Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pihu getting angry seeing Ishita. She says her best friend’s mum asked Pihu not to play with her kids, its all because of Ishita, everyone dislikes her. She says Ishita is no one to me. She asks Shagun to ask Ishita to leave. Shagun says calm down and hugs her. Raman and Ishita cry. Amma talks to some ladies. They ask her did she hear news. Amma says its wrong news. The lady asks what, that news came on tv. Amma asks what news are you talking about. The lady tells about old couple’s divorce. Amma says oh this news, what happened. The lady says its affair thing in this age. Amma says how can this happen, they are good couple. The lady says such things happen, uncle gave divorce to wife, he remarks his dislike on wife, things end before wives know the matter. The

ladies go. Amma says such things also happen….

Ishita cries outside Mani’s house and recalls Pihu’s words. Aaliya pacifies Ishita and says Pihu has seen news, I m sure things will get fine, Shagun will not tell truth to Pihu. Ishita says when will things get fine, Raman did not tell me, I was afraid and came here, Pihu is my daughter, I feel bad, how can I ignore all this, it hurts, when will she understand. Aaliya says its not like you are thinking, Pihu is kid, we will explain her everything.

Shagun comes and says no Aaliya, why don’t you get it Ishita, why are you torturing Pihu. I m her mum and have to take a stand, Ishita you can’t meet her, its because of you, Pihu tried to commit suicide. Ishita gets shocked and asks what. Shagun asks her to stay away. Raman comes. Ishita asks Raman did he know about Pihu committing suicide. He signs her to shut up and leaves. Shagun asks Ishita to be away from Pihu.

Ishita asks Mani about it. Mani says go home, don’t worry, I m with Pihu. He asks Aaliya to take Ishu home. Ishita cries. Aaliya asks her not to take tension, we are with you. Ishita leaves. Appa tells Amma that everything got clear about Kunal. Amma says Ishu is silent since she came. He says don’t worry, everything will be fine, what did you make in food, where is Vandu. She says Vandu took kids out, they wanted to go out. He says we would have gone with them and had food outside. She says you don’t like outside food, I made your fav food. He says we get bored having homemade food, outside food will be a change and excitement. She asks did you not like food made by me. He says no, I was just saying change is good. Amma recalls the lady’s words and thinks change in life, or life partner change. He asks her to have food. He eats food, and she sits worried.

Ishita talks to Mihir and says I was distracted, I will come office and talk. Raman comes. She says I want to talk to you. He says not interested. She stops him and asks why did you not tell me about Pihu’s suicide attempt. He asks what did you want to hear, that Pihu hated you, she did this because of you, I would have lost my daughter. She says she is my daughter too, I know you have more attachment, I want to hug her and love her, I also get hurt when she gets hurt, I know you love her a lot, she is my daughter too. He asks are you done and leaves. She cries and asks why does he make every problem his own and increase the pain alone. Dil kahin rukta nai…..plays…………. She sits crying. Raman goes out and sits crying.

Its morning, Pihu asks Shagun to hurry up, she will get late for school. Aaliya gets milk for her. She asks Pihu why did you take pills, its dangerous. Pihu says I did not take the pills, I don’t know how pills got under my cushion. Shagun comes and stops Pihu. She asks her to get ready, they will go school and then on shopping too. She sends Pihu to get water. She asks Aaliya how can she Pihu about pills directly, I know how to handle her, I m her mum. She takes Pihu to make her ready. Aaliya thinks to talk to Ishita.

Ishita cooks food. Neelu tells Mihika that Ishita is making parathas non stop. Raman comes. Ishita asks Neelu to give paratha to Raman. Raman shouts I don’t want. Neelu says Raman did not take even tiffin. Ishita goes to her room and cries. Mihika comes to her. She apologizes for all that happened because of Kunal. Ishita says no, reason is something else. Mihika asks what is it.

