Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shagun is furious

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with everyone congratulating Raman and others. Ruhi and Aaliya come. Simmi compliments Ruhi and makes her sit. Bala makes Ruhi wear the bangles. Ishita covers Ruhi’s eyes. Pihu says I have seen this rasam in serial. Shagun covers Aaliya’s eyes. Bala makes Aaliya wear the bangles. They all do the rituals. Ishita and Shagun tie kaleerein to Ruhi and Aaliya’s hands. Mani and Raman put chunri over Ruhi and Aaliya. Everyone dances. Mr. Bhalla asks them to get ready and be sharp on time. Everyone discusses arrangements. They leave. Raman checks everything. Mr. Bhalla asks him not to worry. Rohan calls Raman and says I m afraid that you will not understand this. Raman asks what happened. Rohan says how will Karan and I get the baraat if we aren’t done with turbans. Raman

says don’t worry, I will send someone. He asks Mani to come along.

Rohan asks Karan what to wear now. Karan asks since when are you believing in these rituals. Rohan says its fun to follow all rituals. Kaushalya says yes, turban and sehra should be there. Raman and Mani come. Raman says right, we have come to tie the turban. Kaushalya goes to get it. Rohan asks Raman to hurry up. Raman asks Mani to decide Karan’s turban. Mani pulls their leg. Raman says turban tying ritual is done by groom’s father, I know you are emotional, but we are also fathers, take care of our daughters. Mani says they need a lot of love and car, you can address me as Appa as you call Raman as dad.

Karan jokes. Kaushalya smiles and says you both look so good, I wish your dad was here today. Raman says you have given them much love, you have raised them well and gave good values. She says everything happened so early, our close relatives stay abroad, so no one is coming. Karan says our friends are here. Kaushalya says but if their dad was here, he would have danced much. Raman and Mani say we will dance in baraat. She says but you are bride’s father. Raman says we are that when we reach venue, until then we are on your side. Kaushalya does tilak to Rohan and Karan. She ties the sehra too. Pihu compliments the brides. They rush to see baraat.

Pihu says I have to take nek as well. Raman and Mani dance in baraat. Raman says we are groom’s family as of now, come and dance with us dad. Everyone dances in baraat. Pihu asks grooms for her nek. She takes nek from them. Ishita does aarti and tilak to grooms. Mr. Bhalla gets a call. He says I gave ordered gold jewellery for grooms, I have to pick it. Mani asks him to welcome baraat, he will go and pick the jewellery. He goes. Kaushalya says my sons are lucky to get such girls. Amma says our girls are lucky to get a Saas like you. Mrs. Bhalla jokes. Pandit calls brides in mandap. Aaliya and Ruhi are brought to the mandap. Ishita says Mani and Shagun aren’t here. She calls Mani and asks when are you coming, Shagun is here. She says just on time, the marriage is about to begin. Shagun says I need to talk to you. Kaushalya says we have a ritual in our family, groom’s mum can’t see this puja, its a bad omen, I will go and rest upstairs. Simmi takes her.

Shagun says you got arrested for the murder charges, you know them, Neelam and Kartik got killed by their family for honour killing. Ishita says its nothing like that. Shagun says both of you were in jail all night and didn’t care to tell us. They see Kaushalya and Simmi at the door.

Kaushalya says I can’t believe this, Rohan and Karan will call off this wedding. She goes and tells everyone that the weddings are called off. Everyone gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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