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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th August 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika and Vandu calling Ishita. They get to know about Raman and Ishita’s union and get very happy for them. Ishita ends the call and smiles seeing Raman. Its morning, Suraj beats Ashok and wakes him up. He scolds him for being after Ishita yesterday. Ashok says I did mistake, I want to forget it, I won’t go in meeting. Suraj asks him to get ready, I want to win this contract, I got to know Raman’s quote, we will quote less and win the contract, I called Parmeet, he is also coming.

Raman and Ishita see each other and smile. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays………… He asks will she have anything, he will order. She says anything. He says he will get south Indian food. He asks shall I help you in getting ready. She refuses and leaves. He orders food.

He sees missed calls from office and calls back. He says I forgot the ministry tender meeting is today. He gets the clothes and files, and says I hope Mihika has sent all the files.

Ishita comes in bathrobe and he smiles seeing her. Yeh hai mohabbatein………….plays…………He says we both united, there is no one between us, you said you are not my type, and how did she drink wine yesterday. She thinks if she tells him about Ashok, he will beat him. She says maybe it was wrong drink, she thought its cold drink. He says it was right drink and romances. He takes the food and asks her to have it. She asks him to come for breakfast and starts eating. He goes for a bath.

He thinks to ask her about yesterday night. She says he cares for me so much, he ordered my fav dishes. He asks how did she like it. She says so sweet, he is asking me about the breakfast. She says okay okay, it could be better. He gets stunned and says could be better means what? She says better than this. He says fine, how many number out of 10. She says 2. He says 2 and sits thinking. She asks why is he asking this? He says sorry, you tell me what you like.. She says we will avoid this next time.

He says what did I do that she is giving me 2 points. His phone rings and she sees Vipul’s call. He says tell him that Raman is coming. She tells Vipul. She asks him to have breakfast. He says he is not hungry, he has to go. She says that’s sweet, thanks. He gets annoyed and she asks why did he start nagging. He leaves. She says did he make sambar, I gave 2 points to it, why is he angry.

Raman comes for the meeting. Ashok and Suraj see him and talk. The man tells about new tender for the juice manufacturer contract. Raman discusses with his staff. Suraj tells Parmeet that Raman thinks his quotation is best, but we know it already. Ishita sees Raman’s file there and calls Raman. She says he is not receiving call and calls at office. She tells about the file and says she will get it.

Ashok Khanna and Suraj Khanna get the contract and smile. They get glad. The man tells Raman that this is impossible, how did this happen. Raman goes to congratulate them. Ishita comes there with the file and see Raman and Ashok shaking hands. She recalls Ashok’s words and says why is Raman shaking hands with Ashok, knowing what a creep he is, why is he behaving such. Raman shakes hand with Suraj and goes.

Ishita gets teary eyed. She tells Raman about the file he forgot. Raman says no need, Ashok got the contract. Ishita thinks how is Raman behaving so normal with Ashok. Parmeet looks at them.

Mihika and Vandu tease Ishita. Ishita tells about Ashok. Suraj says we have won the contract, we have to fulfill it with sincerity, we can come back in the market with this. Parmeet says don’t worry. Suraj says don’t do any such thing again, Raman has packaging contract and we have to interact with him, I don’t want any drama. Ashok says there won’t be any mistake. Ishita tells them that Raman was congratulating Ashok, I did not tell Raman, I felt bad, how to tell Raman.

Vandu says you did right of not telling Raman. She says she would like to tell someone that Raman and she united.

Ashok scolds a lady and says he does not know her. The lady scolds him and says he has raped her. He says I did not see you. She says I have proof. He says he was with Ishita, he mixed drugs Ishita’s drink. Raman says this is what I wanted to hear. Ashok gets stunned seeing Raman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Start mastttttttt tha ?. …and ishra convo superb n so funny. ..kya expressions the raman k. .

