Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Ishita meets Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ishita thinking of Raman. Ashok asks are you nervous, we can cancel the meeting. She says I m nervous, don’t know how will Raman react seeing me with you, but I have to get back to manage the family, you have done many wrong things, but you freed me from jail and did a great thing, I didn’t tell Ananya’s truth to Raman, if I did, he would have put everything on stake and got into the matter to free me. He says when Raman sees you, he will forget everything and hug you, love is in the air, Budapest is the city of love. She laughs and says can anyone say Ashok is saying this to me. He says times changed, I keep enmity good but friendship better, you know there is a big reason behind this. She says believe me, everything will get fine with me and you also. He says

it looks good when you say this, come, don’t waste time after me. She says we lost a lot in these two years, love, elders’ blessings, you are there, there is friendship but… He says I think we should go with the flow.

Shagun meets Simmi and updates about Raman. Simmi asks her to inform about everything, else Raman will feel they left him alone. She says I m always there to manage him. Shagun says I really proud, I will see you later, I have to meet investors. Simmi says I bought these gifts for investors, we didn’t forget doing business, is Raman fine, does he need me. Shagun says relax, let me do something, this meeting should go well. Simmi says Ruhi is not here to spoil it, we need this investment, who are the investors. Shagun says don’t know, I m meeting them for the first time. Simmi wishes Ishita could see her taking everything in her hand.

Amma complains about the vegs. Kiran asks the man to get better and fresh vegs. The man says my boss has sent complimentary vegs, drumsticks. Amma says fine. She cries. She says Ishu liked drumsticks sambar. Appa says even Raman and Bhallas like it. Amma recalls Mrs. Bhalla. Bala asks Amma to make more sambar today, he got permission to meet Ishu. Appa asks will we meet Ishu, did she agree. Bala says no, I took permission from jailer, she has to agree to us after having Amma’s handmade food. Amma cries. She says I will make tasty sambar. She asks Kiran to help her.

Appa says Bala, when you meet Ishu, maybe she tells the truth, she didn’t even tell it to Raman. Adi says I couldn’t find out why Ruhi came here. Shagun says there will be some problem. He asks her to manage Raman. She asks Raman to become old Raman Bhalla, who made his business stand on own. He says its not my first meeting, I m still the same. Shagun says I m tensed, Ruhi is here.

Parmeet says yes, Adi and Raman are in Budapest, I will send quotation, I m managing Bhalla industries. Romi comes and asks what’s this, its a big contract, what did you quote. Parmeet says chill, Simmi gave responsibility to me, I have signing authority, I will decide. Romi angrily leaves. Ruhi comes. Shagun asks Raman not to let Ruhi spoil things. Ruhi picks her fallen files. She asks Raman how is he. He asks how do I look, how are you. She says fine, there is no one strong in this market, many people complete to get a business deal, you should be scared of competition, you already lost, I m the best. Raman wishes her all the best.

Adi takes Ruhi aside. He asks what happened to you. She argues. He asks did you see Papa’s state, don’t hate him, stop this madness, family already broke. She says if he doesn’t love me, why should I care. Adi says he is unwell, after Ishita’s arrest, he doesn’t stay fine. She says I miss her a lot, but what Raman is doing, its not wrong, if you care for him, you stay with him, I will win this deal, be a man, face it. She taunts and goes. Adi worries.

Bala asks what, Ishita is released one month before. Jailer says yes. Bala asks where is she now. Jailer says you can get the address of the man with whom she went. Constable says Ashok Khanna got her released. Bala gets shocked. Jailer says she gave Ashok’s address. Bala thinks she didn’t come to meet us, why is she with Ashok. Ishita arrives. Raman senses her. She smiles seeing him. They walk to each other and hug. Yeh hai mohabbatein…..plays……

Raman greets Ishita formally. She looks at him. Ishita says its my decision to invest in your company, Raman and Ruhi have to work together. Ruhi refuses. Raman agrees. Simmi gets shocked seeing Ishita. Raman slaps Adi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Really confuse but very interesting storyline after long time i comment here

