Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shagun telling Mani about taking Aaliya to hospital for general checkup. Mani asks them to go. They have breakfast. Mani goes. Shagun asks Aaliya to relax and not worry, I m with you, you can meet Mihir. Aaliya smiles. Romi asks Neelu to hurry up, I will take this paratha roll and have on the way. He tells Mrs. Bhalla that he is going office, just inform me about imp courier. She asks what is it, tell me. He says its imp, I have to show it to Mihika. He goes. Mrs. Bhalla tells this to Vandu and they both get worried thinking is it divorce papers, what else can it be, maybe Romi wants to give divorce to Mihika, I have heard him telling Sanchi that he will make everything fine, does he want to marry Sanchi by giving divorce to Mihika. Mrs. Bhalla says I will go and see

Sanchi. Mihika comes and looks on. Vandu says let papers come, Romi should not know we know this, we will take Ishita’s advice. Mrs. Bhalla says fine, the papers maybe not divorce papers. Mihika gets angry and thinks is that really divorce papers.

Ruhi gives rose to Mihir. He says its beautiful but lesser than Ruhi, thanks. Simmi asks how is he feeling now. He says much better, thanks for food. He asks Raman about Adi, he did not come to meet me, I called him, he did not answer. Raman says Adi has grown up, he went to manage office in our absence. Mihir says I m very happy, what happened, is Ishita annoyed with me. Ishita says nothing, I was worried for your health. Nurse asks Mihir how is he. He says much better. She asks did your GF not come. Mihir asks who. She says the one who got you here, she is brave, she fought with goons and came here, Aaliya. Ishita gets tensed. Nurse says you are lucky to have her.

Raman says you are mistaken, Mihir is very much elder to her, they work together. Nurse says no, you did not see her, she was shouting nothing should happen to Mihir. Ishita asks nurse did she come to gossip, come and give me prescription. Ruhi thinks what happened to Ishi Maa and recalls Adi. Raman says nurse is strange, Mihir is old, but you look good. Nurse apologizes to Ishita. Ishita asks her to give prescription and sends her. Ruhi asks Ishita is there anything, you look in tension, I can help you. Ishita says nothing, I will see did Mihir eat fruits, get medicine and prescription from nurse. Ruhi says I know you are hiding something, its fine, I hope you know I m with you. Ishita goes. Ruhi says its surely about Adi.

Adi is at office and unable to work thinking about Aaliya’s love confession for Mihir. A man comes to meet Mihir. Adi says he is not here, tell me. The man says you are Raman’s son right, you are new, I don’t think you will manage the work, you don’t know about factory, I will talk to Mihir once he gets back after getting fine. Adi gets angry and says how can you underestimate me by coming in my office, how is Mihir. The man asks him to talk in low tone. Adi scold shim. The man says you are a kid, if Mihir was here, he would have pulled your ear. Adi pushes him out of the cabin. The man says you have insulted me by raising hand, I will not leave you, this matter will go to union. Adi asks will you threaten me in my office and pushes him. The clerk tells the man that Adi is not like this, he is in tension and reacting this way, don’t complain. The man says will he raise hand on me, see what I do now. He leaves.

Mihir thanks Aaliya for saving his life. He says I had food. Shagun asks her to feed food to Mihir. Mihir says I will eat it myself. Aaliya says its my duty to take care of you. He says I had food. She asks what did you eat. He says Raman and Ishita got food, I had it, I promise I will eat this later, Mrs. Bhalla comes to Iyer house. She gets the courier and shows Vandu. He asks her to check this. Vandu says shall we open and check this. Mrs. Bhalla says yes. Mihika comes and asks what is it. Mrs. Bhalla says nothing and papers fall. Mihika picks it and says its for Romi. Vandu says aunty received this, give it to her. Mihika says its fine, its for Romi, we will check it. She checks the papers….. Mrs. Bhalla and Vandu worry and ask what is it. Mihika leaves in shock. Mrs. Bhalla says it means Romi has sent divorce papers, what will happen now Mata Rani….

Doctor says Mihir’s reports are fine, but wounds healing will take time, we will keep him here. Raman says I believe patient recovers soon at home, can I take him home. Shagun says he is right, I will take care of Mihir, he will come my home. Raman says I have many persons at home, Mihir will be more comfortable. Mihir agrees with Raman. Doctor says Mihir should stay where he is comfortable. Ishita thinks how will Adi react seeing Mihir at home. Raman gets a call and asks what Adi raised hand, are you sure, what are you saying, give phone to him, I will talk, he left fine. He calls Adi and asks where are you. Adi says I m at home.

