Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi and Mihika dancing in their sangeet. Everyone dance along with them on the song Tukur Tukur….. Adi wishes Ishita was here and smiles. Shravan gets Aaliya’s call. She says I m Aaliya. Shravan recalls Adi’s words. She says listen, I want to meet you, just once. He agrees and asks where to meet. They plan to meet at a coffee shop. Shravan goes.

Ishita brings Raman to her house. She makes him sleep. Patta Patta………….plays…………. She holds his hand and cries. She caresses him with love. Raman opens his eyes. He sees her and gets up being stunned. He holds her face and says Ishita, you are alive…… He hugs her and they cry. He smiles and says I missed you so much. She says I missed you too, I won’t go anywhere now, I won’t leave you. They

hug happily. Ishita’s dream breaks. She cries and says this dream can’t turn true, you wanted me to go away, I went away, I will not hurt you more, I will get away. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………… She cries and leaves.

Shravan goes to coffee shop. He meets Aaliya there and gets shocked seeing her. She says I m Aaliya, thanks for coming. She asks him to sit, and says I m not Alia Bhatt, did you seriously think you were chatting with Alia Bhatt, you are not so young, you are teenage, how could you think so, when I was chatting with you, I thought you know everything, you are losers type, sorry to say this, you should be alert, I regret for all that, I wanted to meet you and apologize for hurting you. She says I m really sorry, promise me, you will be alert, and not let anyone misuse you. She asks him to take care and goes. Shravan sits sad.

Ishita cries and says I did not know I would be able to manage myself after seeing Raman, I have to go back. Mani comes and says you have come, how was sangeet. She says I want to go back to Australia. He asks what happened. She insists and asks him to book the first flight to Australia. He sees her super worried and crying. He leaves. Shravan comes back in sangeet. Adi sees him and wonders why is Shravan upset. He asks where did you go leaving dance, come and have food. Shravan says no, I m loser and stupid, how did I think Alia Bhatt can be my friend, everyone will laugh on me, Aaliya said right. Adi asks did Aaliya tell this, when did you meet her, did she call you loser. Shravan says it does not matter, I m loser, Aaliya told me, she said right. He gets angry and goes. Adi says Aaliya fooled Shravan and blaming him now, I warned her not to message Shravan, and she did this.

Ishita goes to her room and sees Raman. She packs her clothes in the bag. She says I won’t be able to go leaving you like this. She cries and says I want to be with you, how shall I leave you, Raman has thrown me out of his life, as I was biggest problem for him, I m increasing his problems. She takes her bags and leaves. She goes and opens the door. She sees Emraan Hashmi. He says I have come to take Raman Bhalla, his mum thinks you both have an affair. She says no, I got him here for humanity, he was drunk, you can take him, come inside. He gets a call and says yes, I m coming, I was helping someone. He tells her that I will leave, I will tell Raman’s mum that he is safe. She wishes him all the best for his film. He promotes his movie and leaves. She says Raman will be safe, as his bad fate is leaving him and going back to Australia.

Ashok asks Mihika did she invite any special guest, I m seeing you are waiting for someone, I know the special guest’s name, Ishita Bhalla, she is alive right…..

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. IshVeer,IshRa,Rivanya, SwaSan And RagLak

    How does Ashok know that Ishu is alive?
    Arre Yaar
    ENOUGH of this dream sequences
    I hope Ekta joins them soon.

    • Sunitha

      I know,serials are not meant for bollywood actors,they are already doing well in movies,only those actors who did not get recognized in bollywood,tellywood is for those people

  2. Adi

    what is this ? why u maker play our feelings ? we just want Raman and Ishita Unit… That’s it

  3. lavanya bai

    dragging episode…why imran hashmi..came..he is just for promotions…atleast other actors helped something for the plot…I saw news that aliya wil file a case aganist adi..for molesting..this is ridiculous…I want ishra confrontation is good manner..but not like this..this wil increase misunderstandings more….and did he know that ishita is alive…may be he saw mani saving her on that day..anyways…waiting for.ishra reunion

  4. SIndhu

    Lavanya if what you say is true about Aliya filing a case against Adi for molestation than Aliya’s brought up is not right. If she has been raised by Ishita, then Ishita has failed as a mother because look at how Adi turned out. He has turned out to be a fine young man. I am sure Adi did not do anything of this sort because he would not know Ishita is related to Aliya. What I don’t understand is instead of worrying more about her very own daughter Pihu, she is showing more concern to Aliya who is not even her daughter. Aliya is becoming very spoilt by calling Shravan and saying mean things to him under the pretext of apologizing, This is bad.

