Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu crying and telling Shagun that her friend said Shagun is not her mumma, Shagun and Raman are not married, her friend’s mum is teacher and teacher confirmed this. Shagun goes and scolds the teacher. She says I can proof that Pihu is my daughter. The teacher and principal apologize. Shagun says kids are sensitive, be careful. She thinks she managed today, but how will she manage next time.

Niddhi scolds Ruhaan and asks him to go for recording. Ruhaan says I have tooth ache and cries. Niddhi says you can take pain killers, I m troubled by your drama, I wasted my efforts and invested money to make you a rockstar, you are teen sensation, take these medicines, I want you in recording studio now, I m waiting. Ruhaan gets upset.

Aaliya reaches Ruhaan’s

home and prepares to give her introduction. She tells servant that she is Ruhaan’s new PA, Aaliya, the manager gave this guest house address. Servant asks her to sit, and they will tell Ruhaan that Aaliya came. Aaliya takes Ruhaan’s pics and says my friends will be jealous knowing Aaliya knows Ruhaan personally. Ruhaan comes and Aaliya greets saying I m Aaliya, I m sorry you hired me, my brother is also your big fan. She talks to Ruhaan. Ruhaan says I have tooth ache and will take pain killers. Aaliya says Niddhi Mam said you have to go for recording, these pain killers are strong, you will feel drowsy, if you say, I will postpone recording. Ruhaan shouts no, I mean how do you know about these pain killers. Aaliya says my Amma is a dentist, I know about these, you can visit her and get fine, just 10 mins, I will call Amma. Ruhaan asks Nancy not to tell Niddhi. Aaliya asks him to come.

Pihu tells Simmi that Shagun said great dialogues. Shagun asks how did she hear it. Pihu says sorry, I heard everything, I got to know you say good dialogues. Shagun says bad manners. Pihu asks her to make her sindoor right. Shagun says fine, now go. Pihu leaves. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi find Shagun upset.

Aaliya brings Ruhaan home and shows the way to washroom. She says did I do mistake getting Ruhaan here, he is so scared of Mam, who is she. Mrs. Bhalla consoles Shagun and says one day Pihu will know you and Raman are not married. Shagun says its fine, I m doing this for Pihu’s happiness, I will do this acting, the mistake I did with Ruhi, I will not repeat with Pihu, I left Ruhi when she was 6 months old, I see Ruhi in Pihu, she is my daughter. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, she is our Ruhi.

Ruhaan’s cap flies by the air. Ruhaan smiles seeing the long hair. Ruhaan actually turns out to be Ruhi. Ruhi says what am I doing, don’t open your hair, you are a boy, not a girl. She recalls Niddhi asking her not to cry and accept her fate. Niddhi says I know wrong happened with you, it was because of Ishi Maa, you were her step mum, she gave you to me to get her own baby, she played with your emotions, she will be happy and playing with her new baby, she won’t know are you alive or not, I have solution, forget your past and Ishi Maa, I m your family from now on, we will show your Ishi Maa that you can live without Ishita, I will give you new name and identity, no one will know about us, you don’t have any option. She hugs Ruhi and says sometimes children bear punishment of parents’s mistakes, you love your hair right…. Ruhi when you are ready to forget past, whats the need of this long hair, we will change this, you are not Ruhi from now on, you are Ruhaan. FB ends.

Ruhi/Ruhaan says I m not Ruhi, I m Ruhaan. Aaliya asks Ruhaan are you fine. Ruhi ties her hair and wears the cap. Ruhaan says I m fine, I have some tooth pain. Aaliya says Amma will come, she got late as she went to get medicines for Appa, take rest in my bedroom, I will get ice pack, you will feel better.

Mihir comes home and Pihu runs to meet him. He asks why did she not get ready to go in function. Pihu asks what function. Mihir says Raman is getting business award. Mrs. Bhalla says Raman is not here, what will we do there. Mihir says Raman will come there directly. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi agree. Mihir asks Mr. Bhalla will he come, his sons will be there. Mr. Bhalla says what sons, one who does not live with us and one who stays with us and still away from us. Mihir insists. Mr. Bhalla agrees. Mihir asks about Shagun and Adi. Adi comes and says I went for shopping, I have to match dad. Mihir says we have to match you, you are Bhalla business group’s future. Pihu talks to Shagun about her dress. Raman calls Mihir. Mihir asks him to come at award function, why did he go to office. Shagun says Raman will come in award function, leave it to me. Mihir says who is such who will convince Raman. Adi says the one and only one, you know.

