Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun talking to Romi about their misunderstandings. He asks her to forget everything. She smiles and thinks I won’t forget anything. Ishita comes and compliments Shagun’s look. Shagun hugs her and says this bad sight will affect you now. Raman asks them to come, Mihir is calling, they all reached. Ishita asks them to go, I will come later. Shagun thinks I will come back here again. They all leave. Mihir tells Amma that they all are coming. Shagun comes with everyone. Aaliya hugs Shagun. Mani compliments Shagun and asks for Ishita. Raman says she stayed at home as someone is coming to collect imp docs, she will come soon. Lawyer asks Mani to come, and out phone on silent mode or switch it off, phones are not allowed inside. Mani agrees.

Ishita checks papers

and gets the man’s call. She says I got papers, come soon, I have to leave for marriage, make it quick. Abhishek says there is no clue, how can this happen that kidnapper did not meet Anil, Ishita, Shagun and Priyanka came there. His senior says Raman also met Anil. Abhishek says Sir, he is also victim. Inspector says Shagun came to meet Anil again, she said she left something inside, so we allowed her. Abhishek recalls seeing Shagun at Anil’s house. He wonders if Shagun is behind all this. He asks him to get Shagun’s phone records. He says Ishita’s phone is not connecting and calls Raman.

Ishita talks to Raman and says I got all papers ready, I will come soon. She thinks how long to wait, better to keep papers in drawer and go, Neelu will give papers to that man. She gets Anil’s letter in the drawer and recalls Abhishek’s words and Raman desperately finding that letter. She says its Anil’s letter and quickly opens it.

She gets shocked reading Shagun’s name. She says Shagun kidnapped me, how is that possible, I don’t believe this, how can she do this. She recalls Shagun’s words. She reads the letter in detail……….. Shagun is not like she appears, I was pressurized to kidnap Ishita as Shagun threatened to hurt Priyanka. Ishita says Shagun got Priyanka there and then Anil got quiet seeing them. She reads ahead, that Shagun hates Ishita, who took her place after 7 years, I feel sorry to give up my life being helpless, I had to tell truth before dying. Ishita cries and thinks of Shagun’s lies.

She says even Priyanka went missing, dying person won’t lie, Shagun stayed with everyone for long time and none could know her truth, what about Mani, why is she marrying Mani, to save herself from blame, I made Mani helpless to marry Shagun, this marriage should not happen, I spoiled things. She calls Mani and says his phone would be silent. She rushes and meets Abhishek outside. They both tell each other about Shagun. She says kidnapper is Shagun. He says Shagun met Anil before his death, we have to stop her from marrying Mani in court. They leave.

Raman calls Ishita and waits for her. Mihika asks Raman to come. Lawyer asks him to switch off phone. Abhishek asks Ishita to inform Raman. She says I left phone at home. Abhishek gives her phone. She calls. Raman tells Mihir that Ishita is not attending call. Ishita says Raman is not answering and cries. Abhishek says don’t worry, this time we won’t let Shagun escape. Ishita says I ruined Mani’s life.

Lawyer checks papers and says its all fine, you both can exchange rings. Mani makes Shagun wear the ring. Everyone clap. Shagun thinks great, no one can save this family now. Aaliya asks Shagun did she not like the ring. Shagun says its beautiful. Abhishek says I know shortcut, we will reach soon. Shagun makes Mani wear the ring. Everyone clap and smile.

Shagun says Ishita did not come till now. Mihika says don’t worry, I spoke to Neelu, she said Ishita left from home. Shagun and Raman say we should wait for her. But the official says we can’t wait all day and asks Mani and Shagun to sign. Shagun signs and pen does not work. She says I think ink finished, any other pen. Raman goes to call Ishita and gets her call. She says I need to talk something imp. He asks where are you, whose number is this. She says Abhishek’s, stop the marriage till I come. He asks are you mad, can’t marriage happen without you, come soon. Romi calls Raman, and Raman ends call. Ishita worries.