  2. Thanks prayosha

  3. Ooh raman ne kuch nahin kaha. Usse hath mil aya …lagta hai ashok ki bar badi se pehli ki shanti hai. ….ye ashok ki smile jald gayab hojaye gi…

  4. Yaar pehli bar raman ne ashok ko kuch nahin kaha. ….lagta hai raman ko ashok k bare mein sab pata hai. .raman k chera se dikhraha hai jab woh ishita se poch ta hai ki woh kuch chupa rahi hai kya. .

  5. s*xy seen….jaldi se woh dono ko ek baccha miloonga

  6. Ha ha beta ashok jitna celebrate karna hai karlo. .. …uss k baad toh. .jail mein hi rehna hai. .

  7. Iyer sisters scene achcha tha. .

  8. Precap superb hai. .ashok toh gaya . kal k episode ka intezar hai. .

  9. Raman sends Ashok to Jail for
    drugging Ishita’s drink in ‘Yeh Hai
    Mohabbatein’ Coming episodes Ishita will not tell
    Raman about Ashok’s act to avoid fight
    between them.While Raman who is
    aware of this will decide to teach Ashok
    a Lesson and he will take help of a
    women and pay her money to act to expose Ashok’s truth. Raman will contact a NGO lady and she will accuse Ashok of rape case.Shocked
    Ashok will try to deny and in flow he
    will tell about drugging Ishita and
    being with her.Raman beats Ashok and
    will handover him to Police. While it will be revealed that the lady belongs to Shagun’s NGO and Shagun
    played a big card in helping Raman and
    Ishita.Unknown to this Ishita will try to
    tell Shagun about her being happy with
    Raman.So soon we hear viewers will get see more romance of Raman and Ishita along with their baby plans. While Karan posted a pic on Social Media about a action sequence coming
    up.Who do you think will be the fight
    be with ? Do Keep up

  10. awwwwww Raman’s new look….kitna handsome lag raha tha…..bck in d old look…..aur Wo kan ki bali bhi nhi thi…..he was looking damn s*xy yaaar…..♡♡♥♥♥♥♡♡♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  11. roselyn dada

    very nice episode infact Ishata and Rahman are very good actors given couples so man y messages fight and reconcile without a third party . Your romance look so natural we appricate you both. well done. Thanks Ekta Kapoor for your positive response to our cmplaints from Nigeria

  12. raman hospital mein admit hoga .shayad ashok ki wajah se lekin ishitha hai aur woh raman ko kuch nahi hone degi lekin raman ko diabetis hai toh hope so koi complications na ho.

  13. Raman and Ishita finally
    completed their married
    life by having a beautiful
    romantic reunion.
    However, Raman and
    Ishita’s happiness did not
    go longer after seeing
    Ashok snatched the
    business contract from
    Ashok, Suraj and Parmeet
    join hands to spoils
    Raman’s reputation in
    business market to
    complete this government
    Ashok and Suraj are over
    confident that now Raman
    will be finish but they are
    unaware about the
    upcoming problems.
    Furthermore, a lady
    blames Ashok for raped
    her in last night which
    makes Ashok shocked.
    Ashok refuses to know
    her and tell her that he
    was with Ishita and
    explains her how he
    spiked Ishita’s drink.
    Raman overhears
    Ashok’s confession and
    tells him that he wants to
    hear this.
    Raman will now use
    Ashok’s crime against
    Ashok’s contract and
    bring the contract back.

  14. “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” actress
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  16. wow! raman ko contract mil gaya.yeh!woh jaha bhi jaatha hai woh company best hotha hai aur saara contract unko hi miltha hai.

  17. Hello everyone, I heard a dangerous news. After some accident, raman lost his memory. He don’t remember ishita. But he remembers shagun….. Oh god, I can’t watch yhm, if it will happen. I’m not sure about that news. If someone knows about it,please please please tell us….. From sri lanka

    1. hiiii darshika dnt worry i think its just a rumour bec same news came few days back also so by seeing that pic of raman they r spreading the rumour again…..

