishra

    aare yaar ye shagun apni aur dosron ki insalt karane pe kyun tuli hui hai. ishita looking pretty in pink saree.

  2. Today episode in nice…..
    yeh hai mohabbatein show in coming episode Ishita is søøøø much sadness for ruhi……
    Ishita is to much closeness to ruhi n ruhi also…..
    who is save ruhi to ” ishimaa ” ?
    (1) Raman
    (2) Ishita ** itself **
    (3) IshRa
    (4) none of these
    my ans is – (3) *** IshRa ***

  3. p

    love letter scene was very cute and nice but raman should control his anger. shagun ne adi ko kitna bigad diya hai .woh apne hi bhane se fight kar raha tha .shameless boy.

  4. arey yaar phir ageye custody case.koi baath nayi even this time ishra will win the case.and ruhi will be with her ishimaa only.and shagun wt g women ur.she is just disgusting.and adi dont u have shame on u.ur fighting with ur small mean ur.

  5. ishra

    shagun kuch toh sikhao apne bete ko k dosron se kaise bat karni chahiye. sirf kahne k liye apne bache kahti ho .

  6. 123

    P – I do not agree with u. If someone is speaking bad abt ur wife, no man will keep quiet. Wat raman did was fine.

  7. ishra

    haan agar aap ki wife aur aap ki family k bare main koi galat bat karre toh koi bhi aadmi wahi kare ga jo raman aur mihir ne kiya .

  8. Yaar maine IshRa ki shaadi miss kardi videos dekhe hai par maja nahi aaya.
    Muje lagta hai ki IshRa ke love confession ke baad unki dobara shadi honi chahiye. Kyonki unki pehli shadi to ek samjota tha. Par ab unki shadi dil se ki hui hogi. Wo dono agni ke samne pure dil se saat wachan le aur pure man se un saat wachno ko nibhayein. Aur is baar unki suhagraat & honeymoon bhi ho jo pichali shadi mai nahi hua tha.
    Kash aisa ho dekhane me kitana maja aayega..
    Aap sabko mera yeh suggetion kaisa laga???

  9. ishra

    prayosha aap ka suggestion bahut superb hai. waise maine bhi ishra ki shadi miss kardi. mujhe bhi lagta hai ki unki shadi phir se honi chaiye. jab ruh k liye shadi ki thi. ab agar woh phir se shadi karenge toh dil se aur khushi se Karen ge.i wish k aaisa hiho.

  10. nufra

    Waiting for 2mrrws episode and fight of ishra ill b superb ! But sad to hear about ruhis custody .hope shagun does not win the case nd ishita get ruhis custody again.nd happy 2 see mihir hitting suraj. Luv u ishra

  11. p

    123 chalo mana ki Raman be apne biwi me liye fight kari but tumne ruhi ko toh dekha hi yoga who kaise roh roh kar kahe rahite papa ruk jao but Raman ne usse ki ek nahi suni aur Raman baar baar ruhi ko dahka de raha tha serial me dehke na

    • Hi

      This is going to rock.. and expected natural husbad & Wife fights.. with lots of love.. Wow.. Nice news.. Eagarly I’ll wait for this from now…

  12. afr...

    Nyc episode precap is awesome. I hate that ashok and sooraj. I hate ashoks face its like a ghost. By the way wats ur comment mr/mrs Gdnndmd…

  13. neha

    What the hell?? Y are they again repeating this custody case????? This scene dragged for about a month in the intial stage of the drama.. now y are they dragging this again ??? Do something new which makes ishra confess their love for each other not this

  14. Suparb videio KP….
    Par yeh kaya aaj hi to padha ki IahRa ka divorce nahi hoga par dusri news aai ki Raman ne divorce paper Ishita ko bheje hai…. yeh love confession kahi dream sequence to nahi hoga na…
    Nahi nahi yeh nahi ho sakata muje lagta hai ki Raman divorce paper bhejega par news ke mutabik unka divorce nahi hoga……
    I am so happy Ishita & Raman will confess thair love…….

