Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shravan and Ruhi having a talk. They make drawings. Shravan finished writing happy diwali and keeps it to dry. Appa and Amma come home. Appa says he will be tired to go on terrace and get silbatta/stone from there. He gets lazy to go and rests on sofa. Shravan says that paper… Ruhi says don’t tell him, he will scold us knowing we kept wet card on sofa to dry. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla comes and asks Appa why is he looking unwell. Appa says Madhu will do my cure. He goes and Mrs. Bhalla laughs seeing Happy Diwali printed on his kurta’s back.

The families take crackers to burn. Raman says I will call Ishita and Prateek stops Raman, suggesting Ishita should be at home. Raman asks Prateek to join them. Prateek says he has some work. Sarika says Ishita is getting

ready. Mrs. Bhalla says I will stop Ishita. Prateek says it won’t look good if you tell her, you lock the door, Ishita will feel she got locked by mistake, you will come back in some time, its for her good. Amma finds his advice right and thanks him. Ishita gets ready and comes towards the main door. Mrs. Bhalla locks the door and they all leave.

Ishita finds the door locked and knocks. She says I think they locked by mistake, and calls for anyone to help her. A neighbor hears her and asks why is she calling Raman. Ishita requests her to open the door. The lady opens the door. Ishita thanks her. She asks Ishita to come her home to taste laddoos. Everyone celebrate Diwali and burn crackers. The women laugh seeing Appa’s funny wish by his clothes. Romi sees this and smiles. He asks Appa which kurta did he wear. Appa says its my best Kurta, ladies are smiling seeing me. Romi says no, they are smiling seeing your bum, it has happy diwali written. Appa says what, I will go and change. He leaves.

Ishita likes the laddoos and excuses herself. She leaves from neighbor’s house, Raman lights some crackers. Everyone smile. Someone throws a heavy silbatta/grinding stone from terrace and Raman gets saved, moving back at that instant. Everyone get shocked and rush to Raman. Appa sees this through the window. He sees Ishita coming downstairs, and asks what was she doing on terrace. He takes her to everyone. Raman says I m fine, that bomb exploded in hand. Vandu thinks crackers are faulty, it means Suraj wanted to harm us, that’s why he took me to his friend’s house. Amma says this is my silbatta, I kept it on terrace, how did it fall. I did not keep in edge, someone has thrown it. Romi says someone has thrown it intentionally on Raman. Mr. Bhalla asks them to come along, they will talk at home.

Amma and Mrs. Bhalla see the main door open, and think how did it happen. Raman looks for Ishita. They ask Appa what is he doing here. Appa says he brought Ishita. Raman goes to see her. Appa says he has seen Ishita coming from terrace. They all get shocked. Mrs. Bhalla asks how did she come out, I locked the door. Appa says Ishita was looking tensed, I locked her in room. Amma says it means Shagun caught my Ishu again. Raman says Ishita went to terrace to have fresh air, it does not mean she has done this. Mrs. Bhalla says there is something fishy, call Abhishek. Appa and Romi also insist. Romi calls Abhishek.

Vandu asks Bala to come with her. She says we have to go to Ashok and Suraj’s home, come with me. Ashok reads note and says finally, my plan is working, Shagun did not leave Ishita, its good Suraj did not get this note, what happened to Suraj, he got mad because of Vandita. Raman is gone, as Shagun will ruin his family. Bala and Vandu come there and talk to Suraj. Bala asks Suraj why did he do this. Suraj asks what. Vandu says I felt Suraj is genuinely trying to change, but I was wrong, the crackers are faulty. Raman and kids would have been hurt, it was my fault to trust you, you can never change. Suraj says I don’t know anything. Ashok comes and asks them to get out. Suraj asks Ashok not to talk in between. Suraj tells Vandu that he did not know this, and asks them to leave. Vandu and Bala leave.

Suraj asks Ashok about his party. Ashok says my plan changed, I m going somewhere else. Ashok goes to get ready. Suraj says its my friend’s shop, how can crackers be faulty, how can Vandita say this.

Abhishek comes to Bhalla house and checks the faulty crackers. Raman treats his wounds. Abhishek says this is not manufacturing defect, someone has made it faulty. Sarika says I have seen Ishita doing something with the crackers, and told me that she was checking for kids’ safety. Raman and Romi ask Sarika not to say anything wrong. Appa says Sarika is not wrong. Raman asks Appa did he mean Ishita has thrown that silbatta. Appa says this can’t be coincidence, I have seen Ishu coming down from terrace, she was worried, its strange that when Amma and Mrs. Bhalla locked her, how did she come out. The neighbor lady says she has opened the door, and got Ishita out.

Abhishek says Ishita went to terrace then right? The lady says no, Ishita came to my flat, she liked the laddoos and so I got it for her again. Abhishek asks did she notice anything. The lady says yes, she said she is going on terrace and did not take laddoos. She gives them laddooos for Ishita and goes. Raman says Ishita can’t do this, why will she try to kill me. Abhishek says I know, but doubt will go on her. Ishita comes and asks what doubt?