      1. itsss truee dr raman hav accident and looses mem…

  18. Soon we will see some light moments
    between Raman and ishita’s love
    story.Raman will be seen teasing
    According to the spoilers,There will be
    a fight sequence in the Star Plus Yeh
    Hai Mohabbatein where Ishita,Raman
    along with Romi,Mr.Iyer and
    Mr.Bhalla will be present.
    Raman will be seen injured in the
    sequence and he will be taken to
    hospital.Now what happened so that
    Raman got hurt and where is ishita
    during all this mishap?

  19. guys(telly updates) plz dnt say raman ne ashok se contract cheen ne ke liye ishu ki incident ka use kiya ashok ke khilaaf… sounds disguisting yar raman ko ithni bhi nicha math karo…….he genuinlly fight for ishu bec uske liye koi contract ki koi maine nahi hai he has sports man spirit so plz……..

  20. Raman got accident but how guys?

  21. raman ka memory loss.what rubbish news.its too should not be true even leap also.

  22. agar raman ko shagun hi yaad hona tha toh uss docotor ko kyu laaya show mein shagun ka hero banaane.

  23. aur leap bhi hume yhm mein nahi chahiye.we dont want leap in yhm.

  24. hope ki raman ka memory loss na ho.

    1. guyss this gives support to d rumour that raman will loose his mem and think shagun as his wife……….as he met with an accident and is seriously injured,, 😉

  25. Thanks bhagi. Now I can breath….. !

  26. There is no memory loss track in YHM. Anita confirmed in twitter today. So chill guys…


  27. guys chill….. i think its a rumour yar jab bhi raman ko koi khoon vali khapade ya accident ka news aatha hai na tho phir jaroor ye memory loss vala news aa jatha hai tho chill…….vaise bhi raman ko koi major accident nahi huva tha sirf maar pitayi hi thi i think param ya suraj ne kuch kiya hoga……raman ashok ko arrest jo karvaya tha na iss liye…..

    1. ya its a rumour warna woh dr.ko shagun ka hero play karne ke liye kyu laya show mein.

  28. ashok toh jail jaayega aur accident hua hai toh kisne kiya hoga.kon raman ke jaan ke peeche pada hai.aur ishitha baad mein kyu aayi.bechara raman.

  29. hey guyz Gud morning….can anyone tell me d dialogues Pfizer ishita wherein she confronts Raman dat she dnt drive him crazy….plz tell me na I forgot dat 3-4 lines

  30. of* instead of Pfizer

  31. Yaa I hope ye news rumours hi ho ….Nd thanks kp….

  32. U, Me Aur Tv segment ( 10th August ) ***
    –> Raman ne kiya hospital mein hungama

    Raman is in hospital.. ishu and Mrs bhalla there with him.. he is irritated or scared something like that ishu trying to calm down him.. n he is also shouting at the nurse to not put injection wink emoticon
    They showed Raman is scared of injection Niddle and running away from taking it he was on bed and was trying to get up and go as he don’t want to take injection ishita trying to convince him.. even Mrs bhalla ttrying to convince him lovingly but he is not agreeing then ishu and Raman’s nokjhok he says Biwi hai ya bala hai samajti nai hai.. N Ishita says haan mai bala hi hu n says nurse that aapko jitne injection lagane hai lagayiye.. Mai yahi hu to which Raman says.. Haan jitne chaho utne isko lagado wink emoticon reporter saying Aaj Raman Bhi bacche ban Gaye hai.. ishu sambhal rai hai ..

    Divyanka’s bytes- i have three children Ruhi Adi and now Raman ..she says is easy to handle Ruhi Adi but Raman he is very hard to handle then says he is scared of injection.. we trying to convince him .. then she spoke about consummation she said she is happy that her fans are happy with sequence as she love to make her fans happy… she says it was bit awkward to shoot for sequence but it came out beautiful… she said as actor its satisfying for her… she said it was dreamy.. she is happy that her fans are happy ‪

  33. Good epi and ishra scene start awesome

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