Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Ruhi meets Nikhil

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi arguing with Ishita to take Ruhi out. Raman asks Ishita to let Simmi take Ruhi, Ruhi will feel good. Ishita thinks how is Simmi thinking for Ruhi now. Simmi and Ruhi come to Parmeet’s house. Ruhi hugs Nikhil and they talk. Parmeet tells Simmi that Nikhil is a nice guy, he loves Ruhi a lot, its our duty to take care of them and also be careful. She gets happy. He asks her to sit, he will make tea. She says I will make tea for us. He thinks to use Ruhi against Raman and Ishita.

Raman finds Ishita tensed and asks the matter. She says I feel strange. He asks what happened. She says I feel Simmi is lying. He says why will she lie to us, stop us. She gets a call and says I m coming. Raman thinks is this right, I will go and check. He leaves. She says Raman gets

annoyed, I m feeling Simmi is lying.

Mihika talks to friend. Romi comes to her and sees her new clothes. He says my clothes are not here, there is no place. She says my clothes are much, why are you fighting. He asks why, I go to office every day, you are taking my place, where are my clothes. He asks her to move back, enough, stop fighting, tell me what happened. He says this is a problem, you don’t wear short dresses when you come office, I feel very bad when anyone stares at you, you wear such dresses when you are with me. She smiles and asks are you done, shall I say something, I didn’t like you having call girl number. He says it was for Shagun’s use, I don’t talk to such girls. She says I realized I love you a lot and can’t share my love, promise me you will never cheat me. He asks how can you think so, you know how much I love you. They hug.

Nikhil holds Ruhi. Hame tumse pyaar hai….plays….. They hug. He says sorry, you are tolerating a lot because of me, Shagun slapped you. She says I should say sorry. He says I m glad Parmeet and Simmi are helping me. They say I love you to each other. Simmi and Parmeet knock and come. Ruhi goes to help Simmi. Nikhil smiles seeing Ruhi. He cleans the flour from her face. Simmi thinks Parmeet is so good, and got them together. Parmeet sees Raman outside. He thinks what’s Raman doing here. Raman looks for Simmi’s car. Simmi says thank God I didn’t get car, Ishita would have sent him. Nikhil says Ruhi should have not come here. Ruhi says why, I m not scared of anyone. Parmeet asks them not to worry.

Parmeet goes to talk to Raman. He says Nikhil is at home, so I left to get grocery, he will need things, I have no idea, I thought to call Simmi and take help. Raman asks why, is she not here. Parmeet says she won’t be here. Raman says Simmi said she is taking Ruhi on shopping. Parmeet says you should trust, you could have called me. Raman says I m just concerned for Ruhi. Parmeet asks him to come home and check. Raman says its okay, I trust you. He leaves. Parmeet says it means Raman also trusts me, I will end your and Ishita’s trust.

Shagun asks why did you let Ruhi go with Simmi. Ishita says she is Ruhi’s Bua, we can’t doubt on anyone. Shagun says Simmi is Parmeet’s wife, Nikhil is with Parmeet, you know their history, I told you to keep Ruhi at home, Raman has no mind, atleast you should have used mind, why do you get carried away. Mrs. Bhalla asks Shagun not to blame Simmi. Raman comes and says Simmi and Ruhi are not at Parmeet’s house, I have checked. Ishita says tension happens. Mrs. Bhalla says Ruhi is our blood, you came in Shagun’s words. Shagun says I will stay here till Ruhi comes. Raman says Simmi is with her. Shagun says I don’t care, I will stay here. Aaliya gets tea for Adi. She says Ruhi didn’t come home, she went with Simmi for shopping, look at the time, we are calling and can’t connect to them, Simmi can’t be irresponsible. She stops Adi from working and asks him not to ignore her. He says I have work pressures, I m managing everything alone. She asks what about me, what about us, do you care for me, Ruhi and family. He says what’s this, I know the tensed situation, it doesn’t mean I leave work, will you work, its easy to sit and criticize, I came home to work peacefully, none knows hardwork meaning here. She argues. She asks him to give time to family. He says sorry, don’t fight, I m wrong, I have to make imp presentation. She goes.

