Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 8th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mihika meeting Sujata and telling about Ishita’s matter. Sujata says Shagun does not look good mother and asks her to get case docs. She will make sure Ruhi goes to Ishita. She asks about her case. Mihika says I will get Ashok punished. Sujata supports her and says I will take your case. Mihika thanks her. Mrs. Bhalla meets Rinki at café and asks did anything happen yesterday. Rinki asks how is she behaving, she will manage. Mrs. Bhalla gives her romantic English movie cd and asks her to see it with Mihir. Rinki says I don’t want this and Mrs. Bhalla jokes.

She asks her to keep it. She says give me updates and leaves. Rinki says I have to tell Ishita and make her control mum, if she says this to Mihir, it will be embarrassing for me. Ishita makes Ruhi’s

notes calling her friends. Simmi says you care for her, and Shagun does not care at all. Simmi and Ishita joke on locking Shagun in cupboard and laugh. Rinki tells Mihir that she is coming and she has a surprise. She leaves and drops the cd. Ruhi keeps it. Raman comes to talk to Shagun and asks her to go and play. He asks why is she not going school.

Mihika tells Ishita that they will win the case if Sujata supports them. Ishita thanks her and says she will give custody docs, once she gives notes to Ruhi. Shagun and Raman argue over Ruhi’ education and future. Shagun says Ruhi will be established, don’t teach me. She gets the cd and says I think its her ad film cd, lets watch it. He says unbelievable. She says calm down, just see once for Ruhi’s sake, you sit, I will make coffee for you. Ruhi plays with kids and they say statue. She stands still. Ishita comes and sees Ruhi.

She signs the kids not to tell Ruhi and smiles. Dil se dil ka rishta………….. plays……… She comes to Ruhi and asks is she statue, its good, she got her notes and it has all notes of her missed classes, she wrote all explanations and asks her to study well. She hands over the notes to her. She kisses her. Tere dil ka mere dil se……………..plays…………….She hugs Ruhi and Ruhi cries. Ishita turns to go.

Shagun brings coffee and says I m so excited to see Ruhi’s first ad film. She plays the Cd and dims the lights, asking Raman to sit. Raman sits. The kid says Ruhi release. Ruhi runs to Ishita saying Ishi Maa and falls. Ishita stops and goes to her, asking is she ok. Shagun and Raman see the romantic English movie. He asks Shagun whats going on. She says I had no idea. Ishita comes and looks on, getting teary eyed. Raman says Ishita I came to talk about Ruhi. Ishita asks for first aid box. He asks what happened. The driver brings Ruhi and her knew bleeds. Ishita gets angry on Raman and does the aid.

Ruhi says she will do on her own. Ishita asks her to sit quiet. Ruhi cries. Ishita asks is she better. Shagun says enough, I will see her, and asks Ishita and Raman to go. Ishita looks at Raman angrily and asks Ruhi to take care and study well. She asks Shagun to get her TT injection. Shagun says I know and takes Ruhi. Raman says we will also leave. She goes on her own moving the wheelchair.

Its night, Ishita rests in her room. Raman comes to her and she stays angry. She takes medicines. He tries to clarify and she says good night. He says atleast scold me and talk. She asks what to say. He says sorry. She says nothing will change with sorry. He says I went to talk about Ruhi. She asks how can he watch movie, Shagun is careless, how can you, Ruhi was hurt and I shouted for help. He says kids can get hurt, don’t be overprotective. She calls him negligent. He gets angry and asks is he irresponsible father.

They argue and she blames him for all problems, and says your ego gets hurt and does not share anything. He says I have all tension on my head, did I not do anything for my family, I work like mad and take all duties, then you think its joke. She says Ruhi is not here because of you. He says even he is hurt, he is not Ruhi’s uncle, but her father. They say they don’t want to talk and he goes. Dil kahin rukta nahi………………plays………… She turns to sleep and recalls Ruhi. Ruhi thinks about her. Ruhi says she felt glad with Ishita and did not thank her, she should call now. She takes the phone and thinks what to do.