  15. chintani

    These costume designers should give ishita to wear beautiful sarees like the ones shagun where not these old fashioned sarees !! I agree that shagun character should be a glamorous one than ishitha’s but it doesn’t mean that ishitha should wear these ugly sarees … true that she wears pretty sarees for functions but other time they look ugly

  16. vini

    I don’t understand why people drag the story like this.. Raina affair.. Suraj.. Sarika … Simmi Param affair.. Concentrate on ishra family and jus shagun s life after ruining raman . Thts the actually story as per the story novel book from where this was taken…

  17. arey yaar kp wt news u gave us i really amazing.which we were waiting for till now.ishra fans will be happy and me also.thanks yaar kp.lots of thank to u.

  18. ishra

    uss din ka intezar hai jab ye episode aaye ga.i hope k Saturday se pehle ya Saturday ho kyun ki is se zyada intezar mai nahin sakte aur na mai nahi ishra fans karsakte hai.kyun guys sa hi hai na.

  19. A big……….thanks to KP…..hume yeh amazing news dene ke liye…..
    Yaar show me yeh scene kab aayega????
    I am egerly waiting for IshRa’s love confession par yeh divorce nahi hona chahiye….
    Dekha maine aaj hi kaha tha ki decenber ke end se pehle IshRa love confess kar denge aur aaj hi yeh news aa gai.. maine kaha tha na ki muje Ekta par ho na ho apne God par pura bharosa hau ko wo meri wishes kabhi khali nahi jane denge…..lo God ne Wish puri kar di……
    Thanks God.. . ..

  20. ishra

    prayosha. god is great. kisi ki wish khali Jane nahin deta. is liye ussne fans ki dua qubool karli. waise bhi pyaar ke izhaar k bad toh chance hi nahin ki ishra kabhi bhi aalag don’t worry.and wait for the special episode.

  21. Yeh video dekhne ke baad aaj raat itni achhi nind aane wali hai ki mai bata nahi sakti……..
    I can’t explain that I am sooooooooo happy……

  22. All ** IshRa ** fan’s r waiting for dis moments……love confess
    love confess is søøøø simple dis is not heart touching confess……
    remained previous episode….manva lage na song….after incomplete confessed is actually heart touching love confess ** IshRa**
    ( chalo….kaise bhi huaa …huaa too….)
    i m also happy n everybody will be happy coming sence…….
    so guys keep n watch yeh hai mohabbatein show…..dis show is Indian most popular show…..

    • Abe tumhe love confesion se matlab hai yaa confession ke tarike se yeh to sirf ek scene tha ep dekhne me jyada maja aayega. Dekha nahi Raman kahi jaa raha tha yeh airport ka scene tha jab IshRa ne hug kiya to sab dekh rahe the isse jyada romantic aur kya ho sakta hai????

      • Puraa sence Diya nahi…..episode dekhne ke baat hi pataa chalega…..kaisa love confess huaa…….jiska itna Dino se intazaar Tha…..wo to normally love confess ho Gaya hai……

  23. ishra

    yaar ye video bar bar dekh rain hoon. kab aaye gaa. kal ka din mera bahut achcha Jane wala hai…………………………………******…. once again **kp** thnx for this mind bowing video …………..

  24. Maone bho bahut baar dekh liya Divyanka Tripathi ne bhi FB par yeh video share kiya hai aur waha bhi yeh comment hai jo Aandraaz ne ki hai ki Love confession me jyada romsnce nahi hai par koi baat nahi IshRa ne Airport par sabke saamne romance nahi kiya to bedroom me kar lenge par kam se kam dono ne pure 1 saal ka intjar karva ne ke baad love confess to kiya humare liye to yeh hi bahut badi baat hai ab sirf Ruhi ka coustody case jitne ki der hai fir in tino ki happy life fir se suru ho jayegi….

    • Prayosha sooo jaaoo raat ke 1 baj chuka hai….
      sab hoga magar….dhire dhire…..
      mere fb tak chuki ho….
      divyanka tripathi official Mai like 23677 something hoga use kholna recent page….jadatar divyanka tripathi photos or comments Maine hi kiya hai…
      fb pr milo…..

      • Maine dekhi hai tumharii posts on Divyanka Tripathi’s FB mai bhi join kar rahi hoo par ho hi nahi raha . Karan ka to ek hi baar me ho gaya tha. Divyanka ke FB par ho hi nahi raha. Me phone rakh deti hoo par man karya hai ki ek last baar check kar loo 12 baje se maine phone rakh diya tha par check karte karte 1 baj gaye

  25. ishra

    iss situation k liye ye gana toh banta hai………dil kahin rokta nahin ……dil kahin rokta nahin. ..chalta hi Jaye Teri oor. .dil meri sunta nahin. ..sari fizao main hai. …mehki hawaao main hai .. tera aur mera fasana. ..oooh. janu main bhi yeh jane hai tu bhi yeh……Jane hai saara Zamana. .oooh kabhi kam na hogi yeh chahatien. …pal pal bade yeh hai mahobbatien……………I love u ishra…..