Aaliya comes to Bhalla house and asks Neelu for Ishita. Neelu says she is in room. Mihika cries and asks what, Pihu attempted suicide. Aaliya says I don’t think Pihu did this, its Shagun’s plan, she is upto something. She tells everything what Pihu replied her. Ishita gets shocked and says how can Shagun fall so low. Mihika says Shagun is clever, we have to deal with her smartly, she kept Pihu’s custody and brainwashed everyone, everyone feels she is good mum, I feel bad for Pihu, she trapped her. Aaliya says how can we prove that Pihu did not take pills. Mihika says there is one way, we should take Pihu to child counselor, they will make Pihu admit truth. Ishita likes idea. Aaliya says there is a problem. Mihika says I know, its tough as Shagun will know, but we don’t have to let Shagun know this and take Pihu.

Aaliya tells the idea, about client promoting the brand by fashion show, Shagun likes all this, if I tell her to take part along Appa, she will not say no, she will be busy and we can take Pihu to counselor easily. Mihika says be careful it does not look fake. Aaliya says Simmi and I are preparing, this will not look fake. Ishita says Shagun will not doubt. Aaliya says its public event, and will come in ads. Mihika says convince Shagun to participate. Aaliya asks her not to worry. She leaves. Ishita hopes this works out and feels relieved.

Amma tries call to Naina and tells Ishita that Naina is her best friend’s daughter, she has to wish Naina, as she is going to Austria. Ishita dials and gives phone to Amma. Amma talks to Naina’s mum and wishes Naina for her journey. Ishita talks to Naina. Naina says I m going to meet my fiance and end the distance. Ishita says distance increases love. Naina says I hope so. Ishita wishes Naina gets her love in her Pardes. She wishes happy journey to Naina. Naina thanks her.

Aaliya asks Shagun not to worry about Mani, I m sure you will win, you got first form to participate. Shagun fills form. Aaliya smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi to shivani vp rithu magic and all yhm fans today epi is not good shagun is very cheap and disgusting woman i think ishu won’t get pihu because of shagun and i feeling v sad today because i irritate magic very badly by saying that shivani is better than you by 100 of times i am not your best friend shivani because i did wrong sorry but i am joking to him

    1. Forget it madhu…its all ok…..

      1. Thank you shivani but i think i lost a friend now magic will not help me in study even behalf of your name and you are right magic is your v good frind not me because even after that irritation magic praise you all the time i mean your comment and magic is not commenting today prhapes still angry

    2. I want to make this very clear to all of you.

      Everyone are smart but the brain are not common. We have different minds of what we opinion do we have to think about and what is the fact do we have to think about also. Maybe we read some of this story and add some idea and you can express out everything of what you know or unknow.

      Magic have told you (Madhu) in the last comment in old update that He is no longer to feel bad because I had advised that everyone are equally with age and he understood and given an apologised to VP.

      We don’t have tug and war in this site when it comes to experience and intelligent and brainless person. But Madhu please don’t compare who is much better comment in this site.

      Magic, please come back and comment to Madhu at once. (Hand fold) As I am pleading to you not to ignored Madhu’s feeling and her pleads.

      Thank you Shivani for reply without difficulty.

      1. Parichay …. I really dont like apologizing and all … Please do do dear ones

      2. Thank you parichary but anyone thinks i am bad and magic is not forgiving me and shivani and vp not helping me in this matter so, i am crying now

      3. Madhu.. I can help you but they won’t listen as you see VP reply to me. And Magic is nowadays busy and did not want to comment anything.

        VP.. it is okay and I am not forcing you to forgive others who did not show you respect.

  2. Episode was worst and precap was ok.
    Hey guys darshika vp jhanvi nivedha ramchin fathi ude sunaina diya (both the diyas) riya rithika reshma naina summi sowmy naaz meghana darshi Sam tansuri shivani lavanya az sindhu Natasha sachie shreya Khushi Aliya naz mansi ananthi prisha simran bhagya Monique d aparna unique angel jaz jeni super girl Shona aditya disha juhi Luna Aisha siddhi padma madhu Saba ankitha parvathi priyaroli and all yhm friends.