Ruhi says she might be sleeping and will get disturbed. Ishita thinks about Ruhi, and thinks to ask Mihir or Rinki. Ruhi calls her and does not talk. Ishita says I know Ruhi you want to talk, but could not, you love me, I miss you Ruhi. Raman looks on. Ishita recalls how Ruhi was taken away. Do alag alag…………..plays…………..Shagun asks Ruhi with whom is she talking and asks her to have milk. Ruhi refuses. Shagun sees call log and says Ishita. She calls lawyer and tells about restraining order, Ishita should not meet or talk to Ruhi, Ruhi is having emotional and mental orders because of her. He says fine.

Sujata tells the judge that Ishita’s sign is needed for transferring Ruhi’s custody, but it was done without her permission. The judge says court will see the case again and Shagun will have her custody, but restraining orders will not be in effect. Ishita smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode…

  2. same to u bhagi.after a long time i met one telugu girl in this updates

  3. Hi am also 4m andhra…nellore se

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  8. What a stupid episode with old ghisey pitey scenes

  9. thats so sweet of u pragna……..

  10. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is soon going to have a major twist with Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) ex-boyfriend Subu’s entry amid all the separation drama amid Ruhi (Ruhanika Dhawan) and Ishita.

    In early episodes of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Ishita was seen engaged to Subu, but Subu cancels the wedding as Ishita is unable to bear a baby.

    In the soon to be introduced track, Subu will come across Ishita while Raman will be out of town with work commitments.

    Ishita and Subu will be both stunned to see each other while both will have flashback of moments shared together in the past. Subu, being the egoistic man will be annoyed to see Ishita sharing a good life with Raman and all settled with her husband.

    It will be interesting to see what impact Subu’s entry will have on Ishita and Raman’s marital life.

  11. Hiiiii……mizun, prayosha, bhagi, angel n yhm friends…
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  12. YHM episode – average

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  16. subbu ki entry se kuch bhi intresting nahi hone vala hai……balki sabkuch unintresting hoga serial me pehle hi bahuth mess up hai aab aur kithna karega …….jab raman nahi hoga to tab sarika ya phir mihir aur rinki ki track se bhi tho serial ko age badaa sakthe hai na……..hum ko intresting serial tab hoga jab ishraruh saath saath ho aur ishra ka romance hoga…… ki ye vaayaadh subbu ke entry se…

  17. hiii prayosha ..mizun

  18. Why raman looks so sad and stupid in the Precap? Looks like he doesn’t want to hurt shagun or doesn’t want to get Ruhi back to Ishita

  19. Subbu’s enry will be a good excuse for raman to leave/ignore Ishita…. stupid story line…At least please unite Ishita with Mani and end the story… Sad to see Ishita;s character with all these twist…

    1. No way……….ishitha and raman are the ones who are made fr each other….no other idiot can come in btween them…….nt at any cost….

  20. iss budda buddy k romance se tere ko kiya maja aney valla hai rinki aur mihir ko enjoy kar na

  21. Abhi UK mein naya episode nahi aya but the updates are not bad.subbo is already married and a father to one baby .He is bala’s bro so he can visit them but it doesn’t mean ishu will feel any warmth for him

    1. Ya rite yar….

  22. hi guys.good mrg.have a good day.and mizun all the best to ur last exam.and all the best to all who has exams