Shagun gets the pen. She asks Raman about Ishita. Raman says she is coming, she is with ACP, she asked me to stop marriage, she is excited to attend marriage, she is happy for you too. Shagun thinks it means Ishita got to know my truth. Mani says we will wait till Ishu comes. The man asks them to sign fast, many people are waiting outside. Mrs. Bhalla convinces him to wait for 5 mins. Ishita says how can Shagun did that, once I show this letter, everyone will be sure Shagun cheated us.

Abhishek and Ishita reach the court and rush. Ishita collides with a lady and picks her papers. Abhishek says we need to go, come. They see Shagun and Mani coming, wearing garlands.. Ishita cries seeing Shagun wearing mangalsutra and sindoor. Raman says where were you, they got married. Ishita asks Shagun how could you do this. Shagun asks what. Ishita shows the confidential letter and says this is Anil’s letter, he has written you kidnapped me. Everyone get shocked.

Shagun says Anil died writing this, how shall I prove I m right, I gave birth to your daughter and raised Pihu, why will I do this, someone does not want to see me happy. Ishita asks who will do this.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Khushi

    Hi dear adi, vp, jaz, shivani, rithu, parvathy, monique,supergirl, mino, lekha, sally, susan, sreeranjini,baazigar, sarita, sowmy,preethy, swara, pihu, aditi,bhagya, hp, niveditha, shabana, payal, radhika,simzain, ishitha bhalla, mustafa, vidhi, abhishek, raj, bhaavi,sindhu, aliya, niyathi, kutty, ro, jeni, sara, deepa, disha, awesome, sana, evani, katrina,smithy, aastha, vaishnavi,maahi,ajay,juhi,akshu, pari, hana, uaha, farhat, krishna, chakor, bhagya, parichari, rajat nd all my yhm lovers
    Sorry if i missed out any names.
    Hope all r doing well
    Bst wishes to all nd ur families
    Stay happy always

  2. Sona

    Shagun has psychology problem she make up her own misundertanding n start planning against ishita.ishita never want to snatch her right. if she really want to snatch her right n pihu she tell the truth to pihu n tell her to leave the house but every time she told her to trust me I’m not here to get back Raman n family but she always thought ishita came here to snatch the Raman n pihu from her. It is not ishita fault that she found nidhi n ruhi alived it her luck. Because of situation shagun thought ishita always snatch everything from her ruhi Raman adi n now pihu. Shagun left ruhi n Raman for money n fame. Shagun blame ishita to snatched adi from her but she can’t understand that ishita love n care always make the other to love her more than shagun. That’s why ishita never ever snatched anything from shagun .shagun always make up her own mind n start planning n becoming bad infront of everyone.

    • VP

      Sona to whom we are telling this ? Totally ruined the serial … it was boring today .. infact finding Anils letter itself is a big twist . … but I dont know Dt also not delivered well for us to get emotion on that scene ..,it was always when Ishitha smiles we are happy when she cries we too .., some how I was not able to involve much …Mani … so much feelings for Ishitha .. how fast changes … here meaning of love I dont know … Suggesting Mani to marry Shaghun is the mistake here … Quite dragging .,, now with this twist only … cvs brainless hopeless ..

    • Khushi

      U r right sona she juz make up her mind nd go on destroyng othets lyf. She is the ine who left ran nd kids for ashok nd aftr leAving him too she was making his lyf hell teaming with ashok. Manipulated adi nd evn ruhi nd nw pihu too. I dont understood if they wanna portrait her as neg rhen what was the need of making her positive all this while. She shld hav remained neg all the while. Its nt seems to be convincing nw.

  3. Manju

    I felt really sorry seeing Mani falling for Shagun. Ishita looking very cute and Shagun looking gorgeous in her dress. Raman looking a street thug with his printed shirt and hair cut than a businessman. He always shows very inappropriate dress sence lately. Going for meeting in open neck shirts in anyway. It hurts when Mani is romancing with shagun and ishita and Raman are not.

    • VP

      Totally true Manju … Shagun looks gorgeous she has 21 years old son in this serial …its Shaghuns fashion show now

  4. Sona

    Director n writer ruin the whole serial with this crap story first with nidhi story n now with shagun story.