    1. Hi rithushree hows you? Episode is bad i agree with you totaly and you are amazing you remember A to Z yhm family names i am feeling sad rithu today i irritate magic very badly rithu what to do tell me pls as i said you and shivani are my best friend rithu i want your suggestion

  3. Boring bakwas…

  4. Hi everyone how r u all ?? Commenting after many days I am just waiting for leap nothing much to comment about today’s eposide I have not been watching this serial for nealy two weaks just waiting for leap

    1. Hi Siddhi how r you ? missed you

    2. I am fine vp how r u ??thanku for remembering me ??

  5. Plz dont need leap.utter nonscnzzzz …….. y ramn dnt undrstnd ishuz feeelg… can any one plz kill that blo*dy hell shagun…….

  6. HI Rithu, VP, Shivani, MIno, Magic, Khushi, Monique, Siddhi, Kiran, Jaz, Az, Padma,and many YHM fans.

    Today’s episode was really not up to the mark. Raman and his shouting nature. Each time Shagun says something, Raman just gets influenced by Shagun. No one has the sense to ask Pihu whether it is true. A child will not lie but adults do. Raman should have known that Pihu will not resort to such things. He has looked after Pihu for 7 years and why should she resort to such a thing. Is that what Raman know about Pihu? I am glad at least Aliya was sensible to find out the truth and Raman us such a moron leaving always Ishita behind. What Ishita said is true that Raman always wants to bear all the sorrows himself and does not want to share with his wife and suffer in silence due to that his anger escalates.

    Shagun is really a two headed serpent. She has really stooped so low in doing terrible things to Pihu just to get even with Raman and Ishita. Basically she does not want to live with Mani and she also does not want Raman and Ishita to live happily. She already has Pihu’s custody and then be happy. Why bother Ishra using Pihu constantly? Shagun is so mean. I only wish once the counselor confirms that Pihu did not attempt suicide, I hope Ishita will go to Shagun and give two hard slaps until her cheeks turn red.

    1. Hi Sindhi how r u ???

  7. thank u rithu u are mentioning my name as i am not coming for a few days. but i am missing ur comments cmg to episode is ok . but precap is nice as simmi tries to get out of depression

  8. Hey VP, I am so glad you are commenting again and I always have looked to you as my father and mother. Since I have lost my father recently and my mother awhile back, whenever I read your comments my heart warms and sometimes I would wish that you can be both my dad and mum since you are living alone. I have not seen you personally but somehow I have formed an image of you and get this feeling that I know you for years. Thanks for being in this site and showing your concern and giving concrete comments.

    Shivani you are such brilliant student and very happy to know you always work very hard in your studies despite watching all these serials. Keep up the good work attitude and great comments as always.

    Mino too is great but i can understand her frustration.

    Magic I must comment you that it is nice to read your comments on a male’s perspective and it is very valid. Most of us are females on this site but good to read your comments as you give the male version of when you watch YHM. I am very happy to note that though you are a student you give matured and healthy comments.

    Keep commenting guys and most importantly of all Rithu is great in updating the YHM for us.

    1. Sindhu any time I am there for anyone … here in Dubai for many I am a mother ..,I believe you are in Singapore … I will plan to come there and see you .., not joking … for me all people are same … my maid or driver or daughter or son or soninlaw all are same … Sorry to hear your mom too passed away … They are blessing you from heaven …I am really honoured to see some one away think of me as your parents …… love and care without any expectation is Godliness …I stay alone .. my daughter husband and two girls two buildings away .. Son is in Abudhabi married a uk girl .. comes twice a week to spend time with me … Thank you dear … Its my greatest wish to see Divyanka Tripathi … One person in film or tv industry .. I am mad about ..,My children are telling we will make it happen to you amma … let me see …

    2. Thx Sindhu I am Not Indian But U all became My Family.. I Don’t know for some reason i feel close to all of u & feel u all are great kind loving people. this is only a serial what i am angry is why spoil such a beautiful story.. that is all . Sorry if i hurt ur feelings dear, yes VP is A sweetie, Rithu will be a great student & will do well she is great in her up dates. Shivani , Magic & all Sound very caring ,Loving helpful in sharing Infor abt studies etc… Hope this will turn positive before it ends. This was my first Hindi Serial. May be i got attracted to DT & KP’s acting . at first they both are superb . but who can blame them for their acting as they have to do the part they are given..Sorry sweetie if anyway i hv said anything to hurt u guys.. LUV & God Bless..