Raman asks did you manage office like this when you went to take Mihir’s place. Adi gets angry and says I m incapable. Raman asks him to sit at home, how can he raise hand on worker. Adi argues. Ishita ends call and says don’t tell anything to Adi. Raman asks him whats the problem, Adi is talking angrily, you are worried too, Adi is shouting on people, tell me, we can solve the problem. She says Adi had heartbreak, he got to know Aaliya loves Mihir. Raman gets shocked. She says Aaliya loves Mihir. He says its not possible, see their age gap, are you sure, that’s nurse said that, why am I shouting on Adi, he loves Aaliya and she loves his Mama, is she mad. She says its not her mistake, maybe its infatuation, she may have not thought of love. Raman asks her not to defend Aaliya.

She says she does not have parents to guide her, Mani was not here, she is no one to guide her, she does not know Adi loves him. He says how will Mihir react knowing this, I m fool to take Mihir home, Adi is at home, I will ask Shagun to take Mihir, she wanted to take him to her home. She says no, Aaliya will be there. Raman says I don’t care, all I have to think is about my son. He goes.

Aaliya and Shagun insist Mihir to come with them. Raman comes there. Mihir says I think I should stay with Shagun and Mani. Raman says I also feel so, you should go with Shagun. He looks at Aaliya. Ishita worries. Shagun says we will take care of you Mihir. Raman asks her to talk to Mihir at home. He asks Mihir to get ready. Ishita asks Ruhi to take Mihir. Aaliya takes Mihir. Ishita stops Shagun saying I need to talk to you.

Shagun says I know this infatuation turns to love, I will get Aaliya and Mihir married, I will ruin your everything, everyone call me bad, I don’t care, Raman, my children and family, when I was good, did I get them, whats the need to be good, Shagun is better being bad.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. TwinJ

    It’s a kinda request pls unite Aaliya with Mihir and bring a new girl for Adi. Aaliya and Adi do not match at all. Aaliya needs a matured guy, she is like a kid and Adi won’t be able to manage her. It’s her fault to be honest. The way she behaves with Asi made him feel that Aaliya loves him. She shouldn’t have kissed him all the time. I know that she was brought up abroad but still she had guidance of Ishitha and Mani. So wouldn’t Ishitha taught her manners? After all it’s shown that Ishitha is very traditional.

  2. TwinJ

    First time I’m supporting Shagun get Mihir and Aaliya married. And Shagun needs a one like Aaliya to be her sister-in-law.

    • Eva

      how can aliya be her sister in law ? Shagun is married to Mani who is Aliya’s father so she is Aliya’s mother, right? So, it can be Mihir her son-in-law…
      what a joke of relationships in this serial…. It used to be good when they showed Aliya and Adi together. But this ridiculous.. How can makers think of such funny relationship ? lol

    • Parichary

      Twinj and Eva..

      Shagun want Aylia and Mihir to get marry.
      Mani is Aylia’s uncle. Aylia is Mani’s sister daughter.
      Shagun and Mihir are brother and sister.
      Shagun should be Aylia mother but just aunty.
      Aylia want to call Mani appa and Ishita as amma.
      Aylia will turn negative and will call Shagun amma.
      Shagun is playing with children lives and want to put all the blames on Ishita.
      Shagun will tell Adi to committed sucide so Adi was about to do the sucide but too late that Ishita came on time to save him. Shagun yell at Ishita in front of Bhalla family. Shagun then blame Ishita for Adi sucide.
      Raman will defend Ishita and warn Shagun to stay in limited.
      Pihu will see Ishita silent and hurt and see Shagun behaviour and Raman angry.
      Pihu will realised that Ishita is not bad as Shagun had told. Pihu will hate Shagun and will get close to Ishita.

  3. Super girl

    Hi all yhm fans.mino tks for yesterday concern, I’m well now.todays episode again and always ishita to be misunderstood. Shaggy shud be just vapourised, so annoying, maybe aliya will also become negative.

  4. mp

    why everyone blame ishita..?? Adi also like his father…alwayas with in hell anger. This shagun didn’t think about her can she say that she will unit aliya and mihir… Want to see a hard slap on her..

