Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman gets robbed

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman saying we should move from here, there is no one around. They take the bags. She says lets go this way. He says did you see something on that way, come. A man comes and asks do you want any help. She says thank God we got you. The man jokes. Raman asks can you help us, we had to stay here because of the storm. The man says come after me, can you ride a bicycle. Raman says no, I can come by walk. Ishita says he knows riding a bicycle well. The man asks Lallan to pick the bags. He asks them to come. Raman says get down, let me sit first. She says you do drama in every matter, you don’t keep quiet. Raman and Ishita go on the bicycle. Yeh hai mohabbatein….plays….. They reach the hotel. He says there is no one here. The man comes. Raman says you are the milkman.

The man Keshav says I m the lodge owner, I do that work and this too. Ishita says I need to call my daughter Roshni, she is pregnant.

Raman asks him to show the room. She says she is just dependent on me. He says I don’t care. Keshav laughs and says I feel like I m watching a serial seeing your arguments, come. He shows the room. Raman says fine, where is my room. Keshav says this is your room too. Raman says I want a separate room. Keshav says husband and wife have fights, but you can stay together here, there is no other room. He goes. Ishita says I m getting set here, anyone else can look for another room, I won’t leave this room. He says I will also not leave. A lady comes and gets tea. He says listen, can you do me a favor. She asks what. He says you just need to flirt with me, we can talk and hold hands. She asks why. He says I want to make my wife jealous so that she runs away. She says I can’t do that. He says I will pay you for this, just act for some mins. She takes the money and says I won’t do anything wrong. He says its very simple, you need to talk to me with love, go out, come in when I give you a sign. She goes.

Aaliya is in cafe. She says Ruhi is sending me jokes to cheer me up. The guy Aryan comes and says so you have come to meet me, I m a computer engineer and work in US, you work for Bhallas right. She says yes, I m handling the work, I really love my work, I don’t want to complicate my life right now, I m not ready for marriage now. He smiles and says thank God, even I don’t want to marry, my mum forced me to meet, both of us are scared of our mothers, we will order something, I m really hungry. She says sure. Ishita comes from bath. Raman looks at her and thinks of her. She looks at him. He turns away. He says I have a headache, will you have tea. She says no, why are you shouting. The lady gets tea. Ishita says what a timing. Raman asks do you live in this lodge. Lady says no, I stay in nearby village. He says village life will be exciting.

Ishita jokes on him. He says you have made a good tea, I feel energized, your hands have magic, your hands are so soft. Lady says I m feeling very nervous, you are so sweet. Ishita goes. He says my work is done. She asks him to drink the tea. He says yes. Ishita goes out and says he has no shame at all. Keshav says power has come, there is signal in phone, you can make a call. She says my mobile is inside the room. She goes back and gets shocked seeing Raman tied up to the chair. She laughs. She asks where is she, she has fulfilled my dream, I always wanted to tie your mouth, but she did it, wow, the lady with soft hands, how did she tie you up, you look so cute, you are not able to say anything, we must take a selfie. She takes a selfie.

She says we will get many likes, wow, I will just tag, Raman in bondage, look at the likes and comments, what are you trying to say. He struggles. She says say it with love, that’s the problem, its tough to talk to you, I can’t help you, I can’t touch you, you won’t spare me. Pihu says I m worried for dad and Ishimaa. Ruhi asks her not to worry. Pihu says please call them, I m getting tense. Raman’s phone rings. He signs Ishita to get his phone. She says no, its risky. She gets phone and says its Ruhi’s call. He signs her to answer. Ishita answers. Ruhi and Pihu ask him is he okay. Ishita says he is with me, he is fine, the car broke down during the storm, we are staying in the lodge. Ruhi says fine, I want to talk to dad. Ishita says he is stuck somewhere, I will make you talk to him later. She goes and says listen, Roshni…. Ruhi says I m taking care of her, I was at her place yesterday, I didn’t tell her that you were stuck in storm, don’t worry. Ishita says thanks, I m proud of you. Ruhi says they are fine, don’t worry Pihu. They hug.

Ishita frees Raman and says that lady is really brave. Raman says fool, your suitcase is stolen, you are taking selfies. She says my wallet was here. He says she has taken all the money, how will we go. She says I have one card, we will withdraw money and pay in lodge, we will get car repaired, relax now, we have lost our things. He says don’t know what she added in car. She says come, you are free now, I will arrange clothes from manager. Keshav asks what, she has done such a thing, she told me she is from nearby village so I hired her. She says you don’t know where she lives, I have no money, my husband has no clothes. He says don’t worry, I will arrange clothes. Raman sees her laughing and asks are you mad. She says I m having fun seeing you like this. He says foolish woman, someone has robbed us. Keshav says you have a bad day, first storm and then that lady robbed you, now you have to wear this. He shows a kurti. Ishita smiles.

Mrs. Bhalla says I want Roshni’s baby, no matter what. Roshni says I m a fear, I m single and unmarried, I can’t give a name to this baby, what if Bhallas snatch my baby.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. raji tamilmagal

    aftr a long time…felt like really watching yhm….ishra nokh jokh were amazing…

  2. Someone asked in telly update that is there any upcoming spin off serial of yeh hai mohabbatein ??

    Yes. There is an upcoming spin off serial of Yeh hai mohabbatein. It’s name is Yeh hai chhathein. It will be premiered from 28 July.
    This show will be based on extended family of ishita .

    Erica is in lead role of Yeh hai chhathein.

    I don’t know what extended family of Ishita??
    Maybe it will be ruhi as in lead role?? Only maker’s know.

    But the real thing is that will adi comeback??

    No :-
    1) Till today serial haven’t shown any hints towards adi.
    2) Divyanka and Ali gone have already wished Abhishek Verma ( adi ) all the best for his future.

    Yes :-
    1) Till now ( from death of adi ) no sign of suraj.
    2) Raman says to ishita that she has killed adi with 0.9 mm Bullet.
    3) The tattoo of “ I love bad Girls” while making love with Roshni.
    4) Serial is still showing face of Ishita, adi, pihu, ruhi, Raman as opening theme of serial.
    5) Adi is one of the important character of Yeh hai mohabbatein.

    Possibilities :-
    1) They may have killed adi.
    2) They will bring Abhishek Verma back as adi.
    3) Adi will return with new face.

  3. it was fun to see ishita teasing raman, and taking sellfies with him, when he was tied up.

  4. Frankly speaking the spark between them is lost and it would be really odd to see them getting romantic after all these issues

    1. Sad but sooooo true.

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