Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman saves Adi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita saying you don’t feel bad, my husband has worked hard to reach, my Raman is a fighter, you are very strong. He says I was strong before, I m not strong now. She says you can shout or fight with me, but your negative attitude to show your weakness, this won’t work, I know you, you are a fighter, I want you back. She hugs him. Raman thinks of everything. He gets sad and sleeps. Ishita wakes him up in the morning and says thank God, I got your reaction. He says call someone to help, I need to freshen up. She drops him to washroom. He says I will manage from here. He shuts the door. She waits outside. His hand doesn’t reach the bottles. Things fall down. She asks what happened. She comes and picks things. She helps him. He says I will manage, my hands are working,

can you please stop it, can I please help myself, just go, everyone is behaving strange at home. She goes out. He sees her standing there and asks will you just go, I beg you, please go. She shuts the door. He takes a bath and recalls Ruhi’s words. He comes out. Ishita wipes his hair. Dil kahin rukta nahi….plays…. He cries. She cries seeing him. Ishita talks to Mihika. She gets angry on Neelu. She says sorry to shout this way. Neelu says its fine.

Mrs. Bhalla asks what happened, you look much worried. She says don’t feel bad of Raman’s words and anger. Ishita says I m not able to help him, he is losing confidence. Mr. Bhalla says you have to be strong. Mihika says Raman loves Adi, I have an idea, we shall leave Adi with him. They like the idea. Ishita gets breakfast and desserts. Mihika says I have some work, can you look after Adi. Ishita asks her to make Adi rest. Raman smiles seeing Adi. Ishita gets a call. The man says you didn’t do right by getting my brother arrested, take the complaint back, I will not leave your family. She says I m not scared. He says don’t challenge me, I know where your daughters go and when. She says how dare you talk to me like that, I will kill you. He ends call. She says what rubbish is this, who are these people. Raman sits smiling and sees Adi sleeping. The lamp falls. Raman worriedly holds it and shouts Ishita. Ishita, Mihika and everyone come running.

Ishita and Mihika keep the lamp and take baby. Ishita says Adi is fine, you saved him. He worries. She asks him to calm down. Mihika takes Adi with her. He says I told you, I m a handicapped person, don’t do this, Adi is my life, if anything happened to him. She says nothing will happen to him. He says just leave me alone. She says don’t get hyper, you saved the baby, I will go, relax. She goes. Rajat comes to hospital and takes appointment of a doctor by other name. The lady asks him to be seated. He gets Ishita’s call and says why is she calling me now, I hope she didn’t learn the truth. Ishita says maybe he is busy, I will take appointment from therapist. Ruhi comes and says my friend is admitted here, I just want to meet her. She sees Rajat. He goes. Ruhi says he was Dr. Rajat, why did he ignore me. She says was that Dr. Rajat. The lady says he is Mr. kanjilal. Ruhi says fine, maybe I was mistaken. Rajat hides.

Ishita says its our romantic date night. Raman says we can’t go out. The man comes and asks her to sign papers. He pushes Raman and threatens to stab Ishita.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. So here we go again. Raman and Ishita yearning for each other but all in vain. Now I know that as soon as Raman recovers and becomes romantic Ishita will stop him and say: Raman we are grandparents and too old for romance. Or one of the 10 million family members will come barging into the room. YHM should have ended the day Divyanka got married. Even CV’s must be getting tired thinking of ways to avoid IshRa romance.

    1. Very well said that happens every time they should really end this drama before it gets even worse

  2. A big thanks to cvs ! Last two weeks of yhm was mind blowing with the story line and also becoz of the blessed actors like Kp and Dt. Kp nailed it … so brilliantly and Dt was too very good . No other jodis will stand near these two ! What magical chemistry they have …Ramans feeling of uselessness and Dts feeling of helplessness is brilliantly pirtrayed that it looked so real …
    A humble request … please dont bring any negativities to them .. how can they handle … as husband wife .. never allowed the Ishra to be happy … lets view how Ishitha brings back her Ravankumars Confidence . Simmis redemtion .. Ruhis unnecessary shouting like that so many unwanted scenes were there …but please move on this flow … Divan is marvellous … audience love this jodi … give them their ss they will bring yhm to the top 1 serial ! Wait nd see ! They were butchered to the core even then Divan was so loyal to their commitment .Their hardwork and dedication praiseworthy ..

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