  5. hi

    What yaar………again boring triangles…….. one triangle R I S now A M A…

    not getting interest to watch these.. Raman looks good with his Ravan Kumar Look than Mom RAMAN .. 🙁

  6. Sindhu

    HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, Mino, Shona, Jaz, Az, Aditya, Prisha, Saritha, Raisa, Naaz, Aastha, Monique, Khushi, Siddhi, Bhagya, Shreya, Supergirl and many many YHM fans.

    HI Rithu, study hard for your exams and also for others who are having exams. All the best to you all. Nice to have such a warm family.
    VP nice comments yesterday. Khushi love your fan fiction story. I have started reading them, You should send your story to Balaji Telefilms and let them use your plot.

  7. Diya

    The only person who has remained unchanged is Mani.. He’s so adorable.. I wish shagun changes in the real sense atleast for him..

  8. Sindhu

    I just wanted to comment on the love triangle. Aliya liking Mihir is her perogative and no one can stop her. To Aliya Mihir is her first love. She does not know the difference between infatuation and love. She is just fantazing Mihir and she is thinking Mihir has same qualities of her father Mani. So she probably sees Mihir in Mani and just fell in love. MIhir has every right to reject Aliya. Adi can’t control whom Aliya likes. In love, Adi is not matured. He does not know how to handle emotions that involves love. That is because Aliya is his first love and it is very hard to get rid of first love. He was able to handle when Raman hated Ishita and he was the pillar of support for everyone. All of us thought Adi was the only matured one in the family but when it came to his own love, he just became devastated. He wronged everyone including Ishita and Mihir. Adi is not at fault as the poor guy was in all high hopes of Aliya and he has been fantasizing Aliya. Everything has crumbled in one night and it is too much for this poor Adi. It would take time for Adi to realise that he should not have jumped into any conclusion after his emotions have scaled down. As for Aliya I only hope th cvs will not pair up Mihir. That would become peadophile. I really hope cvs get a very nice good looking girl for MIhir. I am happy with Mihika and Romi. I am sure the papers are his MBA papers or certificate and not divorce papers. As for Ishita she could have said something about Adi and Aliya when Raman asked her yesterday. She should not have kept silent. Of course Raman will assume she is defending Aliya. After all she did raise Aliya for 7 years. The hand raising at the union staff could have been avoided if Raman knew about it earlier. He would not have allowed Adi to go to the office and developed anger. They could have curbed the anger. Shagun is such a sickening vamp and she really used Aliya to her advantage. She is utterly disgusting.

    • VP

      Totally agree with you Sindhu …. and thank you … Shaghun did act very well .. superb …. dressing like going for a fashion show … Ishitha supressing her emotion was very natural … loved it … Raman too looking nice with a change of shirt … his concern over his children is great … Shaghun will really poison Aliya … feeling sorry for her … to Ishitha Alia she took care for 7 years … But Adi is her weakness ..Adi s anger is meaningless here … lAlias is infatuation only .. she is obsessed with Mihirs character … Shaghun herself knows she is bad and she is labelled as bad .. its only her insecurity .. .. I dont think she knows the meaning of word love … love is caring … and Shaghun is not at all caring when it comes to anyone … I hate seeing her … i cant tolerate her .. but today i felt she too nailed with her acting …

  9. Manju

    I think Raman is correct abiut being concern about his Son, but Ishita is concerned about both of them as she considers Adi and Aliya both as her own. What ever said and done shagun’ aka Anita’s acting is superb. Also I read articles that Kp refused to wear a tshirt. I think raman’s dress code should be more fomalised in this.

  10. Sarayumane


    |Registered Member

    After so many pleads from the audience to not to start this aliya mihir Bullshit track, they started it so In order to ruin yhm much more I would recommend some new tracks- mani and ruhi as pair, nidhi adi as pair, mihika ashok as pair, suraj neelu as pair, romi sanchi as pair and sanchi double dating with bala and shagun with her evil plans to destroy ishra and nidhi double dating with as ok etc…….go writers. Ruin YHM A LOT MORE

  11. Sona

    Aaliya love toward mihir is just look like obsession.she is overreacting n behave like she is only who care about mihir health.