Aaliya asks Ruhaan is he okay. She says I can’t believe popstar Ruhaan is in my home, everyone is your fan, the way you talk to press is so cool, you are so young and achieved this. Ruhaan says everyone does not get everything, you have family to support you. Aaliya says yes, family is very important, wait I will get something for you. Ruhaan cries and says everyone does not get family. Ruhaan recalls how Ishita took her baby and gave away Ruhi to Niddhi. Ruhaan cries and Ishita’s pic is kept there.

Niddhi asks Ruhaan where is he, and asks him to be at recording studio. Ruhaan says I have to go, lets make a move. Aaliya says Amma is coming, she is on the way. Ruhaan and Ishita see each other.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Resh

    Soo…..tomorrow is the day of best CEO award function…Raman and Romi are the winners.Raman rejects the award as he doesn’t want to share award with Romi.Romi is now seen opposite(antagonist) to Raman

  2. SIndhu

    Thanks Amena for your fast update. Wow you are a wonder. Today’s episode is just killing me seeing Shagun. I don’t mind Shagun. I suppose she really became good but what I am afraid is Toshi might suggest that Raman remarries Shagun to make Pihu happy. That is what troubling me. When will Raman make entry? Ishita took more than a week to make a reentry as Shanaya before the leap and now it is Raman’s turn. Actually only Raman and Romi are not revealed as yet after the leap. They are keeping us in suspense. I have feeling this might happen. When Mani tries to propose to Ishita, she will tell that she only loves Raman and no one can take his place which of course Mani will be dejected. At the sametime, in another frame in India they might show Raman telling Toshi that he can’t remarry Shagun as no one can take the place of Ishita and he loves only Ishita. It probably is to tell the viewers that both still love each other and only Adi and Pihu can reunite them. When Ruhaan realizes that Ishita is not staying with Raman but with Aliya she will then probably realise that something terrible must have happened at home and that is why Ishita is away from Raman and her child. She then may have known that she miust have wronged Ishita and that is why she left in a hurry when Ishita was trying to treat her. They showed a clip of that at the dental clinic. I hope Raman and Ishita will meet soon but the only thing is they both will be mistaken that both of them are probably remarried when both are not aware that they are waiting for each other. I hope the writers will try to rejoin them together again. Till now Ishita has not thought about any of Raman’s moments except the part of Raman telling her to leave and she is only a step mother. Some of you did blame Raman for that but I don’t think we should totally blame Raman. He was just devastated at that point to think that Ruhi died so in a fit of anger he mentioned that. Of course today he is living in guilt for the cause of Ishita ‘death’. Remember during the ghost drama, he was angry with her and told her not to talk to him at all but he did angry when Toshi and Mr Bhalla sent Ishita out of the house. He did say how can they kick his wife out of the house without his permission. I am sure if Raman had cooled down, he would have got back with Ishita. He just loves her so much to be part with her for so long. I am sure he is alive today is because of Pihu. He keeps seeing Ishita in Pihu which is what make him alive today. It is only my thought. Really really hope Ekta will let both of them meet. How the chemistry will work with Ishra after the leap I don’t know. Ishita outshines everyone in YHM. She is stunning with her curls and dressing. On the contrary Shagun looks like the high society mother in law.

    • V P

      Totally true Sindhu …. infact after Ruhis death Ishithas impact was shown very less …. Raman as usual out of sense with his words and actions …. but Ishitha knows it but here it hurt here more becoz she too thinks Ruhi died . seeing Ruhi with Nidhi is so sad ….. how can cvs make such twists … very bad ..Ruhi is very clever enough to understand everything … and Ishitha only can save her . Def Divyanka looks gorgeous stunning …. love her acting too

    • Resh

      Totally agree with you Sunday.It’s not advisable to blame Raman at this point.He told all those things in a safe of anger.Every human being is like that.When we are getting angry on something,we used to shed it on’s humanly.During the ghost track also Raman told like this but later he scold his mother for letting i shita.And ishita had committed suicide as she thought ruhi had died and not because of raman.She knows that raman loves her from the bottom of his heart

    • Sindhu’s thoughts are nice and probably Raman sees ruhi in pihu because they look exactly alike and if you haven’t noticed ruhaan has the exact same beauty spot ruhi had under her nose and pihu doesn’t .