Shagun waits for Ruhi. Raman asks her to calm down. Mrs. Bhalla says she is guarding like she will decide. Simmi and Ruhi come home with Parmeet. Shagun says finally, you guys have come. Parmeet says I called Simmi, she was in market, I met them there, they were shopping. Shagun asks where are shopping bags. Simmi says I m not CEO wife to spend money in shopping. Ishita says I was calling since long, why did you not receive. Simmi says my phone was on silent. Shagun sees the flour on Ruhi’s hand and asks her.

Ishita says we will not judge Ruhi and overreact, we will hear her. He says I m doing this. She says stop me when I m strict. He says Ruhi can’t lie to you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Off ye asli maa apne aap ko jyada chaukidharni ban Rahi hai mumyji ne toh mere mooh ki baat hi chin li I agree she is ruhi real mom but uski custody ishita ke pass hai she is not a head of the house dusro ke ghar bin bulaye tapa jati hai ye iske manners hai waise to keh Rahi thi ki alia ka sauraal so called asli maa ka farj

  2. while I do understand shaguns’s concern for ruhI, she is the last person to criticise someone’s past.

    1. Yes Farid very true ! She had even taken the help of Param to take revenge on Ishitha ! Where was this mother when Ruhi was motherless in the initial six years ! I dont understand who gives this much freedom to an ex wife or ex bahu … whether she is mother in law or mother .
      What is the cvs are showing ! Instead of feeling angry to Ruhi feels very sad the way Simmi is totally blind on Param . Cvs butchered Simmis character also . Ishitha has become helpless now so too Raman . Totally spoiled the storyline .

  3. itna crap serial hai yeh hai mohabbatein….iski trp kyun nahi girti aur yeh kyun nahi off air hota…..
    star plus ne ipkknd 3 aur love ka hai intezaar jaise achhe serials ko off air kar diya…..
    hate u star plus…..

  4. Since when did Shagun start making decisions about Bhalla matters? Didn’t she give full custody of Adi and Ruhi to Ishita? So why the interference on matters she has no right over. To my understanding in laws have boundaries when it comes to their daughter’s in laws, even if there is other relationship but the moment people become in laws there is boundaries.

  5. Really liked the little side story of mihika and romi it was cute I wish to get more scenes with them

  6. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun has rights over her children as their real mother no law can prevent that it is natural. This is what happens when you marry a divorcee with a child or children and the the mother of those children is still alive she will always be part of their lives. Don’t think that because ishita legally became their mother therefore the children will hate their real mother. Adi and ruhi are over eighteen now they can decide if ishita will continue to be their legal mother or not but shagun will always be their mother as long as she is still alive because she gave birth to them and they are her blood. This is why you see ishita behaving overly nice with them and acting too goody goody, every time she fears that ruhi will leave her. Her love is seen to be extreme but she is also a fearful woman inside, afraid to lose these children to shagun. She was like this ever since she became ruhi’s mother. I remember everything vividly when ishita use to tell herself that if she cut off shagun from ruhi’s life that ruhi will hate her when she grew up. You can never hate your real mother even if you think you do there is a soft spot that you will always have for her. I have seen people who were given into adoption by their real mother for one reason or the other whom after many years started looking for their real mother despite all the luxury and love they got from their adopted home and found her and still took her back. Real mothers will always be part of their children’s lives, this is part of the reason why Raman does not want ruhi and Nikhil relationship. In some cases it will even look like the woman has become part of the man’s life because of the children. There is no way that the law can say that shagun is no more their mother, the law can give custody to somebody to care for the children but can’t stop the real mother from being their mother. Shagun’s rights over her children is legitimate.

  7. azuka nkwonta

    Shagun knew that she is not aaliyah’s real mother so she went to the court with Mani and adopted aaliyah with aaliyah’s consent, she gave adoption papers of adi to ishita,, by law shagun can still revoke that right that she gave to ishita anytime as the one who gave the adoption right to ishita. Shagun is clever she did not lose anything.

  8. Mrs bhalla should have give a tight slap to shagun and tell her not to intefere in their family matters.

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