  12. AS

    Hi everyone!
    I know you all are huge fans of YHM
    Let me check how much you remember about this show. I’ll ask some questions from the past of YHM. Try to give answers.
    Hope you’ll enjoy! so, here are the questions…
    1)Who gave expired cough syrup to Ruhi?
    2)Who is Trisha and who married her?
    3)Where did Raman meets Suraj Khanna for the first time?
    4)Who proposed to Simmi?
    5)Why Mihika married Ashok?

    • Parichary

      Hi AS

      1) Deepika (Simmi’s sister in law)
      2) Trisha is Raman business partner Rajeev sister. Trisha married to Raman lawyer Neil.
      3) Raman met Suraj at the dentist in the clinic when Ishita hand broke. Raman is helping Ishita because Ishita assistant did not come to work and busy with women. suraj misbehave with Ishita and Raman get fumed and warn him. Raman did not know who is Suraj bur came to know from Simmi husband Param that Suraj is Ashok brother. Raman make the scene on Ashok birthday that surprised all the guests.
      4) Subbu had proposed to Simmi. subbu is Ishita ex-lover. Subbu want to hurt her because of Raman mother made Subbu wife and son sucide.
      5) Mihika married to Ashok because Suraj and Ashok planned to trapped Mihika. Ashok lied about Mihika trapped and fake raped. Mihir beat Suraj with chair in Ruhi and Adi school property. Suraj make fake unconsious and Ashok blackmail Mihika that Ashok will send Mihir to jail and Mihika beg Ashok to stop and leave Mihir alone. Ashok then tell Mihika if she want to save Mihir then she had to marry Ashok. Mihika feel helpless and still love Mihir then agreed to marry Ashok.

  13. Sona

    If aaliya really love she must first know about mihir feeling n never expressed about her feeling toward anyone except ishita.

    • Sona

      If aaliya really love she must first know about mihir feeling n never expressed about her feeling toward anyone n just only share with ishita.

  14. Aastha

    Hii frndsss…. now really i got boring to watch ths crap yhm. Wotzz going on?? I also want mihir mihika together always.. cvs did a great mistake making romi mihika pair…😠now i don’t think mihir mihika jodi ko cvs phir se banayeaga… isliye mihir aliya jodi teek hei… vaysse bhi aliya never loves adi.. i feel so sad for adi ..he lost his first love… .. but no wonder.. yhm mein kisi ko bhi apna first love kabhi nahi mileaga… we have alrdy so much examples.. subbu ishu… raman shagum… mihir mihika.. romi sarika… ab aadhi bhi… any one can’t firce aliya to accept adi’s love.. and also mihir ko bhi nahi kar sakthe hum force… mein maanthi hoomm mihir aaliya mein age differences hei lekin dhekne mei bada problem nahi hei.. aliya bhi koichotti bachi nahi hei.. 21 yrs old
    .. shayad mihir ko 35 hoga.. we can adjust… but aap log saathiya mein meera dharam ki jodi dhekho kithna boring heii.. baap beti jaysse dhikthi hei… ahem se bhi zyadha age lagyhe hei us dharam ko…dsgstng… if we cmpre ths s far better … our mihir is so cute…

  15. Aastha

    And adi ko koi naya ladki ko le aavo cvs.. we are waiting mihika romi lo ek karkkeaa aliya ko mihir ki pair banaavo… nahi tho ek kaam karo sanchi aur romi ka affr expose karkar mihika mihir ko shaadhi karaavo… baad mein aaliya adi ko ek banavo…aysse ek track ki zaroorath padengi… kuch acha dhikavo.. adi ishitha bond break ko break karkar new twist math lana… it vll b boring

  16. krishna

    Ye hai musibatein(YHM)
    saale paaglo ka show bana diya hai
    ye paglet aaliya ekdum chichori hai
    aur ye buddha mihir kya beti ke umar ke ladki ke saath ghumta rehta hai
    saalon band karo ye bemel vivah ka track
    saare serials ka yehi haal hai-
    saathiya mein meera aur dharam
    kasam mein woh buddha aur ab ye
    isse samaj ka satyanash ho rha hai
    aur ek aish ranbeer ke saath aa gai toh logon ke taunts shuru ho gae
    guys pls come out of ur cheap mentality nd specially girls
    aap log khud apne ko piche dhakel rhe ho