  23. Before you jump to any conclusion,let us clear that we are not talking about her personal lifeYes, Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will soonsee a new twist that will shock the daylights of the ardent fans. We just heard that Ekta Kapoor is planning to make Yeh Hai Mohabbatein into a triangle love story. With all the different plots that have come by, this one will bethe biggest shocker of them all.Apparently, Balaji Telefilms are already in talks with Mrunal Jain, Eijaz Khan, Aadesh Chowdhary and a few others for this role. It seemsthe makers are planning to introduce a new character oppositeDivyanka Tripathi, who plays the character of Ishita.From what we hear, Mrunal declined the offer ‘coz he is still working on Bandhan and commuting between two far off locations would be tad difficult for the actor. A source from Ekta’s show said, “Mrunal would have fit the bill perfectly, but the dates couldn’t be worked out as Bandhan’s set is in Umargaon. We wanted him to shoot with us immediately, which was not possible for him.”“Mrunal was keen on taking up the offer as Divyanka is one of the top actresses on TV right now as YHM isa huge hit and also returning to Ekta Kapoor’s camp would have been homecoming for him. But it was highly impossible to shuttle between the two far-off sets,” addsanother source.So what happens to Karan Patel akaRaman Bhalla? Well it is still unclear as to what will happen to the character, but we hear that Karan’s impending wedding and other shows have taken up all his time. It is still undecided as to whether the new entry will play Ishita’s life partner, as the makers want to see the response to the new change and then make a decision. For all you know, the triangle love story may just be a bump in the road of Raman and Ishita’s life.Well this news definitely shocked us, wonder how the fans will react when they see this. Stay tuned to this space as we find out more on the same.

  24. agar e bakwaas sach huva na tho i swear mi iss serial dhekna bandh kardoon gi……e makers hamesha iss serial ka trp kam karne me kyom pade rahthe hai……mi iss serial ko sirf iss liye dhek rahi hu ki muje kp Dt aur ruhi ka acting acha lagtha hai par aab shayad e makers se e bhi dheka nahi jatha…….. hate u makers plz esa math karo raman aur ishu ko alag math karna plz

  25. Are TRP miss kar diya na maine…kyq tha TRP ??

  26. Only & only bakwaas…….Karan gaya to definitely yeh show chhod dungi dekhna…….

    1. prayosha , mizun anandraaz samiha bhagi and all yhm frnz lets sign a petition against balaji fr nt replacing karan on tellyreviews or tellyupdates or whtever website u guys suggest.

  27. kal ka epi to bohot lvly…ruhi ishu ko ma bulaya hain..n9

  28. yes pryosha bhagi is rght triangle luv is abt to happen among raman ishu and third person quite psbl mrunal zain of bandhan

  29. SBS TRP
    1) KKB
    2) SNS
    3) DABH
    4) YRKKY
    5) YHM

    Karan ne show chhod diya to top 5 kya Top 10 me bhi nahi rahega YHM……..

  30. blo*dy makers has spoiled craze even me too will leave watchng yhm i only watch it jus fr karan

    1. Yeah I am also…….I love Karan yaar……agar wo nahi hoga to me dusre din se hi show dekhna bandh kar dungi…..

  31. makers are mad not the madest in the world agar karan nahi hai toh show bhi.nahi hona chahiye.hum fans ne koi kasar nahi chodi aur show ko hamesha bina miss kiye dekha chahe story ya track kaisa bhi ho. maana ki karan patel ki shaadi hai aur woh gumrah aur nach baliye host kar raha hai.lekin usse show mein kam dikha sakhthe hai aur abhu ke liye mani jaise kisi ko introduce karo aur baad mein karan aa hi saktha hai.karan yeh show ki jaan hai .agar woh nahi hai toh ishra ki yeh jo world famous chemistry hai na woh ek din iss show ko barbaad karke chodega.dam sure.

    1. Mind blowing news……..ab jaan me jaan aai…….

  32. Haay Mujhe pata hi nahin tha ki karan show chodne wala tha. .aur ab nahin jaye ga kahin. …waise yaar aaj..main bahut busy thi. ..iss liye nahin dekhi. ..yes agar karan nahin toh… khatam. ..hojae ga. ….par ekta kabhi bhi. .agr kiya toh dusre din show bandh. ..

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