    • lavanya bai

      ya sindhu..I don’t understand..they are making the plot worse..but the fact is we.are all watching the show..for divyanka,karan and ruhinka…their acting so good..

  5. SIndhu

    After seeing Raman lamenting about how his Jansi Ki Rani left him, she does not feel moved to tell him she is Ishita. She is only thinking of running away to avoid any confrontation. What the cvs had done to Ishita’s character. Ishita is not that sort of a person. She faces all these bravely. She can see Raman is going down the drain, she should stay even if Raman hates her or gets angry with her. She should at least stay on for Adi and Pihu. Oh I can’t believe why they destroyed the Ishra’s characters. This not them.

  6. OMG Ekta mam is great. After the leap They showed as Raman going to Australia and ishra were going to have a meeting. But fate didn’t allow them to meet each other. After that ishra went to Mumbai even travelling in the same plane. She was even shot and Raman took her to hospital still they didn’t meet. Then again ekta made them travel to Delhi and at last they met in a lift where Raman is not in his senses. And all this hit and miss finally they ended up meeting each other in the police station?????? That too in a weird situation where Raman is forced to believe that ishu might have married Mani. And ishu she is forced to stand with Alia in the case of molestation where her own son is accused. Ishu will not have any other option than standing with Alia as she can’t betray Mani. She should believe her daughter as she may won’t feel that she will say such a big lie even though she may have trust on her son . This situation will increase the hatred between ishra and she won’t even be able to clear his misunderstandings. Really u r unpredictable ekta mam. sorry for this lengthy comment.

  7. Ishra Fan

    Raman and Ishita will meet in police station when Adi is accused of molesting Aliya and she will also meet Bala and ACP Abishek, who will try to prove Adi innocent and catch the real culprit of Aliya.
    Raman will accuse Ishita of putting her daughter, Aliya to such a cheap blame on his son Adi.
    Ishita will be confused because both Adi and Aliya are important for her.

  8. Jess

    I thought today epi will be superb according to the precap. oh! gosh. it was a jst a dream of her. well. This dragging is too much. Still waiting to see the silly fights of them. I wish the so called confro of them will be come soon.Please make that superb.not in a police station that manner. why god doesnt like to unite them ? They missed each and every chance by second.Who knows ?? add more scenes of Ishra. Like to see them together happy . If it s impossible .. even with misundersandings and anger.Any how ,surprise us.

  9. Siddhi

    What its becoming irritating day by day now aliya will file a complain against if this happen then I will not like aliya coz I just love adi ishu should trust adi I really don’t like leap I think ekta is confuse I mean I wonder why ishu don’t even try to meet adi or pihu even after knowing that pihu looks exactly like ruhi just stop dragging nonsense ishu kuch zyada hi sapnay dekhtii hai aliya should not say shravuu a losser its very bad I completely agree what sindhu wrote both ishra r odd I feel pity for adi n ruhi becaara adi is trying to unite his parents n ruhi she is suffering the most she live 7 yrs without her parents n bear all torture of niddhi I think ishu should support adi coz I am sure adi can’t do anything wrong n where shagun n pihu vanishes

  10. reshma

    Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Shagun recognises Ishita, feels insecure
    The upcoming episode of Star Plus daily popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness some major twist and turns.
    It seems that Shagun ( Anita Hassanandani )will see Ishita ( Divyanka Tripathi ) and will recognise her.
    Initially Shagun will feel very happy to see ishita alive and plans to tell the family members about it but later on her wits will take over her heart.
    She will realise that if Ishita comes back to bhalla house her value in the house will be over.
    Even Pihu and Aditya will love Ishita more
    than her.
    Apparently her insecurity will stop her from
    telling the truth regarding Ishita to the family.
    It would be interesting to see what will happen
    next in the show.

  11. This is the most degrading drama i have ever watched. What’s wrong with the writers. what have they done to the love these two had??? & Why is Ashok the one who did the most bad deeds given a character as the goody goody one. what about all the wrong he did & what about the disgusting things he did. i read he is going to rape Mehika & Romi refuses to marry Mehika & Abishek is marrying her.