Ashok and Ishita meet and she gets down from his car. Abhishek follows her. Ishita takes a taxi and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. ab toh surrogacy ke saath shagun ishitha ki yeh yeh saara drama bhi jaari hai .plz end all this .plz ekta and makers its a humble request.

  2. Whatever it is . I don’t think they will again continue with the surrogacy track . They have faced much fall in the trp nd got much bashing for it also.nd if they still continue . I dont know . But the fate of the serial is not good hands would be best if its not a trap.cause … i hv said in my previous comment in details …btw jhanvi , rithu , darshika , siddhi etc i know u ppl r very much dissapointed with the new twist so am i . But plz keep some patience and watch the show until evrything gets revealed. i pray ki sab thik ho jaye. Its my favourite show. Plz lord.

  3. Hi jhanvi…… Guys….. Plzzzzzzz don’t blame to any character…… Everything should go to EKTA and CVS…..!!!!!
    Shagun is alive…..! CONFORMED. subbu’s mother will know about this.
    By the way, I told this before. I’m ok with this horror track. But now, this is a drama. First raman did big mistake by hiding surrogacy……. And now ishita’s also doing the same thing……. Ya, she’s a well wisher of raman. But I feel that this will lead to ishra separation……. At least for short time. I’m so worrying about it. Hate you makers, I have no words for you…..!!!!!
    From SL

  4. Whatever happened, I hate surrogacy….!!!

  5. I’m so worrying about ishita. Will family forgive her easily…..??? Coz it’s too much yar…… One by one, they’re spoiling all characters. Brainless cvs.!!!!!

  6. And I think, prateek is doing black charater. And there’s no rinki murder case. Or it also ashok’s plan, but doer is sarika.
    * reasons for ishita’s behaviour according to the my wive.
    Shagun has known about ashok’s killer plan which is for raman. She may be try to expose it before death(accident),but couldn’t. And however she met ishita and she told everything about murder plan. But shagun didn’t know that who’s the killer. (It’s unclear to me, how do they meet) so while everyone were believing that Shagun was died, ishita acted like possessed. *And I think,this plan is for find the killer.*
    And I’m sure, yesterday ishita didn’t throw that stone. Ishita rushed to terrace to find the killer. But I think,she couldn’t,coz she wasted time to eat laddoos in neighbour house.
    And I think, it’s prateek. He may be a ashok’s dog. Prateek didn’t present to celebrate diwali too……. After knowing ishita’s condition, ashok send prateek into bhalla building. He has no power.
    Everything he’s doing by ashok’s words.
    But I don’t understand, how could ishita hang raman in the wall. Every other thing we can get as actings. She may not eat chicken. It’s also an act. I guess
    Let’s see……. But this is true news. “shaggy is alive” I mean shagun.

  7. but I don’t understand how ishita can hang Raman upside down.. but it’s good that there was no ghost it was an acting

  8. Totally agree with u guys …it’s total nonsense drama… Agree that ishu wants to find d one who is trying to kill Raman BT y she didn’t tell this to any one there r so many persons ishu can trust them nd take help ….may be she didn’t tell anyone coz she didn’t want that any how her plan got spoiled…

    BT I m again saying whatever she did was too much…. I can’t even imagine what will happen to family when they will learn about this..

    Ya Darshika I m also worried for d same thing, that will family forgive ishu so easily.. ??? I m also thinking that may be it will lead d story to separation.. Hope no…..

  9. BT I m still confused that if she didn’t have any power nd not possessed then how can she lift Raman ????

    Before I was thinking that it will end soon nd may be some things r OK if sarika’s truth will come out coz if d drama so I thought it’s OK BT now they crossed all d limits…… I didn’t think that they will do so much drama….

    Total nonsense disgusting, nd unbelievable track nd deeds of ishu nd all thanks to our so called EKTA MADAM….!!!!!

    Stupid writers nd duffer Ekta….. Hate u for ruining ishu’s character also… First Raman nd now ishu…

    1. ya .i totally agree with you.

  10. And I hope and pray that there won’t be any separation drama or surrogacy drama……!!!

    1. too the same .

  11. Guys jaha tak lift kane ki bat hai ekta is a ka koi stupid as reason de gi

  12. Guys …. do u have ny latest update abt yhm … ny thing more thn ishita confirmed shaggy is alive . I missd both sbb nd sbs today .if there is ny latest update let me know.


  14. it is my favourite show.dont make it horrible ekta and makers .plzzzzz…..

  15. Ya I hope will not be any separation or leap….. Nd I think if Shagun is alive so I think they will continue surrogacy… Oh no again surrogacy drama….

    Actually Ekta has done all dis drama only to keep Shagun away from YHM sso that fans can take some space and after dis mellow drama she can continue dis surrogacy track…

    Ekta wants us to accept Shagun anyhow… Nd before I told u that she ruined Raman’s character nd she can also ruin ishu’s character for her fvrt Anita ( Shagun ) …..nd see she did same nd proved us right by ruining ishu’s character ….now Shagun will become mahan ( great ) nd ppl will accept Shagun coz she helped ishu…. Nd ishu become foolish like Raman…

    Wow Ekta mam ur love is really great for Anita…!!! U ruined both d lead characters nd made Shagun as a lead …..

    No offence to any one ….really sorry if I hurt anyone….

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