  5. Aliya

    Plzz shagun. …don’t make stories now
    I think that gun wala scene is gonna happen.. plzz CVS reveal her truth to family as well as piHu …

  6. disha

    nice episode now ishita knows truth of shagun i know raman not believe on ishita but its ok ishita akeli hi kaafi ha shagun ke liye

    • Khushi

      Disha nice prof pic
      This is riddhima pandit right? In bahoo hamari rajnikant
      Evn i lyk het vrymuch nd her show too

  7. Aastha

    Sona completely agree vth u… u r rytt… ishita never snatched any thing from shagun.. she herself left raman n ruhi… and also she left aadhi in mouth of death… thn how thy can love her more than ishita who always loves everyone than herself…. but raman always forget how much she did for him… poor ishu…

  8. shreya shetty


  9. Jay

    the lead actors seem to have lost their passion for acting. DT and KP are like not interested anymore. The ambience of the old YHM before the leap has been lost.
    Raman looks like a goonda now. KP was the most handsome guy on TV…not anymore.
    EKta mam please please revive YHM to its old glory.
    The cute nok joks are missed.

  10. Khushi

    Todays episode was a real waste of tym… They dragged the marriage fiasco an entire episode. Hw much dragging. When will these negativity come to an end.
    One thing i shld say shagun nd ishus acting was superb today
    Nd raman he nvr listens to what ishu says. Disgusting.
    Feelng vry sad abt mani. Poor man hot a vamp for a wife
    Nw she will make his lyf hell. What was his fault? He is tryng by all means to please her bt she is jus as insensitive as raman. Mani deserves someone who is luving nd caring than a manipulative self centered women for a wife… Congratz to ishitha fot ruining mani’s lyf by her foolish match making

  11. Shagun

    guys think from Shaguns side.. she sacrificed her 7 years for Pihu.. she carried Pihu for 9months and raised her.. she loves Pihu a lot.. O bewakoof ruhi bhi apne maa key khilaf hain.. mujhe tho ruhi kho dekhe ke irritation horey.. “ishi maaa”.. Shagun is Pihus mom and will remain

    • parvati

      Seriously yaar? I would have agreed with u if it was a week or two back… Which mother emotionally exploits her own child so that things are on her favour.. when you love someone truly u cant see them in any kind of trauma… if u WANT someone even by hurting them, its not any more love. Its like kind of treating people like a materialistic thing. I dont knw, i dont hav any intention to hurt u or ur emotions, even i too felt bad for shagun.. but truth does hurt someone… u can never compare ishru with shagun pihu.. shagun is using pihu , who is unaware of the truth and is very much vulnerable, and i would definitely not prefer the word love for that.. there is emotional value to evry yhm character fr me evn though its a mere fictional series.. sorry if i hurt u in any way…

    • Pooja

      But I don’t think anyone asked shagun to sacrifice her life for pihu. She’s the one who left manoj and came. It’s the same family who took care of ruhi when she left her. So why can’t they take care of pihu. It’s all shagun’s selfish motives. Nothing else. And talking about ruhi yes if pihu loves Shagun then definitely ruhi loves her ishimaa who loved her devoid of any connection like Shagun having with pihu. You maybe a shagun lover but don’t make ppl laugh with your ridiculous comments.

    • Khushi

      Ruhi will luv ishitha only bcosebshe is thenone who showered all her luv to ruhi while her own mom abandoned her. Ishitha evn step in to compromising mrg relationship with raman only for her luv for ruhi. What did shagun do she always used adi nd ruhi to make ramans lyf hell.
      Ishitha rvn try commiting suicide assuming ruhi is no more. Evn she didnt thnk of pihu her own daughter. 7 yrs she was burning with grief on the thought id ruhis death nd nvr wants to go bck to bhalla hse without ruhi
      Ishitha always giv respect to shagun as ruhis mother . She nvr try to snatch ruhi frm her instead she always taught her kids adi md ruhi to luv shagun.
      Its true that shagun take care of pihu for 7 yrs. bt if she is a gud mother nd she trust pihus luv for her she would nvr hav manipulated pihu nd made her a vamp. Thats the diff bet ishitha nd shagun.shagun may luvs pihu vry mich bt it doesnt justify her action of manipulating her to secure her positoon in bhalla hse
      Ishitha will nvr do such a heinous act at any cost