  17. princess

    To AS your answer r
    1)the cough syrup is given by the girl whom new.bhalla had chooses for raman I didnt know her name
    2)Trisha is tondon’s ssister and married to raman’s lawyer Mr.pathak
    3)at ishita’s clinic
    4)Dr.subrumaniyam I.e. subbu
    5)mmihika married ashok to save mihir

  18. susan

    Why why why does everybody feel that they have to trouble Ishita with each and every decision that should be taken. Now even Vandu wants to talk to her about the “papers”. Does poor Ishita not have enough problems to cope with. She should call a meeting with all bhallas and iyers and tell them to sort out their own mess and leave her the hell alone. Take her kids and go and live somewhere in peace. To keep TRP up they can make Raman visit her every 2 weeks. Switching to Ishqbaaz! This dragging is getting to much.

  19. Nish

    Hi YHM family,well done princess, as far as I remember your answers are all correct.
    I have stopped watching this nonsense track .but I read the updates .when the story line changes again I will watch again.

  20. TwinJ

    One thing is for sure YHM is getting boring. Ishqbaaz is way better than yhm. Loving Shivika, Ishkara and Roumya. Also Mallika’s entry. Hope Gil Khan doesn’t ruin it like what she did with QH or like what typical Ekta Kapoor does.

  21. Isaaq

    Aliya is becoming the new Shagun. The same insecurities and desires. Mihir will defo reject Aliya and then a new girl will enter Adi”s life. Shagun will brainwash Aliya and turn her into a vamp. I’m very sure the CVS will bring Aliya into a negative role.
    Shagun didn’t love Raman and loved Ashok instead. Ishita came and then Shagun got jealous. Similarly Aliya doesn’t love Adi and loved Mihir instead. Soon a new girl played by Swati Kapoor will enter the show and Aliya will get jealous… that’s my prediction.

  22. Tim

    One thing I don’t like about this is why does all the blame go to Aaliya. Is she not allowed to love someone other than Adi. Like she should not be forced into liking Adi if she doesn’t wan to o. SHe has the right to like Mihir, and isn’t Aaliya and Adi like step siblings know since Mani and Shagun got married., which seems completely wrong. Also why does Raman have the right to be angry at Aaliya just because she doesn’t love his son is that why. And then Adi gets angry and disrespects workers just like his father Raman. So like Father like Son. Stupid sensing. Even though Shagun is agreeing to Aaliya and Mihir alliance for her own personal reasoning i;m happy she is supporting them. Hopefully Aaliya and Mihir will end up together.

    • Parichary

      You are wrong, Tim

      Do you know why people are against Aylia?
      Did she think about Adi feeling?
      Why did Aylia play with Adi feeling?
      What is the relationship between Shagun and Mihir?
      Why did Shagun and Mani married?
      Why does Shagun want Mihir and Aylia to get married?
      Does Shagun loves children or not?
      Who raised Raman children and Aylia for so long?

      Now Let me make this clear.

      Raman is not like Adi… Raman did not slap on workers but only scolded them and oust worker if they are not doing their job. Adi is different but Adi have no right to slap on workers. Raman keep his personal problem separate from business. Adi only bring personal problem in business which is not right. Adi should not think about Aylia so that he should focus on business and fix it. The worker is wrong to disrespect Adi because Adi have experience and Adi had been to the meeting with Ishita, Aylia and Mihir.

      Raman explain to Adi not to repeated again and Ishita will keep business professional separate from family problems. Ishita will save the business from union leader and Adi will try to comitted sucide and blame on Ishita and Aylia but Ishita save Adi and put a blame on Aylia for hurting Adi and Shagun to used Adi. Raman support Ishita and Adi will realised his mistake and will apologised. Bhalla will get to know about Shagun evil planned to put all blame on Ishita.

