Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th March 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Adi asking Shagun how long will they stay in hotel. She says few days and asks was he scared to come alone. He says no. She asks did he have icecream. He says Ishita made me and Ruhi have it. She scolds him and then calms down. She asks what happened to him, he started hiding things from his mum, does he miss them a lot, he wants to be with them, not mum… its all my mistake right? He says no, I want to be with you, but I left like home with them. She says what happened to you, I love you, I did your upbringing, don’t you love your mum. He says I m not saying that, just something its… He sleeps. She thinks if everyone leaves her, where will she go, I know Raman will try to get Adi, I will not let this happen, Adi will stay with me.

Raman and Ruhi see pics

and they talk about her and Adi, and comment on the pics. Ishita asks her to sleep. Ruhi says 5mins and asks her to come. He says about Rinki getting sad as she left them. Ruhi asks will she also cry. He says yes, you will go to your husband’s house. They joke and she asks Ishita to see his soft cheek and makes her touch. They have an eyelock. Yeh hai mohabbatein…………..plays………….. Raman asks Ruhi to sleep and Ishita sends her to brush her teeth.

He says like she takes care of Ruhi, she may take care of Adi too and love him, I have to get Adi at any cost. Shagun talks to lawyer and says like the conditions I kept for him, this case will be closed. Adi asks which case and she does not tell him. The lawyer asks did she not tell Adi. She says no, he will be with me. She gets a call and says she will go alone to meet Raman.

Vandu and Bala attend Lamaze/pregnancy exercise classes and Sarika joins them. Mihir and Rinki are outside and have a talk. He asks her to focus on her studies and she sees Mihika. Mihika greets them and congrulates them wishing a happy married life. Mihir says we are happy, as we are good friends, when love cheat, friendship becomes support. Mihika leaves. Rinki asks does he feel hurt seeing her. He says it used to, but not now, if we have to start our married life, we have to forget our old love/ex, we have to make a fresh start. She smiles and he says he will drop her to college.

Vandu sees Sarika and asks Bala to go. She talks to Sarika and asks about the child’s father. She says she is Ishita’s sister, and she saw Romi with her in the restaurant, I don’t have right to suggest you, they are a good family, Romi is spoiled, but they are strict to him, Romi is changing with age. She asks him to think about child’s future, think well and make the right choice. Sarika says she is not interested in Ishita and her lectures, she will care for the child, its old mindset that a woman can’t keep care of her child. She leaves. Vandu says I hope this situation has some solution.

Mrs. Bhalla pampers Vandu and she tells Amma about Rinki and Mihir, whatever happened is right. Amma says Rinki is in Delhi and can come anytime to meet us. Mrs. Bhalla says yes, they are happy, I m worried for Romi. Amma asks her not to worry. She cries and says how will Romi be alone, he does not have life experience or sense. Amma says what if he does not have own child, see my Ishu, she is happy. Mrs. Bhalla cries and leaves. Vandu says she looks so disturbed. Amma prays for her.

Shagun asks Raman whats this. He says its bonds, and I will give 4lakhs/month on 1st day, Adi will be with me, this is your condition, I agreed to it. Shagun is shocked and says I need to talk to my lawyer. He says fine, consult two more lawyers, come back when you get sure. She leaves. He tells Abhishek tha he knows Shagun well. She will do some other plan again. She sees the papers and says she won’t lose, Adi will live with him. Abhishek asks how will he manage in CEO salary. Raman says money is small thing, I can do anything for Adi, I would have given her 40lakhs too if she asked.

Shagun recalls Raman’s words and says no, you can’t snatch my Adi from me, he is my son, he will be with me. She gets the lawyer’s call. He says the papers are right. She says I don’t care, throw the papers. She throws the phone in anger and says I will destroy you Raman Bhalla. Its morning, Ishita gives coffee to Mr. Bhalla. Adi calls her and greets her. She says Adi, you called in morning. Everyone come there hearing his name. She gives phone to Mr. Bhalla.

Adi wishes him happy birthday by singing the song. Mr. Bhalla gets glad, while Shagun is shocked. Simmi asks what happened. Mr. Bhalla puts it on speaker and asks Adi to say again. Adi sings again and they all realize they did not remember it. Raman says I reminded everyone since morning. They all admit they forgot. Raman says he is wearing red shirt as he knows its celebration day. Mrs. Bhalla asks when did he remember it. Adi says he saw his passport and saw the date, They bless Adi and he leaves for school.

Ruhi comes and wishes Mr. Bhalla happy birthday and gives him a handmade card. He says even she remembered it and she says Adi told me to give you surprise. Mrs. Bhalla says she did planning to make Kheer. He says not this way, I will put penalty on them. Raman says he will gift such thing that he will remember all his life and takes his blessings. He hugs him and thinks Adi will be here forever if everything goes right.