  12. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    oh mani how u changed suddenly guys i have one question mani is supporting shagun then what about aliya she also supports shagun or her amma(ishitha)

    • Khushi

      Ya evn incant digest mani’s sudden change if behaviour towards shagun. He agreed for mrg only upon ishithas words nd suddenly he started romancing shagun. Till few days bck he was in luv with ishitha. Suddenly his preference changd. So wierd. The blame shld. Go upon cvs who r nt portraying the characters well.
      Ruined raman, ishu, shaguns characters. Pihu also. Going to ruin adi nd may be evn manis character. Aliyas already spouked in luv with mihir

  13. Khushi

    I am really trying to figure out what hapnd to yhm.. The realistic acting has gone else where. Ishu nd ramans chemistry missing. The scenes they r toghether us nt at all appealing. That intense luv is missing. I thnk creatives r giving space for ishitha aftr her mrg. More combined scenes with abhishek than raman. Bt y they r mixing up professional nd personal life. Or is dt nd kp hesitant to work together. Some thing is missing bet them. While he portraits himself well with shagun then y nt with dt

    • VP

      Same thing I had been telling Khushi both Dt and Kp are not to themselves like before leap … not at all appealing … I love dt like anything … but her acting skill is slim down

  14. Avanthi

    Epi. was not bad. At least ishu came to know the truth….. I am eagerly waiting when will shagun get exposed in front of all…. NOoooo….Mani shld not romance shagun….they got married omg!! Mani shld expose shaggun!!

    Where is that kimberly along with her hilarious comments? 😛

  15. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    guys pls requests the owner of starplus to play the old yhm in starplus before leap instead of seeing this new yhm after leap

  16. rithushree

    episode was worst and precap was even more worst.yhm has lost its charm. we used to enjoy the show and now we just waiting when this worst track ends.these writers have no creativity. after leap yhm has become very horrible. if they cannot make a good story then why did they take leap .ishruh bond which was the main source of serial has now become a ishruh scenes are looking too unreal and it looks like two strangers bond .and in today’s episode ishitha being a lead could not stop shagun and Mani ‘s marriage and again dragging in the show .it is a big horrible story and crap that they have created after leap thinking that viewers will like and entertain such a bad or a worst story .they had already spoiled Raman ‘s character in the show then Pihu and now ishitha not being able to stop Mani and shagun’s marriage.

  17. bhagya( ishveer,ishra)

    kp took the best pati award but he never understood the pain and feeling of ishu and he didnt support ishu in hardtimes then why he took the award for best pathi

  18. rithushree

    hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha parvathi anakha nimrit ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam az tansuri shivani lavanya sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz sindhu Natasha siddhi jaz Shona aditya jeni super girl unique angel priyaroli aparna mino Sarita sara prisha simran Monique d priya bhagi mansi bhagya disha juhi and all yhm friends.
    yhm cannot be watched now because it is turning horrible and worst now .cvs have made it a disaster and old ruhi was better and this character named Pihu should not have been introduced.big ruhi is acting as though like a woman even if she is fifteen years old. she is not going to school and is always at home.

  19. rithushree

    Mani is believing on shagun over ishitha .has he lost his mind . and those who all support shagun and especially Raman will repent later and have to bear that wicked shagun’s games and they all will remember ishitha and realize their mistakes.