  23. shreya shetty

    Aliya should be given nice taunts and scoldings from her so called amma can she ever think about mihir and not u know what is their age difference,here mihir is a middle aged bachelor who doesn’t get married properly,first he lost mihika and second rinki and now aaliya,just stupid thinking by the cv directors.i mean how can a 21 year old stubborn admant idiot aaliya fall In love with such a old person,like hes around 40 s and this doesn’t realize how immaturely she might be behaving with everyone even started to disrespect ishimaa,seriously this needs to be ended very soon and of course immediately.that DARN DIRTY DISGUSTING SHAGGY SHAGUN EVIL WTICH OF CURSE,I CURSE U THAT U R LIFE SHOULD GO IN HEL HELL HELL,THINKING THAT U COULD DESTROY ISHITAS LIFE HUH ISNT IT???/WELL CONSIDER THS AS U R FATE OF DOOM AND ALSO WAITING EAGERLY TO GET THE THROUGHT OUT OF U.BEOZ OF U WE ALL STARTED TO HATE U AS A EVILEST FILTHY CHARACTER SHIT WHO CAN POSSIBLY TAKE UP ANY DRASTIC STEP IN CREATING HAVOC ESPECIALLY ISHUS LIFE.RUHI THE BRAVE GIRL GO ON AND TEACH UR BADDDDD BADDY VAMP MOTHER SHAGGY DOO SOME MANNERS AND ALSO TRY TO KICK HER OUT FROM PIHUS VISION

    • Parichary

      Mihir is not the problematic.

      Mihir and Mihika want to get married in the Marriage Court. Shagun is the only one who send the Marriage Court the objection on Mihir and Mihika marriage so that Mihir must arrange Shagun and Ashok marriage first. Shagun have forgetten that she divorce Raman and Mihir and Shagun have broke the relationship tied. Shagun should plan on her own but want Mihir money to spend on shagun wedding.

      Mihir was happily married to Rinki. But Rinki believed her friend that Raman is Mihir boss and Rinki get angry and fight with whole family. Rinki start her affair with her best friend and Mihir was in US. Ishita came to know about Rinki affair and went to warn Rinki best friend. Raman thought that goon had attacked on Ishita and Raman become tensed that Ishita went missing and he prayed toLord Ganesh to bring his ladylove back alive. Ishita came there and Raman get surprise that Ishita is healthy and safe. Raman hug Ishita badly that confused her. Raman then told Ishita about sari and Ishita think and get shock that it belong to Simmi. Raman and family get tensed of where is Simmi. Someone found Simmi and brought simmi to the hospital.

      Now Aylia… Mihir did not love Aylia. Aylia is in love with Mihir. Mihir only love her as his daughter like Raman’s 2 girls (Ruhi and Pihu). Mihir only love Mihik a but he had lost his love for Mihika but now Rinki is his life and he love Rinki. But now Mihir don’t want any women to enter his life. But now he get to know from Ishita about Aylia confession and felt bad for Adi’s heartbroken and Adi hate. Mihir will find someone else to marry so that Aylia will leave him alone.

      There is new girl Swati Kapoor who will fall in love with Adi and will enter Adi’s life. The new girl will change Raman and Ishita lives and will tell Adi the same way. Adi will changed his life after takeing new girl in his life that shagun will lose. Adi will revenge on Aylia. Aylia will be hurt and lonely.

  24. shivani

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun (Anita Hassanandani) executes her evil plan, blames Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya) for Adi’s suicide attempt

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show high voltage drama where Adi will soon attempt suicide.

    Shagun will instigate Adi to force him to commit suicide so that Ishita could be blamed for it.

    Adi commit suicide but Ishita comes at the right moment to stop him, Ishita is shocked seeing it.

    Ishita is shattered to see that Adi attempts suicide in Aliya’s love, Shagun this executes her plan.

    Shagun blames Ishita

    Shagun blames Ishita for instigates Adi against her and toxifying her mind.

    Raman and whole Bhalla family is shocked seeing this, Raman still supports Ishita against Shagun.

    • Pradishma

      Oh God, IS it true shagun instigates Adi for suicide…
      How can shagun do this to her own son..
      Her son and daughter are grown up’s and she is over raman..
      Godddd,How can she even think like this about Adi..

      Shagun manipulated Adi for her selfishness, She again manipulated Pihu and now she is manipulating Aaliya…
      How can she stoop this low…Yuck..

      Aaliya needs a tight slap.. Slap is not for aaliya-mihir love(hell with that, paagal CV’s) , just for her arrogant and senseless behavior towards others..