      1. very true Mino feel so close with every one

  9. Crap crap crap crap

  10. Amalina

    sorry frndz, but i don’t think this is gonna work becoz apparently this show’s moral is evil leads and then truth has to sacrifice his most expensive thing to get rid off evil. At the end truth triumphs but will live the rest of his life with sorrow. Right??!!

  11. Hi all fans. Sick episode even sicker writers.dont watch this crap anymore, only reading updates .
    Writers minds are not like ours their brains are twisted!
    If I were the writer I would keep a positive attitude and let love conquer all.

  12. Oh!!!! Why Adelaide Why Not Melbourne.? Anyway That is South Auz. drive is long flight is not. but still cold here. Mel weather is terrible all four seasons in one day… Anyway Hope there will be positive things filmed this time.. Hi To VP, Sindhu, Shivani, Rithu, Jaz, Monique, Magic, Kushi, Baghya , Arditya, Super Girl & All the Yhm fans. Hope u guys are keeping well & In Good Health, All those who are studying doing Great too.. God’s Blessings & Luv to all.

  13. Raman to us bigde hue bache ki tarah h jise WO chize chayie Jo uske pass nhi or Jo uske pass h unki kadar nhi h. oehle ruhi ki kadar nhi thi jub shafun be custody case dala tb use ruhi chayie, fir adi use chayie. ab jb adi uske pass aya tb uski kadar nhi . ruhi usse dur home nidhi k pass thi tb use ruhi chayie. an jub adi ruhi uske pass h to in Dono ki kadar nhi.ab use WO chayie Jo uske pass nhi yani k pihu.

    Mann to kr RHA h Raman k kaan k niche dhar soon. >:(

  14. Shreya shetty

    such a nightmaric and horrifying episode I ve ever seen that too even more worst than ever!!!
    that shagun is really called an expert for telling lies and also involving her surrogate daughter pihu in this EVIL PLAN of hers!!!and yes guys please don’t blame ishita actually even I too know she has made many mistakes while hiding this truth to convince pihu about the reality,but please especially shivani,magic and others.listen to me for just once.i know u guys might be thinking that its all happened becoz of ishu am I right???well for ur information she is not the main cause at all but its all becoz of that stupid rammy guy(raman) and evil shaggy doo(shagun)
    this raman rammy will never ever change or neither improve in his entire lifetime.always what ever happens wrong in between of his married life with ishu,this crybaby raman at the end blames poor ishu for everything I tell u.same like how my mother scolds me everytime for whatever I do.
    gosh how I wish my mother would leave this world and go away only then I will be happy becoz shes same as raman,whenever I score average marks like around 50-80 marks range she keeps squealing over me and compares me with other friends whom I have.wonder when will my mother would just disappear away from my life.i am having a lot of troubles with her and is forced to face it all because of her EVIL RASH ATTITUDE TOWARDS ME!!!I MEAN WHAT WRONG HAVE I DONE TO HURT HER LIKE THAT

    1. Shreya please calm down my darling!!!!

      Don’t say like that about your mother. I understand your anger on your mother for not supporting you. People in this site are supporting you. Remember that I am like your mother and I am so proud of you that you had work hard in your study and don’t feel bad and think that no people will love you.

      People like Magic, VP, Rithu, Shivani, Mino and other friends will be there for you when you need us and will keep you happy as much as you want. Your anger will be justify and people who are near you will consolled you with respect but not making fun on your pain.

      I hope that you will understand me. I feel that your apologised to your mother doesn’t help because she is in bad moods since her birthday until now. Maybe someone who is living nearby who can make your mother understand. But I am from South Africa and getting bit disappointed. If you are not happy to live with your mother then go and stay with your grandmother so that she can keep you safe and sound.

      When I was younger my parents doesn’t love me so I was send to school hostel by my parents and comes home during holiday and my relative had to take care of me without my parent. Parent have realised their responsibilities towards me are not correct by sending me away. I was not alone because I get people attention and people at my school get more attraction on me when I was young and I don’t feel lonely and I did made good friends with my classmate. Life is not easy for all people who need attention. All I am saying the truth is that I love my grandparent very deeply more than my parent. I had always keep my distance from my parent and not want to celebrated parent day, birthday and anniversary with parent. Parent feel bad everytime I get myself busy and did not give wishes and give them gifts. My grandfather passed away 10 years ago and I have no moral support from any people in my life. Now you can feel my pain for years that I am living like an orphan person who don’t love me.