  26. Yaar kab telecast hoga yeh love cobfession wala ep.. I can’t wait…..
    This is not fair Ekta ne iss show par kitne promos banaye par iss special scene ke liye no promo this is not fair……
    Yaar kam se kam hume koi date to batao ki kab telecast hoga yeh episode??!!??

  27. Yes ishra yoy are right iss situation par ek gaana to banta hai…par tumne jo gaana likha hai wo love confession ke pehle ki situation ko sute karta hai kyonki us gaane me dikhaya hai ki IshRa ko pyar ka ehsaas ho raha hai……par love confession ke baad ko situation me to yeh gaana jyada sute hoga jisme dikhaya hai ki IshRa ki adbhut PremKahaani shuru ho chuki hai dekho…….
    Hasne laga sehraa .. Hasne laga sehraa…
    Khilne lagi kaliyan…… .. ghar aangan galiyan ……
    Do hasin tan man ka yeh hasin bandhqn hai…..
    Zoom uthi hai ghadiyan sihani….
    Hoooo.. .
    Yeh kabhi to hona tha … itlaq khona tha…. bangai hai premkahaani……
    Duaa hai nibhe dil ki chahtein …. .
    Pql pal badhe… yeh hai mohabbatein……..
    Am I right?????

    • Agree with u……prayosha
      Tu mere pr friends request bejna……..
      ek baat batoo yhm ka set Delhi mai hai Ki Mumbai mai….
      divyanka Narendra tripathi ne kaha ki recently yhm set Delhi se Mumbai shift huaa hai….
      to Jo new news love confess to Delhi airport pe huaa hai….
      bahut se puch chuke yhm set ka full address magar puraa nahi bataa raha hai……
      new serial actress se bee baate Hui hai…..Ishita Ganguly se…..
      koshish jari …..kabhi na khabi mil jayega…..

      • Par yeh kaise ho sakta hai waha sirf show me Dilhi dikhaya hai relayu me to numbai me hi set hog…
        Wikipedia par mumbai likha hai… and sab actors bhi to mumbai me hi rehte hai…aur abhi jab Diwali par balaji telefilms je set par aag lagi thi tab padha nahi tha ki YHM & KUMKUM BHAGY dono ke set par aag lagi thi jab ki kunkm bhagy me mumbai dikhaya hai matlab ki YHM ka set mumbai me hi hoga.& me tumhe kyo friend request bheju???

      • Waise hiiiii…….
        kabhi telly express page khol Diya to……..
        yaha baate to hoti pr incomplete…….
        so bejna hai to bhi sahi na bejna hai to sahi…..
        its depends for u……

  28. Kp

    No need to thank me guys…waiting for dis for a long time…at last makers understood fans’ feelings regarding the show…

  29. Aanadraaz try karungi….wese me jyadatar personal FB use nahi jarti aur FB par mere bhai behen hi mere friends yai mai sirf Karan &Divyanka ka FB check karti hoo..

  30. mano

    episode last lo funny ga vundi, raman u should control ur anger yar.
    ruhi case malle reopen chesi shagun em chestundi and adi and ruhi ni ekkadiki tesukeltundi.
    y she will dont try to marry ashok.
    she always try to collapse raman and ishita, very bad shagun

  31. Yaar I am dia heart fan of IshRa…..
    Pls agar kisi ko pata chale ki yeh love confession wala ep kab telecast honewala hai to pls jarur batana…..

  32. 123

    Guys – wat is this confession thing and why r we talking abt divorce between Ishra. ab jab raman aur ishita ka rishta strong hone wala hai, y this divorce? Ekta apne harkaton se baaz nahi aayegi. kumkum bhagya mein bhi divorce hi chal raha hai. ab IShra ka bhi divorce? waise, i’m happy that mani is out now. he shld not be back again.

  33. p

    meine bhi karan aur divyanka ko fb par join kar liya hai and prayosha tumhara surname rathod hai na maine karan ke fb par dehka

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