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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman giving suggestion to Mihir to take Mihika’s help and convince Amma, and then his mum will agree. Mihika talks to Amma. Amma says its sad to hear about this problem. Mihika says I was thinking we all can dance. Amma says she won’t dance. Mihika says Mrs. Bhalla told you have stage fright and you can’t do Punjabi dance. Amma says she will dance, she will show them that south Indian are daring people. Raman tells Mrs. Bhalla that Amma agreed and Mihika also said it. Mihir says yes, she is mad, she said she will see all Punjabis. Mrs. Bhalla says did she say this. Mihir says yes, we have to show them. Raman says why to show them, why do we care. He asks Mihir to stop it as Iyers are his inlaws, let them dance. Mrs. Bhalla says she won’t dance in Shagun’s

function, after what she did with Ruhi.

Raman says fine, if Amma tells you that you are afraid, even then you don’t dance, as we Punjabis don’t lose to anyone. Ishita smiles. They leave. Mrs. Bhalla says Madrasan is going to dance in the flop saree, she does not know Punjabi dance, she will ruin our name. Ishita brings tea for her. She says Amma was dancing and looking so pretty, I saw her, she looked very cute, it will be good for Mani and Raman, as their business associates will come, they are Asian and loves family environment, when they see Raman’s mum in law is dancing, they will benefit him in business and praise Amma. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to leave.

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Amma learns some Punjabi moves by Mihika. Vandu looks on. Amma learns well. Appa asks for food. Amma says Punjabi dance needs energy, I can’t cook and asks Vandu to order sambar rice. She asks Mihika to check where can she get Punjabi dress. Mihika thanks her for doing this for Mihika, despite having problem with Shagun. Amma says he is my to be son in law, I can do this. Mihika teaches her dance steps. Mrs. Bhalla looks on standing in the door and makes faces signing she will shut Amma’s mouth.

She tells Mr. Bhalla that Amma is going to do Punjabi dance in Shagun’s Sangeet. He says leave it. She says its Mihir’s sister’s function. She says I will show them whats classy. He asks will you damce there at Shagun’s home. She says yes, so what, I have to show Madrasan whats classy. Mr. Bhalla laughs and says Raman’s plan worked, it will be fun to see their competition, I will inform Raman. Mrs. Bhalla comes to Ishita and asks her to help her, and asks is she not well. Ishita says she is fine, just stomach is upset, and what help. Mrs. Bhalla asks her to help in dance. She gets Pammi’s call and asks her to come soon. She asks Ishita to get fit and get medicines. Ishita smiles.

Raman helps Bala in picking up the CDs. Bala says Ashok and Shagun’s sangeet is troubling us, as we are related to Mihika. Raman says see Amma and mum are taking challenge. He says I m thinking to do something special for Ishita. Bala says yes why not, it will be secret tell me. Raman says he wants advice. Raman says I have a friend, his relation with his wife is strange, they are husband and wife and love each other. Bala says tell me clearly. Raman says fine, the thing is my friend, when he got married, he and his wife went in strange situation, they did not like each other. Then hatred turned into friendship, and now love but no one taking any step, my friend wants to take relation ahead, and friendship should turn into love and husband and wife relation should be like actual one. Bala says yes, I understood and says this is your friend’s solution and gives him contraceptive pack.

Raman asks what is he doing, Vandu is pregnant and he is having this pack. Bala says don’t get wrong ideas, I got this when I caught a student having it, many things will happen by this, this is the solution, they are married and now understand each other, so this is the next step, think how will the wife tell her husband that can we…. So the husband has to take first step. Raman says this is very ahead. Bala says the men who love wife so much and take every step with wife, its husband’s responsibility to make wife comfortable physically and mentally, ask your friend to take relation ahead and everything will be set. Raman asks are you sure. Bala says yes very sure.

Bala says tell me one thing, why are you shy if this pack and this advice is for your friend. Raman says he has to make imp call and makes excuse. Bala says yes, I have to go and all the best. Raman says all the best to me. Raman thinks about him and Ishita. He thinks of Bala’s words.

He comes to his room and thinks where to keep it to make Ishita see it. He finds the location to keep it. He throws it on floor and takes it. He sees the drawer and keeps it. Ishita asks Neelu did the chemist send medicine. Neelu says in drawer. Ishita goes to take the medicine, and Raman keeps the pack there. He sees her coming and hides it. She asks what happened. He says drawer was jammed, I will just come, I have to make phone call. She says no problem. She opens the drawer and is shocked seeing the pack. Raman thinks now Ishita will know whats in my heart.