  2. Akiatta

    Another Fabulous Episode!
    This is something really great. In all ways, the show is making changes for the good.
    Parts I liked:

    #1 – Ruhi is not completely bad. Now, I was initially worried why Ruhi was being such a brat. But, after thinking a bit, I realized that as per her view, she simply sees Raman avoiding her and doesn’t want her as a daughter. Now, seeing the precap, we can see that Raman doesn’t remember Adi either. This explains a lot. This probably means that Ruhi misunderstood that Raman is only acting as if he forgot Ruhi. But, the truth is, he forgot everyone.
    #2 – Shagun is still with Mani. This is also something I was scared of. I now see why Shagun is helping them. I think that since Raman doesn’t even remember Adi, it probably means that he still thinks Shagun as his wife. That is a really nice twist.
    #3 – Ashok becoming good. This is something I guessed would happen. But seeing it actually happen, I am so glad Ashok is finally good. I really think the reason for his turn would be something that would be super interesting to watch out for.

    Things I wish would happen,

    #1 – Simmi and Param get their due – I really don’t know what this Simmi is doing. The only thing that disappoints me is why the hell is she trying to control Raman? What benefit is she going to get? But, given how the leap is taking things ahead, I am confident that they will show them get their lesson right.

    #2 – Pihu… Initially, I really hated Pihu when it was introduced. But, in her performance last two weeks, I am really in love with the character. I am bit worried what this Simmi is going to do to her.

    #3 – Raman and Ishita abandoning the Bhalla family – I honestly hate the Bhalla family. And by Bhalla family, I mean Romi, Simmi, Toshi, and Param. What I want to see is Raman and Ishita, remembering what their love is, leaving the family, the company, and just leave with Adi, Aliya, Ruhi and Pihu to start a new life somewhere else. And given the new shoot pictures, seeing Raman taking Ishita on a bike ride with Ishita and Raman looking younger, I feel that’s what they are going to do.

    #4 – Adi and Aliya. I think that the second important track for Budapest is going to be Adi and Aliya. It makes sense as that’s probably why in each episode, they are saying how romantic Budapest is. So, we probably would be seeing Adi and Aliya, taking their relationship to a different level.

    And, once again, HI to my YHM family. 🙂

  3. It must be a dream of ishita makers use this technique to keep us glued to the serial, v go mad only by pondering about it like a fool, on a lighter note the makers want us to think only about this get addicted to this im very sure he is not positive he is planning something big sometimes I can’t help but admit how smartly he plans everything. No offense it’s my opinion

    1. Actually he’s positive cuz it’s his last phase of lyf.I guess he’s going to die soon..I read frm a site

    2. Yes. I also think that last part is Ishita’s dream. Like they say when something looks to good to be true it usually is.

  4. I meant ashok is not positive

  5. Hi, can someone please tell me what happened to Nikhil

  6. I want someone to tell me everything I miss out on a lot I need to what happen to Ruhi and Nikhil Ishu Raman etc can someone be kind enough to send what transpired thanking you in advance for your kind consideration

    1. Nikhil left ruhi

  7. I meant say instead of send

  8. Why Raman slapped Adi?? This is wrong!!

  9. it look nice that ashok become good man, i hope he’ll remain good as it is shown in this episode

  10. shagun tho bilkul bechari lagti hai, simmi orders diye jaarahi hai aur shagun accepting everything, kya hua yeh shagunko, ashok positive dikhtha hai tho cute bhi lagta hai right

    1. U r right.. shogun is following the instructions of simmi…… hw it is possible…..

  11. Also bhallas r using shagun as ishIta’s filler….jb ishu 7 yrs Australia me thi tb shagun. Thi … ishu k aane k bad shagun ko villain bna k kickout kar diya….ruhi nikhil case m shagun ruhi ko control kar rhi thi… phr Toshi ne shagun ko insult kar ke nikal diya…..ab phr se shagun raman ki care kar rhi h….. how selfish bhalls especially Toshi bhalla…

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