    • Varsha

      Wow what a thought Sindhu.. Its really awesome.. If it happens in the serial all the viewers will be happy.. S.. Raman never forgets ishita.. They both cannot live by hating others.. They love each from the bottom of the heart.. Hope ruhi knows that her beloved ishima did not do anything wrong.. And shares all her worries with ishima.. Hope pihu too knows who is her real mom and develops affectionate feeling towards ishita.. More than the pair ishita and ruhi I like the pair divyanka and ruhanika.. So I want pihu to reunite with ishita.. They both really share a mother and daughter affectionate bond..

  3. SIndhu

    Btw how are your Rithu, DIya, Ananka, VP and many other loyal fans of YHM. Still loyal after the leap. Please come here and write your views as well. We all love to hear from you,

  4. Ammu

    Hi guys hope I m the first to comment I m very glad by today’s episode but what ruhi think that fb is she really hate her ishimaa by today’s episode I think she will hate her ishimaa before that I thought ki she loves & misses ishu & Raman but now…… I M confused???just waiting for full update of the episode
    And thanks for super fast update amena u r soo gud amena may I know in which standard u r ……??? I M little bit confused because I read in comment box some r mentioning u as “DIDI” & “MAM” so if I could now then I can rectify hope u don’t mind

  5. Siddhi

    I didn’t watch today’s episode don’t know if ruhi hates ishu or not very confusiong

  6. Hj

    I don’t know what’s happening. Plz all the yhm fans tell me will ishararuadi together soon.

  7. reshma

    Drama, drama and more drama…that’s the key to the success for Star Plus’ Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (Balaji Telefilms). Viewers of Star Plus serial “Yeh Hai Mohabatein” have witnessed a leap in the story line where Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) have been separated. Ishita’s surrogate baby will be named as Pihu (Remember Pihu in Bade Acche Lagte Hain ) and she will just resemble Ishima’s Ruhi. Ruhaanika Dhawan is essaying the role of Pihu. Ishita is staying in Australia with her friend Mani and his daughter Aalia.
    Now this story is just going to be like “KUCH KUCH HOTA HAI” as
    Mrs. Bhalla Proposes Raman to marry Shagun…So viewers can expect Atleast three comparisons are there with the new twists…
    1: Raman is connected with Pihu recently-born daughter, now she again tries to reunite her father and Divyanka tripathi. Raman and Pihu (ruhaanika Dhawan) are going to share a father and daughter relationship just like Sharukh Khan shared with the little girl anajali in the movie Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.
    2: Raman bhalla will be very possessive regarding Ruhi and pamper with love just as we see in the kuch kuch hota hai. That Sharukh wants to do anything for his lovely daughter Pihu.So audience dont need to worry as Raman (Karan Patel) will not dsilike his daughter but immensely love her.
    3: Anjali in SRK film, so will be the same the pihu will reunite the Raman and ishitha, She will soon know the marriage of Raman bhalla and Divyanka tripathi. Lets see if they reenact the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai storyline where SRK’s daughter reunite him with his lady love, Kajol (Divyanka Tripatahi) AAkhir Tumhare bheti superb hai Ishimaai….
    4: Sharukh and anjali (aka kajol) lives in distant places. So they have to get close. May be In the Ruhan’s Rockstar concert the Pihu will see the Ishitha Face…
    Now lets see how the story pull up the pace, we can anticipate someway pihu and raman will know that ishita is i australia, soon they are going to meet but with lot of twists and turns. Wondering what happens next? How will Raman and Ishita meet each other after the leap?