      I think that you know the story of Dev movie that Shalu lost her parent in car accident and step mother hate her and loves her own daughter but step sister loves her also. That is why we are part of this story bbut not same. We are different. Love you Shreya!!!!

      1. I am very proud of u Parichary .. see u made it.. we were ten in the family & our parents were there for all of us..they were very protective but now we understand as we were girls. anyway see how u made it . hope & Pray Shreya will too get courage & study well & get up on her own. & show them that she can make it on her own. But they may the rotten parents dear u have to have some respect. u have to show ur made of better stuff. as u say Parichary ur parents must be regretting.. but hard luck they lost it by not showing love.. don’t eve wish ur parents anything bad. cos Shreya there is a saying what goes around comes around. be brave & show them u are really doing better in ur studies & make urself independent .. God bless All..

      2. Thank you Mino

      3. Hi Parichay … I am not able to believe what you have written …what are you now ? what made you to be like this today ? you achieved graceness in your attittude and behaviour .. I see that from your comments .. I dont know ur age … whether I am in any place to advise you …. return back love to your parents … just think they are the reason for you be in this world … call them … talk to them …you are a wonderful person …. your this pain will fly away … dont feel lonely … I am there … Where is Magic today … ? miss you

      4. VP.. as you know I don’t want my life to be curse because of them. Parent have been abusing and oppression on me. I am 34 years old now and single. I have been staying at home without going out anywhere. No friends has comes to visited to see me.

        That is why I prefer to be alone and it gives me peace. I don’t want to talk to parent because I had not forgiven them since my younger day.

    2. Sweetheart don’t wish ur mum bad things… after all she brought u here to this world. I don’t like comparing their children with friends children.. this is the biggest mistake parents fo. every child has her own talent & limit. what is God given. just try to ignore her & try to be calm dear. May God be with u & protect u & Give u strength to go through all this. Pls don’t be angry . i did not want to comment but i had to as i feel ur inner self. u try to be very strong but every word & treatment hurts u. good to share. hope u won’t blast me even if u do i understand.

      1. Thank you Mino for adding up.

        Anyone sho can add up and let Shreya know that we are there for her and will support her during difficulty time.

    3. Don’t say like that to your mom. Comparing and all are happens with all and with me but I think she dies like that so that you score more than them or more than all .they want you to be the best . I know you are a good student and you study well and sometimes marks differ . So calm down.and one thing i got to know about you and comments that you are short tempered person but you cool down in a second .

      1. Sorry spelling is not dies it is does.

    4. Shreya darling … dont lose your temper … I was really surprised when you said you spoiled your mothers birthday …. you are hot tempered person … no parents will wish their children bad … please put that in your mind … when you get angry be cool just pray and listen …. no words back to mom … after two days please try to understand and talk on the same topic … see , never wish anything bad for parents … first to worship your parents … they have their own tension … its not easy to bringing up children … one more thing after a period … it will come to a time where parents listen to children … study well … your knowledge and attittude is important … be smart , confident and outspoken and . live for yourself then only you can love and live for your parents … I am a mother to many … my hands are warm open to you … I had been a very understanding mother to my children … I wanted them to study well and get well employed …. I am very proud of them … one more thing my son is not v good student … but did MBA today in a very big post at 31 yrs … so getting marks are not the thing my dear … but if you can be a topper … just think of the proud moments … come out with flying colours

      1. Agree with you VP.

  15. Shreya shetty

    that annoying pihu is back again!!!now I feel like slapping that little brat along with shaggy a 1000 times right on their cheeks and give them an electric shock to kill the heck out of them to DEATH.PLEASE,ANYONE WHO WISHES TO KILL SHAGGY AND THAT VAMPIRE PIHU TELL ME AND SAY UR OPINION ABOUT THEM.WHO FEELS LIKE SKINNING THOSE TWO EVIL WITCHES BOTH BAD MOTHER AND GIRL PIHU ALIVE!!