She says did the chemist send this, is he mad, I called for medicine, they are mad. She calls chemist and scolds him for sending wrong thing instead of stomach medicines, no you did not send stomach medicine, how can you be so stupid, I should get your license. She says its good Raman did not see this and throws it. She covers it with tissues. Raman comes back to the room and asks all well. She says, did you get fresh, I will come. Raman smiles. He thinks she is looking nervous and understood that we should take relation ahead, and she is looking ready too.

She takes her blanket and puts on the couch. He says you go and change, I will do this. She leaves. He says Bala your idea should be successful, and tales her blanket and puts on the bed. He thinks of his place on the bed and says all set. He says she won’t sleep on couch today. He gets ready and sees her mirror.

Raman asks her to sleep on the bed, as couch is broken and she may fall. She says no, she will manage. He asks why, won’t you be able to resist me or not trust me. She agrees and he looks in the drawer. He is shocked on not finding the pack. She asks what is he finding. He says nothing, I felt I had something here. He sees the pack on the floor. She holds her head. He looks at her. She says I m very sorry, Raman, I was having stomach ache and I ordered medicine, chemist has sent this, they are so stupid, please ignore, don’t see it, I know you might be thinking wrong about me, don’t think so. He says yes, they are idiot. She says yes, don’t know what they do.

Raman and Ishita feel an odd moment. He murmurs he should have not followed Bala’s advice, its bad idea, he is also Madrasi. She asks what. He says nothing, sleep now. They lie down to sleep on the either sides of the bed. He switches off the lights. Yeh hai mohabbatein……………..plays……………… he says she slept so soon selling the horses and donkeys, fate is bad. He sits looking at her and says he loves her, but maybe he has to find some other way to tell it, don’t worry, one day I will say it, good night. Kabhi kam na hogi yeh chahatein………….plays………..He goes to sleep.

Raman tells Shagun that Ashok is neglecting Adi since Suraj has come, it will be good if you leave Adi to me. Shagun asks Ashok to sign to adopt Adi and make Adi his legal heir. Ashok is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. what the hell happening this serial is going to hit the road jack for sure
    this serial will ending with ishita pregnancy

  2. arey yaar raman even we our waiting to watch ur love confess.we r waiting for that moment.and dont do these type of stupid not suit something that makes ur love so special.and even hear in tellyreviews that even ishu want to say u that she loves by taking the help of ruhi.

  3. Raman super ishita u idiot plz realize raman feeling plz ya

  4. wow raman u r bout to confess ua lov kya bhat he raman

  5. hey hi priyaroli

  6. and raman get ur son adi will make him a good human being and kid bhi.even he will get good values like ruhi.

    1. U r rite piyaroli vaise bhi aadi bilkul spoilt brat ho gaya hai shagun ke saath reh reh kar !

  7. Omg omg !!! Raman u were too good ! O god i m damn happy wow this epi was great!! Bravo raman !!!!

  8. Yeh hai mohabbatein serial like a movie veer zaara
    hoga Raman Ishita ka romance but budhe mai
    Ishita u r always let- be careful

  9. raman confess your love

  10. completely non sence

  11. raman wants to express his love to ishita is such a great news but y is he doing such silly things again. I mean, he is matured enough to think and act wise, then y is he asking someone else for advice. a big thank u to the makers for working on the love aspect finally. raman, pure love does not require voice of message. u can do acts of love and the opposite person will understand.

  12. Hey Raman tum Bala ko keh rahe the ki dino husband wife ekdusre sr pyar karte hai matlab ki tum jante ho ki Ishu bhi tumse pyar karti hai to use I LOVE YOU keh bhi do kyu ghuma firake baat kar rahe ho….
    Pls confess your love to Ishu.
    Apne pyar ka izhar karne ka koi achha aur romantic tarika socho..

  13. just make sure that u r confessing ASAP. varna hum log buudhe ho jayenge

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  15. Wow superb episode yaar… Raman n ishu expression were just awesome yaar… Eagerly waiting to c ur love confession yaar

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    1. Whats con**m ??

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  22. Ya raman fans r waiting yaar confess u love fast !

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