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The Episode starts with Shagun talking to Romi about their misunderstandings. He asks her to forget everything. She smiles and thinks I won’t forget anything. Ishita comes and compliments Shagun’s look. Shagun hugs her and says this bad sight will affect you now. Raman asks them to come, Mihir is calling, they all reached. Ishita asks them to go, I will come later. Shagun thinks I will come back here again. They all leave. Mihir tells Amma that they all are coming. Shagun comes with everyone. Aaliya hugs Shagun. Mani compliments Shagun and asks for Ishita. Raman says she stayed at home as someone is coming to collect imp docs, she will come soon. Lawyer asks Mani to come, and out phone on silent mode or switch it off, phones are not allowed inside. Mani agrees.

Ishita checks papers

and gets the man’s call. She says I got papers, come soon, I have to leave for marriage, make it quick. Abhishek says there is no clue, how can this happen that kidnapper did not meet Anil, Ishita, Shagun and Priyanka came there. His senior says Raman also met Anil. Abhishek says Sir, he is also victim. Inspector says Shagun came to meet Anil again, she said she left something inside, so we allowed her. Abhishek recalls seeing Shagun at Anil’s house. He wonders if Shagun is behind all this. He asks him to get Shagun’s phone records. He says Ishita’s phone is not connecting and calls Raman.

Ishita talks to Raman and says I got all papers ready, I will come soon. She thinks how long to wait, better to keep papers in drawer and go, Neelu will give papers to that man. She gets Anil’s letter in the drawer and recalls Abhishek’s words and Raman desperately finding that letter. She says its Anil’s letter and quickly opens it.

She gets shocked reading Shagun’s name. She says Shagun kidnapped me, how is that possible, I don’t believe this, how can she do this. She recalls Shagun’s words. She reads the letter in detail……….. Shagun is not like she appears, I was pressurized to kidnap Ishita as Shagun threatened to hurt Priyanka. Ishita says Shagun got Priyanka there and then Anil got quiet seeing them. She reads ahead, that Shagun hates Ishita, who took her place after 7 years, I feel sorry to give up my life being helpless, I had to tell truth before dying. Ishita cries and thinks of Shagun’s lies.

She says even Priyanka went missing, dying person won’t lie, Shagun stayed with everyone for long time and none could know her truth, what about Mani, why is she marrying Mani, to save herself from blame, I made Mani helpless to marry Shagun, this marriage should not happen, I spoiled things. She calls Mani and says his phone would be silent. She rushes and meets Abhishek outside. They both tell each other about Shagun. She says kidnapper is Shagun. He says Shagun met Anil before his death, we have to stop her from marrying Mani in court. They leave.

Raman calls Ishita and waits for her. Mihika asks Raman to come. Lawyer asks him to switch off phone. Abhishek asks Ishita to inform Raman. She says I left phone at home. Abhishek gives her phone. She calls. Raman tells Mihir that Ishita is not attending call. Ishita says Raman is not answering and cries. Abhishek says don’t worry, this time we won’t let Shagun escape. Ishita says I ruined Mani’s life.

Lawyer checks papers and says its all fine, you both can exchange rings. Mani makes Shagun wear the ring. Everyone clap. Shagun thinks great, no one can save this family now. Aaliya asks Shagun did she not like the ring. Shagun says its beautiful. Abhishek says I know shortcut, we will reach soon. Shagun makes Mani wear the ring. Everyone clap and smile.

Shagun says Ishita did not come till now. Mihika says don’t worry, I spoke to Neelu, she said Ishita left from home. Shagun and Raman say we should wait for her. But the official says we can’t wait all day and asks Mani and Shagun to sign. Shagun signs and pen does not work. She says I think ink finished, any other pen. Raman goes to call Ishita and gets her call. She says I need to talk something imp. He asks where are you, whose number is this. She says Abhishek’s, stop the marriage till I come. He asks are you mad, can’t marriage happen without you, come soon. Romi calls Raman, and Raman ends call. Ishita worries.

Shagun gets the pen. She asks Raman about Ishita. Raman says she is coming, she is with ACP, she asked me to stop marriage, she is excited to attend marriage, she is happy for you too. Shagun thinks it means Ishita got to know my truth. Mani says we will wait till Ishu comes. The man asks them to sign fast, many people are waiting outside. Mrs. Bhalla convinces him to wait for 5 mins. Ishita says how can Shagun did that, once I show this letter, everyone will be sure Shagun cheated us.

Abhishek and Ishita reach the court and rush. Ishita collides with a lady and picks her papers. Abhishek says we need to go, come. They see Shagun and Mani coming, wearing garlands.. Ishita cries seeing Shagun wearing mangalsutra and sindoor. Raman says where were you, they got married. Ishita asks Shagun how could you do this. Shagun asks what. Ishita shows the confidential letter and says this is Anil’s letter, he has written you kidnapped me. Everyone get shocked.

Shagun says Anil died writing this, how shall I prove I m right, I gave birth to your daughter and raised Pihu, why will I do this, someone does not want to see me happy. Ishita asks who will do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique khushi salley susan super girl vp mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi jeni khushi shinning shivani shona bhagya aliya hey girl’s kaise ho aap sab log

  2. Hey rithu how are you dear

    1. Hi jaz .I am fine . how are you ?

  3. I think ektha want to give more time to real life couple that is why their is not close ishra scenes . but they have to stop mixing real and reel it is very disgusting.

  4. Hii everyone. Today’s episode was ok because of ishita. And Bhagya yhm in star utsav is too good. You can see it. I am seeing both (star plus nd star utsav). I know shagun love pihu and she sacrificed her 7 years for pihu but if you want someone even by hurting her its not love . so its all shagun ‘s selfish motive to

  5. l loved today’s episode but missed ishru

  6. Poor Mani. What crime has he committed in his last janam that he got a woman like Shagun as a wife? First she cheated Raman with Ashok and now wants Raman back? Then she dumped Manoj who loved her, and now Mani uski latest victim? She is worse than a Black widow! LOL

    1. true :d ishita ko pyar krne k isaja mili use :’D.

  7. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

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