Raman signs on the papers and gives to Shagun, saying my son should be with me in 24 hours. She looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena


  1. Ohhho finally… Rinky and Mihir really make a good pair…. But mihika truth should be out…. Everyone have left her… Don’t stop all the stories abruptly. Like balas mystery girl, if anyone remember baby project story.. Whete the hell is oaram and Mani…?? Makers please wake up.. Bring this to a proper track

  2. arey yaar kya hai a.always shagun shagun.y dont the makers con main character of the show.i mean raman and ishu.waise bein nt even talking properly to ishu.oh ho dont do thing.agar aise chala tha naa phir next week bhi hamara serial fall low in trp.which we dont want to c.for ur kind information this yeh hai mohabbatein so u should show mohabbat nt useless shagun ka drama.

  3. Hii guyzz…
    aaj ka episode bahut acha tha……adi mr bhalla ko wish karke……aur raman aur unki family bahane banake ke….superhepisode….

  4. and ofcourse only one good thing happen today is adi becomes postive and acpect his family.that good of adi.and i wanted adi to known that usi pagal maa has selled him for 4lakhs.i want to c what will be adi ka reaction.and i wish it becomes true.

  5. Ishraruh scene cute tha par. …IshRa baat nahin karrahe hai. ….lekin Mr. bhalla ki birthday party par IshRa ne baat ki. …

  6. suhana

    I feel vry bad fa mihika…. Itz nt ryt wat happnd wit hr… I tot d truth ll come out n mihir n mihika ll reunite… Bt nw mihir gt a good partner… Bt mihika….??? Y does ekta do tis alwys

  7. Kya yeh Toshiji ne Vaarish vaarish laga rakha hai……Iyerske paas bhi beta nahi hai……….par unke paas bhi to betiyan hai…..& bete jaise daamad………kya fark padta hai… beta ho yaa beti….

  8. Really really thanks kat@@@…..reply karne ke liye…….joo tumne kaha mene pahle v kiya aur aage v karoga……aaj ka region sabse alg tha isliye aesa huaa…..
    mein best friend hu aur rahoga…..
    k@@@… of luck 4 coming exam…..take care…..n be happpy ….

  9. waise bhagi ne jo comment aaj post kiya se woh bilkul succh hai.aaj aur kal ke episode mein kuch khaas nahi raha .buss ek hi twist ko overlap kar rahs hai aur agar subha kuch news padhe yhm se related toh shaam ko ek naya twist wala news aatha hai .kuch ho jaise holi celebration toh uske baad mood off karne wala track hotha hai .ashok ne jab se shagun ko choda tab se doo baar custody case khula hai phir chahe woh ruhi ka ho ya adi ka. ishra ke beech kuch hotha hi nahi hai buss jhagda aur phir patch up.december mein promo mein confession dikhaya aur ab tak directly nahi hua hai .aur ab toh kaafi saare veiwers ne hope bhi chod diya hai.hum sab yeh serial iss liye dekhthe hai because of its story and mainly ishraruh lekin ab sirf ishraruh kyunki story mein kuch nahi hai. jo veiwers story ki wajah se dekhthe hai woh sab toh iss show se bahut naraaz honge. show ka naam yeh hai mohobbatein hai lekin there is no mohobbatein buss custody ,fight ,patchup,rona dhona and all stuff.

  10. Mat lena Aaliya pachtaogi……..Maths 10th tak mera fav tha……..ab bhi hai……but 10 th tak easy tha..ab thoda difficult hai…..ab tumhe abhi 10 th me hi pasand nahi to mat lena problem hogi aage…….

  11. Ye shagun holi k din hi aaye gi. …..papers leke. ……wish k Adi shagun ka real face dekhe aur ruhi ko Jane na de. ..

  12. Yaar aaj Taare Zamin Par dekha….to Ishan ko drkh kar Ruhi ke future scenes dikhai de rahe hai…….pls yaar Ruhi ki haalat Ishan jaisi mat karna……

  13. such prayosha shagun ko third slap milega aur ishruh alag nahi honge na toh bahut acchi news hai .thank you soo much .i am relly happy lekin adi bhi jald se jald ishitha ke paas aa jaye.

  14. Mizun aur prayosha……joo kehna tha….uska answer mil Gaya…..
    mein apne best friend ko hurt kiya or mujhse bahut naraz ho……..
    maaf to dost ko karna hoga….
    isliye mein aap sab se request karta ki aap mere friend ko kaheye mujhe maaf dene ke liye…..
    plz…..prayosha,mizun or yhm friends mere best ko kahiye mujhe maaf kar de…..
    plzzzzz…aap se request hai….