    • VP

      Oh Shivani is te true Shagun instigates Adi to commit suicide … Cvs … a big request … millions are watching this serial for Kp and Dt only …Teen agers love and all dont show to public like this and own mother support to commit suicide to take revenge on Ishitha …. you are ruining the word Mother here .. I cant imagine Shaghun type ladies existing … I am surrounded by only love and care from relatives as well as friends … cant digest these scenes … it was a unique story where Raman came out of his anger and frustration for loving and being with his wife for 6 years by Ishitha … the story was about two families .. iyers and Bhallas .. which we enjoyed ..its crystal clear cvs wants to give importance to shaghun and so her scenes are more … last week Ishra scene really brought the trp up … Alia has not told anything to Adi … he cannot been shown like this drinking and all …he can be shartered .. his papa knows about his love to Alia .. Raman has to make him understand .. Concentrate on Pihu … in between stopped it .. whats the hurry to bring negativeness .. atleast Ashok is not there now … and if Romi did MBA .. why this nonsense .. good for him …Cvs how many people have stopped watching this … hope you all know .. where is Mrs Iyer ..becoz of my love to DT , and Karan too .. I cant stop this … and isqbaaz iam not watching … in between when I saw … i felt it can not never come to yhm … what was Ishitha and Raman in the beginning ..amazing ..

      • shivani

        You are right vp…if we compare our old YHM and ishqbaz, no doubt, YHM is far better……but unfortunately that stupid leap spoiled everything…

    • shivani

      Dont knw its true…got it from fb page…..but the point is ,we can expect anything from shagun…..such a vamp she is….

  25. Siddhi

    Hi every one commenting after few days really busy will studies yhm is really boring n upcoming episodes r more boring

  26. Ruhi

    Oh my god hum log jaroor pagal ho jayenge.old yhm was so nice to watch, this post leap yhm is really making us all go nuts.we are all just watching for just kp and dt.

  27. shivani

    Raman (Karan Patel) regrets seeing Adi’s (Abhishek Verma) worst condition in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will show that Adi’s condition has becoe more worst after knowing Aaliya love for Mihir instead for him.

    Adi starts consuming alcohol in Aaliya’s love and returns home where Ishita supports him walking.

    Raman gets frustrated seeing his son condition and tries to make him understand to stop drinking and forget Aaliya.

    Adi tells Raman that he is not doing anything wrong as he was used do this when Ishita left him.

    Adi gets arrested harming Aaliya by acid

    Raman is shocked and shattered by Adi’s answer and curses himself for being a bad father for Adi.

    Apart from this, Aaliya calls to Ad but Raman receives phone where Aaliya tells him that she now feels what Adi felt when she refuses to him as Mihir did not accept Aaliya’s love.

    Aaliya soon face acid attack and Adi gets arrested in process of harming Aaliya.

    • Parichary

      Oh my god!

      Why did Adi to that?
      How can he make Raman and Ishita as bad parent?
      Adi did not think of Pihu.
      Aylia think that she is such beautiful that every men will like her.
      Aylia is such brat girl and never be learnt from Ishita.
      Mani had scold Aylia to stay and behave but devil witch talk to Mani and make Mani to change his mind. Mani is an idiot man for listening to his wife.

  28. abhishek

    I heard that there will be acid attack on aliya who will do that is it adi i dont think so and whom will ishitha support adi or aliya if she support adi shagun will posion mani and alyia mind against ishitha if she support aliya then shagun will posion adi mind against ishitha let see how ishitha balance the situation

  29. shreya shetty

    this b*****y shagun shaggy doo should be killed immediately.thats it,i am ready to remove her off and also waiting to kill her soooo bad.who supports me in disapproving shagun and also want to ruin her life.a mother isn’t supposed to kill her child whether its a daughter or a son,but this witch dog whos summoned by the devils of hell SHAGUN ARORA is forcing her own ex son to commit suicide and kill himself.sooooo evil.i am going to cook u for my meal one day shagun,nidhi and ashok.dare if u three kaminnes interfere in ishus and bhalla familys life then we r going to rate this show to 1.seriously this show is making not only mine but other yhm fans blood boil

  30. shreya shetty


  31. susan

    All of you being YHM fans I know you will love the same shows as me. So let me ask you this. They have started showing Iss pyar ko kya naam doon on one of our channels. Do you all know this story. How is it?

  32. raven

    Susan that serial has been on air before and its very good,and i do wish by the time Aliya realizes that she love Adi he finds someone else so much for her stupidity come on man mihir can be her dad how can she be so stupid how will she feel if Ruhi tells her she is in love with Mani?she needs to be taught a lesson and then when she starts to grovel then Adi should feel sorry but then again is Mihir so stupid too?that he is not seeing Aliya feelings for him

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.