    The YHM won so many awards cos of the Fans voting & some of the others are not happy they bagged most of the awards. They received them cos Of Karan, Divyanke Ruhi & Ardi. The Fans love them , It was such a great Story at first they deserved all the awards then , But now all the good ones are made negative this is Crazy. why Intentionally ruin this story. I think the writers have got a writers block that they are ruining the whole show.
    Pls stop ruining this story it is getting boring . so many Misunderstandings. get a bit real in the story line like the beautiful start. The acting, Expressions of Ishu & Karan are soo good . as we all love them all are watching.
    anyway what we say & write they are not interested. they should take in to account the comments of the Fans too . at least a little of it.
    Enjoy the rest it will be revenge hate etc. LOVE has flown though it has the name Good Luck to all sorry to hurt ur feelings. fans

  12. Ya its really a disappointing epi yaar….i felt so happy abt yesterdays precap.
    According to the source….ishra will unite on 9th may I think so.

  13. reshma

    today while I was changing the channels, I was stuck @ starplus at around 6:40.. so, I kept watching suhani si ek ladki.. I wonder the tracks of SSEL & YHM are almost same… Am I ryt¿? leap-separation-children grown up-Waiting for reunion….


    YHM VAMPS- ASHOK,SHAGUN,NIDHI & many negative characters…

    I pity on the viewers of both serials including my self… such a stupid drags and all unnecessary tracks….

  14. hey guys darshika vp
    jhanvi nivedha anakha siddhi
    parvathi nimrit ramchin fathi ude
    sunaina diya ( both the diyas) riya
    rithika reshma naina summi sindhu
    priya bhagi mansi priyaroli aparna
    natasha sowmy naaz meghana
    darshi sam tansuri shivani lavanya
    sachie suvidha gowda and all yhm

  15. aahe jo bhi track hai bilkul backwaaz hai . maine socha ruhaan ka asli identity ruhi jab sab ko patha chalega tabhi reunion hogi lekin abhi yhm ka story bilkul saath saal purane ki story jaise hai .phir se raman saara ilzaam ishitha pe hi daalega aur phir se ek nahi hazaaron misunderstandings honge aur phir se ishitha ki zindagi mein ashok niddhi shagun ruhi aur patha nahi koun koun dushman aur aayenge aur story jo kharab hi hai usse aur kitnaa kharab kar denge.

  16. vp

    Today …. very disappointing ….. dragging …,nothing to pen ….. enough of dreams … its getting bored ..,,again cvs are going to twist the story line …,Alia to complain against Adi and all …. going to be a waste …. shaghun i was sure will be negative ….Ashok to rape Mihika ? Whats this ? Too much …. Finally Mihir only will marry her … last two episodes enjoying with Ishras brilliant acting … they were able to involve us to them … they were amazing …. now from today its going to be spoiled …

  17. Astha Chawta

    How did Ashok know that Ishita is alive??? We just want Raman and Ishita back!!!!

  18. Adi

    Ekta mam what’s wrong with u? this is ridicules.. guys I am from London.. I am a new reader… For this… I hope u guys like me

  19. shivani

    ….wat nonsense…why ekta is spoiling all the characters….adi molested aliya..!!!…i think its either a plan of aliya-adi to reunites ishra or aliya is taking revenge from adi for scolding her…

  20. I don’t think Alia said something wrong. She was just saying that he is behaving like a loser she don’t know his past right.

  21. Ishita

    Y till no update tellyupdates?is ameena di unavailable today?ppzzz ansr nd post tis by rplying wid tis comment….ppzzz don’t delete my comments again n again ??? plzzz

  22. fan

    actually alia will get adi arrested and ishita will confront adi . then raman will come there and ishita will realise who adi is

  23. shivani

    The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbtein will show that Ishita is broken down when Aaliya tells her about how a boy tried to rape her.

    Adi (Abhishek Verma) gets arrested by cops and also tortured by them for molesting Aaliya.

    Ishita reaches police station and burst out at Adi for his inhuman behavior.

    Ishita is unaware about the boy whom she is scolding her own son Adi.

    Ishita is in dilemma choosing Adi or Aaliya

    Ishita curses Adi as his mother does not teach him about how to behave with girl.

    Raman reaches there and tells her that his mother gave him good manners.

    Ishita turns back and both Raman and Ishita get shocked seeing each other while Ishita gets one more shocked knowing about Adi.

    Apart from this, Mani also reaches to police station where he warns Raman that he will not leave Adi so easily and asks Ishita to support Aaliya.

  24. Siddhi

    Upcoming ishita supported adi Mani gets angry she says he is my son n he can’t do this maninsays if he is your son it doesn’t mean that he can’t do anything wrong ama slaps ishu very hard while during this whole incident Raman wasva quiet spectator when iagi come to know that the boy is adi she gets very emotional

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