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    best friend itna naraz nahin hote hai. …

  16. sabnam

    Its rite 10th mathematics basic hai while 11-12 it completely changes. Aur agar apko engineering karna hai toh maths u should make good relations. Haan its completely ur choice. But I suggest go for a good apti test n counselling to know ur hidden passion . Otherwise after u opt something n lately realise nahi I loved finance ya banking its too regretfull n depressing. And I really mean it. Surely do this n think in 10th vacation.

  17. Bye Friends…subah 3:30 se uthi hoo….ab bahot nind aa rahi hai… Good Night all of you……..Mizun Ruhi Aaliya Rithushree Priyaroli & Anandraaz…….

  18. Kat@@@…..mujhe maaf kar doo….
    mein tumhara….wait karoga…….
    aur tum mujhe maaf karogi….kyuki mera best friend hoo…
    aur yeh mera hak bhi hai…..
    good night….kat@@@…….n bye…fir milte hai….
    best of luck for coming exam….n god bless u…

  19. sabnam

    @all students in 10th. I know yeh lecture laghegha hume bhi lagta tha but really its not about degree only its about ur whole career.

  20. sabnam

    Bye ever1 mere 2 project d aur diagram sab baki hai still. All the best prayosha n every1 with exams on or ahead.

  21. Good night prayosha,mizun n yhm friends…..sweeeet dreams…..!!!!
    n best of luck 4 exam…..n god bless u….
    take care n be happpy….bye….

  22. Are prayosha iss mein raman ishita ko colour lagta hai. .aur aur iishitabbhi koraman ko ccolour lagati hai raman ishita ko gudh mein utta kar pani se bhare. …tub mein dalde ta hai

  23. Haan. ..raman ishita ko colour lagta hai. .phir ishita bhi raman ko colour lagti hai phir raman ishita ko gudh mein utta kar pani se bhare tub mein dalta hai aur sab milkar ishita par colour wala pani dalte hai. …….aur ishita naraz ho kar chali jati hai. …..
    ….iss video mein simmi ko bhi sab mikar pani wale tub mein daldete hai

  24. Hey Mizun maine Bhai ke phone par dekha video….mast hai yaar……an to pura dekh kar maja aayega..chalo kuch to aisa hua Jo Hume achcha laga….

  25. Kal. Yhm ka episode acha tha …aur woh shagun red dress me kitni darawani lag rahi thi ..bikul dayan lag rahi thi…ooh god . ab shagun koi new plan na banaye…plz. .ab iss shagun ko yhm ke bahar karo.

  26. Thanks mizun,Prayosha and ritushree…. Hope this name is really good….. Bahut dimag to gis gis ke dhunda hain….

  27. Happy women’s day everyone…. Hope and wish every human being in this world respect women and not to be treated as a weak link aur jo bhi himsa hoti hain duniya me ladki ke khilaf sab khatm hojaye… Aur a girl should be very free and not tovve scared about anything in this world… And lead a happy life….

  28. hi guys.i wish u all a very happy womens always strong and healthy. i wish all of them respect women.and in a good day i wish my maa and maa a very happy womens day.they r the backbone us.happy womens day.

    respest women….love them nd care for them…..celebrate a womens day in every walk of women emancipation

  30. Hey prayosha ….
    SBB mein .wahi holi wala video tha. ..raman ishita ko colour lagata hai phir ishita raman ko colour lagti hai phir raman ishita ko gudh mein utta kar pani se bare tub mein dalde ta hai. ….sab family enjoy karrahi hai. ….ishita ne khud ko room mein bandh kar liya hai. .ruhi ishita ko ghar aane k liye kehti
    ….bahut maza aaye ga dekhne mein. ………hope Tuesday batade. .holi episode. …..

  31. wow sbb mai ishra ka holi.maza aagaga.arey wow raman pick ishu and put in the colour tab.superb.and when raman apply colour ishu says raven kumar and applied colour to raman.superb.finally we got our holi scene.waiting for that.

  32. E24 Segment on Karan 
    –> Karan breakup with Kamya

    There was a segment on e24… they show Holi party both KP n Kamya was there… but they said Kamya n KP both were there in same holi event… they didn’t come together… karan enjoying with YHM team…
    Reporter said Karan ne toh kamya ki taraf dekha bhi nahi… but kamya karan ko ghurrr rahi thi… wink emoticon she was looking very upset n jealous…as karan was busy with his friends… Further they said BCL ka affair BCL over hote hi over hua…
    So now both Karan and Divyanka are single…. Toh… Kya? Kuch nahi!  
    , E24 Segment on Sharad Divyanka ***
    –> Reason of breakup of Sharad Divyanka breakup
    They said according to TV industry they did breakup coz Sharad wanted to concentrate on his career and Divyanka wanted marriage but even after getting Maharana Pratap this reason is not valid and according to our sources they did breakup coz Sharad had affair with his Maharana Pratap co-star Rachna.