    • V P

      Reshma thank you for updating this . If this is the way it id going to be excellent . I just want Shaghun out of Bhallas house . But I am sure in Australia Ruhi will find out the truth of her Ishima and here Adi and Pihu will play big role with Raman. as I had commented before I was very sure Raman will be repending and seeing his Ishitha in Pihu

      • Verti

        But new spoiler says Ruhaan will unite ishita and raman. Ishita saves ruhaan from clutches without knowing ruhaan is ruhi

  8. Resh

    Where is abhishek???Actually I have a doubt if an accident occurs the police will definitely check the place,no…Incase of ruhi-nidhi accident the car catches with fire.Insuch cases usually forensic will come for investigation and here they couldn’t have got the bodies…Nothing was here…
    Now a days story makes no sense.Anybody can kidnap anyone and nobody will came to know about them.YHM was about Custody novel which depicts the story of Raman-Ishita-Ruhi.Ishra’s love was so touching once and the writers have converted it to hatred.
    Raman living in guilty thinking that he is the reason for Ishitas death and Ishita living in the guilty thinking that she is the reason for ruhi’s death but in actual both are alive.
    Iyyer family hates Raman thinking that he is the reason for ishita’s death.But Raman has left Ishita into the hands of her own mother.And how she reached the cliff alone.Did her family also left her?.I have this doubt as the entire iyyer family was in bhalla house at the time the news of ishitas death arrives.
    And the YHM portrays ISHITA-RUHI relationship before 2weeks.But on the last days that have shown ishita as being selfish for her own blood.They have shown the seen as such.There was an option for saving ruhi….

    • Varsha

      I totally agree with u resh.. And the story line is going senseless.. From the ghost drama, crocodile attack, ishita’s death penalty, faking ishita’s death, nidhi shooting shanaya and now ruhi and nidhi’s car blast.. Makers have still not shown how did they get saved.. Even if they show it in the upcoming episodes it will be a crap.. I love yhm a lot.. But this senseless acts are making it irritating.. The storyline should be like a practical one.. Just think.. Nidhi shot shanaya and she fainted.. It look a long time for Mr. Raichand to discover that ishita is really shot.. How could she be alive for that much time.. Even if she was alive, how could the hospital discharge the bullet shot patient in a day?? I don’t blame the serial as I still love it.. But these acts really disturbs me.. Sorry if I had hurt anyone’s feelings.. I didn’t mean to hate u..

  9. reshma

    in ds mani ishtia having talk…
    ishita brgs soup for mani..
    n dn while giving him soup al of sudden he takes raman’s name…
    n dn mani sys its been 7yrs n u r stil stuck dere…
    u hv died for al of dem.. n u shud move on nw..
    ishita replied i cant.. move on wo karta hai jiske pass kuch ho aage badne ke liye..
    jab raman nhi rahe toh kya bacha.. mere toh sab kuch raman the toh ab jab wo nhi toh kaha jau..
    nhi main move on nhi kar sakti..
    n is crying.. bt dn she leaves frm dere…

  10. Resh

    Karan Patel,Divyanka Tripathi,Ruhanika Dhawan,Anita Hassanandani and the entire cast of yhm are great actors.They desreve even more better

  11. Tanusri

    In upcoming episodes ruhan will take revange of ishitha by using aliya.ishitha and aliya will go to india aliya and adi becomes close and try to reunite raman and ishitha……hi rithusree

  12. firstly thanks Ruhi is Ruhaan but Nidhi is so rude lady but she can’t hide themselves from Ishita and Raman. Becasue with the help of Alia Ruhaan will confront Ishita. After 7 year leap Raman will take entry in the episode. we are waiting for the look of Raman.

  13. reshma

    Raman (Karan Patel) insults Romi (Aly Goni) on stage seeing Romi won CEO award in Yeh Hai Mohabbtein
    7 years leap track is going to bring lots of twists and turns in Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbtein.
    It is already seen that Bhalla family has turned bitter for Iyyer family believing Ishita is responsible for Ruhi’s death.
    Bhalla’s Brothers Raman and Romi meet after 7 years but having bitterness in their hearts for each other.
    There is an award function where both Iyyer and Bhalla family are present.
    Raman wins best CEO award but he gets shocked when manager tells as Romi shares this wards with Raman as he is also won best CEO award.
    Raman gives CEO trophy to Romi
    Raman insults Romi on stage and gives the award to Romi.
    Raman and Romi do not met eye with each other as they have some bigger issue in their past.
    Stay tuned for further exciting updates.