  16. What a rubbish episode …. why did Raman marry Ishitha and promised happiness … one more time cvs made mockery of the marriage …Raman is worried about his pain not understanding Ishithas pain …She has little self respect should leave him .. tell him to go and stay with his x .. Her pain is natural and Dt portrayed very well ..Raman keeps his mouth closed in front of Shaghun … how many incidents like this happened … he cant understand her … he is the sole reason for Pihus situation … he opted surrogancy without Ishithas permission … he asked Shaghun to be Pihus mother … he allowed her to stay with them … and all blame on Ishitha … Isithas pain she should have vomitted today … cvs are spoiling KPs career … if you watch star utsav one will fall in love with yhm ..

    1. I agree with you VP.

      It seem like Raman is playing with women lives than himself. Raman should stop listen to Shagun and take children away from her and take Ishita with children and leave or kick Shagun out of Bhalla property. Shagun should move back and stay with her golddigger mother in Australia and live there wothout children and Raman.

      Raman should not speak to doctor for surrogancy in front of Shagun. Shagun should stay far from Raman and Ishita. Shagun should be better of dead than being alive. When Ishita returned Raman and Ishita strength start to strain because of Pihu hatred and loves does not becomes weak. When Raman get bad dream of Ishita risk her life and Raman start shouting and look everywhere for her and Ishu get confused and see Raman concerned and start crying. Raman did not keep his mouth close in front of Shagun because Shagun bring Pihu to make Raman weak and keeping his mouth shut like Shagun did with Adi. Ruhi is the only one who fight with Adi and Shagun for Ishita.

      I hope that Ishita get other child to support Ishita to fight with Pihu and Shagun for Ishita like to make Ishu pregnant and give birth to son and Ishu will be taking care of son without Raman. Bhalla and Iyer families will only support Ishita without Raman present.Adi and Ruhi will give so much love to Ishu son. Ishu will naming her son in Tamilian name not Punjabi name because of pain that Ishita had been carry and more of all is that Raman and Ishita married in Tamilian wedding not Punjabi wedding. Adi take Ishita way to marry Aylia in Tamilian wedding. But I think that Adi and Aylia marriage will not happened because of Raman and Ishita separation and Pihu feel guilty for Adi and Aylia break up and taking Raman away from them for Shagun. Pihu will realised that Shagun is evil person.

  17. I think it’s good they are taking leap……… They are dragging pihu custody a lot…. Now they can come with some fresh story at least…… Hope they don’t make ishita suffer etc etc…….. It would be good if ashok turns positive after leap… R dost same drama

  18. why raman is over acting so much…its too irritating to see him, where did that smart and intelligent Ravan go who can handle the issues very well. Also its too disgusting to see him crying…eeeeeeeee

  19. Hi all … Just now I was going thru last episodes … comments and very happy to see your interest on my comments …How can I leave like that …I thought you all are young and should not restrict ur comments becoz of me … ok then Brilliant Shivani and Magic … and Rithu … yes Rithu … our comments say the same … I feel very young at heart when I am in this site … Parichay … your efforts are really marvellous … Khushi .. we are missing

    1. Hi vp hows you? You said right brilliant shivani and magic vp pls forgive me i don’t have any issue with you but i did wrong with magic i said shivani is better but magic are best student in this site he told me everything about study what i asked to shivani i don’t care he said (on behalf of shivani) but did help me and i said in last epi that magic is very intelligent in knowledge and study but don’t know how to handle frindship and responsible for you are not commenting here but vp now i feeling bad sorry can’t ask sory to magic

    2. It is always been my pleasure.

      1. Ur Very good too . i like the way u write. Keep it up dear Parichary. sorry i don’t know many Indian names sometimes difficult for me to remember the spellings. i appreciate all ur comments though i don’t comment abt them.

      2. Mino.. my real name is Virushka and relative call me Viru. I don’t mind about your spelling and I understand what you are implying. Thank you.