  33. Ye sahi news ..sahi….ho k karan kamya ka breakup hogaya hai. ….
    ..aur laga tha sharad ne hi…kuch kiya hoga. ….

  34. Sorry mat bolo..angel..mizun and prayosha ..samajhegi ki tumne galati se usse fake commenter ko believe kiya hai..sorry ko koi jarurat nahi hai..

  35. Are ye kya horaha hai. …..
    …….hey. angel. ….sorry mat bolo plzzzzz….Galti se hoa hai. ……na toh no sorry …palak ne sahi kaha. ….

  36. Are palak….Maine kaha na tension mat lo. ………In Shaa Allah achcha jaye ga exam. …….
    waise exam ki timing kya hai

  37. Only 2 prs. …uss k bad holidays. ……good mere toh abhi start hi nahin hoye hai. …….mere 10 April se holiday hai. …

  38. Bye..guys…mai padhne ja rahi hu..ab toh yeh. Tension kal hi khatam hoga…good night..mujhe toh raAt. Baar ninnd nahi aayegi..padhugi..

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  40. How sweet of you prayosha………..yeh Gujraties jitne gussewale hote hai…..utne hi sweet hote hai….pehle gussa kiya bad me sorry bhi bola jabke tumhari koi galti nahi thi………..

  41. Prayosha I didn’t really mean it kyu ki bohut mehne pehle bhi aisa comment pada tha islie mene yakin nahi kiya phir bhi mene pucha ki r u gyz joking

    • Hey……angel kisi bhi baat ka reply mat karo. ……ignore karo. ….kisi batuon mein mat aao. .thik. …hai. ….
      &…hey prayosha…exams hai Itni jaldi kaise aaye gi neend. Main nahin aarahi thi par angel k liye aana pada. ……….toh bye kal milte hai …..phir ek bar good night

    • Are baba tumhare liye means. …tum itna tension lerahi thi. .aur. .fake comments ka reply karrahi thi iss liye…kaha. ..agar bora laga toh sorry. .angel. ..

    • Hey colours par television style awards aane wala hai. .iss video mein. ….ishra bhi hai. ..aur IshRa bahut achche lagrahe hai. ………iss video mein dusre actors bhi hai. …….shabir. ishani ranveer. ….sara khan. ……par sirf IshRa ko hi jodi ki tarha dikhaya. …hai. …

  42. Are waah…….kya promo hai yaar……ab ise dekhne ke liye colors dekhna padega……..
    Bas yeh awards April me Exams complete ho jaye ….tab aaaye……to hum pura enjoy kae paye…….

  43. Yaar holi par IshRa ka ek bhi selfie nahi hai……ek hai jisme group photo nahi hai…but uss me bhi Mr. Bhalla bich me hai & baad me uss pic ko edit kiya hai……

  44. ….Sbb main yhm ka bataya. ..shagun ghar par Adi ko lati hai sab khush hote hai phir shagun. ..papers deti hai ishita raman sab shocked ho jate hai. ..ishita shagun k pair pakad kar ruti hai ki ruhi ko kahin na le jaye. …raman romi ishita ko samjha te hai. …shagun Adi ko wapas leke chali jati hai sab rurahe hai. ….ishita ruhi k room mein aakar ruhi ko gudh mein lekar ruti hai raman bhi room ko bahar se ye dekh kar woh bhi rota hai. ….Anita keha rahi thi k. ……usse ye scene karte hoye achcha nahin lagraha tha. .aur ussne sorry bhi kaha ….

  45. Hey Mizun SBS dekha……..the most awaited IshRa’s romantic Holi………i think wo scene holi baad ka tha jab Ishita ruth kar chali jati hai…….maja aayega dekhneme……..

    • Haan prayosha yhm fb par dekhi. ….sbs segment. …n….yes maza aaye ga dekhne mein. .par uss ke bad IshRa bahut rune wale hai. ….shagun ki wajhe se. ….hope k raman kuch aaisa kare k ruhi kahin na jaye aur Adi bhi wapas aajaye. …..

  46. Wo to hoga hi na Mizun……..Ruhi ko toyeh log jane nahi denge……dekha nahi Ishita ne bola me mar jaungi…kuchbhi kar dungi……….
    & jab Shagun Aadi kole jaaa rahi thi tab Aadi bhi nahi jana chahta tha……..& niche girne bhi ki koi hadd hoti hai ….aur kitna niche girayenge Shagun ko…….

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