  20. Khushi

    Actually guys i was thnkng abt the entire scenario of yhm.. Abt hw thencharacters r gettng ruined aftr the leap. Is that necessary to turn shagun to neg. the oblm is that the writers mishandles the issues nd culdnt conveyed the whole idea convincingly. The one to be blamed are the writers only. They made raman a spineless insensitive man. I understand what he ha gone through when he saw ishitha all of a sudden alive infrnt of him. Bt they shld hav talked nd settled the issues bet them then nd there nd cleared all mis understandings. Its nt done yet nd they themselves dnt knw whats the relation bet them. Nd nt revealing their thoughts to each ither.
    In hus frustation raman declared his mrg with shagun. His bug mistake. He did that to purposefuly hurt ishitha. He is the one who show all that pretty beautiful dreams to shagun. He shld hav openly talk to shagun nd told her that he still luvs ishitha.
    The entire bhalla family sidelined shagun once ishutha is bck which added up to her insecurities.
    Nd ishu herself was sayng that she dnt want to snatch anythng frm her bt ended up again being closed to raman
    Suddenly mrs bhalla started her plans to unite ishitha nd raman. She mvr thought abt shagun all this while. As a gud mothet she shld hav talked to her openly nd try to understand her mind. Shagun can clearly see the growung closeness bet raman nd ishitha while raman was sayng he is going to marry shagun. He was treating ishitha lyk an alien nd at the same time spending time with her which added up shaguns insecurities
    Eventually shaguns heart filled with hatred for ishu. Atlast ishhitha was the one who thoughy abt shaun nd find some time to talk to her bt by that t it was too late
    Mrs bhalla coming out of her kiddish disgrateful sidelining attitude shld hav soend some time with shagun to understand her or evn raman as a frnd shld hav talkd to her nd made it clear that he kuvs only ishitha to her. Instead one day he jus went to her nd said i dnt luv u u bettr marry mani ishitha suggested this. Then she will surely be left aghast nd revengful to ishitha. Raman nvr did justice to evn to ishitha nd nt evn to shagun.
    In the end ishitha who was tellng to shagun she will nt snatch her place in bhalla hse was tryng to get back to bhalla hse. Cabt blame her bcose its her family nd she suffered lot for this family. But still she trued nt to hurt anyone. Hats off to her for that.
    Shagun thoughy ishitha ruined her lyf nd set out for her revenge
    Nd raman still dnt knw whom he actually want to marry. He luvs ishitha bt will nvr accept it nd is evn ready to marry shagun if pihu wants
    Bet his ego bechara mani bhas gaya. His lyf got ruined

    Sorry too long… In short i thnk raman nd bhalla family is to be blamed for shaguns negativity nd ishithas sufferings. Or to be precise the writers who couldnt conveyed the entire scenario correctly. They jus showed broken parts nd ruined evrythng

  21. Sarayumane


    |Registered Member

    Guys, I have stopped watching this serial long ago, I am only reading these updates as it is time-saving, but now I am feeling that reading this updates also is time wasting it became total crap now, yhm lost its charm

  22. Meera

    Hi guys,did you notice that anil’s letter was fallen by ishita . I think it will not so easy to reveal Shaun. I think they will not make family believe on ishita,and again ishita will be insulted by family.
    I hope this will not happen,otherwise there will be no more interest.

  23. nonny

    I really loved today episode l thought our beloved ishita has come back again can’t wait to see more .loved it alot my YHM has come back to life.

  24. Rameeza

    Hi all yum fans. After for a long time I’m commenting in this page. I think what kushi wrote is correct. The chemistry between ISHRA is missing after DT’s wedding. Have they both requested Ekta to take stop taking close romantic scenes. But still I have the same question to ask? Why are they mixing there personal and professional life together? The quality and the standard of the serial is gradually started missing. If this goes on like this the show will lose its popularity. We want to see the closeness between the two main characters. At least hereafter even pls show ISHRA get together with much more love and care like earlier before the leap, realizing there mistakes and reuniting romantically to win Pihu’s custody. If not they should have end the serial in a nice way without dragging it.

  25. susan

    On my first visit to this page quite a while back I read the following comment: BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA FISHPASTE. I don’t know who made that comment but today I feel like saying the same.