    3. VP I love ur comments I don’t know what happened on this site I was reading update of yesterdays eposide n I read few comment but could not understood anything. But I just want to say keep commenting I just love ur comments

  20. One way of bringing shagun’s plotting with pihu out is to install secret cameras in Mani’s house and pihu’s room, that way shagun’s doings would come out and pihu would also know what shagun’s like. But that’s too easy. I don’t think aaliyas plan will work knowing shagun but I would like to hope it does. NAYI SOCH

  21. Hi,
    Kindly stop this nonsense serial….
    Makers pls try to start with some other fresh drama…..don’t kill everyone by making this kind of stupid dramas

  22. Why Raman so stupid, tha Shagun is an evil, a good mum always treat her daughter in better way… like Ishita always did this to Little Ruhi… when Raman understand and know that Shagun is worst mum to his daughter?

  23. Hey guys a very good morning to all

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    Kasam (Colors) 4917

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  25. Mohabbatein: Ruhi-Adi in major dilemma suspecting Ishita

    Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein has kept the viewers hooked on to it with new twists emerging in each passing episode in Raman (Karan Patel) and Ishita’s (Divyanka Tripathi) life.

    Soon in the series to come destiny will once again separate Raman and Ishita due to succeeding evil Shagun’s plan.

    Post leap Raman will be seen residing with Shagun and Pihu in Australia.

    Ishita will turn strong and bold business woman and will be seen taking care of her children Ruhi, Adi and Aliya along with Raman’s entire business.

    Ishita will also head to Australia and will seek Raman’s friend Vivdyut’s help in locating Raman’s whereabouts.

    Unfortunately, Ishita and Vidyut’s closeness will not be like by Ruhi and Adi and the duo will suspect Ishita’s love affair with Vidyut.

    Stay tuned for more articles.

    1. What sort of nonsense kind is this story trending too… wir did mani go now… whom shagun married… better they can end this crap… the magic once this serial created is extinct now…
      No offence to anyone.. just my feeling..

      1. True Bhavna …. totally blame Ishitha for Manis plight today … even then he is very sweet …in situations he was forced to be rude but he was very fair with his thots

  26. Hey guys a very good afternoon to all.

  27. Yhm has completed 949 episodes .still 51 episodes to complete 1000 . hope we get to see old yhm full of happiness and charm on its 1000 th episode.

  28. Raman is a worst person . Before seven years of leap he promised ishitha that he would save ruhi as well as Pihu from niddhi ‘s clutches but he came to see the climax and did not try to save ruhi or Pihu .later he blamed ishitha for all for which he should be blamed because niddhi wanted to seek revenge from Raman because her parents died ,not ishitha.but ishitha suffered . Again in this leap Raman blames ishitha for his doings that he has great faith in fake people like kunal who would’ve been on shagun ‘s side if or if not he would have taken Raman’s case . He is though over protective about Pihu but he should also think about ruhi and Adi. He is blaming the whole world but not him .he is selfish greedy man.

    1. I agree with you rithushree

    2. I agree with you Rithu…

      Adi and Ruhi are growing up and know that no one teach them badly. Raman is already worry about his little baby Pihu who will take disadvantage by Shagun. As a father he have the right to protect his baby Pihu and so is Ishita. Raman only want to put all the blame on Ishita to make families goes against him so that Pihu will see all families breaking tied with Raman because of her and Shagun. Pihu will see Adi and Ruhi loves for her have turned into bitter like green lime which they can’t eat it. Raman and Ishita planned to stay together but knowing that Shagun is still using Pihu to revenge on them. Raman and Ishita had discuss secretly to keep love strong and how to make fake fight. Raman only get to know that Shagun make fake accident and make Pihu involved and want Raman to blame on Ishita. Ishita explain to Raman of what Shagun is doing was wrong. Raman blast on Ishita and worry about Ishita’s bad condition. Raman want to throw Ishita out but Mr Bhalla and Adi stop Raman to throw Ishita out and Mr Bhalla tell Raman to leave the house. Raman gave his business and property to Ishita so that Ishita will do business in Raman’s company and taking care of Bhalla families. Raman knows that Ishita is the only one who can protect Adi and Ruhi. When Raman was about to leave Bhalla house and he don’t want to leave Ishita but he cried and left Bhalla house while Ishita breakdown cried while Adi and Ruhi consoled Ishita. Adi and Ruhi get angry on Raman for abusing Ishita in front of them and families.

    3. very true Rithu

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