  14. Atheena

    I’m a big fan of this serial…but this story line is really stupid!!!! How can pihu be same in appearance as ruhi? i know that without ruhanika,this story will be boring,but how can it happen as they both share a different they showed before,raman ignored ruhi in the beginning as she mentioned him of this looks stupid.and i have another question,did ishita jump to river with her passport and medical liscense??? how can she continue her carreer without them? correct me if i’m wrong!!!

    • Dasun

      she must’ve gone australia and during the 7 years she must’ve taken passport,identity,citzenship as well as she must have again done her medical exams. 7 years is so long atheena.

  15. shivani

    I thought pihu and adi wil reunite ishra…but this show is proceeding in such a way that pihu wil support shagun after knowing all the truths….i think its again ruhi who reunites ishra…according to ruhi, ishita is staying with her baby..but when she knws about all the truth,she will help ishu..and i totally agree with sindhu….if raman really loved ishita, if he really regrets about ishu’s death ,then he should reject shagun’s proposal..he must say that he only loves his madrasan…dont make pihu and ruhi hate their ishu mom…why raman and others hiding from pihu that ishita is her real mom…whats the point in it…?? Because of that so many confusions are creating in pihu’s mind…and how many days they wil play this hiding drama..?.

  16. Once i found out ‘ruhi had died’ i wanted to stop watching yeh hai mohabbtien but i knew something big was happening or else they wouldnt killed ruhi of like that, im very excited in seeing ruhi and ishita meet

  17. sanju

    Hiii alll.ishu was looking soooo cute.sooo sad for ruhi/ruhaan…bt happy tht ruhi and ishu r meeting for the 1st time after the leap.want to kill tht niddhi and she is looking bad yaaak.. I hate niddhi.mihir was nyc and waiting for raman and romi’s award is for romi i think becoz as usual raman hates romi now.pihu is sooo cute missing little ruhi.ruhaan is gud like jst ruhi….and nooooo remarriage for shagun and raman plzzzzz.the serial will be bakwaaaaas and waiting for tmrw episode………

  18. Shree

    Ekta is like a god… She can make alive to any one.. . And one thing I did not understand why raman was not arrested in ishita’s suicide case bcz police knew raman was responsible of her suicide… Such an impractical serial it is… Nothing match with real life… .

  19. Jess

    Anger between Raman and Romi is useless. such a joke itself. there should be a serious reason for their hatrance unlike that.I hope its better if Ishita sees Nidhi before Nidhi does. ifnot what will happen? defineately that devil will do something wrong. May Ishita remind Ruhi with the birthmark of Ruhaan..Waiting to see their meeting aftr a longa time and also the entry of him, Raman, with anger in heart jst like it happened in very first episodes ….

  20. ishani varma

    This stupid leap has already spoiled this story….if ekta make raman married to shagun, then it wil become more stupid…i think this story is taking the same track of meri aahiqui tum se hi (ekta’s another show )…in which ranveer( male lead)is staying with rithika( antagonist)..after ishani’s (female lead) death.but actually ishani is not dead…and ranveer and ishani madly loves each other , but separated becos of some misunderstandings..ranveer dont knw ishani is alive..while watching ranveer rithika together ishani thinks that ranveer married rithika…i think ekta is copying the same track….here ranveer is raman, ishani is ishita, rithika is shagun…

  21. VS

    today’s episode was good and it would be nice to see that how ruhi will react after meeting her ishimaa. i think she will happy but not reveal it to ishitta because ruhi thought that ishiita had given her to nidhhi for her child. but when aliya will tell her ishita’s story to ruhi then she will come to ishitta and her everything . after that ruhi’s ishimaa will save her from ishitta….but ekta will take 1or 2 months for it. i am dammn sure

  22. reshma

    Raman has become more stylish. He dons a tattoo and looks more dashing. Raman did not marry Shagun till now, and Mrs. Bhalla wants Raman and Shagun to get married. Mani has proposed Ishita, and Ishita refused to Mani as she loves just Raman. Ruhaan will be bringing Raman and Ishita together.