  26. Rameeza

    And also in this serial we all very well know, that Ishita and Raman are doing the main charactersand Ishita is a very nice lady doing good to all, helping all even her enemies. But what she gets back as a result is always negative. Even her own people will not understand or support her in her time of need, including her pyaari hubby. At the same time the villains ( the negative characters) whatever bad they do there is always somebody to help them or they will get another chance and they continuously do bad things secretly or publicly. They are never punished and they always live happily. But Ishita from the start of this serial is going through problems, misunderstandings, hurtings, hatings and punishmentments. She couldn’t lead a happy life at all. So I mean to ask what is the message Ekta or CAvs trying to give to the society. That people who are good have to go through hard times all their lifetime but the bad people will anyhow escape and survive and lead a happy life. What is the meaning of the name of this serial. Pls Ekta lots of youngsters as well as children are watching this serial. Don’t give them negative messages or thoughts. They will be guided in the wrong path. Show some positve scenes like finally Shagun getting exposed by Ishita and Raman and the whole family accepts it. Raman praising Ishita for saving his family once again from that vamp Shagun. Again love blooming between ISHRA. Some positive romantic scenes. Pihu getting on well with her asli ma just like Ruhi. And finally ISHRARUDIHU as a family reuniting and fighting against Shagun and helping Mani and Alia also to get rid of that vamp.

  27. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans. Don’t know what to say anymore…………just yhm has become so bad , they dragging en going in circles and can’t show the chemistry between ishra/ ishru ct.too many characters that’s why leads are not shown anymore. So sad and disgusting.




    • Khushi

      Hi adi,
      I’m doing gud…
      Thank u for finding tym to send all thise episodes dear…
      Hws lyf going?
      Can u suggest any sites for increasing word power


    Hi Kushi!
    TODAY I Got The FULL Episodes of ‘KAHIIN to HOGA’.
    I Will SEND You Today AFTERNOON Procedure
    You Can WATCH ALL The Episodes of KTH With That.
    But Am Concerned with EPISODE-1 to EPISODE-358.
    After That He Stepped Out.
    I Think Kushi You Can Even Save Those EPISODES in Your LAPTOP or Computer.

    But Kushi When Comes to YHM

    • jaz

      Hey Adu I fine dear bus ab mein yeh yhm show nahi dekhthi hoo.isliye comment par nahi aathi aur usse badi mei ghar shift karrahi hoo. Waise b humara own house hain lekin waha par mere dono sis in law rey they hain mere mother in law ke saat isliye mei mere hubby meri daughter rent ke ghar mein rey he they hain..shift ho ne mei 1 month hojayega ghar nahi mila ab tak isleye thoda tension hain aur kuch nahi..dear waisa b yeh show mein rakka kya hain ab ab bus yehi dekhne.ku bakhi rey gaya shaggy ki bewaja shadi..I am fed up adu how many marriages happening in this show oh b wrong pairing is show mein ek shadi sahi daang nib thi nahi..o ektha ki bachi shadi ku maazak banake rak dya hain khud tu shadi karthi nahi shadi ke naam aisa khel khel thi hain..bewakoof kahi ki.

  30. mukti

    helo everyone can i join u all?i am huge fan of ishita….but i dnt kno whts hapening in serial…plz plz someone tell me plz…

  31. jaz

    HELLO EVERYONE Adu monique khushi salley susan super girl vp mino az naaz pihu sindhu siddhi jeni khushi shinning shivani shona bhagya aliya hey girl’s kaise ho aap sab log

  32. priya

    I think ektha want to give more time to real life couple that is why their is not close ishra scenes . but they have to stop mixing real and reel it is very disgusting.

  33. Juhi

    Hii everyone. Today’s episode was ok because of ishita. And Bhagya yhm in star utsav is too good. You can see it. I am seeing both (star plus nd star utsav). I know shagun love pihu and she sacrificed her 7 years for pihu but if you want someone even by hurting her its not love . so its all shagun ‘s selfish motive to

  34. A

    Poor Mani. What crime has he committed in his last janam that he got a woman like Shagun as a wife? First she cheated Raman with Ashok and now wants Raman back? Then she dumped Manoj who loved her, and now Mani uski latest victim? She is worse than a Black widow! LOL

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