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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Romi and Mihika dancing in their sangeet. Everyone dance along with them on the song Tukur Tukur….. Adi wishes Ishita was here and smiles. Shravan gets Aaliya’s call. She says I m Aaliya. Shravan recalls Adi’s words. She says listen, I want to meet you, just once. He agrees and asks where to meet. They plan to meet at a coffee shop. Shravan goes.

Ishita brings Raman to her house. She makes him sleep. Patta Patta………….plays…………. She holds his hand and cries. She caresses him with love. Raman opens his eyes. He sees her and gets up being stunned. He holds her face and says Ishita, you are alive…… He hugs her and they cry. He smiles and says I missed you so much. She says I missed you too, I won’t go anywhere now, I won’t leave you. They

hug happily. Ishita’s dream breaks. She cries and says this dream can’t turn true, you wanted me to go away, I went away, I will not hurt you more, I will get away. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays…………… She cries and leaves.

Shravan goes to coffee shop. He meets Aaliya there and gets shocked seeing her. She says I m Aaliya, thanks for coming. She asks him to sit, and says I m not Alia Bhatt, did you seriously think you were chatting with Alia Bhatt, you are not so young, you are teenage, how could you think so, when I was chatting with you, I thought you know everything, you are losers type, sorry to say this, you should be alert, I regret for all that, I wanted to meet you and apologize for hurting you. She says I m really sorry, promise me, you will be alert, and not let anyone misuse you. She asks him to take care and goes. Shravan sits sad.

Ishita cries and says I did not know I would be able to manage myself after seeing Raman, I have to go back. Mani comes and says you have come, how was sangeet. She says I want to go back to Australia. He asks what happened. She insists and asks him to book the first flight to Australia. He sees her super worried and crying. He leaves. Shravan comes back in sangeet. Adi sees him and wonders why is Shravan upset. He asks where did you go leaving dance, come and have food. Shravan says no, I m loser and stupid, how did I think Alia Bhatt can be my friend, everyone will laugh on me, Aaliya said right. Adi asks did Aaliya tell this, when did you meet her, did she call you loser. Shravan says it does not matter, I m loser, Aaliya told me, she said right. He gets angry and goes. Adi says Aaliya fooled Shravan and blaming him now, I warned her not to message Shravan, and she did this.

Ishita goes to her room and sees Raman. She packs her clothes in the bag. She says I won’t be able to go leaving you like this. She cries and says I want to be with you, how shall I leave you, Raman has thrown me out of his life, as I was biggest problem for him, I m increasing his problems. She takes her bags and leaves. She goes and opens the door. She sees Emraan Hashmi. He says I have come to take Raman Bhalla, his mum thinks you both have an affair. She says no, I got him here for humanity, he was drunk, you can take him, come inside. He gets a call and says yes, I m coming, I was helping someone. He tells her that I will leave, I will tell Raman’s mum that he is safe. She wishes him all the best for his film. He promotes his movie and leaves. She says Raman will be safe, as his bad fate is leaving him and going back to Australia.

Ashok asks Mihika did she invite any special guest, I m seeing you are waiting for someone, I know the special guest’s name, Ishita Bhalla, she is alive right…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plz update tdy episode

  2. Upcoming ishita supported adi Mani gets angry she says he is my son n he can’t do this maninsays if he is your son it doesn’t mean that he can’t do anything wrong ama slaps ishu very hard while during this whole incident Raman wasva quiet spectator when iagi come to know that the boy is adi she gets very emotional

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