  23. Anakha

    Hai rithu,vp,sindhu,siddhi,ude all yhm fans…in my opinion raman is the real victim throughout the show…first raman was in a mad love with shagun, serves her and did everything to make her happy..but she left him for money which make him heart broken…and thus he hate ruhi and become very rude with everyone..even his son adi hate him..after these all ishita made a entry to his life and makes his life beautiful..finally he got everything and was waiting for their own baby…he lost his daughter ruhi,whom he loved the most,for whom he and ishita unite…and for him ,ishita was the reason for ruhi’s death as he warned her not to inform police but she didn’t obey a was his right to speak out his was a father who tried to get his daughter back but who see his daughter’s death in front of his eyes….again ishita made him lose by leaving him in such a situation..his brother romi fought with him,sister in law mihika blame him for ishita’s death…eventhough he is with his family,his daughter pihu..he can’t enjoy his life..he is just living..he is not anything without ishita…so he is a bleeding victim…feeling bad for him…

  24. Roselyn Dada

    Nice Episode Acting Is So Natural With Pihu Love Her So Much Waiting For Rahmans Entry From Nigeria

  25. Siddhi

    I am sooooooooo confuse whether ruhi hates her ishi maa or not can any one tell me about this

  26. V P

    It was very sad to see Ruhi with Nidhi today . Her acting was so superb and there was totally fear in her eyes .Also Ruhan …. as she was looking into the mirror and saying she is not Ruhi but Ruhan …. omg the sadness in her eyes really bought a lump to my throat . both of them expressed so well …. …. we dont want Ruhan to hate Ishima …. we fans cant bear it …. Ruhi and her Ishimas bond and chemistry only won millions of hearts to watch this serial . we fans are happy when ishru are happy and so sad when Ishru is sad … so I am sure meeting of Ruhan and Ishitha will bring heart beats in them … Ruhan will identify her Ishima … Ishitha will feel that bond which will help her to understand Ruhi is Ruhan . I cant tolerate Shagun at all …. she can never be like how Ishitha to Ruhi . she will brainwash Pihu to get married to Raman .Pihu also will love it hope our Raman rejects it . And our Ruhi only will unite her Ishima to her papa . cvs please dont ever make Ruhan hate Ishitha …. we cant bear it ….

  27. Sam

    Writers pls don’t bring any marriages now,..specially Raman and shagun.
    It will spoiled everything u have done so far. And hope ruhaan doesn’t hate ishita cos that will destroy the teachings and brought up given by ishita to ruhi/ruhaan seven years back.

  28. Siddhi

    Ruhi don’t love niddhi but she fears so much from niddhi I think there is a reason behind this ruhi didn’t show to ishu that she is ruhi I think also there is a reason behind this what ever it is ruhi should not hate ishu it will will unbearable to watch if ruhi hated ushu I also think that ruhi will reunite ishra

  29. raman and Romi are bitter enemies bcoz Raman will think that Romi is responsible for the loss of his daughter ,Ruhi bcoz if he wouldn’t be irresponsible at hospital compound Nidhi wouldn’t have stolen the baby and this wouldn’t have happened .

  30. sweety

    i hope pihu wl see ishu in australia at ruhaan concert and recognize as iyer daughter and share with others so they cm to know.i thnk ruhi dnt hate ishu as she may cm to no truth by alia.and i thnk alia would cm to no abt nidhi torture.
    wl im also frm ap

  31. so far everything is well n confusing too… but I just hope ishita sees Nidhi first before Nidhi sees her…n I hope the CVS won’t drag this track to the core at which it will end up boring all of us

  32. cey

    didn’t shagun get married to manoj… nooo raman can not remarry shagun. if that happens I’ll stop watching YHM.

    • Ameesha

      Did you not see the recap before this ep .” What will happen when pihu will find out that you and Raman are not married”

  33. Siddhi

    Missing small but one thing to appreciate about grown up ruhi she Is superb n her eyes r so expresseive really it seems as if she is real grown up ruhi

  34. Lucky

    Where is sarika? Ashok n suraj? Ashok ki suraj ki asalu mrg avvademo inka…. Asalu ananya ni shitija ni chupinchaledu….

  35. I will be soo much happy. If ruhi (rohan) come with ishita and ishita raman ruhi will be together love this drama my best drama

  36. Siddhi

    Upcoming niddhi try to beat ruhi with hunter aliya sees this n tell ishita ishita inform police but ruhi didn’t say truth see say to ishu ap ko to maa ka MATLAB Bhi niii pata

  37. Sindhoori

    Omg….what a terrible drama…im sick n tired of the drama…I’m not liking the storyline at all….They have to make it atleast 10%believable. :/

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